Hotels that rent room as ada complying that are not.

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Hotels that rent room as ada complying that are not.

Post by dp1950ada » 3 years ago

The Best Western hotel in Branson, Mo rented a handicap room to me. Could not even get wheelchair into bathroom, toilet was a standard one, tub did not have bench or chair to transfer to, the grab bars were useless because they were not placed near toilet or near tub. The sink was located outside the bathroom and was tall and you could not get under sink. Complained to hotel did nothing. Complained to home office and they did nothing. They did not care. I would avoid any Best Western Hotels.

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Post by Peltier » 2 years ago

They ought to be ashamed of themselves. I even stayed at one of their hotels, regrettably. Never again.

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Post by Coll » 2 years ago

Best Western Hotels are mostly franchised not company owned so unfortunately the only recourse is to file a complaint with the city of Branson. My suggestion is let their department of touristry know that you are letting disabled people know of this problem.

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Post by lily » 1 year ago

I know that I am late to this party, but Hilton/Homewood Suites, et al. sux as well. We were in the process of doing some renovation, and thought that since my bedroom area (this includes my bathroom) was going to have to be accessed all day it would be best if I stayed at a hotel (nearby) for the week. You see, I never know when I will need to lie down and rest, and I need a bathroom that I can access (I am not in a wheelchair, but I do need an accessible bathroom). And since I would be gone for that week I would need a place that had a kitchen. Homewood Suites came to mind, and a new one was built in our area a few years ago. So I went to check it out and to perhaps be able to see the handicapped rooms available to book. I did this 2 months before I would need the room. I was shown a studio suite (that had recently been vacated) that would be great for me. Walk-in shower. Safety bars next to the toilet as they should be. So I booked this exact room (as it was not booked for the time I would need it). And I watched the woman book me this room on the computer. The day came for me to move in, with my husband assisting, since I have a lot of stuff I need to haul around with me. Imagine our surprise when the room I had booked had been "unbooked" and someone else had it, so it was now not available. They did have another suite, a 1-bedroom, that they said was accessible. HA! There was a tub in it. The woman then said to me: But it is a low tub. True, it was, and perhaps I could have made it work, if hubby went back to our house and brought back this metal safety handle thing I have used before to get into and out of a tub, but I would be alone, so this was not an option. And the safety bar for the toilet was, as others have said, not near enough to the toilet to make it usable. And it just got worse from there. This was a room for someone who was deaf, not someone who had trouble walking, etc. Since that episode I have heard from others who had the same thing happen to them when they booked at a Hilton franchise. So watch out for these as well.

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