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Veterinary Students needs participants with service animals

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Veterinary Students needs participants with service animals

Post by Morganm5 » 1 year ago

I am veterinary student at Colorado State University. I am doing a video project on different identites and what their animals mean to them. I’m hoping to get someone that is willing to particpate that has a service animal. Ideally I would like to talk to two people one that provides more physical supprt (opening doors etc) and another that has an emotional support animal. This is meant to serve as an educational and awareness opportunity. In school we learn a lot about medicine but neglect to recognize the differences in human/animal relationships. This will be posted on our schools facebook page for our diversity, multi-cultural, and inclusion club.

Some example questions would be
What is your relationship to your service animal?
How does your service animal provide for you?
How do you pay for veterinary bills and do you have limits on what type of services you would allow?

I want to stress that this will be done professionally and respectfully. I believe that its critical veterinarians understand these relationships. Also this will be on video - but your identity will be protected. I may contact you with follow up questions if my classmates have any.

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Post by goldenskyhook » 8 months ago

I might be interested in being part of your study, should you need someone. In any event, I want to point out a misunderstanding that is embedded in your request. No resentment or hostility intended here -- just wanting to educate you in proper ADA terminology.
The term "Emotional Support Animal" is a specific term defining a specific type of service animal under the ADA statutes. It is not a full-fledged Service Animal, though it enjoys many of the same privileges as a Support Animal. My point here, is that I have a fully-documented Service Animal (as per ADA Statutes) who does not provide physical support, but does help me with PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. This is not technically the same thing as an Emotional Support Animal, and must adhere to a stricter set of legal guidelines to be allowed under the law.

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