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In times of crisis, insurance companies are not your allies.

If you live in Buffalo, you may pay an automobile insurance company thousands of dollars year after year without filing a claim. When tragedy strikes – through no fault of your own, you suffer a disability from a car or truck accident – you expect the insurance company to be on your side as you begin your long struggle to return a sense of normalcy to your shattered life.

Think again.

If you are involved in an auto or truck accident, always use caution when answering questions from an insurance company representative – even if it’s your own insurance company and you would like to think that they are working in your best interests. It’s important to remember that insurance companies are in business to make money. See personal injury lawyer Buffalo NY. Making substantial payments, even to deserving clients who are the victims of a disability suffered in a car or truck accident, runs contrary to their most basic profit motives.

One thing you can count on is the insurance company representing the other party in your accident – the party responsible for your disability nightmare, remember – to be looking for a quick settlement of the case. They will make you an offer that they assure you is fair and in the sense of convenience as they explain, with false sincerity, how no one wants to get caught up in a protracted legal battle at such a difficult time in their lives.

Instead, protect your legal rights from insurers on both sides of your accident by employing a Buffalo attorney who will handle your case with the personal care and professional attention that will secure a truly fair settlement for you and your loved ones. A case involving a disability from a car or truck accident calls for special attention to legal details. Acting as your advocate, for example, your attorney can navigate the tricky legal maze of frequently misunderstood “no-fault benefits,” including everything from their financial limitations to the all-important 30-day deadline for filing a claim.

Perhaps most importantly, a Buffalo law firm with decades of experience knows the insurance companies, how they operate and will recognize when they may be crossing a blurry legal or ethical line in hopes of taking advantage of your trusting nature. You can avoid the frustration and stress by contacting a Buffalo law firm for a free, no-obligation consultation concerning your disability from a car or truck accident.