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Christmas Plans (fun chat)

Dec 23, 1998

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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Lily: there is always one
Lonewolf: Hi
Lily: hi
Lonewolf: This is a fun, holiday chat
Kim^^: hi
LittleMan: k
Lily: whoopee
Lonewolf: Thought it would be nice to hear each other's plans
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LittleMan: so do i judi
Lonewolf: so anyone want to start?
Kim^^: i have no plans:):)
Lily: lol
Lonewolf: none?
Lonewolf: nothing Kim?
Kim^^: no
LittleMan: i will
Lily: christmas day here very busy..........
Lonewolf: ok LM you tell us
Lily: k, LM< u first
LittleMan: Well, having divorced parents is tough.
Lonewolf: go for it Derek
LittleMan: We have all my dad's family over for Christmas Eve.
Lonewolf: sorry
Lonewolf: Do you live with Dad?
LittleMan: We eat dinner and have one of our uncles dress up like santa
LittleMan: dad/mom
LittleMan: have a rutine
Kim^^: which one?
Lily: lol, sounds ok so far
Lonewolf: IC
LittleMan: At our mom's we just open our gifts and then go to who ever house Christmas is at
LittleMan: That's pretty much it
Lonewolf: good food?
LittleMan: yes
Kim^^: you live with mmom or dad?
Kim^^: mom
LittleMan: rutine
Lonewolf: routine
LittleMan: Mon., Tues. at mom's
LittleMan: Wed., Thurs., at dad's
LittleMan: Weekend at mom's
Lily: we still put out stockings
LittleMan: next week is vice verca
Lonewolf: really Lily
Mooooooo: im here
Lily: filled with little things
LittleMan: we used to
Lonewolf: k
Lonewolf: both kids come home for christmas?
Lily: emma is 25, wakes us at dawn
Lonewolf: lol
LittleMan: lol
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Lily: well, chris has his own place
Lily: hi wacky:))
wacky: hi
LittleMan: hi bri
Lonewolf: does he come for stocking
Lily: we open presents in morning
wacky: hi all
Lily: later, yes
Lonewolf: IC
Lonewolf: then?
wacky: judy??
Lily: friends drop by in afternoon
Lonewolf: yes brian
wacky: u see my P/c hun?
Lonewolf: oops
WonderW: back
wacky: :)
Lonewolf: meeting rules wacky
LittleMan: wb Laura
Lonewolf: who's nect?
Lonewolf: next?
Lily: but..............
Lonewolf: sorry you weren't through?
Lily: lol
wacky: lily tell LW what I got u
Lily: my nicest gift this year.........
LittleMan: what was it?
Lily: is in pleasant hill at wacky's..........
Lily: a pine home entertainment centre
Lonewolf: and is?
WonderW: wiw
Lonewolf: wow
WonderW: wow
LittleMan: wow!
Lily: yup:)))
Lily: wacky, describe??
LittleMan: Brian buddy
Lonewolf: simone what are your plans
wacky: yup for house was part of our agreement
Lonewolf: oh sorry again
Lonewolf: makes sense
Lily: lol, we not finished judi
LittleMan: house agreement?
Lonewolf: entertainment center first then house
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wacky: is light pine honey finish bookshelves stereo cabnet vcr shelf really nice
wacky: Lily moving here eventually LM
Lily: it sounds great, ill see it soon
LittleMan: oh, i didnt know that
Lily: yes
Lonewolf: they are getting married LM
LittleMan: really?
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WonderW: we open gifts on Chrisrmas eve at my mom's, taking it easy this year because my mom is trying to biy a farm
wacky: or as close as we can get to it
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WonderW: wb simon
Mooooooo: im here
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Lonewolf: a farm?
WonderW: yes
wacky: Lara u do XMas GERMAN style?
Lonewolf: nice
WonderW: german?
