Chat software development II

It took about a month longer than planned, but I finally purchased the most recent copy of Delphi.

The reasons for the delay were multiple.  The average development/release cycle for Delphi is about 13 months.  Since it was coming up on that time anways, I decided to sit and wait.  Though I could have purchased the current version, upgrading would have cost another $500 so it was just worth waiting for.  Early on I was talking to a company insider about possibly even getting the software donated entirely (which I could then purchase even more devlopment tools or even this years hosting expenses) but that person simply stopped responding to my emails.  I have no idea why.

So, the Delphi XE3 software will be delivered tomorrow and I can get back to working on the chat software update.

If you have ideas for features, now would be the time to offer suggestions.

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