Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

AMC Support: Dealing With the Public

Jun 04, 1997

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

Participants already present:
  HandiBot ([email protected])
  HelloKit ([email protected])
  Mooooooo ([email protected])
  Mimi_ ([email protected])
* Mavros is amazed with Mimi's accurance! 6:00 Sharp!
*** dtb has joined #disabled
HelloKit: Thanks Daniel
Mooooooo: dtb!!!!!!!
Mimi_: Yeah, I'm on time for once. :o)
dtb: hello al!!
Mavros: Hello dtb
Mimi_: Hey dtb! :o)
*** lotaca has joined #Disabled
Red_: Mavros, it is just a sad thing, I'm a happy person too
Mimi_: Hey lotaca! :o)
Mavros: Very happy to hear this!
*** ^Coffeebe has joined #DISABLED
*** deedee38 has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: lotaca!!!!
HelloKit: Wheelin had better be here soon...
Mooooooo: hoedy coffee and deedee :o)
Mimi_: Sheesh! Hello everyone who just came in! :o)
^Coffeebe: Hello Everyone!
Mavros: Hello everybody!
Red_: hello
deedee38: hey everyone
lotaca: hello again, where'd everyone go
dtb: hi all
Mooooooo: you split
*** deedee38 is now known as t-62
Mooooooo: t-62, i know that nick :o)
lotaca: stupid machine, I got messages that everyone quit
*** haa has joined #Disabled
t-62: i have finally made it here
Red_: same thing has happened to me
Mooooooo: howdy haa :o)
HelloKit: lotaca: That was a netsplit.
lotaca: ?
haa: howdy back
t-62: what is the subject? i forgot
Mooooooo: when a server loses its internet connection
Mimi_: Hey haa.
Mooooooo: Dealing With the Public
t-62: ok..
HelloKit: Hi Helen...
lotaca: coool, may it never happen again:-)
Mooooooo: haha, it will happen until the sun burns out
Mooooooo: /:o)
t-62: what about it? has anyone said anything yet?
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Mooooooo: doh!
Mavros: He should say something else...
Mooooooo: nope, we just started
t-62: ok..
HelloKit: Wheelin, who chose the topic, is supposed to lead us tonight. But he's not here!!!
t-62: ic
t-62: well can anyone start?
Mooooooo: wooohooo, Carly gets to lead :o)
^Coffeebe: Are you all from Ability Online?
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Mooooooo: i was on it once
t-62: oh sorry
Mooooooo: a long time ago
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Mavros: Welcome Haa
t-62: don't know it
Mooooooo: just like a yoyo :o)
Mooooooo: t-62, its a bbs
Mavros: Well Carly?
Mooooooo: for disabilties
haa: i am homebound so only see the public on the internet
t-62: what's bbs?
HelloKit: As your leader, I appoint Mooooooo to start the discussion...
HelloKit: Hehehehehe
Mooooooo: its like a web site :o)
lotaca: haa and I got lost in space again
*** ChanServ has left irc (lost in the netsplit)
t-62: oh
Mooooooo: Ok
Mavros: HEY guys! I found the way to start the meeting!
lotaca: ?
Mavros: I have the radio on and the song I now hear is:
Mooooooo: I would like to know what the typical reaction is from someone when they first meet you.
haa: okay
t-62: they take pity
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Mavros: What else? Can we stop worrying?
lotaca: adult or child ?
haa: impressed or inspired
Mooooooo: both
*** Wheelz is now known as Wheelin
lotaca: kids dig me, I'm low and atr their level
Mimi_: umm....bored?
HelloKit: One time one of our church missionaries brought a new missionary over to meet our family...
Mimi_: Hey Wheelin :o)
Mooooooo: wheelin :o)
HelloKit: He held out his hand to me to shake hands, and as soon as he saw my hand he put his back down.
Wheelin: Hi Mimi... hey mooooooo
lotaca: wheelin!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mooooooo: what was your reaction?
*** younnguy has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: eeek!
younnguy: hello
haa: I wish i could say that about my kids
HelloKit: I just quietly acted as if it didn't happen.
Mooooooo: hi shawn
HelloKit: Hey Shawn...
Mavros: Hello
Wheelin: hi lotaca
Mimi_: Ummm there's awar between Chanserv and Handibot over me Moo....
younnguy: how's everyone tonight
lotaca: adults are in two categories
lotaca: one: put off
^Coffeebe: I think a lot of people get the idea that the disabled = not very smart.
Mooooooo: what kind of categories?
lotaca: two: overly helpful
t-62: why? coffeebe?
Red_: very good lotaca
Mavros: the problem is that there is a lack of knowledge about disabilities. Is they don't know, if we don't let them know, how are they going to change?
