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Disability from a drunk driving accident? Take back control of your life.

If you have suffered a disability from a drunk driving accident in Houston, your life is not your own.

Because of your debilitating injuries, you spend far too much time with doctors and, it is more than likely, working through painful sessions with physical therapists. Through all the appointments and tests, you’re doing your best to regain your health – or as much of it as is possible, depending on the severity of your injuries. You may very well be dealing with emotional and mental issues, too. The medical professionals in Houston are among the best in the world, and may say they understand what you are going through, but let’s face it: No one who has not been in your place truly knows what it feels like to have their life turned upside-down by the inexcusable negligence of another human being.

Houston police investigators want time with you, too, because you suffered your disability from a drunk driving accident and criminal charges are likely to be filed against the careless person who turned your life into a nightmare. They have reports to fill out that could go a long way toward determining both your short-term and long-term future.

Speaking of investigators, you’re probably dealing with not one, but at least two insurance companies in Houston. Your insurance company wants money from the motorist responsible for your disability drunk driving accident. To get that money, they need information for you for their own reports. The irresponsible motorist’s insurance company wants to settle the case as quickly and inexpensively as possible (although they will call it “conveniently”). They have questions – lots and lots of questions, including some that may sound like they are trying to trick you because, well, they are trying to trick you to save money.

Then there’s your employer, who wants to know when you are going to return to work. Your spouse and children want to know when family life will again resemble a loving, less-stressful environment. Your friends want to know when you’re going to have something to talk about other than doctors, police and insurance companies.  All you want to know when – and how – you are going to get your life back.

The one person who can assist you in your quest to return to normalcy is a Houston DWI attorney who is experienced in handling cases that involve a disability from a drunk driving accident. After a free consultation that carries no obligation, a lawyer can draw upon the knowledge gained from hundreds of similar cases to develop a strategy that works best for you and your particular set of circumstances. For a change, your best interests are truly someone’s top priority. Your Houston lawyer is going to fight for your rights, including monetary compensation to help offset medical bills, lost wages and enable you and your family to maintain a comfortable standard of living.