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Are there laws to protect us that are enforced?

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Are there laws to protect us that are enforced?

Post by Sconner » 8 months ago

Hi, I’m not really sure where to begin. I have a lot going on. I’ve tried to get help and it feels like there are all these groups that are supposed to help the disabled yet they don’t. I’m in the hospital right now with kidney failure among other things. I don’t have any support from my family. I am living with them because I have nowhere else to go and it is a nightmare. I just keep getting sicker. My family is a huge problem, but I am having a much bigger problem right now.
My primary care doctor handled my pain management for years. She did this with a lot of here patients so she could see more patients. When the laws changed, she referred me to a pain management doctor. She made it sound like he would be able to help me get better. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I have degenerative bone disease, and I was diagnosed with osteopenia a few years ago and my bones have a lot of PARS fractures. I had a full hysterectomy a few years ago and I need hormone replacement which my insurance won’t pay for, unless a doctor will tell them I need it. None will so far. And it’s been years.
I didn’t see the actual doctor for months. They reduced my pain prescription immediately. At that point and now, I can barely walk without it. And I have PARS fractures in both hips and many in my spine. I saw another doctor at the practice first who gave me injections every few weeks. I’m not sure what they were, but they weren’t what I needed, medication to strengthen my bones and HRT. Lack of hormones can affect the bones like it was with me.
After three months and several injections, he wanted to put an implant in my spine. They had just gotten my MRI results. He lied about the results and said I just had a compressed disk. I actually had several bulging disks and the fractures. I didn’t find out until a month later when I saw the actual doctor who’s practice it is. I wasn’t getting better and when I looked up the procedure I realized it wasn’t as safe as he said. I asked some questions that day he got very agitated and upset with me and didn’t perform the procedure. I’m fairly certain he still put it through my insurance. He told me if I didn’t cooperate with them, they would stop my prescription.
The next month he was gone. The doctor told me what was wrong in that part of my body. He seemed to be very understanding so I asked him for help with my difficult home life. I didn’t want to use the word abuse, and at this point I don’t know if it’s abuse anymore. I don’t know what it is. He said he would talk to my family with me during our next appointment. He also referred me to a doctor to treat my bone condition and told me I needed extensive back surgery. I had a doctor I wanted to go to, but he lied and said that doctor didn’t take my insurance and would only refer me to one doctor, someone who had just graduated from med school. He also lied and said this doctor was partners with the doctor I wanted to see. I meant to give him a chance, but he wouldn’t give his office phone number, not his cell or private phone number, the office phone number. I had to go through the hospital switchboard just trying to set up an appointment. It took about a half hour every time and I wasn’t comfortable with that in case I needed to get in tough with him if he was my doctor. He also gave me a referral to a primary care doctor he said he knew for the hormone issue. I went and it was an urgent care facility and the doctor said he didn’t do paperwork like that, and then sent me a bill with extra charges. My pain doctor actually gave me another referral to him when I told him what happened. Thankfully, I have memory problems and recorded the appointment. He doesn’t know about this.
For the next ten months I tried to get him to give me actual medical treatment instead of those injections. He said he doesn’t do that. My condition kept worsening and I finally changed my supplemental insurance company.
I brought my new card in on Feb. 13, a week before my next appointment. They contacted me about ten minutes after I left the office and left a message to call them without any details. I mentioned my living situation; they didn’t give me the message. And I just realized that I didn’t write that I got my parents to go to the next appointment and he didn’t show up. I saw a nurse. My family was very mad at me for that. I went to my appointment the following week and was told they could treat me anymore because I had not shown up for a pill count. I was in their office that day and they didn’t say anything. But he wasn’t helping me get better so I thought that was probably for the best.
