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Am I expecting too much?

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Am I expecting too much?

Post by Barry » 1 month ago

An accident in January 2013 left me with my neck broken at C4/5, spinal injury, paralysis below the chest, severe spasticity and double incontinence. After 4 days in a local hospital, I was taken to a specialist spinal injury hospital 70 miles from where I live. Remarkably little was achieved for such a long stay.

I was not offered any treatment for my injury. None of the other patients I spoke to were offered any. Still I do not know what spinal injury specialists do.

Treatment of side-effects was only partially successful. I had and still have some relief of spasticity from Baclofen but this is far from complete. Infections were treated successfully with drip-feeds. I have since found that they can be prevented much more easily using Nitrofurantoin.

Nursing was effective in preventing pressure sores but I have since found that this could have been achieved with less trauma to the patient and occupying less nursing time by using better mattresses.
Perhaps 1 in 4 or 5 patients could walk after a few months: their nerves had regenerated naturally. They will probably have felt their stay in hospital was more worthwhile than I do of mine.

Is anyone willing to share their experience in such a specialist hospital?

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