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Disabilities in the Media.

Sep 10, 1997

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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Raven_: I spend a lot o time here
* phoenyxx as is wondering how much rope to get when the
Mimi: test
phoenyxx: Raven: what's been interesting is that most disabled persons I've met are really cool about advice, and most AB people are really cool.
phoenyxx: but I've met professionals in a support role that are really cold and stand-offish about it.
phoenyxx: ...and even a few disabled persons that are hostile to other disabled persons!
phoenyxx: WEIRD!
phoenyxx: :-)
Raven_: perfect example, Phoenix, Mimi speaks freely to Albertino about disabled sex
phoenyxx: raven: oh really? :-)
Mimi: logging is on
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Raven_: spoke
phoenyxx: I'm too shy to talk about just asking someone on a date!
Mimi: Ok, everyone, tonight's meeting is on Disability in the Media
phoenyxx: yes, disability in the media...best example of that is in San Antonio, Texas, USA, on cable channel 20..
Raven_: a lot of people seek out the disabled because they're generally unbiased
phoenyxx: there is this cool show about UFOs and space.....
phoenyxx: he he he :-)
Mimi: As Carly is not here tonight, I will be asking the questions, so now's your chance to get out while you can! You've been forewarned ;o)
* Mooooooo is a very opinionated gimp
Raven_: isn't there a disabled Senator?
Mimi: Do you think that the media tries to hide or avoid the subject of
Mimi: disabilities?
Mimi: oops :o)
phoenyxx: Raven: yeah. I have a good friend, she's in a chair too, and she's really helpful :-)
Mooooooo: I dont think so
Mooooooo: i think they try to agrandize it
Lokee: But are there any current TV shows on the big 3 that feature disabled actors?
Mimi: how so, Daniel?
Raven_: I think, they utilize the disabled when it seems fit to do so
Mooooooo: like being disabled makes you better than you really are because 'you're special'
Raven_: what's he doing?
Mimi: Raven, would you care to elaborate?
Raven_: so, you choose to segregate from the public?
Mooooooo: Lokee, the only disabled person I ever saw was 'Handi Man' on 'In Living Color'
phoenyxx: I've suspected that it varies depending on the program...some shows play up a disabled character, others are casual
phoenyxx: about it.
CincyKid: Which media are we talking about?
CincyKid: Tv shows, news , movies or ?
phoenyxx: Moooo: hit it on the head...
Mimi: any, John
Mooooooo: All of them, actually
CincyKid: How about Corky the fellow with Downs?
Raven_: well, whenever there's a public election, it seems that handicaped people/issues tend to emerge, and dissipate afterwards
Mooooooo: I forgot about Corky
CincyKid: Can't think of the name of the show
Mooooooo: that was an excellent show
Lokee: Yes, I remember Corky too
Mooooooo: Life goes on
phoenyxx: There's a reporter on NBC/MSNBC who's in a chair.
CincyKid: He's portrayed positively isn't he?
Mimi: yeah, that was a good show :o)
Raven_: life goes on
Mooooooo: Yes, I think so
Lokee: We are now seeing people in chairs in advertising
Mooooooo: I think it was very accurate
Mimi: that leads to my next question...
Mooooooo: which ads?
CincyKid: I see more nowadays too
Mimi: Do you think that disabled people are portrayed accurately on television?
Mimi: Sears catalogs for one, Daniel
Mimi: but you don't have them anymore in the US
CincyKid: k-marts or walmarts have them often
Lokee: I can't think of anything specifically just now. I am in Canada.Maybe the re areads for local stores that are different
Raven_: demeaning or that they are miraculously cured, poppycock!
Mooooooo: Ive never seen them
Mimi: there's always a couple of disabled models in the catalogs
Mooooooo: All in chairs?
phoenyxx: Mimi: hmmm... again it seems to vary from show to show.