^Coffeebe: I think it is just a reaction that people get even if its wrong.
HelloKit: There... fixed the problem with ChanServ. Sorry bout that.
lotaca: My personal favorite (NOT) is the folks who see the chair coming, and race you to the door, and blocks it
HelloKit: Was my fault, Mimi.
^Coffeebe: I agree Mavros...lack of knowledge.
Mimi_: np, Carly :o)
Mooooooo: I get all sorts of mixed reactions from 3 age groups
younnguy: so what's the topic?
haa: how is your modem/
Mooooooo: everyone below 7 or so accepts me with no questions
HelloKit: haa: Mine?
HelloKit: All fixed.
*** Countrybo has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: older assume i have mental problems because i walk funny
Countrybo: yeehaaaw full house!
HelloKit: Hey Countrybo.
Mavros: I cannot accuse those people who rush to help me! I just do not accept their help on silly things just like opening doors, and I thank them with a very polite way!
HelloKit: LOL
Countrybo: hiyall
^Coffeebe: Moooo I find children to just stare most of the time.
Mooooooo: adults tend to think im a genius
Mavros: You said it Dan! Older!
Mimi_: Hi Countrybo :o)
HelloKit: With kids I think it depends on how they're raised.
haa: yes how is hellokit's modem
Mooooooo: middle children do stare
Mooooooo: a couple even screamed 'hey cripple' at me
Red_: adults are just more subtle
lotaca: kids like my size, some stare, but only because the parents won't let them ASK
Countrybo: dont you just hate it when people talk loud and slow to you thinking just because you're in a wheel chair you cant hear or think?
Mooooooo: wanst too hard to hide their bodies (joke)
Mavros: The only disabled persons they knew was little Mark who was a IIWW veteran and was in his home for the rest of his life!
HelloKit: If they're raised to 'not talk about the disability' and everything concerning disabilities is hush-hush, they yes, they stare.
Mimi_: I don't have a noticeable disability but when people find out I have epilepsy they tend to become slightly alarmed, as if I'm about to seize right there on the spot
lotaca: I talk to kids straight away, removes any fear they may have
^Coffeebe: HelloKie...yes I agree with you 100% it does depend on how children are raised.
HelloKit: But if they're raised right, they don't even know the difference.
lotaca: teenagers are cool, they mostly have their head someplace else and cqan't see me :-)
Countrybo: lol
lotaca: can't
lotaca: I meant that nicely
younnguy: brb
Mooooooo: hahahah
Countrybo: Hurry back, younnguy We'll miss you
Countrybo: if they ignore us we'll go away?
^Coffeebe: I agree HelloKit...if parents don't allow children to talk to the disabled they will never know that there is something there to relate to.
*** younnguy has left #disabled
Mavros: So the point is that we make the difference! If we change our attitude and we accept their lack of knowledge just like something very normal, we'll find the way to change them...
*** t-62 has left irc (Ping timeout for t-62 max165.cafes.net])
Red_: I find once I talk w/the kids, they see me...
Mooooooo: i guess its another social taboo
lotaca: adults are really wierd, most like I said last week, NEED something to fear
^Coffeebe: I had a small child about 7 years old that asked me if God was mad at me and made me like this. Before I could talk to the child his mother came and rushed him away.
haa: I do not get to see many people except a lot of my kids friend's parents
Mooooooo: rather than teach their kids to ask someone about their diiferences tactfully, they teach them to not ask at all
Countrybo: this is startin to sound like we are a minority group striving for recognition....shouldnt we just strive for understanding?
Red_: I tell the parents to let me explain so they will except me as a person
dtb: People don't like dealing with us because it reminds them of their own mortality
Mooooooo: sometimes understanding comes with recognition
Countrybo: true
HelloKit: My senior year I gave a talk on disabilities to my psychology class. Everyone asked a lot of questions and it was then that I realized the reason most of these kids had treated me the way they did, was because of the way they were kept in the closet by their parents.
Mavros: Yeap! that's it..
Countrybo: should i stop in the middle of a busy isle in Kmart and shout THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU? lol hhmmm
lotaca: Most of the time I loudly tell my wife, 'it's not their fault, they were probably born that way' :-)
Mooooooo: how did they treat you afterward carly?
Countrybo: lol
Red_: lol
* Mimi_ chuckles
Mavros: :-)
Countrybo: did they treat you as an equal then carly?
HelloKit: Well, it was the last day of class, so...
haa: the parents try but feel awkward
Mavros: LOL
Countrybo: had nothin to losse eh? lol
Mooooooo: they're cranial impaired :o)
Countrybo: yupyup
Mavros: you know what the funny part is?
HelloKit: But it was really neat the way they all asked questions about my disability and friendships and relationships...
