Fill this Petition if You Support Prolife

Poly means many and ticks are blood sucking parasites. Just food for thought when discussing politics here.
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Fill this Petition if You Support Prolife

Post by whitewater » 6 years ago

Hi, If you are an American and Support Prolife Sign this Petition. Other Countries can Sign it also. David

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Post by kingoftheamericas » 3 years ago

Sorry, I cannot.

Making abortions illegal, with an exemption to rape and molestation, PROVIDES legal protection to the will of the Rapist or Molester.

Criminals don't get to force their will upon another, AND have the government support and or protect their unborn child.

Roe vs. Wade was properly decided.

Please look to the unintended consequences of your stance...

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Post by Kittykat » 3 years ago

I would never sign. I could never be pro life. Women can get an abortion if they want to. I always find it funny when people are pro life yet do nothing or care about all the homeless people on the street.
Not every can afford kids or want kids, then there are people who are too ill or not even smart enough to care for kids.

This world is also so cruel and cold for kids to be botn in. Not everyone wants to be born or has a great life.

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