Mimi: usually, yeah
CincyKid: yes , now that you mention it
Mimi: what have you seen, then, Simon?
phoenyxx: but I do resent the depiction of someone becoming disabled and going from jerk to saint overnight.
Raven_: I guess, I think that most are insulting
Mooooooo: none with metal cruches
Mooooooo: or with CP
Mimi: some kids with crutches
phoenyxx: Mimi: on the program 'ER', one of the doctors is disabled...not the actress for real, but that character never waves it around.
CincyKid: How about the telephone guy
CincyKid: the blind one
Raven_: I like her
CincyKid: and his dog
Lokee: And any ads for arthritis (motrin, tylenol etc) feature people that are perfectly mobile
Mimi: do you think she's portrayed accurately?
Raven_: very...
Mimi: true Lokee
Lokee: No distorted joints etc
phoenyxx: Mimi: yes I do...she's not making her condition her sole identity.
Raven_: she downplays her disability by focusing/honing her skills
phoenyxx: Raven:exactly!
Mimi: Do you think that's rare in TV then?
Raven_: yes
Mooooooo: I think its rare
Raven_: I feel they are pitied
phoenyxx: Mimi: well, I'd say yes. See above me 'jerk to saint' remark
Mimi: What do you usually see?
Mooooooo: but I don't know if it offends me
Mooooooo: i dont think it does
Raven_: people in chairs struggeling
phoenyxx: ...what's happened to me before is that someone actually assumed I was a shallow person prior to the chair...like any niceness, tolerance, or sensitivity wasn't in me before the chair.
phoenyxx: NOT TRUE.
Raven_: cruth-users being satirized
Lokee: Listen, folks. I need to go. (someone at the door. ) Will join again another time
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Mooooooo: yep, thats what I was saying before
Mimi: If you had the power to change the way the disabled are portrayed on television or in the movies, what would you do?
Mooooooo: it would be a non issue
Mimi: how so, Daniel?
Mooooooo: no attempt to explain the condition
Raven_: but Iadmire the deaf lawyer
Raven_: bye
Raven_: they see you as having a 'plastic' personality?
Raven_: or that guy on Sliders that time
Raven_: the computer geek
Raven_: in the chair
Mooooooo: just be who that person is
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phoenyxx: oh no not again!
phoenyxx: I knew it! netsplit.
phoenyxx: hello?
CincyKid: i'm here
phoenyxx: ok, lag then :-)
CincyKid: I think so
CincyKid: lag for sure
Mooooooo: its gone
CincyKid: Where were we?
Raven_: I'd run for Emperor of the world lolol
Mimi: If you had the power to change the way the disabled are portrayed on television or in the movies, what would you do?
Mimi: that's where we were :o)
CincyKid: :-)
phoenyxx: Raven: lets see, make it a crime to depict the disabled improperly :-)
Raven_: a handicaped hero would be nice
Mimi: Daniel says he would make it a non-issue, does anyone agree or disagree?
Raven_: 'tay
Mooooooo: I liked Handi Man
Mimi: why, Raven?
phoenyxx: seriously, to change things, show a disabled person doing something interesting and realistic.
Raven_: I somewhat disagree Dan
phoenyxx: for example: a show about space missions. A disabled person as a shuttle pilot might not work, but make the disabled person
Mimi: explain, please, Raven :o)
Mooooooo: how so?
phoenyxx: the head of mission control, or the engineer in charge.
CincyKid: Tough question, people are varied, AB or not
Raven_: because then the public would see us a able instead of disabled
phoenyxx: show various types of disabilities.
phoenyxx: Raven: yes.
Raven_: adaptation will have to be an issue
phoenyxx: ...show a disabled person having the same bad day that everyone else has sometimes.
Shashone: an accurate portrayal of the acts of accomodating the disabled experience instead of simply someone successfuly adapted
phoenyxx: too many people think we are totally immune to problems...like we are SO easygoing.