^Coffeebe: I think people are afraid of what they do not know.
Mimi_: what's that mavros?
Countrybo: I yell that out to people that park in handicapped spaces without being handicaped lol mentally handicapped eh?
lotaca: It isn't their fault, really, most 'NORMAL people have NO clue
Mavros: the next day everybody who was in this class when they saw a ny of us whould be very 'polite' and smiling!
Countrybo: well if we were normal would we?
Mooooooo: Countrybo, they suffer from cranial/rectal inversion
Mavros: any
Mimi_: It's not because they're bad people, I think it all goes back to education and the experiences they have had
Countrybo: maybe we should see ourselves from their perspective.... we do scare them!
lotaca: This position that able bodied folks put us in needs to get turned around,
lotaca: Imean we, to us, we are normal
Red_: no one is normal!
Red_: what ever that is
Mimi_: True, Tracy. *g*
*** ^Coffeebe has left irc (Wish I could stay longer, but since I can't, don't be talking about me behind my back.)
dtb: good point, Red_
*** turbokev has joined #Disabled
lotaca: Do you think the rest of the world have channels to talk about stuff like this ?
turbokev: hi
Mimi_: Hey Kevin! :o)
* Countrybo proposes that we have grade schools have a
turbokev: probably not
Red_: I played a game of pool in a wheelchair
Mooooooo: actually, thats a good idea
HelloKit: No... that would make them feel sorry for us. I don't need any more pity than I already get.
Countrybo: nononon
turbokev: good idea but include adults
Mooooooo: not pity, understanding
Mimi_: My cousin taught me how to do wheelies, that;s all the formal education I've ever had *g*
Red_: I think talking about it is a good idea
Countrybo: it would show them that the only difference is that darn wheel chair!
Mavros: I believe that everybody is changing because of us! did you see the new BARBIE? who whould expect this 10 years before?
lotaca: Our eleme4ntary school has a 'handicap awarness class' but they wont let me assist in it
Mooooooo: not just sit them in a chair, but make them to the whole routine
HelloKit: I have the new Barbie!
Red_: I think that is so cool
Mimi_: Is she cute, Carly?
Mavros: CLAP CLAP!:-)
Countrybo: and how a few little helps here and therer like holding a door or a weel placed ramp can really help us out
Red_: how much was it?
Mavros: that;s the spirit!
*** younnguy has joined #disabled
HelloKit: She's really cute. I'm gonna take pictures of her.
HelloKit: $20
younnguy: hello again
Mavros: welcome back
turbokev: no hellokit it make them awareware of the hurdles we face everyday
Red_: that's not bad
haa: my 15 year old loves my wheelchair but has a hard time dealing with my disability
Mimi_: wb younnguy
Mooooooo: lotaca, why cant you help out?
HelloKit: At Toys 'R' Us... but you may have trouble getting ahold of one. I had to reserve one.
younnguy: I just tried to find a friend but she wasn't online
Red_: haa, why is that?
turbokev: she's cute but Carly is cutier!!!!!!!
Countrybo: well it cant teach them everything we deal with everyday but it can help open some eyes and break theat fear factor
lotaca: I guess because I won't scare the kids, actually not real inteligent thinking by PTA
Mooooooo: oh brother!
turbokev: yes countrybro
lotaca: I voulenteered in my sons class, the only one on the list, never was called
*** DopeHat has joined #disabled
Countrybo: geee
HelloKit: Hey Keith...
Mooooooo: that sucks
Red_: bummer
Mimi_: hey Dopehat!
lotaca: How do you educate educators ?
DopeHat: Hi
Mimi_: That's idtiotic, lotaca
Mooooooo: PTA people tend to think it gives them a PhD too
HelloKit: HA!!! Good luck.
turbokev: lets do a wheelchair count
Countrybo: the adults were scared then . Who said it would be easy? change takes time and dedication
Mooooooo: lotaca, with a 2 by 4
Mooooooo: /:o)
lotaca: one, no Two I have a spare
HelloKit: You guys want to hear a story?
