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Celebrating Life: Memorial to Ellie, Jeff, and Seth

Feb 10, 1999

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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Mimi: IN!!!!!!!!
Mimi: how are you? :o)
Lonewolf: Welcome to the meeting
Lonewolf: Tonight we are abandoning the topic and having a memorial service
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Lonewolf: We have lost three members recently
Lonewolf: Seth
Lonewolf: Jeff
Lonewolf: and Ellie
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Lonewolf: Tonight needs to be a celebration of their lives
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Lonewolf: so let's try to remember good things too
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Mimi: hi Laura :o)
Lonewolf: Ais, I guess you knew Seth the best
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Lonewolf: wanna share wiith us?
WonderW: hi Mimi :)
Ais: ok..just don't know where to begin..
Lonewolf: first thought that comes to mind
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Ais: well obviously that would be furniture and all of the nicks that followed that one..
Lonewolf: yes Lily and I rearranged him for ages
Ais: he had an ability to make me laugh like no one else
Lonewolf: everyone just jumo in-no strict rules tonight
Mimi: you were probably one of the first to discover that Ais
Mimi: took me a while :o)
Lonewolf: how come Mimi?
In: I thought he was nice the first time I met him.
Mimi: Well, we were kind of like water and electricity
Lonewolf: oh IC
Mimi: when I first met him, he was causing trouble all the time, fighting with jhn and using foul language
Mimi: I banned him liberally :o)
Lonewolf: you were pretty close in the end weren't you
Mimi: yep
Mimi: when ket died he was so distraught
Mimi: I reached out to him, and we connected then
Lonewolf: yes I remember that
Mimi: we had pretty intimate chats
Lonewolf: wasn't he engaged?
atrpilot: ais ,didn't know him hon ,age dis, where from and ect.!!!!
jrt: he and I had our diagreaments but we always made up
Mimi: yes, last I heard from him he had asked Lucinda to marry him :o)
Lonewolf: aww
Mimi: she was a real blessing to him
Lonewolf: was his death expected?
WonderW: yes
Mimi: not by me it wasn't
WonderW: she weas
Lonewolf: oh IC
WonderW: was
Lonewolf: I talked to him the day before he died
Mimi: what did he say, Judi?
Lonewolf: just that he was sick
In: I talked 2 him 2 days b4
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Lonewolf: lungs, e said
Lonewolf: did you In?
Mimi: I talked to him a couple days before, too
Lonewolf: anyone know how Lucinda is?
Mimi: he had reached out to me, and he said he wanted to talk to me, but he was so lagged it was hard to converse
Lonewolf: oh
Mimi: and that was the last time we spoke :o(
Ais: i talked to lucinda yesterday
Lonewolf: how is she taking it?
Mimi: Ais, can you give Lucinda my email address? When Seth and I spoke he said he wanted her to talk to me, and that she had been waiting for me to show up
Ais: yes, i will
Kim^^: who is lucinda?
Lonewolf: I remember how angry he was for a while
Lonewolf: his fiancee
Mimi: he was SO angry
Lonewolf: yes
Lonewolf: then when I talked to him next-I thought it as a different guy
Ais: seth and i clicked right away..from the very first time i met him
Lonewolf: that's great ais
WonderW: he healed well emotionally
Mooooooo: seth and i didn't get along at all until Ket died. i think I klined him a hundred times. i don't kick someone who is already down and we came to be on great terms. he really was a cool guy
Ais: he was, and soo funny and so kind
Mooooooo: and ever sence then, he wouldn't leave unless i kicked him :o)
In: when I talked 2 him last, ais was the only person he talked about
Lonewolf: that's funny Mooooooo
In: hope u do not mind me telling that ais
Ais: its ok in
In: he thought alot of u Daniel.....he told me that 2
Mimi: he told me that too, Daniel :o)
Mimi: at first it was in a grudging sort of way
Mimi: :o)
Mooooooo: i couldnt talk to him on the last day because it was so lagged
Lonewolf: isn't it funny how sometimes you start out not liking someone then they become a friend
Mooooooo: yeah
In: that is so true
Lonewolf: where did he live?
Mooooooo: michigan
Lonewolf: ok I know he was burned and had lung damage-but what did he die of?
jrt: yeah he lived closest to Het
jrt: Ket
Lonewolf: ais?
Ais: his lungs weren't good and he had a hard time breathing towards the end
Lonewolf: from the burns?
Ais: yes
atrpilot: didn't he get burned in plane crash????
Lonewolf: anybody else?
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Lonewolf: oh did e?
Lonewolf: he
Mimi: well I have something to say about Seth's life
Lonewolf: go for it
jrt: I have no idea judi??