Mooooooo: there was Ironside
Raven_: that's a part of the whole issue
DopeHat: hello again
Mimi: Keith! :o)
Mooooooo: Ironside was a farce though
Raven_: I've had mean-days!
phoenyxx: Raven: me too!
Raven_: the boat?
phoenyxx: Ironside was an old police show from the 60's.
Raven_: I've not seen it :-)
Raven_: sorry Dan
phoenyxx: I only know about it.
Mooooooo: he was in a wheelchair
DopeHat: what are we talking bout
Mimi: he was a para, wasn't he? got shot in the back
Raven_: then??!!
Mooooooo: yep
Raven_: WOW!!!
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phoenyxx: something I want to bring up...
Mimi: Keith: If you had the power to change the way the disabled are portrayed on
Mimi: television, what would you do differently?
Mimi: what's that simon?
Mimi: Hello Amywonder! :o)
phoenyxx: ...something I've had happen about my chair being seen on my TV show here...
Mooooooo: AMy!!!
Raven_: families
AmyWonder: hello
Raven_: Power-positions
phoenyxx: ...some people have seen me in the chair and when I've run outrageous skits or music videos,
Raven_: I love to stand out
phoenyxx: the reaction from some people is that they're more offended that someone in a wheelchair could think of such crass or violent things....
phoenyxx: not offended by the material itself.
Raven_: bully, I don't care
phoenyxx: I've run into the bad stereotype of how we're supposed to be so nice all the time. They've seen that on TV.
Raven_: I'm getting a tatoo on my arm
Raven_: my ears are pierced
phoenyxx: that's one thing I want to see eliminated from TV. the stereotyping.
phoenyxx: Raven: cool!
Raven_: I've an ear-cuff
Mimi: OK, next question:
DopeHat: good simon
Mimi: Do you think that the disabled are portrayed accurately in the news?
Raven_: a florecent pink chair-pack
Mimi: oops, sorry Simon, we can continue that if you want
phoenyxx: Raven: neat! show up on satellite pics.
Raven_: how so?
phoenyxx: Mimi: no that's ok.
Raven_: huh?
phoenyxx: In the news..as the subject of reports or as reporters?
phoenyxx: raven: I mean pink is bright.
AmyWonder: I like pink
Mimi: as the subject of reports...we'll get to the other in a minute
Raven_: we have a handicaped reporter, but I think that he's token
CincyKid: Most news coverage is about discrimation against disabled..
phoenyxx: Mimi: local news here in San Antonio is notorious for showing the disabled as always getting picked on by the system. It's bogus.
CincyKid: instead of acheivements
DopeHat: they did a good job on Dateline
Raven_: on TV
phoenyxx: DopeHat: good Dateline last night.
Raven_: didn't see it
CincyKid: I thougt so too
Char2: that guy in a chair on NBC dateline did a 1 hr. show on the disabled last night
DopeHat: yes
Mimi: for those of us who didn't see it, would you mind telling us about Dateline?
phoenyxx: Char2: yes but it was 23 hours too short.
Char2: i thought he did a good job
Mimi: what was the report about? what issues did they bring up?
Char2: he brought out many of the problems i have had to deal with
phoenyxx: The report was about how people are still getting away with not complying with ADA.
CincyKid: Discrimination agains t disabled..
phoenyxx: that too.
CincyKid: used two people for job interviews and searching for housing..
CincyKid: one AB and one in a chair..
Char2: finding jobs,housing ,and public access
CincyKid: hidden camera , you can guess the results, you know who got the job
Char2: yep
CincyKid: It was the blatant denial that amazed me
CincyKid: after they where caught on tape
phoenyxx: no kidding...that's what got me...very open about denial.
phoenyxx: what they need to get into is how some advocates sanction the discrimination they're supposed to work to stop.
phoenyxx: at least the one's I've dealt with.
Mooooooo: what was the job description?
CincyKid: Sales mostly..