Mooooooo: sure
lotaca: k
DopeHat: ok
Mimi_: shoot, Carly
Countrybo: you gotta admit things are alot better than they were 20 years ago! But it didnt change by itself people changed it!
haa: red i think he is a kid who wants lots of freedom free of requests for help
turbokev: i mean how many of us are in wheelchairs
Countrybo: me
turbokev: shoot carly
turbokev: me
Countrybo: shhot carly
lotaca: me me
DopeHat: me
Mimi_: I'm not, Kevin
Red_: not me
Mooooooo: not me
Wheelin: me
younnguy: I am
Red_: I use a cane
Countrybo: i am not in one full time though thank God
lotaca: point ?
dtb: not me
Mavros: me
Mooooooo: i do use poles with hiking though
HelloKit: My youngest brother Ricky has attention deficit and oppositional behavior disorder. My parents have tried and tried to get the school to understand that he needs one-on-one supervision 100% of the time...
lotaca: we come in different sizes, like the rest of the world
lotaca: school won't help ?
younnguy: that must be hard for your parents
HelloKit: A couple weeks ago, he was left unattended IN THE STAFF LOUNGE with the other special education kids, and they made a 911 call...
haa: Kevin i have been in wheelchairs for years
Mooooooo: uh oh
lotaca: my normal kid would have done that
younnguy: yep that what you get when you leave kids alone
Mimi_: any kid would have done that
younnguy: any kids
Countrybo: I have a question for all you full timers thats kinda really bothering me for when I become a full timer wich wont be long can I ask?
HelloKit: The principal called up my mother and threatened her, told her that she would have to come to the school with Rick, while they had the sherriff talk to him.
* turbokev says that's 9 chairs, 1 cane, and 3 other
lotaca: but they shouldn't have been left alone
younnguy: ask away
lotaca: schools fault
DopeHat: the school system is screwed up.
Mimi_: it was their fault, Carly!
turbokev: where the hell were the teachers?
younnguy: yep
turbokev: or assistants?
lotaca: Sheriff arrest the principal for stupidity ?
Countrybo: welll thjis is embarrasing but when you transfer from chair to toilet how do you get pants on and off without standing up?
lotaca: carefully
HelloKit: My father went down to talk to the principal, and told her Rick would not be going back to school until he was going to have full time supervision and be safe.
*** Mooooooo has left irc (Connection reset by peer)
*** Mooooooo- has joined #Disabled
turbokev: he should
*** Mooooooo- is now known as Mooooooo
DopeHat: too many kids and not enough teachers
HelloKit: My dad said he didn't feel Rick was safe at the school, and the principal kept insisting... 'he was only alone for a minute'.
lotaca: not enough responcible teachers
lotaca: please excuse spelling
younnguy: I have a good story about the screwed up school system want to hear it?
Red_: nobody seems to care anymore
HelloKit: The 911 tape was longer than a minute, and besides, do you know what this kid could do in 'only a minute'?
lotaca: go
Mooooooo: yep
HelloKit: In a minute he could be out in the middle of the road, dead.
HelloKit: And that's safe?
haa: dopehat the airports are not a great place for people in wheelchairs either
*** Mavros has left irc (Ping timeout for Mavros])
lotaca: schools are only as safe as we let them
Red_: or trains
turbokev: its wrong that they did it but the kids shouldn't have been left unattended in the first place
HelloKit: I'm gonna go eat REALLY QUICK... brb
Countrybo: Hurry back, HelloKit We'll miss you
* HelloKit hears the musical sound of kiblets being poured
*** HelloKit is now known as KittyChow
Mooooooo: love that script cb :o)
Countrybo: guess I shouldnt have asked :(
turbokev: brb how roud
Countrybo: Hurry back, turbokev We'll miss you
Red_: do you really hear sound?
lotaca: countrybo:> unzip, scoot forward and push them down as far as you can, let gravity take it from there
turbokev: i'm not leaving
younnguy: When I was in the fivth grade we had a dispute with our local school system the wanted to take my aid away and put the money in other things like sports. that's why I've been homeschooled ever since
lotaca: their loss I'm sure
Red_: incredible
turbokev: age check
Red_: oh no
lotaca: old
Countrybo: you kinda roll and pull huh?
turbokev: 24
Mooooooo: shawn, you're a lot better off being homeschooled
Mimi_: 27
Mooooooo: 33
younnguy: I know
Red_: old
Mimi_: I'm thinking of homeschooling my boy
turbokev: age is only a number
Wheelin: 32
* Countrybo was seriousely afraid about how he would put
younnguy: but that's over I go to college next year
lotaca: actually I push them down as far as possible, and during the transfer they fall down
Red_: am I the oldest or what?
Mooooooo: thats a good idea to Mimi
lotaca: 47
Red_: thank you...
Red_: :)
Countrybo: 42
turbokev: mimi how old is ur son
Red_: 35
turbokev: is he disabled
Mimi_: He's two. He's the only English speaking boy in town.
lotaca: does that help countrybo ?
haa: red i am a 53 year old mother of 2
turbokev: 35 is young
lotaca: you win
Red_: wow
younnguy: mimi where do you live
Red_: compared to you...
Red_: yes
Countrybo: welll guess its kinda like you gotta figure it out when you get there huh?
