Critter's departure from Disabilities-R-Us

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Critter's departure from Disabilities-R-Us

Post by daniel » 13 years ago

Critter's departure from Disabilities-R-Us came about so.  Dena rightfully banned Critter for 3 hours after this happened in the room on December 5, 2010.  Please note that for brevity, I removed all the lines from people who were not directly participating in the Critter conversation.

[09:08] critter joined #disabled.
[09:09] <summer> hi critter
[09:09] <Anna> critter hey
[09:09] <critter> god my dad's lazzy son of an asshole
[09:09] <critter> ..
[09:09] <susan> hi critter
[09:09] <Anna> whoa attitude today critter
[09:09] <critter> he can't get me food money yet he can go to the store and het himself some things?
[09:09] <critter> .. woa mind your damn business
[09:09] <summer> take his food
[09:09] <Anna> hey what the..!!
[09:09] <Anna> dont yell at me
[09:10] <critter> your the one.. who started it don't give me the bull shit excuse tehre
[09:10] <Anna> i aint the one your mad at critter
[09:10] <Sarah> someone woke up in a very bad mood today
[09:10] <Dena> critter, if you don't want people in your business, maybe you shouldn't make your business public :)
[09:10] <summer> hands critter a valum
[09:10] <Sarah> true that Dena
[09:10] <critter> dena you can shove that up your ass
[09:10] <Anna> critter go sit in the corner lol
[09:10] <gizmobabe> geezus lol what i come in on
[09:10] *Dena shrug
[09:10] <Dena> okay
[09:10] <summer> omg so rude
[09:10] <Sarah> maybe you need a punching bag critter
[09:10] Dena bans critter for 3 hours.

Personally, I would have banned him for 3 days, not 3 hours so he got off light.

A short time later, I got this email from Critter where he tries to play the part of a victim of abuse.

From: Critter
To: Daniel

Hello daniel.... i know we don't get along all the time blah. but dena didn't even get fair share or kick me or warn me... or ask for anything first before banning me for three hrs.

as long as you give me a warning and heads up is nice... never got to share my side of story. never even bother listen to me. never ban me "right away" when she should of...

i derseve the ban for a couple hrs sure i can admit that. I am not shame of doing so. that does not give them to right to abuse there powers.

I replied with the following:

From: Daniel
To: Critter

Moderators are not required to give a warning.  Your "fair share"
ended when you told her to shove it up her ass.   If I was there, it
would have been a 3 DAY ban.

His final reply was this:

From: Critter
To: Daniel

First of off daniel she the one who attack me. and yes being a mod there should be warnings but if your going to play this plan overpowerful people. you can forgot e-mailing me again. your site will never be worth it. When teh fact your mods are powerabusers whcih ininculdes you yourself.   there was no common sense. you don't just chew someone for NO REASON.  and maybe if they were a bit nicer they wouldn't of the attitude. I love how you never reply to my other e-mail though but this one. good job. really show how well of a mod you are.  I can't wait till you learn how dead wrong you are. and you damn well know you are partly wrong.  I don't care you supposed to LISTEN TO BOTH SIDES. they never gave me a chance. she never ban me right away. is the point and the problem i had. you just don't do that. She should of done it right away. she didn't.  maybe you should learn how to be an adult.  yourself. and learn how to be fair but applenty you can't.  you can keep your site. you gus are not worht the headchude at all.

As you can see, he made it very clear that he was unhappy with the room and would therefor not be returning.  This was HIS choice, not mine.

If you heard anything else in the rumor mill, it's bullshit.

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Post by critter » 13 years ago

very mature for yourself Daniel.  i never played myself as a vitcum  you knew that.  I flat out admit i derseve the ban did you forgot to add that?  and this is another thing that bugs me you have a right to post this infomation onto the site? that something that from any other site would get you PERMBAN

  you need leasson in how to run a site and run it well to many people get away with things. but applenty you can't do your job in else you don't care for those people. you never like me.

you never will. I never said i wanted to be ban i was having my opioion and you didn't agree and ban me that was damn your choice to do it. as you cant stand the fact that i have more guts than most on this site. to stand up for what i believe in. it is a pirivage yes but  when you abuse your power this place is a damn joke. run by a bunch of monkeys

"never got to share my side of story" right here you comeplete and utterly ignore
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Post by daniel » 13 years ago

Critter, the purpose of posting ban information is so that everyone sees the whole story, not just one side of it.  I try to do this every time someone of note goes away or is removed.

I got your email asking to be allowed back about 30 minutes ago and after forwarding it to Dena to get her opinion and approval, we both agreed to unban you.  Considering your harsh words to her, I would have to say it was pretty noble on her part.  Now, having read this post, I don't think you're ready to return and I have personally re-added the ban.

You're a very angry person and I don't think our site is in your best interest.


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