Mimi: When I met Seth he had no Faith
Mimi: I would tell him to pray about something and he'd tell me I don't believe in prayer, Mimi
Mimi: very cynical about it
Mimi: then he went away for a long time
Mimi: he met Lucinda
Mimi: he found love, and happiness
Kim^^: who is lucinda?
Mimi: and she shared her faith with him
WonderW: his girlfriend, Kim
Mimi: he found faith in God and learned to love and trust Him
Kim^^: k thanks
Mimi: so, shortly before he died, he found love, joy, and God
Lonewolf: that's wonderful
zelda: and thats about all we can ask out of life sounds like a full life to me
Mimi: I think that the Lord saved his life in that accident so that he would have a chance to do all that
jrt: I am so glad
Lonewolf: yes zelda
Ais: seth will always be a part of me and i will never forget him
Mooooooo: he loved you so much, Ais
WonderW: he msged me one day when he had just came back, and told me he was happy and loved us all
In: yes he did Ais......he told me that
Ais: yes, and i am so lucky to have known him i loved him more than anything
Lonewolf: how are u holding up ais
Ais: i want to say that i know jhn would have liked to be here
In: and you will always have that 2 hold on 2 ais
Lonewolf: where is he ais?
jrt: yes he would have ais
jrt: and I might e mail him if I still have his e mail
Ais: jhn was his bud, we all had so many good times
Ais: and lucinda and dale are hurting alot..dale is lost without his brother
zelda: Well I did not know these folks so I am going to let yall share memories of them Have a good night
zelda: I think this is a great idea
Ais: so, keep them in your prayers
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Mimi: night zelda
Lonewolf: ok
Lonewolf: how old as seth?
In: they are ais
Mimi: they've been in my prayers
In: and so are you ais
Lonewolf: ok Jeff
Lonewolf: Shann wanted me to give this to you all
Lonewolf: Wow where do I begin?
Lonewolf: I knew Jeff for 9 years 8 months. We became instant best friends.
Lonewolf: Jeff was gentle and kind and never thought of himself first. Even when we talked of marriage he wasn't sure he should get married because he knew that something could happen to him or that he could die.
Lonewolf: He didn't want to put me through any pain that they may cause, what he came to realize was that the 9 years we were together and knew each other would over-ride any pain I'm feeling now because he's gone.
Mooooooo: i never talked to him but he had to be as special as she is
Lonewolf: I liked the way he wud throw in things having shann type
Lonewolf: odd comments here and there
Lonewolf: haa?
Lonewolf: you knew him
WonderW: I love Shann so much, and it was clear Jeff shared her sense of humor
haa: He loved green tea :) and modemman sent him a shipment of it :)
Lonewolf: his courage was amazing
WonderW: :)
Lonewolf: aww that's nice haa
Lonewolf: such a long battle he fought
Lonewolf: remember his birthday?
Lonewolf: shann got so excited fixing up surprisea for him
Kark: Yes and he fought every step for the love of his shann
Lonewolf: yes he did
Kark: what was the suprise?
Lonewolf: can't remember now
Lonewolf: poor shann must be lost
Lonewolf: Ellie died last night
In: I did not know Jeff, I am just getting 2 talk 2 Shann now on pow wow, icq & here & if he was as nice a person as she is......he was very special
In: sorry lw
Lonewolf: np In
Kark: She is brave and feels lucky to have known him
Lonewolf: open speaking tonight
jrt: I snet a card to Brian today when i found out about ellie
jrt: I know he had befriended her
WonderW: oh no
Lonewolf: yes he was very upset earlier
WonderW: I hadn't heard
Kark: Shann has inspirational strenght
Lonewolf: she sure does
WonderW: I'll be praying for Brian, too
Lonewolf: I guess I knew Ellie more than the others
Kark: what was her user name?
Woz: ellie and i had a long talk 1 eve after she came out of the hospital i believe she knew ut was comming
Lonewolf: Kim remember the day we sat with her while she drank?
Lonewolf: Ellie was her nic
Ais: i remember that judi
Lonewolf: yup scared us to pieces
Woz: i believe she was a very strong person
Lonewolf: she was a psychologist I believe
Woz: yes
Woz: i believe she was a good one
Lonewolf: she said she hated to close her practice because she was afraid her patients wouldn't receive proper care
jrt: sorry have to go
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Kark: How did she pass?
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Lonewolf: I'm not sure-just know the cancer won
haa: gotta go..talk tya'll later.
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Lonewolf: she was on a lot of morphie in the end
MsAmazin: g'nite all ...take care!