Red_: lol :)
Mimi_: No, it's for language reasons, someone who can barely say 'My name is' is going to teach him 'English' as a second language and screw him all up
turbokev: mimi ur in frame
Mimi_: I'm in Canada, youngguy, Quebec to be specific
Mimi_: They speak French in Canada in case you didn't know :o)
turbokev: oh
younnguy: oh and they speak french up there don't they
lotaca: countybo, sorta, but usually it works, pulling them takes a piece of string attached to the belt, don't drop the string
* Countrybo is scared of the future guess I need a swift
Red_: here, let me...
turbokev: french is the romantic language
lotaca: have to off it first :-)
Countrybo: ok good idea! trhat helps
* Mooooooo kicks Countrybo in the dupa :o)
Countrybo: lol
lotaca: welcome :-)
Mooooooo: Nooooooooo, polish is the romantic language
turbokev: and mimi is gorgeous
* Mimi_ blushes furiously
turbokev: so is carly
Wheelin: I thought sub titles was the romantic language
younnguy: mimi what do you think of this Qubeck verses Canada ordeal?
Mimi_: Canada all the way...Quebeckers are thinking with their hearts not their heads and will destroy the economy of the entire Eastern half of Canada if they separate, including themselves
Mooooooo: i mean, how many languages have a word as lovely and romantic as 'keilbasa'
* turbokev is at http://members.iglou.com/turbokev
turbokev: that's gasy
Mimi_: ummmm, can't agree with that one, Mooo....how about 'saucisse'
* turbokev slaps Mooooooo around a bit with a large trout
Mooooooo: saucisse?
lotaca: are we done with the topic for the night ?
younnguy: I know but I believe if they keep trying they might get independencre and I don't like that
Mooooooo: nope
Mimi_: sausage in French
Mooooooo: just sidetracked :o)
turbokev: isn't keilbasa a sausage
Mooooooo: yep
Mimi_: ask a pertinent question Mooo
lotaca: OK, thought I got lost again
turbokev: it creates gas
Mimi_: get us back on track here
Mooooooo: hahaha
turbokev: yuck
Mooooooo: ok, what about one on one meetings with potential employers
Mooooooo: how were you treated
turbokev: handicapped parking?
turbokev: it sucksa
Mooooooo: all mine were disasters
Mimi_: My motto is 'what they don't know won't hurt them' (I have epilepsy, in case you need the background info to understand that)
younnguy: about handicapp parking it sucks
lotaca: ha ha, employers normally see you in the waiting room, tthen tell you that you're over qualified
Mooooooo: lotaca, yep. been there
Red_: I never had any problems
Mooooooo: im always over-qualified
younnguy: I mean they give the tag to everyone and some of them don't really need it
Red_: I have to convince them some tho
turbokev: handicapped parking is not work
Mooooooo: but when the employer knew me first, i always got the job
lotaca: unless they need a tax break, then they hire you for an impossible position, and 'have to let you go'
younnguy: sorry
Mooooooo: I did have one employer have it backfire on them
Mooooooo: they told me I was over qualified to work there.... at $7
haa: Mimi_ i tried hiding or ignoring my disability for years but you cann't keep it up
Mooooooo: then they called the best consultant in the area (which turned out to be me) and I charged them $125 per hour
Countrybo: ya as soon as I couldnt hide mine anymore it was we cant wait to help you out the door
*** `Speedy_ has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: hi Speedy!
Mimi_: haa, I know...but my grand mal seizures are completely under control, and the absence seizures only happen when I'm falling asleep. It's just not their business to know, that's all
turbokev: red, red heads tend to be more aggressive and they get away with a lot, and they're sexy
lotaca: ADA doesn't cover everything, some facilities aren't even covered by by accessiblity codes
Mimi_: Hey, Speedy! Welcome!
`Speedy_: hiya Mooooooo
`Speedy_: hiya Mimi
Countrybo: naaw its that darn temper that acompanies red heads lol
Countrybo: specially Irish red heds
lotaca: drifty
lotaca: rweally drifting now
turbokev: anyone from kentucky
Mooooooo: so i made quite a bit more money
Red_: how about German Reds?
Countrybo: lol
Mooooooo: afterward they offered me a job and i turned THEM down :o)
Mimi_: haa, do you think I need to tell them even if it has absolutely no pertinence to the job?
Countrybo: darn krauts lol they get mean lol j/k
turbokev: but they're great in bed (all redheads)
lotaca: In Washington State, there is a real lack of ADA cordinators, try ONE
Red_: lol
Countrybo: heheh lotaca
Mooooooo: Mimi, unless it effects your work, its none of their business
Countrybo: I am red hed lol
Wheelin: great story Mooooooo
*** _firulais has joined #Disabled
haa: mimi_ if you can hide it do it cause it does make things eazier
Red_: then you know...
