Adaptive Home Solutions

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Adaptive Home Solutions

Post by sparky_skull » 6 years ago

Check out these great ideas for adapting your home: ... sabilities

What adaptations do you all use?

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Post by Buddy » 6 years ago

This website was a pleasure to read. I rent a bedroom in my mother's bunglow-style house. The only modification has been a wooden deck and key-operated wheelchair lift installed in front. It has proven to be well worth it, even though there's annual maintenance, and neighborhood toddlers being disappointed because they can't ride on it.

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Post by lilycraven » 6 years ago

I am lucky enough to live in an older home that already has wider hallways and doorways.  Though not in a wheelchair, yet, I do use a walker.  We have a great contractor who came by to check out what can be changed, without costing so much, when it is time that I need to use a wheelchair.  First off, he can change a regular door to a pocket door, thus freeing up almost 3 inches of access space.  Now I will be able to get into my bathroom easily.  He also will install safety handles that work best for me in regards not only to my height but my limitations.  My son, in grad school for biomedical engineering suggested rather than a ramp to get from the kitchen to our laundry room/pantry area a track, like what you see a roller coaster on since there is not enough room to make a ramp into this area and it is only 1 step down.  It can be "snapped" into place and removed if need be, so we are thinking of also doing this for the front door for when I go out.  A few years ago we bought appliances where I do not need to bend at all.  A front loading washer and dryer, both on pedestals (great storage space in those pedestals by the way) and sized to fit me.  A dishwasher that has 2 separate washing units.  If we use more dishes etc. my hubby can load the bottom washer.  A French door fridge.  Though the freezer is below it is easily accessible; and if not then hubby can get out whatever is in there.  For those who may not totally need a wheelchair, but sometimes may have a problem moving around, as I do, I have found that using an office chair works great (we have wood or laminate floors throughout our home). 

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