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University Assessment Help Needed

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University Assessment Help Needed

Post by rellis96 » 6 days ago


My name is Renee and I am second year student from Victoria University, in Australia. I am currently undertaking the subject, Critical Contexts in Disability for my education degree. My final assessment for this subject is to recount a real life story of an individual’s journey of learning and achievement, this assessment will also be anonymous with no real names included.

In order to complete this assessment I need to draw on this person's story, and identify those factors that have impacted on this individual’s ability to flourish.

Basically, I will need to learn about this person's: age, gender, particular disability or impairment, medical needs, living arrangements, learning strengths and strategies, and any achievements that this has person has made. There are also a few more questions that I will need to ask but this is what the other questions will be like

I know this is asking for a lot of help, but if anyone is willing could you please reply to this message, and thank you so much to anyone who has taken their time to read this.

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