Mooooooo: what kind of sales?
CincyKid: the disabled person was given more experience in his qualifications..
Char2: people in chairs are told , if they can't get into a public building than go to a buliding that you can get into
CincyKid: had done the job in the past but was overlooked
Mooooooo: what kind of sales?
Char2: thats not freedom
AmyWonder: I not surprised at the blatant deenail
CincyKid: telemarketing was one, I can't recall the others
CincyKid: someone help me out
Char2: telephone sales
CincyKid: oh yeah, one was an uppity glassware shop
CincyKid: guy had a heart attack when he seen the person in the chair
Char2: moble phone sales
Mooooooo: what kind of voice did the telemarketing applicant have?
phoenyxx: AmyWonder: I met a woman in a wheelchair who's a job placement counselor who me that her agency gets disabled persons into clerical work for the state...
CincyKid: on tv it was good
phoenyxx: because she says that's all the work they'll be able to get.
Mooooooo: clerical work is ideal for most
Raven_: ping me
phoenyxx: Moooo: do I give a rat's ass? It's not ideal for me or for alot of people.
phoenyxx: clerical sucks.
CincyKid: The thing was this guy had more qualifications, more experience but wasn't chosen
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Mooooooo: I said its ideal, I did not say manditory
Mimi: Kevin :o)
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AmyWonder: not even in this state Ha!
Raven_: thanx
phoenyxx: Mooooo: ok, sorry, but I resent feeling like someone was steering me away from what I want to do.
Mimi: this leads into my next quesion on disability in the media...
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Mimi: o you think someone with a disability would be treated fairly when rying to begin a career in the entertainment business?
Mimi: that's DO you think...
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Mooooooo: nope
AmyWonder: no
Mooooooo: and I wouldn't expect it either
Mimi: why not?
phoenyxx: Mooooooo: why?
DopeHat: no
Mooooooo: because most entertainment is about mainstream sex appeal, and the disabled are not considered to have that for the most part
Mooooooo: i think its a crock
Mooooooo: but its a fact
CincyKid: sad but true- sterotype
Raven_: 7I've seen some pretty disabled
phoenyxx: Moooooo: but just because it happens it doesn't make it ok or something we have to 'just deal with'.
phoenyxx: raven: me too.
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phoenyxx: ....my friend from the college who's in a chair...I've asked her out a few times :-)
phoenyxx: chair or no chair :-)
Mooooooo: You have no choice but to 'deal with it' unless you affect a change in peoples hearts and minds
phoenyxx: I enjoy talking with her.
Raven_: icecastles was a good example of determination
phoenyxx: Moooooo: so something has to be done....
AmyWonder: but than again no one in the entertainment industy is&1
Raven_: did she go?
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Mooooooo: so do soemthing :o)
phoenyxx: raven: well, she and I met for lunch quite a bit. No official dates though :-)
nate__: hay all
Mooooooo: hello nate
DopeHat: hi nate
phoenyxx: Mooooo: that is what I am doing on my show although it's in small way.
Raven_: friendship is important, though
phoenyxx: I make sure people see me hosting and producing my show. The chair comes second, and they see there's a real person there.
Mooooooo: good :o)
Mimi: anyone interested in this issue might want to check out the model agency ShotModels at http://www.shotmodels.com/
phoenyxx: Raven: yeah. Another woman friend met me when she saw me on TV...she saw the chair but wanted to meet me anyway.
phoenyxx: we're good friends now :-)
Raven_: great!!
Mimi: Should disabled entertainers keep their disabilities hidden if at all possible?
AmyWonder: I just keep going to auditions
Raven_: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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phoenyxx: Mimi: no. they should do what I try to do, just act natural.
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Mooooooo: Gary Burgogh did
Mooooooo: Radar from M.A.S.H.
phoenyxx: I make my program and my work stand on its own.
