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Looking for friendship in Michigan

Looking for love or just new friends? This is the place to meet them and greet them.
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Looking for friendship in Michigan

Post by Pegasus49663 » 1 year ago

Hi, Not very good at writing in a forum. I am not sure what to or what I should n*t say, I live in Michigan looking for a friend :) had a bad break up about 2 months ago :( . Lost most of my family and friends because they didn't like them :( . So looking for new friends once again. looking forward to chatting with you. I am a very trusting person and with that being say you can also e-mail me as well, that is once I chat with you lol that is all for now. :)

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Post by Ghost » 1 year ago

Sorry I didnt see your post.
Why dont you come into the chat room?
Its fun,and safe.
Im also looking for friends,and so far I only have on-line friends...
One step at a time,I guess?

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