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Life After Catastrophic Injury - What The Law Can & Can’t Do For You

Is the U.S. failing our disabled and severely injured?

The hard truth, in many ways it has and continues to fail people who have suffered disabling personal injuries. 

From veterans returning from foreign lands with loss of limbs, mobility and emotional trauma not receiving the care and treatment they deserve – to victims of traumatic injuries resulting in paralysis, amputations, nerve or muscle damage – the final diagnosis is more could and should be done. 

Those who have endured devastating injury don’t always receive the care and medical help they need & deserve.  When they do, the costs can be crushing...

Employment options for the severely disabled are limited.  It’s easy to feel stuck, frustrated and raging at the unfairness of it all.  Additionally, when a person has been paralyzed or disabled due to the reckless or negligent actions of another – that responsible party should be held accountable.

Causes of Injury Which May Be Actionable In Court Of Law

When you were hurt and it was the result of reckless, negligent or intentional conduct on the part of another, you may seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.  Successful financial recovery is often vital when facing a lifetime of medical costs, rehabilitation and the staggering costs of proper care.

Motor Vehicle Accidents – remains among the most common causes of disabling injuries, including various forms of paralysis (quadriplegia, paraplegia, e.g.), chronic pain, and brain damage – to learn more about getting legal help that can make a difference after a catastrophic auto accident click here.  When the other driver was driving erratically, was operating the vehicle negligently or the conditions were unsafe and needlessly risky, you may be able to seek financial recovery via a personal injury claim and possibly seek punitive damages.

Debilitating Work Injuries – workers still get hurt on the job, and a number of workers are employed in highly dangerous and hazardous environments.  Faulty heavy equipment which results in an accident may open the manufacturer to liability, while your employer may be liable in egregious cases of recklessness or illegal actions result in your getting hurt.

Traumatic Brain Injuries – also most frequently resulting from serious car accidents, brain damage has far reaching consequences both emotionally and physically for the victim, for more information about TBI legal claims visit Lawsuit Legal.  When someone else was at fault, or the injury resulted from the reckless or negligent conduct of another person, company or organization, a civil law suit claim may provide a path towards financial recovery.

Other Accidents – victims of violence may seek a personal injury claim against the perpetrator, faulty products resulting in your harm, accidents resulting from unsafe conditions on someone’s premises, falling objects and even sports accidents may open the responsible parties to liability, and open the prospect of recovering monetary damages for the victim.

Your Attorney Is Your Champion (The Insurers Won’t Be)

After a disabling injury, the costs for treatment can be tremendous.  Your personal injury attorney acts as your legal champion – representing your interests, frankly, very few are.

Some resources exist to help cope with sudden disability, check out Disabilities-R-Us for example if you are struggling with a recent injury.

But… make no mistake, after tragedy strikes – insurers look to limit their liability – and don’t have your interests in mind.  They are concerned first and foremost with looking to limit what they pay to victims.

Your litigator on the other hand, works to sum up the lifelong costs for treatment you can expect, the sum of projected earning capability your disability has stolen from you, and incurred costs to date such as medical bills, and other damages.

The goal of tort law is to attempt to find a way to make the victim as whole as possible financially.  Even if the law can’t do anything for you bodily, recovering maximum compensation after your injury is fundamental to ensuring you receive the best rehabilitation, healthcare, and medicine available for your needs.

Recovered monetary damages make a very real and significant impact in the lives of victims.  Ensuring access to wheelchairs and restored mobility options for the paralyzed, prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation for amputees, and continued treatment for those in need.

Ultimately, working with a personal injury law firm following a serious accident allows victims to focus on their personal recovery – physically and emotionally.  Compensatory damages can be pursued, the court battles will be fought, while you work on getting better…  With a lawyer working in your corner, on your behalf – who understands the true costs of disability and fights to see you made whole.