obesity and sit-to-stand assistive devices

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obesity and sit-to-stand assistive devices

Post by ProfPhoebe » 3 years ago

Dear Community,
My partner is newly disabled and unable to stand up from most furniture because of damaged knees. I have found sit-to-stand devices such as the "couch cane" and similar, which are perfectly suited to what we need. But, we need devices designed for large people, for example 400 lbs instead of 250 lbs. These devices are like grab bars that go next to furniture, which someone can press down on in order to help them stand up despite weak knees.

I have four questions.
1. If I device is rated at 250 lbs, does that mean that is the upper limit on the weight of the whole person who can use it? Or something else, like the weight that can be pressed down on it all at once? If so is there some way to measure how much weight someone applies to a device while using it to stand up? There are also floor-to-ceiling grab bars that look useful, but again, they are not rated for 400 lbs.
2. Does anyone know how to find devices like this specifically for bariatric (obese) people? I can find devices for people with more limitations to their mobility - intended for hospital use -- but I can't seem to find these every-day sorts of devices.
3. Is there a way to use a walker or any type of cane for help standing up from a seated position?
4. Do you have any other advice about assistive devices that could raise the height of chairs and sofas or so on and thus make it easier to get up out of such furniture with knees that can't do that on their own?

Thank you in advance.
-Phoebe Lostroh

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Post by daniel » 3 years ago

Drive Medical makes the best walkers and they do have bariatric models. I found a few rated for 500lbs at http://www.drivemedical.com/index.php/b ... n-714.html.

I do know there are chairs with lifts built in that put you up to a near standing position but it's been so long that I no longer remember who made them. Perhaps something from here might be a good place to start? https://www.usmedicalsupplies.com/AmeriGlide-325M.html


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