Chat Room Etiquette

Just like real life, there are things that you should and should not do while in a chat room.  If you are new to Disabilities-R-Us, these etiquette guidelines should get you off to a good start.   Keep in mind that these are not rules, they're just suggestions, the same way people would suggest that you never hug the Queen of England, never chew with your mouth open, and never expect anything good to happen; like all those times when you told your younger sibling to stop looking at you.

In no particular order...

  • Please do not ask if everyone is disabled.  This site is called Disabilities-R-Us for a reason.  Yes, we do welcome non-disabled people but they are very incredibly rare and most times nonexistent.
  • If there is a interesting conversation happening, please don’t get upset if nobody immediately greets you.  We are indeed happy that you came in.  It’s just that the more time we spending greeting the hundreds of people who pop in and out all day, the less likely we are to have interesting conversations.
  • Be patient with us.   If you ask a question, wait a bit for an answer.  Some of us have disabilities that affect how fast we can type.
  • Stay!  Leaving after 10 seconds doesn’t tell you anything about the room or it’s occupants.
  • If you want to know something about someone (or everyone,) please be polite by telling a little bit about yourself first.
  • Please do not publicly ask permission to private message someone.  Ask in private.
  • If the room is quiet, offer a fun or interesting topic to discuss.  Pointing out that is quiet is just pointing out the obvious.
  • Greeting each and every person in the room by name is considered disruptive and annoying.  A simple “hello everyone” will do.
  • Please do not ask if you are interrupting.  It’s a chat room, expect lots of chatting with periodic silence.
  • If you’re looking for someone specific, stay and wait for the person.  If you continually leave and come back for only seconds at a time, not only will you never find the person, you will upset and alienate everyone else.
  • If you promise not to advertise other disabled chat rooms on our site, we promise to not come to your wedding and advertise other potential brides or grooms to your spouse.
  • If you need to use the chatroom's ignore feature, please help maintain the peace by not mentioning that fact to anyone and by not talking to or about the person you are ignoring.