Lily: european??
simone1: i am back
wacky: yea opens Xmas eve
WonderW: lol
WonderW: yes, but no sausage]
WonderW: :)
Lily: i have noewegian friend who got marzipan pig each year
wacky: the Xmas is day of worship and family all u do is eat after mid morn service
WonderW: we are german, actually
wacky: Yes lara I know do u do Advent TOO?
LittleMan: bbl
WonderW: yes
WonderW: usually
Lily: yes, wacky, she still have tree on xmas eve
wacky: COOL
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wacky: do u do liekooken cookies?
Lily: lol, i do ADVENT
WonderW: no
WonderW: what are they?
Lily: i buy Advent calender
wacky: they hard to make kinda like gingerbread but take weeks to ferment
WonderW: me too, often, but didn't this year
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Lonewolf: I'm Catholic so we have adventwreath
WonderW: cool
wacky: helen!
Lily: me too, in c of e
haa: thicky - i forgot!
WonderW: my mom had one last year
Lonewolf: I love the advent wreath
Kim^^: hey i get my dog on new year's now i have plans for the holidays:))))
haa: hi people!
Lonewolf: 3 purple candles and 1 pink
wacky: i hope u like Xmas gift lily
WonderW: lol kim
Lonewolf: Kim you can come to my house
Lonewolf: hi haa
Lily: o, yes, im sure i will
Kim^^: thanks judi but i'll be fine here:)
WonderW: do you make the weeath, Judi?
wacky: haa and me gonna get drunk
Lonewolf: Laura what do u do Christmas day
haa: hey judi
WonderW: not much, we eat
Lonewolf: yes Laura
WonderW: sometimes bake
haa: yep yep yep - drunk
Lonewolf: Simone?
Lonewolf: hum
WonderW: and then drop cookies at neighbors
wacky: lol helen
Lonewolf: brian?
wacky: Yes Judi?
Lonewolf: what are ur plans
wacky: going to spend w/ helen
Lonewolf: ok
Lily: sniff:(
Lonewolf: so helen what have u got planned?
wacky: I will miss u love
Lonewolf: ok u 2
WonderW: I think that's great, Brian, I have a sense of pride about it
haa: lily you can come too
Lily: lol, thx haa
WonderW: that you won't be alone
wacky: and u know i have best gift waiting there for me...... accessibility!
Lonewolf: haa-plans?
WonderW: :)
Lonewolf: great
Lily: yes wacky, im so glad u going to helens
Lonewolf: ok-daniel?
haa: we have dinner, wine, pc fun, presents, candy, pie and lots of fun planned!
Lonewolf: wake up daniel
Lonewolf: christmas plans
Lily: sounds great, haa
Lonewolf: hey I want to go to helens
Lily: me too
Lily: me too
Lily: me too
Lonewolf: I'll bring Kim
Kim^^: :)
Kim^^: to where?
Lonewolf: California
Kim^^: ok any really good lookin men gonna be there?
Lonewolf: it isn't snowing in ca is it?
haa: santa haa's place
Lily: we're all going kim
Kim^^: allllll right:)
Lonewolf: bigg house helen?
wacky: yea but I am taken Kim
Kim^^: i know:)
WonderW: I think we may make a pie, good idea
wacky: :)
Lily: :)
simone1: i am still here
Lonewolf: what kind Laura?
haa: it snowed a bit last Sunday but now tis just cold :)
Lonewolf: I asked u earluier dear
Lonewolf: what are ur plans
simone1: seeing my parents tomorrow making thru tonight is the hard part.
Lonewolf: simone?
Lonewolf: why?
Lily: brb
wacky: well we're here Simone
simone1: very rough right now
simone1: .
Lonewolf: alone?
simone1: yeah
Lonewolf: sorry
simone1: so much is hitting me really hard :(
Lonewolf: how are u getting to ur parents?
haa: not really that big judi but the house expands to hold family and friends ho ho ho
simone1: I'm meeting them here tomorrow and we're going back to their house.
