Looking to make new friends!

Looking for love or just new friends? This is the place to meet them and greet them.
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Looking to make new friends!

Post by SleeplessPoet » 6 years ago

So I'm not very good at this you have to bear with me.

Other side note I'm using speech dictation so it's there any grammatical/spelling errors its Siri's fault not mine.

I come here after a four year long relationship/friendship has broken down. They were my only close friends and now I'm looking for new people to talk to which is incredibly nerve wrecking.

Just looking to make a connection with someone and if something else happens out of it then that's a bonus.

I consider myself very much my computer and technology geek.

I also consider myself to be gender fluid and asexual. I am biologically female. Although my gender tends to fluctuate between masculine and neutral. Different pronouns don't bother me but if you need a preference they/them.

I meant to mention at the top I have cerebral palsy and have to use a wheelchair in the choir assistance to move most of the time. Told you I wasn't very good at this.

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Post by Dixie » 6 years ago

Hi, SleeplessPoet I'm hoping to make friends too. I myself have hearing issues (deaf as well as hard of hearing) I was born with this as well as a few minor things like missing a couple toes and dwarfism. Now a little later at 26 I've had seizures for 7 years thankfully they seem to be easy to control :) I have actually known very few people with disabilities (that I was aware of) so I'm looking to make friends. I think what you've done looks fine. If Siri helps that's awesome. I myself (as I've had hearing aids my whole life) am impressed at improvements in ways to help well really anyone (disabilities, elderly, something that's difficult or hard or anyone)

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