Ableism and adjusting to adult onset disability

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Ableism and adjusting to adult onset disability

Post by KuhnDisabled101 » 1 year ago

To fellow Disability-r-us members,

In 2018, I developed an advanced stage 4 melanoma. I received immunotherapy that took me from being near death to in remission within 3 years.

The treatment was very toxic and I developed medical conditions and disabilities because of them.

It was a difficult journey to go through. I ve come through the otherside. Part of what helped me was to put everything I learned into a book (with my wife's help).

The book is about adapting to any adult onset disability and empowering your life

I've e-published the book for free and its available for free through Smashwords, kobo and other sites as a epub file.

There are no advertisements, no catch. I just want to try to help ppl who may be going through a similar situation. Its free.

Disabled101: Adult Onset Disability in an Ableist World


Kobo ... eist-world

Pls let me know if it helped you. Email is on copyright page.

MJ Kuhn

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