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Financial Aid For Education For Disabled?

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patrick jane
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Financial Aid For Education For Disabled?

Post by patrick jane » 11 months ago

I will do my own research but I'm curious as to anything this community knows about financial assistance or grants for people with disabilities. I'd like to go back to college.

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Post by MiniMouse » 11 months ago

It depends what kind of disability you have and what state you live in. I know that Texas and other states have tuition waivers for blind and deaf students, but you have to be certified as blind or deaf by the state and be enrolled in their vocational program. With the waiver you don't have to pay tuition and most fees, but you'll still have to pay for books and other supplies.
Hope this helps!

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Post by megmegmeg » 5 months ago

Yes!!! In my state we have the Department of Rehabilitation- if you are on any kind of social security you are automatically allowed access to their services but if not they will evaluate you (for free) and based on your disability tell you what they can help you with. They can give job training, help with job searches, and will pay completely for any education necessary for a job path you and your case worker decide on. It is an amazing program.

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