Wheelin: You in WA lotaca?
turbokev: who regulates ADA?
Red_: hahah
Mimi_: no it doesn't affect anything but sleep, and my memory sometimes
Mooooooo: howdy firulais
*** _firulais has left #Disabled
turbokev: i like reds
lotaca: In Wash. state
Mooooooo: Mimi, as long as you dont forget me, its okay :o)
*** KittyChow is now known as HelloKit
* HelloKit licks her lips one last time and returns,
HelloKit: What did I miss?
Mimi_: Never, Moooo *g*
Mooooooo: ADA is regulated by the Justice Department
Mimi_: we digressed, CArly. We needed you.
Red_: Carly, will you send me a cat?
`Speedy_: HelloKit, you missed my arrival :)
turbokev: i like reds, blonds, bronettes, blackheads, etc
lotaca: ADA is Federal
HelloKit: A cat?
Red_: real picky huh?
lotaca: wrong topic ?
Red_: that you made up on e-mail
Mimi_: haa, if I ever have a seizure on the job, then they'll know, for sure! *L*
Red_: the stretching cat
HelloKit: Oh... :o( I don't have it anymore.
Wheelin: where lotaca
Red_: no copies?
lotaca: Olympia
HelloKit: Nope... my hard drive hosed a few months ago, and it went bye-bye...
*** crocdunde has joined #Disabled
Red_: oh bummer
*** Skulker has joined #Disabled
lotaca: why?
Red_: all that work
Mimi_: howdy newcomers! :o)
crocdunde: i iant got no head
*** Mooooooo- has joined #Disabled
crocdunde: please help me
HelloKit: It wasn't mine, I found it on the web.
Red_: lol
HelloKit: Oh boy! BRB
Countrybo: Hurry back, HelloKit We'll miss you
*** crocdunde has left #Disabled
* HelloKit will be right back, gotta find the sand...
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younnguy: just a minute carly I may have one still
* turbokev is at http://members.iglou.com/turbokev
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turbokev: cats r too independent
lotaca: when are we going to be able to expect regognition as 'disabled' if we keep hiding it ?
haa: mimi_ if you are very good at what you do and pushy too yow will last 20 years like me
Mooooooo-: eek
turbokev: i like reds, blonds, bronettes, blackheads, etc
*** Mooooooo- is now known as Mooooooo
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Mooooooo: turbokev, you're repeating
*** Mooooooo has left irc (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by Mooooooo-)))
*** Mooooooo has joined #Disabled
Mooooooo: I dunno lotaca
Countrybo: well if you are able to hide it you're not as disabled as you think!
lotaca: We need a DISBILTY UNION to prtect us
Mimi_: I don't hide it, I just don't volunteer the information when it's not relevant. Is that wrong?
Countrybo: good idea!
lotaca: and help me with my spelling
Countrybo: i did that for years!
Mooooooo: nope Mimi, thats not wrong
lotaca: No you're not wrong
Mooooooo: its none of their business
lotaca: we are in a catch 22
Countrybo: then when i couldnt hide it i confessed but nobody fired me for hiding it!
younnguy: well everyone I have to go
Mimi_: ummm, I don't think I'm disabled, countrybo...
turbokev: who do you report to if a public place isn't wheelchair accessible
younnguy: my sister wants the computer
Mimi_: See ya, younnguy! :o)
Mooooooo: see ya shawn
`Speedy_: Mimi, that's not wrong at all, I wish I had the same choice at times :)
Countrybo: way to go mimi!
lotaca: building department
turbokev: u r somewhat?
younnguy: bye
*** younnguy has left irc (Leaving)
lotaca: bye
turbokev: younnguy tell ur sis to take a hike
turbokev: what building department?
dtb: time to eat. See ya next week!
lotaca: I am disabled to a point, but I think, talk, and spell badly
Countrybo: I had md all my life but never considered myself disabled untill I couldnt walk good
*** dtb has left #disabled
lotaca: bye
lotaca: Canada or USA?
turbokev: i have duchenne md
*** LitterBox is now known as HelloKit
turbokev: since i was 6
* HelloKit paws at the sand to cover up her business...
Mooooooo: the only time I really considered myself disabled was when i was depressed
Countrybo: then i was inconvienienced...now I can BARELY walk and I am challenged....I dont know if I wil ever bee truely disabled but who has a hour and a half to explain all this to everyone?
lotaca: me
Mimi_: true, Countrybo :o)
Red_: me too
Countrybo: I have limb girdle
turbokev: i can't hide my disability
* HelloKit hands HelloKit some TYLENOL
Countrybo: I used to just say I had bad knees
haa: i think there is a place to report non-acessable wheelchair joints but how about the docs, dentists and hospitals--i used to get so angry
Mooooooo: otherwise i not didabled, I just walk funny
Countrybo: that worked till it got obvioius
Mooooooo: and i type crappy :o)
*** Wheelin has left irc (Ping timeout)
lotaca: turbokev: in USA contact city or county building department, I have no clue who to contact in Canada
Mimi_: yeah, I never knew I was 'developmentally disabled' until I read it on a web page last week. *g*
Mooooooo: is there anyone I can sue since I cant touch type?
