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Being Disabled in the church

Keeping in mind that everyone has the right to believe what they want (and we ask that you refrain from using insults to express yours,) this is the place to discuss all things regarding Religion and Faith.
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Being Disabled in the church

Post by latrea79 » 3 years ago

This is based on my own personal early experiences in the church as a disabled child.  As a child I can vividly remember attending church on a semi-regular basis,  I can also vividly remember being dragged to the alter for “healing.â€�  As a kid, I would often wonder what was it I need healing from. I was good kid, as far as kids went, at least I thought.  This practice planted a seed that I still struggle to uproot.  In my mind, I am thinking why do I need to be healed, what is wrong with me that I have to heal??  If I needed to be healed then there must be something wrong with me.  In my quest to be like everyone else, I went to the alter to be prayed for and “healedâ€� but the crazy thing was when I returned to my seat I felt no difference, or no change I should say.  So after a few times of going to the alter and still no change I began to realize two things: one what I was supposed to be healed from was my disability and two, there was still no change I was still disabled. I began to think that God must not love me because He will not heal me from my disability. 
  If God did not love me enough to heal me, then how could any human being love me, how could I even love myself? I carried with me a  hatred that had developed for myself for many years, the hatred  became so bad that it developed a life of its own. One day I decided I was tired of feeling like this, there has to be something better than this.  I pick up the Bible and started reading God’s word, the more I read the more I started to understand that we are all created in God’s image, which has nothing to do with who or what we are physically .
I started thinking if this is true then that means one of two things: One, God does not make mistakes, and two, I was created just the way God desires me to be.  If these things are true then why do pastors and other people in the church want to heal people with disabilities, what is it exactly that we need healing from?? If we like everyone else created in the image of God and God does not make mistakes then that must mean that disabled people are disabled because that is God's plan for their lives.
When it comes to the disabled, many times people want to reference Jesus allowing the blind man to have sight or the deaf man to hear. And yes these things did take place but what people fail to realize or understand is that the only reason these events tool place is because God allowed them to. In this situation it will never be a question of can He but will He??? Jesus allowed the lame to walk the bind to see to show the glory of God.  In the case of a disabled person he could correct their situation but HE will only do so if it's going to bring Him glory.  What I am really trying to say through my experience is never look at your disability a curse, but as a tool for His glory and to advance His kingdom.

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Post by davidj » 3 years ago

Thanks for healing my thoughts about being disabled.

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Post by Aquarius » 3 years ago

:-) thanks for sharing your belief  :-)

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Post by Dixie » 3 weeks ago

I can kind of understand this too. I recently have been experiencing what I would call mistreatment maybe discrimination because of my looks (I look 10+ years younger than my 26 years as most people say 12 is what I look like, maybe up to 16) I as a Christian also have been questioning things. I also understand we are all created in His image but to me it's almost like I'm feeling if there's a reason for me getting these treatments (having also epilepsy, hearing disabilities as well as a few other internal things) why can't I be shown what it is. All I see is the world against me.

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Post by Cactus Jack » 10 hours ago

Latrea79, God is perfect, man is not. Those preachers that said they were gonna cure you, who knows what they really are. Can God cure you? Yes, God can do anything. But He has plans for you. What those are I have no idea.
But He still loves you.

I believe that sometimes somethings in life just happens, with no spiritual involvement. IOW "sometimes crap just happens". You ended up with your disability, and maybe it was His plan, and maybe it wasn't. Do you think that by some magical prayer that He's gonna come down and do something for you? If so, please tell me what that prayer is and how it's done, because I want so much to get rid of mine!

I'm not saying that to make fun of you, but I remember the same routine from preachers. Amazing how special their prayers were, the more money you gave them the more special their prayers were. Of course, they have to do something for a living.

God loves you, no matter what. It's hard to see that when your eyes are blinded by the brightness of your problems. But He does. And if I finally find a decent church, I'll share that with you. But I will still have you in my prayers.

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