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New Friends

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New Friends

Post by Ali » 1 year ago

I've just discovered this site and love it. If anyone would like to contact a 37 year old female amputee then please feel free to get in touch. Would love to hear from other amputee ladies and share problems. Just waiting to hear from you. Oh, and guys are more than welcome as well. [email protected]
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Post by Coll » 1 year ago

I am female with below the knee amputation.
You didn't say what type of amputation you had. 
Most of my problems stem more from other problems relating to the cause of my amputation than the loss of limb. 
I had adjusted to the prosthesis fairly well until my other problems started surfacing.
I'm not sure if I would have liked being warned that the problems most likely would arise or not.  They did kind of come as a shock.

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