Lonewolf: nite ms
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Kark: sad
Lonewolf: I really liked talking to ellie
Lonewolf: I think her girls are with their dad
Woz: yes i did too
Lonewolf: we ill miss them all
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Lonewolf: this wasn't a very good celebration
Kim^^: yea but it's kinda nice when you can miss them with a smile:)
Lonewolf: yes it is
Kark: Why do you say that LW
Lonewolf: they were all special people
Lonewolf: I was hoping we would be more upbeat
Lonewolf: hard to be when 3 have died so close
Woz: sorry thinking of my own mortality
Kark: In remembering we celerbrate, you cant help but feel the sadness of the loss at the same time
Mooooooo: I know we will seem them again
Woz: i lost a friend this week
Lonewolf: I guess we all do max during times like this
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Kark: I think it was appropereate and due
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Kim^^: w2ho woz?
Lonewolf: yes we will see them again
Kim^^: who
Woz: the thing i will miss is his attitude to life
Kark: we lived the life/death of Jeff with each other thru E-mail
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Lonewolf: yes
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Lonewolf: was this a close friend max?
Woz: we wer friensd for 25 years
Lonewolf: that is hard
Kark: When I found that final message I cried and looked for member to chat with
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Lonewolf: was anyone around Karen?
Woz: he was a very good man
In: sorry got disconnected
Lonewolf: sorry max
Kark: room was emty for days at the times I tried
Kark: this was a good closure
Lonewolf: you can always e-mail me and I'll meet you Karen
Woz: k thanks judy
Woz: my wife and will miss him to
Kark: Thanks Judy
Kim^^: usually empty on weekdays cept for a few times like 11-12 9 a, then after 2
Lonewolf: I don't think death is hard for the person. Its hard on those of us left behind
Woz: that is very true
Lonewolf: I'm glad it helps Karen
In: I agree with u lw
Lonewolf: we will keep them all in our hearts
Ais: definately
Kark: yes
Woz: i believe life is a stepping stone we are here to learn something
Lonewolf: yes max
In: yes lw
Lonewolf: wish we could have a memorial page
Ais: goodnight everyone
Lonewolf: nite dear
Mooooooo: nite ais *hug*
In: night ais, take care
atrpilot: i might say this Camille is out ,puter down!!!
WonderW: nite Ais
WonderW: we love you
Lonewolf: IC charlie
Woz: if you have a close friend let them know it
Kark: When I 1st came to the room there was a memoral on the photo page
Woz: hugs heidi
Ais: thanks so much, night :)
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Lonewolf: Mooooooo what do you think?
Mooooooo: I was asked to remove some of the pictures
Kark: why Moooooooo
Lonewolf: Just names maybe?
Mooooooo: yes, we can do names
Woz: good
In: have 2 go all, take care
Kark: Painful for the pictures Mooooo?
Lonewolf: night mar
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Mooooooo: yes, and family members asked me to remove
Lonewolf: wud they object tonames?
Kark: I guess I can understand
Mooooooo: i dont think they would object
Lonewolf: ok
Kark: :)
Lonewolf: there have been several in the pastyear alone
Mooooooo: yep
Mimi: sigh
Mimi: I've been nostalgic and reading my old logs
Lonewolf: I know Catee's brother won't mind
Lonewolf: I did that today to Mimi
Mimi: Keith, Ket, Seth...and wonderful friends who just disappeared like Emilie, Joel, and Antonios
Kark: Maybe a timeline for them, 6 months or something?
Mimi: I've been missing them
Woz: i feel bad about catee
Lonewolf: me too max
Woz: i think the names should stay longe than ^ mo
Lonewolf: she was just akid
Woz: 6
Lonewolf: me too
Lonewolf: I think they should just stay
Woz: at least for a year
Lonewolf: anyone else have anything to say?
Woz: yes i agree w judi
Kark: sounds good
Lonewolf: Would someone like to close this meeting in a prayer?
Mimi: keep them
Mimi: yes, lets do that Judi
Lonewolf: go ahead Mimi
Mimi: me?
Lonewolf: sure
Woz: dear heavenly fathe we ask that
Lonewolf: anyone can add to it
Woz: you bless those that have come in to your house
Mimi: welcome them into your presence Lord
WonderW: you bless each of us, and help us honor those we have lost
WonderW: in our memory
Woz: and that you help those thay have left behind
Mimi: and comfort those that have been left behind
Lonewolf: and have mercy on those of us left behind
Mimi: help them all to know that they will be with their loved ones one day with You in Heaven
Mimi: and give them the grace to put their hope and their trust in You
WonderW: yes
Lonewolf: Thank you Lord for letting us know them
WonderW: Lord, we praise you for the opportunity to know them
WonderW: :)
Lonewolf: We ask all this in Christ's name
Lonewolf: amen
WonderW: and we invite your Spirit to comfort
WonderW: amen
Woz: amen
Mimi: amen
Lonewolf: Nite everyone
Mimi: night Judi *hugs*
WonderW: nite Judi
Lonewolf: if anyone needs to talk more please do
Woz: nite all & bless all
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