Optimist or Pessimist

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Optimist or Pessimist

Post by Eino » 7 years ago

I like to think of myself as an optimist, But nobody is perfect. I know from time to time I have a pessimistic point of view. 

A pessimist only looks for trouble but the optimist sees the richness of the world and everything within it.

The pessimist remains stuck in a problem but an optimist goes about finding a solution.

The pessimist tends to establish barriers to almost every aspect of life whereas the optimist works constantly to remove obstacles.

A pessimist loves to be engaged in negative thinking and comments while the optimist relished finding the positive in situations.

The pessimist pushes people away who find their attitudes draining while the optimist attracts friendship by being open, contemplative and full of encouragement.

The pessimist sees the world against them relishing in the poor me syndrome whereas the optimist always finds prosperity and works actively to create it.

A pessimist sees no growth but the optimist is forever planting seeds for future benefit.

The pessimist cherishes more complainers around them while the optimist talks of good times, good things, and the possibilities that exist.

The pessimist finds faults no matter what they do or what task they have whereas the optimist sees every concern as an opportunity to make things better through active change.

The optimist is also aware that the pessimist can drag down spirits, and the will to make positive changes in all aspects of life. There is nothing more devastating over the long run than to associate constantly with pessimists or negative people.

The pessimist spends all their time dragging every else down to their level of despair whereas the optimist always pushes hard to make changes, to find new and different ways to overcome obstacles, and to encourage all those who wish and move towards creating a better world or a better life.
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Post by Buddy » 7 years ago

I so enjoyed your post! I recently (like, this morning), realized that my constant contact with a hater (that is, a pessimist who refused to keep it to himself), had begun turning me into a pessimist. Although the only step I've taken to turn things around is to break off that damaging influence, the difference I'm feeling already is such a boost, it's positively a head rush.

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