Travel Tips for Persons With Disabilities

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Travel Tips for Persons With Disabilities

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I extracted this post from and received permission from to reprint this.  Thanks Accessible Virginia!

Following are just some of the questions to ask when planning a trip. For more information, visit the Society for the Advancement of Travel for the Handicapped website. SATH’s mission is to promote awareness, respect and accessibility for disabled and mature travelers and their motto is, Disability is Not Inability.

1.How far from the entrance is the handicapped parking?
2.Is there access to a lowered telephone, drinking fountain, light switches, thermostat and peep holes?
3.Are the pool and other recreational facilities accessible? If so, how are they accessible?
4.Is there enough room for the wheelchair or walker in the bathroom?
5.Is there an interpreter to sign the performance for my child?
6.What about flashing-light smoke alarms, TTY, phone flasher, knock lights, closed-captioned TV or decoder?
7.What about Braille models of dioramas?
8.What about audio descriptions of the displays?

Check out my site for reviews  State Accessible Tourism Websites:

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