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Just my musing

Post by Lost-in-thought » 1 month ago

So I'm new here, been looking for a community of disabled people.
It looks like this place used to be fairly active but just recently the activity here looks like it's slowed down enormously. Is this a right assessment?

So I have spina bifida, basically a spinal cord injury that I was born with. I've been on crutches, but recently my knees are more and more failing and it's basically wheelchair time for me.
Complications from spinabifida mean that my kidneys aren't apparently draining right. I may end up using bladder drainage bags on my legs, and I'm not sure how this is going ot ultimately impact me emotionally but probably not good.

But it occurred to me, that sometimes the actual impairment of the disability is the worst part, but sometimes apparent stigmas and judgement from society are the worst. Hell, if it were widely considered normal to have leg bags, it wouldn't bother me half as much somehow.
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/honestly I hope this place isn't another abandoned site

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Post by daniel » 4 weeks ago

Not even closed to abandoned, the forums have never been very active. Most of the focus is in the chat room itself. You should check it out.

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