AmyWonder: n oway
CincyKid: and a good job of it too Dan
Mooooooo: he only has 3 fingers on his left hand
Mimi: what's his disability?
Raven_: THE CHAUR WILL catalyst a feeling of capability
Mimi: oh, wow, I never knew that
Raven_: chair
Raven_: lol
CincyKid: That's what i said Mimi!!
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phoenyxx: Raven: yeah it's cool. I told her that the guy she's seeing is really lucky :-)
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Raven_: great, but not you?
*** nate__-- is now known as nate__
CincyKid: I think the media ' uses ' the disabled
phoenyxx: Raven: no, but she and I are still good friends, and that to me means I still have a good chance of meeting someone who'll not mind the chair/
phoenyxx: .
Mimi: hello nate :o)
CincyKid: to their advantage
Mimi: how, John?
nate__: hay mimi
Raven_: :-)
phoenyxx: Raven: :-)
CincyKid: To show need for a cause, or to boost ratings
Raven_: friend are really important to me, right now
phoenyxx: CincyKid: no kidding. Pardon me for sounding crass but I can't stand the 'feel-good' stuff they try to pull.
Mooooooo: sure, most times disabled are only paraded when they are either bitching or 'being special', just like christians are only shown when one is a lunatic committing a crime
CincyKid: I agree for the most part
Mimi: very true, Daniel
phoenyxx: Moooooo: very true!
phoenyxx: someone one kind of disability is made to look more fashionable that others!
CincyKid: But as Daniel said, I doubt if any of this will change
Raven_: I halfway agree
CincyKid: I think most TV shows suck in general, the boob tube
* Mimi agrees with John :o)
phoenyxx: CincyKid: me too. I watch my tapes and select regular shows.
CincyKid: And the shows nowadays are pathetic
phoenyxx: I watch alot of Discovery and Learning Channel.
phoenyxx: :-)
Mimi: Would you buy an album from a disabled recording artist, even if it wasn't the type of music you normally listen to?
Raven_: Am I rude by saying that I'm greatly offended by the publicity that Christopher Reeve attracts?
Mimi: Why or why not?
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Mooooooo: like Joni Erikson?
DopeHat: no
CincyKid: It would have to be something I like
Mimi: no, why is that Raven?
phoenyxx: Raven: hate to say it but I get the same feeling. no disrespect intended.
Lao-tzu: sorry I'm late
nate__: no
Raven_: he's not the only darn one!!
Mimi: Heya Han :o)
Mooooooo: Han :o)
phoenyxx: Mimi: music from a disabled artist? if it's a type of music I like anyway, sure I'd buy the CD to check it out.
DopeHat: only if i like the music
Mooooooo: Joni Erikson is a christian singer in a wheelchair
Mooooooo: Who here has been to the 'Van Gogh' web site?
nate__: i would if i liked the music
phoenyxx: I might be convinced to at least give it a listen even if I hadn't heard of them before.
AmyWonder: I cannot stand Reeves attiude!
CincyKid: you know music may be the only area with the least discrimination against disabled
DopeHat: i have once
Mooooooo: 'Van Gogh' is cool
Mimi: I have, Daniel
Mooooooo: they're all para's
phoenyxx: raven: about reeve, again I hate to sound so harsh but yeah, I feel the same way. I really try to understand but he's not the only one.
Mimi: but I've never heard their music
Mooooooo: Van used to come here
Mooooooo: before he started touring
Mooooooo: Excellent music
Raven_: Thank you, I feel better knowing
Mimi: cool :o)
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Mimi: we should have him on as a special guest :o)
Mimi: hello rowdie :o)
nate__: yea mimi
Mooooooo: you can download music clips from their web site
rowdie^: hi mimi
phoenyxx: Van Gogh?
Raven_: or the elected representative of the disabled
Mooooooo: Van Gogh
phoenyxx: Raven: I alway felt bad feeling so harsh about the way the media hypes Reeve.
phoenyxx: because I'm not so harsh most of the time.
