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Looking for friends

Looking for love or just new friends? This is the place to meet them and greet them.
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Re: Looking for friends

Post by lily » 1 month ago

Hey Ghost,

I do emails very well because I can then go back and reread what was sent, and also what I write. I have some serous OCD issues on top of the constant physical pain I am forced to endure.

And though I head to the chatroom, I do not go there as much as I used to. My back gives out on me more and more lately, so that limits the time I can sit at my laptop.

And you and I have talked in the chatroom a few times. I always enjoyed talking with you.

So, if you want to email, I can do that. I am in MD, and do not have a cat, or any pet anymore for that matter, but I grew up with cats (and dogs, and fish and birds and snakes and salamanders). I do have a sister in IL though. She hates it there and has been bitching about it the nanosecond she moved there, which was almost 20 years ago. (As I like to say, It is not the place, it is the people.)


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Post by Ghost » 1 month ago

I would be happy to chat with you!
Can you post a private message in here,so we can exchange emails?
I forget how to

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Post by lily » 1 month ago

Hmm. I do not know how to post privately either. You see, I am the most technically challenged person this side of the Mississippi. Shoot, in the universe. My family jokes that I have trouble with light switches, which is true, but I do have a good reason for that one. I will head to the chat room and hope to catch you there, where I know how to do a PM at least. lily

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Post by Dewy » 1 month ago

the PM is at the top of your window next to your name, Ghost I sent you one

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