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by Dixie
1 year ago
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Any writers out there?
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Any writers out there?

I am a writer and wondering if anyone out there is also one. I've had "projects" over the years (unfortunately just fanfics) but recently I've been inspired seeing apparent dislike of i guess lack of main characters out there with disabilities (pointed at Disney) I personally didn't understand this ...
by Dixie
1 year ago
Forum: Religion and Faith
Topic: Being Disabled in the church
Replies: 9
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Re: Being Disabled in the church

I can kind of understand this too. I recently have been experiencing what I would call mistreatment maybe discrimination because of my looks (I look 10+ years younger than my 26 years as most people say 12 is what I look like, maybe up to 16) I as a Christian also have been questioning things. I als...
by Dixie
1 year ago
Forum: Friendship, Romance and Dating
Topic: Looking to make new friends!
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Re: Looking to make new friends!

Hi, SleeplessPoet I'm hoping to make friends too. I myself have hearing issues (deaf as well as hard of hearing) I was born with this as well as a few minor things like missing a couple toes and dwarfism. Now a little later at 26 I've had seizures for 7 years thankfully they seem to be easy to contr...