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phoenyxx: Van Gogh? who is Van Gogh?
Mimi: wb Jeff :o)
Pyro: not at all what i thought it would be like..
Pyro: i thought it had gone stupid
Mooooooo: 'Van Gogh' is a band
Mooooooo: http://www.mindspring.com/~vangogh/
Raven_: i did to
Mooooooo: Van Gogh (The Band) Rock that Rolls! :o)
Mooooooo: all are in chairs
Mimi: lol
phoenyxx: cool...what sort of music do they play?
Mimi: and their music is good?
Mooooooo: rock/pop
Mooooooo: i like it
Mimi: have they ever had any chart hits?
Raven_: email MTV so they will show a video
Mooooooo: dunno
Mooooooo: i think they have a video clip on their page too
Lao-tzu: There's a group in Vancouver BC called Spinal Chord -- pretty cool too
phoenyxx: Raven: better way to get eMpTyV to play the right music is to park a Ryder truck out front.....
phoenyxx: :-)
Mooooooo: http://www.mindspring.com/~vangogh/
Mooooooo: check it out :o)
Mimi: Simon.........
phoenyxx: Mimi: what?
Mimi: not funny.
AmyWonder: lol
Mimi: IMHO
phoenyxx: Mimi: just park a truck used to haul furniture/
phoenyxx: .
Mimi: OK, next question :o)
Mimi: Have you ever had thoughts about becoming an entertainer?
nate__: ok
phoenyxx: Mimi: yes! :-)
Mimi: If so, were/are you discouraged by the fact that you have a disability?
nate__: i did when my frend jesica biel made it
Mooooooo: people suggested that i become a standup comic
Raven_: No, I'm a little agoraphobic
Mimi: lol
phoenyxx: me too...my friends have said I should give stand up a try sometime.
Mimi: I can see it, Daniel :o)
Raven_: or sitdown?
phoenyxx: and I don't feel deterred by my condition.
Lao-tzu: Mimi: I'm a one man band with my Fender Strat & Roland GR-1 synth
AmyWonder: I want to act and sing
phoenyxx: Raven: funny!
Raven_: :-)
Raven_: I used to act...
Raven_: Steele Magnolias
Raven_: I was Weezer, in drag
AmyWonder: in school, Raven?
Mimi: LOL
Raven_: funny as hell
Raven_: yea
Raven_: I' still here
phoenyxx: so if you ran with someone dressed like that.....
phoenyxx: DRAG RACING!
phoenyxx: :-)
Mimi: lol
Lao-tzu: <g>
Raven_: I might work in costumes or something,
Raven_: :-}
phoenyxx: I've acted in a show my friends and I make- different from the one I was talking about earlier.
Raven_: but not on-stage
Raven_: which is??
Mimi: Are there any other issues that you would like to bring up regarding Disability in the Media?
phoenyxx: really funny skits. I'm more comfortable in the weird skits we do than as a presenter on my own program.
phoenyxx: :-)
Raven_: then, do one on your show...
rowdie^: mimi, I got in late it seems so you guys have probably already worn the subject out
phoenyxx: question: I get hateful reactions sometimes on my voicemail for my show...
phoenyxx: ...are they really angry that someone in a chair was on TV?
Mimi: just jump in, Rowdie, if you have anything to say :o)
phoenyxx: or is it just Beavis and Butthead screwing with the phone.
phoenyxx: ?
CincyKid: Any suggestions on how to improve the media's view or portrayal?
Mimi: lol I dunno Simon
phoenyxx: I did a segment on parking problems. Upset some viewers with that one.
Mimi: <CincyKid> Any suggestions on how to improve the media's view or portrayal?
Mooooooo: I want HandiMan back
Mimi: why, Simon?
