We Need to Do Better!

Discussion about administrative actions taken in the chat room.

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We Need to Do Better!

Post by TiGgEr » 1 month ago

Hello Everybody…

I would like to take the time to address a concern. Although I was able to speak to many members directly through chat not everybody was present and it became clear that a forum post was necessary for everybody’s benefit!

So the problem is there has just been way too much negativity and animosity lately and it has become an overwhelming dark cloud over the room, we have chased people away from the chat room, we are making people leave during heated arguments and personally I have not wanted to be in chat as a result, a place I have called a safe haven for almost 20 years and things have to change!

It has just brought too much negativity and animosity to the room and between our members!
We have lost focus on supporting each other, on empathy and on trying to understand we are all in the same boat regarding our world of the disabled despite our opinions and outlook on other matters and we have to get back to that!

I am asking everybody to please do your best regarding what you put into the room, to think about how and what you might say will impact others and what it exactly as you want from the room, for me personally, it has not been somewhere where I enjoy being lately, I don’t enjoy arguing with my friends and I don’t enjoy watching my friends argue between themselves over what mostly seems like mostly political talking points!
This doesn’t mean I’m banning political discourse, I’m just requesting strongly that you check yourself when it comes to said discourse and other topics, if you feel yourself getting worked up, take a breath, if you find somebody upsetting you, use your tools, take a breath or just be an adult and control yourself!

I am asking for everybody to keep this in mind, to please check the negativity at the door and try to make a conscientious effort on thinking before we speak and trying to bring back a much-needed atmosphere of unity and positivity to the room!
As a community, we need to do this collectively otherwise it will not work without having to force it which is not something I enjoy doing…

It is time to come together as members of disabilities-r-us to promote positivity instead of discord and to try and be support each other instead of bringing each other down especially during a time where we really need to be there for each other, by creating a comfortable, uplifting and welcoming environment that everybody can enjoy!
Please, let’s do better for the benefit of everyone!
Thank You

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Post by lynn » 4 weeks ago

So sad that you even have to post this. <3

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