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A tip or motivation for answers

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A tip or motivation for answers

Post by Chava22611 » 10 months ago

I found a good article that can help some people dealing with a disability and their faith yet if you don't believe in God or blame God for dealing with a disability as a way of punishment or a way to curse you for no reason please read this and see for your self. No one is perfect yet everyone struggles with some kind of problem and everyone has a flaw in different degree but God has a plan for everyone else cause he loves us and care for us so please read this article you can download for free as it can answer your question on why would God let such things happen to us. Hope this help and I pray for the best on each of y all. We all perfect in his eyes.

https://www.desiringgod.org/books/disab ... ess-of-god

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Post by MiniMouse » 8 months ago

I too believe that things happen for a reason and that God kept me in this world all those years ago for a reason when He could've easily taken me up into His kingdom. My goal now is to figure out what His resason was and what is my purpose, it's just hard when you feel like you're treading water and not getting anywhere. I feel frustrated and trapped but like Dory I just keep on swimming hoping against hope that if I carry on God will show me the way to success.

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