Raven_: goes with the territory, I think
Lao-tzu: Not so much an issue as much as recognition for the Vancouver Adapted Music Society (VAMS) that creates musical oportunities for PWD
phoenyxx: Mooooooo: not that.
*** jody- has joined #disabled
phoenyxx: Mimi: because it showed vigilantism in response to someone using a handicapped spot illegally.
Raven_: I went to Vancouver
Mooooooo: jody :o)
jody-: hi mooooooo
Mimi: Jody! :o)
jody-: hi Mimi!
phoenyxx: people were more offended with me in my chair with a gun that with the violent nature of the skit.
Mimi: how are ya?
CincyKid: It was comedy Dan, BUT don't you think it adds to the sterotyping?
nate__: hay jody
jody-: hi nate
phoenyxx: hey jody
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Mooooooo: actually, i think it got a lot of praises from some disabled
Pyro: bbl lightning storm
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Mooooooo: Bill!!!!!
Mimi: Dr Bill! :o)
nate__: hello bill
nate__: !!!!!!!!!!!1
dr_bill: Hello everyone
Lao-tzu: Hi Dr. Bill, good to have you on board
Mimi: For those of you that just arrived, the last question was:
phoenyxx: Moooooo: not on this planet it got praises.
Mimi: Are there any other issues that you would like to bring up regarding Disability in the Media?
Mooooooo: i read stuff in tv guide
Mimi: feel free to jump in :o)
rowdie^: mimi, is that disabled people working in the media, or how the media perceives disabled people?
phoenyxx: I think one good way to change people's attitudes would be to have a disabled person shown cutting up and having a 'normal' good time with their friends.
Mimi: take your pick, Rowdie
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phoenyxx: Many people are impressed with that aspect of the skits they've seen us do on TV.
phoenyxx: ....that I'm seen acting as weird as the rest of them :-)
Lao-tzu: Here in Toronto we have a TV channel (CityTV) that has a reporter in a wheelchair
phoenyxx: one show we did looked like 'The Young Ones'/
phoenyxx: we used to have a reporter here in a chair but she moved to another station in another city.
rowdie^: well, in regard to both, I think a lot of positive things have happened, particularly in the last 10-15 years
Mimi: such as?
nate__: we have a wether reporter in a wheelchair
rowdie^: well, as people in here are talking about, there are more disabled people working in the media
dr_bill: The thing is there are more disabled people working in all jobs.
rowdie^: that's true, dr bill
dr_bill: 15 years ago disabled were kept in a closet
Mooooooo: I was
rowdie^: but part of that is a realization by the media that not all disabled people are only 'poster children'
Mooooooo: where i went to grammar school, anyone different was put ina special school
dr_bill: The thing is people and the media found out we had minds.
Mooooooo: computers has help
Mooooooo: ed
rowdie^: that's true, moo, technology has helped for sure
dr_bill: There are now Judges, lawyers, computer programmers, engineers, and every type of job being performed by disabled. The media plays all these people up but forgets the ones that are not making it.
AmyWonder: there needs to be many more disabled hired! Bill
dr_bill: Yes
phoenyxx: dr_bill: the media shows the extremes.
dr_bill: Always, never the middle.
rowdie^: I think that's always going to be true, phoenyxx
dr_bill: either totally dependent on the system or a success story. never in the middle.
phoenyxx: ...extremes...the thing that irritates me about that is that even advocates seem to sanction the lower extreme, if that makes sense.
Mooooooo: thats their job, simon
dr_bill: the system wants you to be dependent and not get out of that mode.
phoenyxx: Moooooo: no kidding.
dr_bill: then they will not have any work to do.
Mooooooo: the advocates get paid to keep them barely dependant/independant/
Mooooooo: or they would be out of a job
CincyKid: I disagree
rowdie^: I suppose, moo, but I am not quite that synical
phoenyxx: ..but some of these 'experts' I've worked with preach independence as 'doing without' and accepting difficulty and lack of access as 'tough sh**' because it was tough for everyone else.
