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Any writers out there?

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Any writers out there?

Post by Dixie » 9 months ago

I am a writer and wondering if anyone out there is also one. I've had "projects" over the years (unfortunately just fanfics) but recently I've been inspired seeing apparent dislike of i guess lack of main characters out there with disabilities (pointed at Disney) I personally didn't understand this at first as there are plenty of Disney characters with disabilities but after research I agree there is a lack of MAIN CHARACTERS with disabilities so I am working on rewriting some of these (as well as originals) I have ideas currently but I guess just wondered what anyone else may have to say (as I'm obviously not the only person this represents) Thanks for any comments

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Post by skyeskye » 1 week ago

bit of a late reply, but i am also a writer. i mostly write fan fics from time to time when i have the spoons to do so.

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Post by daniel » 1 week ago

I love to write but don't get a chance to do that much. I have a semi-active blog at https://www.saidsimple.com/daniel/blog/ where I talk about life, programming, faith, etc.

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