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Electrical Engineer guy looking for people to chat with

Looking for love or just new friends? This is the place to meet them and greet them.
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Electrical Engineer guy looking for people to chat with

Post by mobility_mods » 7 months ago

Hey all,
Just saying hello :) I'm an electrical engineer and I like to hack and repair mobility scooters. While it is a lot of fun, it can get kinda lonely being stuck in my house all day doing self-care and occasional projects. Disability isolation is a bummer and I'd love to branch out and meet more people. So here I am :)

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Post by Coll » 7 months ago

Howdy mobility_mods,
Yes being isolated physically, mentally out both from a disability is draining to the soul.
If you can please join us in the chatroom. It is basically socializing but if you need information we share what we know. It is a great place to make friends.

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Post by Louie » 6 months ago

fighting back against the isolation can be tough sometimes. I'm fortunate enough to have a family and a part-time job gets me out in the community. Years ago I met a quadriplegic who told me that he only buys food one day at a time. That meant that he had to go to the grocery store every day just so that he could be around people. I thought that was an interesting strategy to help them cope with a lonely lifestyle.

I don't know what your disability is. Are you able to drive and get out much? As for me, I'm in a power chair and although I drive, my social life is minimal at best. When I became disabled a lot of my friends disappeared. It doesn't help that my chair can't get into any of their houses. But, all in all, I do lead a pretty good life.

I'm always interested in hearing how others adapt to their situation. I've learned more by speaking with other people with disabilities and I have by talking with the so-called specialists that I meet at the doctor's offices.I'm interested in hearing about solutions that you and others have found to everyday problems.


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