Lonewolf: mine too haa
wacky: yea santa haa's even sending sleigh and helper Elf to my front door
Lonewolf: That's nice simone
Lonewolf: wow wacky
simone1: yeah :)
wacky: Oh helen.... i gotta be back some time sat
Lonewolf: ho long will u be there simone?
WonderW: I want to make a pecan pie
Lonewolf: yum
simone1: I'll be there till saturday
simone1: .
WonderW: sorry it took me so long to respond
haa: okay bri np
Lonewolf: iz ok
Lonewolf: well our plans got all changed around this year
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simone1: sometimes I get reminded about things and it hits all at once.
Lonewolf: usually e do gifts on christmas eve
haa: modem man off to togos for din din
Lonewolf: and eat all day christmas
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haa: i am typing by myself
wacky: lol should I bring Ca$h helen?
Lonewolf: but due to illness etc e are just doing christmas day
Lonewolf: hi ouchy
wacky: and doing a fine liesurely job my dear
ouchy: hello Lonewolf
Lily: hi ouchy
ouchy: hi there Lily
Lonewolf: one of my granddaughters is a donkey in the children's mass on christmas eve
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Kim^^: we can say hi tonite? hi ouchy
haa: i do not think we need that bri
Lonewolf: so all grandkids going to see cousin b donkey
ouchy: hello Kim, good to see you :)
Kim^^: :)
wacky: Hi Chris
Lonewolf: only wildchild will be here Christmas eve
ouchy: always a pleasure Bri :)
Lonewolf: we're doing gifts christmas morning
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Lonewolf: everyone brings food or cooks here
wacky: was teasin helen
simone1: i am still here just taking a phone call.
Lonewolf: the big highlight every year is red velve cake
haa: hi ais
Lily: hi ais
Ais: hi all
Lonewolf: and 24 hr salad
wacky: hI-DEEEEEEE
Lonewolf: danger this year though
Ais: :)
ouchy: hi ais
Lonewolf: daughter is making 24 hr salad
Lonewolf: Ais want to share your holiday plans?
Ais: just visiting with family :)
WonderW: good
Ais: 2 christmas dinners..one at in-laws and one at home :)
Lonewolf: what about you ouchy?
ouchy: crying
Lonewolf: ????
Ais: ?
wacky: ???
wacky: CHRIS???
WonderW: will you be alone
ouchy: I'm here
ouchy: just having hard time, let me compose myself....
Lonewolf: ok
* simone1 is still here
Lonewolf: simone or ouchy
simone1: me
simone1: is still here
Lonewolf: speak already
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wacky: WOOF!
wacky: lol
Lonewolf: welcome viper
Lily: lol
Viper: thank you :)
Ais: hi viper:)
Lily: is very quiet
Viper: hi Ais :)
Lonewolf: we are talking about christmas plans
Viper: I see :)
Lonewolf: what are yours
ouchy: I hope I didnt upset anyone
simone1: i was saying, I'm heading to my parent's house tomorrow, it's just been really rough lately.
ouchy: please forgive
simone1: tonight is just plain bad.
Viper: well, to eat as much as possible I guess...and just relax some..
Kim^^: not i ouchy
wacky: is ok Bud but we worry about our friends
ouchy: thnks
Ais: good plan viper
simone1: the past month has been really difficult.
ouchy: chrstmas blues
WonderW: no, Chris, we just care
Viper: hehe, yeah..
simone1: I feel like I am barely hanging on.
simone1: ouchy: starting there.
Lonewolf: viper are u male or fe?
simone1: everything seems to push all the buttons at once.
Viper: Lonewolf: male..
Lonewolf: I'm sure the holidays egg that on simone
Lonewolf: figured when u said eat and relax
simone1: judi: probably. I was feeling bad before thanksgiving.
Lily: it can be very hard time simone and ouchy
Viper: heheh..
Ais: lol lw
ouchy: Yep
ouchy: BRB
* wacky is male (at least I was last time I cathed...but
simone1: but I just get tired of being reminded. just wheeling thru the mall a month ago I nearly lost it.
