Change in your life.

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Change in your life.

Post by Eino » 7 years ago

If you could change one thing in your life what would it be? A tough question for some people. For others they don't even have to think about it they know exactly what the change is. So lets look at why it is tough for some and why for others it is easier. A tough question for some people. Why?

Change is sometimes threatening to us. It takes away the "known". We may be the type of person who likes routine, it is our security, and "change" may upset our routine, our security. The saddest thing for me is watching those who don't want to change, they resist the change, they put up barriers to try and stop change.

Our world is constantly changing, has been for years and will continue in the years to come. Heraclitus was a Greek Philosopher and lived during 500 B.C.. He is quoted as saying, "There is nothing permanent except change." That was written many years ago and now here we are entering the millennium and change seems to be much faster today.

Resisting change in your life wastes valuable energy. When people focus on stopping the change rather than being open and trying to understand the change they are missing opportunities. In every change there is a positive effect. At the time when the change occurs we sometimes cannot see the positive, but if we focus and really look for it is there. Resisting change can lead to  marriage break ups, to friendships lost, to financial challenges. Just imagine what our world would be like if change did not occur.

For those who know the change you would make, my question to you is "what are you doing to make it happen." Wishing for something will never make it happen. But setting goals and taking action will make your change happen. We have all heard the saying, "Some people go their grave with their music still in them." They have had a dream but never did anything to make that dream come true. If you answered the question, "what would the one thing you would like to change", but have done nothing to change it, start to do something. Break down the change into steps, set time frames for yourself and start taking steps to make that change a reality.

Don't let others change your life, be your own change agent and implement the changes you want! And if an unexpected change occurs in your life, find the positive in it. Rather than wasting your energy and wasting your time, focus on the positive, in some cases search for the positive - there is opportunity in every change. Let change be your friend!

The biggest change in my life came as fast as a blink of an eye. But I embraced the change, and while I was sitting in a wheelchair playing the piano, I decided to start teaching my knowledge of music. At that point of my life, I did not know if I would ever walk again. It was from my own philosophy, that kept me pushing forward with my new reality.
"Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that people own it. "
John Lennon

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