Mimi_: try Microsoft...
lotaca: IBM for not putting lables on the keyboard :-)
* Mooooooo ponders the notion
Mooooooo: Im sure there is someone I can sue
lotaca: has anyone found the damn 'ANY' key
Mimi_: accessability is awful, here
lotaca: where?
HelloKit: LOL
turbokev: countrybo r u really Hank Williams
Mooooooo: my town has just put wheelchair curbs on all the main street corners
Mimi_: in Quebec, Canada
Countrybo: ya i thought it was sooo stupid I'd go to a doctors office like an orthopedic sergeon who dealt with people on crutches and wheel chairs all the time and the darn office was almost inaccessable ! You'd think an office like that would atleast have a one highter type chair or stool or lift chair!
turbokev: any relation to the singer
lotaca: Contact Easter Seals, Quebec or Toronto fo ideas
turbokev: i have duchenne md
Red_: I gotta go, goodnight everyone
Mooooooo: bye Tracy!!!!!
Mimi_: 'night Red!
turbokev: bye cutie
Red_: bye
lotaca: bye
Mimi_: oops, Tracy *g*
turbokev: tracy
*** Red_ has left irc (Leaving)
lotaca: list is shrinking
Mimi_: That
Mimi_: oops
turbokev: yep
Mimi_: That's a great idea, lotaca. No one seems to be doing anything about it here, I suppose I ouht to try.
Mooooooo: im wondering how things will go in Dallas with my job interviews
Mimi_: all the local 'handicapped club' does is have bingo games
haa: Mimi_ it is not great in San Jose or San Francisco for acessibility
* Countrybo thinks we md patients have an advantage over
lotaca: Can't remember the number or http: might do a web search
turbokev: try NAOTD
Mimi_: Really, haa? I tend to think that cities would be more with it than out here in the middle of nowhere
*** `Speedy_ has left #disabled
lotaca: There are a lot of organizations out there. Spinal Cord Society for me
Countrybo: the folks in the middle of nowhere are more aptto help a neighbor!
Mimi_: Countrybo, what's your take on Jerry Lewis? Is it all because of him?
lotaca: and Arthritis foundation
turbokev: national alliance of the disabled
Mooooooo: and I have the National Association of Cattle Ranchers :o)
HelloKit: LOL
Mimi_: *g*
Countrybo: like the hardware store out here in the middle of no where they come to my truck! and wait on me!
lotaca: lol
turbokev: MDA sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Countrybo: MDA helps and it took alot more than jerry lewis
haa: Mimi_ it is such a struggle i do not try to go out anymor
Mimi_: I have two cousins with MD, they were really active with the MDA and the telethons
turbokev: i've never experienced that before
lotaca: All I need to do in any store is ask. That's the hard part for me
Mimi_: That's terrible, haa, really? There must be better places to live...
Countrybo: MDA doesnt help as much as we all wish it would but hey anything is better than nothing and I am grateful for what help they have given me
turbokev: i used to be the State poster child
Mimi_: so were my cousins they were cute :o)
*** snowbound has joined #Disabled
lotaca: Easter Seals installed my ramps, and redid the bath for me, no charge
Mimi_: hey snowbound! :o)
*** Wheelin has joined #Disabled
Countrybo: well mda bought me braces they paid for a wheel chair they paid half of my electric cart they do my blood tests and if i balance it right they end up covering my medicare deductable
lotaca: wheelin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
snowbound: Hey Hey...Just looking around...Seeing what you folks are up to
Wheelin: re hi
Countrybo: my church did my ramp
lotaca: sounds like a good deal
HelloKit: MDA here doesn't provide equipment anymore.
Mooooooo: hi snowbound :o)
Mimi_: that's great, guys.
Countrybo: oh ya they also loaned me a walker!
haa: Mimi_ I guess there is probably a disability heaven somewhere but i have never been there
lotaca: I have problems asking for the help, too stupid I guess
turbokev: since i went on a ventilator mda ditched me and they haven't done a thing for me since, and when i have a problem they said thats life
HelloKit: I go my w/c from them, and I have to take care of it, cuz when it's dead I have to buy one...
Countrybo: wow!