Viper: actually, I need to study for a math test aswell, but I don't think I'm gonna get around to that, until a couple of days before..
* simone1 requests a new rule, no asking people what
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wacky: yea i had a hard time the last cpl days too simone
SamB: ok
SamB: :)
SamB: allo
* wacky likes that rule
Lonewolf: hi Sam we are discussing Christmas plans
Kim^^: why?
SamB: ok
Lily: bonsoir, sam
simone1: where's SamA?
simone1: :)
Lily: lol
* wacky seconds motion...
Lonewolf: I was teasing viper about eating and resting simone
Lonewolf: traditional male role
simone1: judi: ah
Ais: lol
SamB: SamA is sleeping ;)
Lily: all in favour??
SamB: allo lily, ca va?
Lonewolf: women cook and do dishes
simone1: I wished things didn't set me off like that. that time at the mall I just happened to pass a shop window.
Kim^^: point of order- there is no motion on the floor to second
Lonewolf: what kind of shop?
simone1: toy shop
Lily: bien, sam, vous?
Lonewolf: IC
Lily: lol, kim
SamB: ca pourais aller mieux, mais ca va
Lonewolf: still getting counseling?
Lily: brb
simone1: yes judi.
Lonewolf: how's it going
simone1: it's doing fine.
Lonewolf: these are the type of feelings you need to explore in counseling simone-it will help
simone1: but that incident just hit me.
Lily: back
simone1: the counseling has helped alot.
Lonewolf: I'm sure those things will
Lonewolf: Sam what are ur plans?
simone1: it was just something that built up and passing the shop triggered it.
SamB: my plans....
SamB: hummm....
Lonewolf: food?
Lily: ????????????????
SamB: try to forget my lost love... try to rest a little... and get ready for my next tournament :))))
Lonewolf: presents?
Lily: awwwwwwwwwwww
Lonewolf: jeez
Kim^^: where did you leave your love?
Lonewolf: what kind of tournament
Lily: lol
SamB: i hope to win... again!
SamB: Karate Tournament
WonderW: I love you all, merry Christmas
Lonewolf: great
WonderW: bye :)
SamB: bye
Ais: bye ww :)
Lonewolf: merry christmas laura
Lily: good, i thought you meant a duel
SamB: lol
SamB: :)
* WonderW hugs you all
Lonewolf: ouchy are u back?
SamB: nah
haa: bye ww
Lily: bye:))))))))))))
*** WonderW has left #Disabled-RT
* SamB hate violence
Lonewolf: love u Laura
ouchy: yes I'm here
Lonewolf: ready?
Lily: ouchy, talk to us..............
Lonewolf: don't have to share unless u want to
SamB: ready? for what?
ouchy: Just hard.... I fight so much all the time
Lonewolf: ouchy having sadness problem
ouchy: I guess I complain too much
Lonewolf: no
Lily: o
Ais: no
SamB: ok :(
Lily: no
ouchy: wife yelled at me once again for complaining
Lonewolf: we are friends hre ouchy
Lonewolf: we all complain
ouchy: I know. thanks.
Lily: lol, this one syllable night?
Lonewolf: :)))))
Ais: lol
Lily: we all gripe hear
Lily: here
Lonewolf: you can say anything here
Lily: yes
ouchy: I just said ouch....
ouchy: got yelled at
Lily: :)
ouchy: then got yelled at cause my eyes welled up
Lonewolf: you can say ouch
ouchy: said she didnt even know why I bothered
Lonewolf: that's abuse ouchy
ouchy: no
ouchy: truth
ouchy: fact is I'm sick. We both hate it.
Lonewolf: emotional abuse
Lily: it is ABUSE chris, i know
Lonewolf: no reason for you to be abused
simone1: darn hold on a sec!
