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Military/Miltary Vets Don't WANT A Parade!

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Military/Miltary Vets Don't WANT A Parade!

Post by gratefulme » 9 months ago

Re: A request to my fellow American chatters re: U.S. Proposed Military Parade, Nov 10, 2018

http://thehill.com/policy/defense/39771 ... alled-very

Though I am most often known for smartassery, I am a mil vet who feels very passionately about our current military and my fellow military Veterans. I am making a sincere request not in a partisan manner, but rather for the love of all those who have/are/will continue to protect my/our beloved country.

There is a proposed plan for a military parade scheduled for November 10, 2018 in D.C. (see link above from The Hill, dated 7/18/18). It is my sincere opinion that this proposed parade will not only cost a great deal of money that would be best spent elsewhere(CARING for our current military/Veterans) but will be against what benefits our soldiers and veterans, for additional reasons.
The majority of soldiers I personally served with did NOT want to be in the public eye-- both as to not be made additional targets than what they already faced and also because active duty soldiers make sincere efforts to be non-partisan/as unpolitical as they can be(since they ARE serving under the WH/President)--and are trained not to engage with the media for the most part. Many current military/veterans prefer a resepectful, quiet verbal ThankYou or a smile/nod of the head and, in fact; many may prefer to not have their military time acknowledged at all due to painful memories/experiences.
For current military members, they do not wish to spend large amounts of time prepping/being in a parade when they need valuable training time and the money to be spent on a parade would be far more valuable spent on proper equipment/housing/training/supplies, etc. Soldiers also face enough visibility in an effort to just do their jobs--on and off the battlefield--without having additional targets on their backs by being in a a large parade en masse.

My request for my fellow chatters is this: please be willing to consider voicing your opinions about this proposed military parade to others-- including your Congressional Representatives-- via emails/phone calls/letters. IF interested, here is a link to an ongoing online petition: https://www.change.org/p/paul-ryan-tell ... ary-parade .

Please accept my sincere thank you in advance for your consideration.

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