Mimi_: there is the funnies post right now at alt.support.epilepsy, haa...it's called '
turbokev: yep
snowbound: Here in the UP of michigan where I live, the Kiwanas (sp) does a lot of ramps
Mimi_: 'All epileptics go to heaven'
Mooooooo: heheheh
*** Countrybo has left irc (Killed (hub.eskimo.com (irc.eskimo.com <- services.newnet.net] (older nick overruled))))
lotaca: I was given a w/c by a friend, and had one issued by the hospital ala medicaid
Mooooooo: how much does a wheelchair cost?
HelloKit: Depends.
*** Countryb has joined #disabled
turbokev: mda's research is great but they don't deal in the now
lotaca: 300 plus
Mooooooo: wow
Mimi_: why did they ditch you Kevin, are they having financial difficulties?
snowbound: a good lightweight chair is $1200 easy
Wheelin: $1500
Countryb: mine was 2500!
Mimi_: !
turbokev: mine costed $15000
Mimi_: sheesh!
Countryb: my cart was 34000!
Mooooooo: $15000
Countryb: oops 3400
lotaca: try going to district operations manager
turbokev: i don't know
Mooooooo: diamond studded?
lotaca: if that doesn't work go regional
lotaca: don't stop till they help
Mimi_: I think I'm going to start a wheelchair company...
lotaca: many $ to be made there
turbokev: i think medical companies take advantage
Countryb: I know they do!]
turbokev: fulchers
Mimi_: soooo true...
turbokev: yep
HelloKit: Well guys, I'm not feeling too great...
Mimi_: awww, Carly....
lotaca: you bet they do, an engineer took a look at a chair for me, said 150 tops
Countryb: we just built me a cart carrier for a class 3 hitch for 100.00! they start at 500.00!
HelloKit: Mooooooo, can you stop the log for me when things die down?
Mooooooo: okay Carly
lotaca: sorry kit, get better soon
HelloKit: See you all later.
*** HelloKit has left irc (Where do forest rangers go to 'get away from it all'?)
lotaca: bye
Mooooooo: bye Carly!
Mimi_: I hope you feel better
haa: lotaca you get used to when do not have a choice -- i suggest you stop asking and gently but firmly tell people what to do and don't forget the thank you
turbokev: carly i hope u feel better
Countryb: we could sell them for 250.00 and make a great profit!
turbokev: your right
Countryb: an electric carrier starts at 1500.00!
Countryb: a manual crank up one runs 600!
turbokev: i just got my chair modified
Mooooooo: how often do you have to replace the batteries
Countryb: theres nothibng to them either!
Mooooooo: My friend got a golf cart to get around and he got busted by the cops
turbokev: every year
Countryb: they run off car's battery
lotaca: I've always been afraid of being turned down, so I don't ask, of course I don't have much, but that's life
turbokev: lol
Countryb: oic cart bateries? I need to change mine they want 135.00! who helps with that?
turbokev: i have three batteries on my chair
Mooooooo: he got it donated by Lions Club
Countryb: medicare will pay 80 % after i meet 100.00 deductable
lotaca: I look at situations., places, things, and I weigh the difficulty vrs success possibilities and wheel away
Mooooooo: they also gave him a van so his mom can take him places
turbokev: 1 for the ventilator and 2 for the chair
Countryb: and to meet that I am goin to mda checkup they get 150..00 for that!
turbokev: bye
lotaca: I hate making a scene and put others in a bad light
turbokev: i have to go
Countryb: bye turb
Mooooooo: bye kev
lotaca: bye
Wheelin: bye Kev
Mimi_: you leaving, Kevin?
Mimi_: :o(
Countryb: squeeky wheel gets greesion
Mooooooo: some times a scene is good
turbokev: mda in kentucky doesn't do checkups anymore
Mooooooo: gets action
Mimi_: Come back soon, Kevin!
Countryb: wow
Countryb: mda in mich doesnt do batteries anymore
lotaca: maybe, but there are others that are disabled and people think that's all we do
Countryb: why would mda be different in each state?
* turbokev is at [email protected]
* Countryb says Hey boys and girls check out my natural
lotaca: a geocitizen :-)
turbokev: i don't know
Countryb: :)
Mooooooo: maybe each state has its own charter
Countryb: seems strange
haa: i think to need to fight for your rights especially when you can not stand up
Countryb: maybe it isnt lol maybe my check up isnt covered?
Countryb: they sent me a notice though
turbokev: countryb re do ur web homepage address
Countryb: and still have it on md days
lotaca: ii
* Countryb says Hey boys and girls check out my natural
turbokev: i didn't see it
Countryb: ok?
lotaca: try/HotSprings/4503
Mooooooo: http://www.geocities.com/~mooooooo/ (yes, 7 o's)
turbokev: any relation to the singer
Countryb: do that again without the try so url catcher gets it ok?