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ouchy: I'm tougher than that. I only take what I feel I deserve
* simone1 will be back in a few minutes!
ouchy: k
Ais: nobody deserves abuse no matter what
Lonewolf: k simone
Lily: toughness doesnt enter into it
Lonewolf: no
Lonewolf: it doesn't ouchy
Lonewolf: because we are not fully functionalpeople we often feel inadequate
ouchy: I dont feel I'm being abused. This is a really hard time for her. Christmas is presented as needing to be perfect
Lonewolf: abuse just adds to that inadequacy
ouchy: I'm not perfect thats fer darn sure lol
wacky: chris u remember my story??
ouchy: yes I do
Ais: ouchy: i was pysically abused by a boyfriend i had..and believe me..i know you think you might deserve it..but you don't...i learned that
Lily: and tell him mine, wacky
wacky: well now i dont take sh*from no one bud
SamB: can someone help me...
Lily: no, me neither
wacky: ok I will but have to write it all out
Lonewolf: sure Sam
SamB: my sister mixed up all the colors on the irc device
Lily: cud u sometime???
SamB: i want to get them back right
Lonewolf: ask wackyin p/c
ouchy: this is my problem: I am totally capable some days. Others, I am total NONFUNCTIONAL. The question always is araised as to am I REALLY that sick.... or just deciding to skip out on the day.
Ais: black eyes and broken fingers..and i thought it was all my fault and that i deserved it.
Lonewolf: what is your disability?
Lonewolf: oh Heidi
Lonewolf: ouchy?
Lily: heidi, i never knew
Lonewolf: me either
ouchy: big 'ol hole in spinal cord (syringomyelia) , Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Myoclonus, and I caught mono to boot. :(
Ais: it's not something i talk about..but i don't want anyone else to go thru it
ouchy: mono is kickin me hard
Lonewolf: and anyone questions your disability?
wacky: ok chris no the idiots version pls?
simone1: back!
ouchy: question my ability cause somtimes I'm just fine
* simone1 needs to be potty trained!
wacky: lol
Lily: lol
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Lonewolf: a lot of disabilities are like that
ouchy: I have a 16 inch hole in the center of my spinal cord, and a disease that deteriorates my smooth muscle and tendons, and a shaking and sezuire disorder.
Lonewolf: in my early arthritis days I was like that
simone1: wacky, lily, gets a little irritating right in the middle of a chat having to stop like that!
wacky: hey mine question all the time I confuse ppl
Lonewolf: lol simone
simone1: sometimes it's hard for me to explain my condition because there's not one word for it.
Lily: lol
simone1: judi: :)
wacky: yea dont I know it I usually dont know i gotta go till I GOTTA GO
ouchy: lol dont I know it simone
ouchy: jinx bri
ouchy: Bye Bri
simone1: well wacky, I had already gone, just realized I needed to change.
ouchy: oh silly me
*** Kim^^ has joined #disabled-rt
ouchy: your not leaving lolol
simone1: ouchy: you're ok then you just suddenly get really uncomfortable.
ouchy: somtimes
simone1: yeah
ouchy: pain
wacky: i aint leaving
simone1: oh sorry about that ouchy
Lonewolf: I'm so sorry but I am closing the meeting
*** Jillb has joined #disabled-rt
ouchy: lol I know that now hahaha
Lonewolf: welcome Jill
Lily: i undrtand sim
wacky: ok judi
ouchy: understand
Ais: hi jill
Jillb: Thanks lonewolf
ouchy: hello Jill
Lonewolf: please feel free to continue
Jillb: Hi ais
Lily: k, sis
Lonewolf: I just can't sit any longer
Jillb: Hi ouch
Lily: np:))
simone1: lily: gets a little frustrating. more of a hassle than anything else. that and I can't get one of those neat clear backpacks I've seen.
Lonewolf: I will close log but go ahead and continue
Ais: take care judi..merry christmas :)
simone1: but other than that I handle it ok :)
Lonewolf: Love you all
Lonewolf: Merry Christmas
ouchy: Merry Christmas Judi
Jillb: This is a friendly room
Lily: good, sim:)
simone1: same yo you judi :)