Catch Phrase Competition

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Catch Phrase Competition

Post by Harvey » 10 years ago

I have come into the Chat Room with an old Catch Phrase " Hi Play Mates"  this is an old one done by Arthur Askey away back "when I was a wee boy in Glasgow"  this is another catch phrase by a scottish writer and journalist Jack House both now deceased.

Have we Brits got the best catch phrases? Guys funnier than the Gals ?  Chatters could rate or vote the catch phrase of the year on here .


Post by Harvey » 10 years ago

Hi Play Mates  Arthur Askey

Shut that Door Larry Grayson

Eelmentary Dear Watson Sherlock Holmes

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Post by UKRobin » 10 years ago

One of the best-known UK catchphrases has to be;

"Nice to see you, to see you, to see you nice" of course Bruce Forsyth. Jesus I am showing my age  :-o


Post by Hadley08 » 9 years ago

hmm well I don't understand clearly the topic.. What kind of phrase you talking about.. as I understand you are talking about the movies dialogs. If I am right then my favorite dialog from the movie Fast & Furious 5.. "This is Brazil" by Vin Diesel. That is my favorite one.


Post by papillion44 » 8 years ago

I always laughed when Alexi Sayle started his comedy warm up routine with, "How Ya Diddlin" and the audiece always just sat there stone faced. May be its funnier when you see it.

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Post by Buddy » 7 years ago

I don't visit the chat room as often as I'd like, but I've discovered that instead of posting individual hellos to everyone (I'm so afraid I'll miss someone), that I've been saying, "Hi' everybody!" No big deal, right? Except it occurs to me that the voice in my head is that of Jennifer Coolidge from the TV show "2 Broke Girls", because that's what her character, Sophie, says everytime she enters a scene.

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