My new insurance company found a primary care about an hour away, but she was great and we came up with a plan to get what I needed done. And she set me up with a new pain management doctor. She gave me a blood test that day, the main purpose was to check my hormone levels. I filled out the paperwork for her and the new doctor and set up appointments for the following week. She also found a primary care doctor who was much closer to me and set that up.
I’m only disabled for lack of medical care. I thought everything was fine until the new doctors called and said they couldn’t treat me and to find a new doctor because the other doctor had dismissed me. I called there and they hung up on me. I called my new insurance company after days of this and they called the office to request my records. They refused (HIPPA Violation.).
As I said, my family does not support me, but that is for another post. The problem is my father. I finally asked my mother for help out of desperation. She went in to talk to the doctor because they also kept hanging up on her. The office staff would not let her see the doctor and told her I had failed a drug test and refused to take another. This is not true at all. I was so upset about this and thought they may have mixed me up with another patient. My mother went home and told my abusive father about this and my life has been hell. I’m a strong Christian, but things have gotten so bad I sometimes wonder if I’m really in hell.
I finally went online to look for help and found my way to his reviews. He is dumping his disabled patients and accusing us of failing drug tests, and then putting something in our medical records that is causing no other doctor to take us as patients. I filed with the Office of Civil Rights for the two HIPPA complaints and they ruled in my favor for the records, I haven’t heard about the other. But that was it, I have a letter, they won’t help me.
I know I’m o stranger online, but I didn’t take illegal drugs. I just took what he prescribed and on bad days took Aleve sometimes. After I ran out of medication I still had to work and had to start taking more Aleve, and Aleve PM to sleep. I didn’t realize I needed the medication until I stopped taking it. I could barely work and stopped paying my bills, I physically was unable. I’ve only been able to work three times this month. My disability payment isn’t much, I don’t have a choice but to work. I don’t have money now for copayments and its just bad.
I’m in really bad shape now and it feels like my body is just breaking down. I’ve called so many agencies and asked for help and they say they can’t. Nobody believes me. I don’t have friends anymore and when I ask my mom for help she says I’m an adult and need to take care of these things myself. Basically, my father has forbade her from helping me so she says that. He won’t let her help me at all, usually she won’t drive me to the hospital, but I was passing blood and had been throwing up for weeks so she did when I told her I would probably die if he didn’t. The ER doctor told her that, he actually yelled at me for not coming in sooner and for taking Aleve. He said he would treat me but I would probably die anyway. The very next day she visited me at the hospital and said she didn’t remember that and my kidneys were fine. It’s very hard to describe her, she’s been abused for so long she blocks things out that contradict what my father orders her to do. This was a fact she just can’t process because it contradicts my father’s narrative.
I begged the ER doctor to drug test me and he wouldn’t because he said he believed me. I am in the hospital now and was doing better yesterday until my doctor had a conversation with my mother. I have a good idea of what was said, because this has happened many times before. Right now though, I am desperately sick. I did come in two weeks ago at the beginning and heard the nurse and doctor talking outside, loud enough for me to hear, to get rid of me. I’m just a junkie in withdrawal. I got a prescription for nausea medication and signed myself out.
He came in and asked if I had been diagnosed as bipolar of schizophrenic, and I told him I hadn’t. Been here before too, but right now I am too sick to come across well. He put me on anti-psychotic medication which is making my head swim. Last night the nurses wouldn’t come to my room for 4 hours to give me medication to sleep. I called on the hour and felt like I was bothering them. And then was woke up every hour for vitals. I’m a mess. I don’t know what to do. I started passing a little blood again and am really weak.
Are there any laws that protect us? I’ve been trying to get anyone to give me a hair follicle drug test and no one will. I can’t afford it. I keep thinking this is insane, how can this happen? I am well-educated and had a career up until all of this and now, it’s just so bad. I need advice. There must be an agency or origination that deals with this. I’m not the only from this doctor. Please, anyone who has any information on where to get help. I really need it and would be so grateful. People aren’t nice to me anymore. I just want to get better and get me life back. It doesn’t feel possible right now.

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