CincyKid: You mean there's going to be a shortage of those who need advocates?
CincyKid: I think the attitude of some of them is due to burn-out
rowdie^: I wish I could believe that, cincy, but I don't think so
Mooooooo: no, i just think that paid advocates are more concered with the 'pay' part than the 'advocate' part
dr_bill: What I was trying to say is there are some of us that are classed unemployable because of severity of disability.
Mooooooo: I'll stick with the volunteers
phoenyxx: CincyKid: my friend (the one in the chair) has CP from birth (although it's not as severe as some would expect) was telling
AmyWonder: advocates don't help anyone!
dr_bill: that is the truth AmyWonder
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CincyKid: Depends on the individual, the advocate
phoenyxx: me that people liked helping her until she got older, by the time she was 18 or so she says that it was like suddenly her with her disability wasn't cool anymore, like it wasn't 'fun' working with her.
phoenyxx: ....some advocates are very selective about who they'll help, and it's got nothing to do with what people's needs are.
phoenyxx: I've seen alot of social discrimination within the disabled community.
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dr_bill: They do that with alot of people phoeniyxx
phoenyxx: Hell, I got read the riot act by a counselor for having done my show!
phoenyxx: ...of course I didn't listen. the show goes on! :-)
rowdie^: I'm sorry, I think the same can be said of doctors, lawyers, cops, etc
dr_bill: I get told I should not do vollenteer work.
Lao-tzu: I've only been in a chair for three years. The 'system' doesn't wan't to help me because they feel that I can take on a regular 9-5 job. Good thing my pension kicks in because I need to lie down every 2 hours due to the pain in my back. I don't know many employers that could accomodate that.
phoenyxx: geez!
AmyWonder: good for you, Phoenyxx!
phoenyxx: thanks! :-)
Mooooooo: Bill, I don't want to see you do too much volunteer work, I want to see you make some money too because you are well worth it
Lao-tzu: So, I picked up my copies of 'The Art of War' by Sun-Tzu and am starting my own advocacy actions
dr_bill: If I make any money the 'system' takes it away. I am allowed 640 month and that's it.
Mooooooo: sheesh
phoenyxx: At the community college I am finishing at, the Disabled Student Services focuses on disabled students in vocational programs- the ones training for clerical jobs.
Mimi: that sux
dr_bill: I cann't afford the medications I'm on.
phoenyxx: the students taking academic degree classes ae shut out.
dr_bill: the bed I'm on is 100 per day.
phoenyxx: sux like a black hole bill.
Mooooooo: wow
Lao-tzu: ...eeeck!
rowdie^: that's not right, bill, that's just not fair
dr_bill: It took me 3 years to get into doctorate program with a 4.0 gpa. I was first one at University of Washingtion doctoral program.
Mooooooo: you have 2 PhD's now?
dr_bill: Yes
phoenyxx: cool!
Lao-tzu: congrats!
Mooooooo: and how many masters?
dr_bill: After the first the second was easier.
rowdie^: that's impressive, bill
dr_bill: I have 5 masters and 3 bachelors.
CincyKid: Folks I hate to leave but I must. It's been a great chat tonite! i will catch you all some other night.
Mooooooo: now you see why I ask you for advice :o)
AmyWonder: And you stilll can't get hired bill?
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jody-: I want to be like you Dr. Bill....
Mooooooo: take care john
dr_bill: The thing is the system puts limitations on any one with a disability. We 'have to get accommidations made for us'
jody-: I love school
Lao-tzu: Precisely!
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dr_bill: I love school also. 19 years as a student. One more year and i can retire. :o)
Mooooooo: hi squeek
AmyWonder: lol
phoenyxx: question I have....
Mooooooo: rofl
phoenyxx: concerning the problems in getting a job as a disabled person....
SQUEEK: bye bye!
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phoenyxx: do I run the risk of alienating other disabled persons if I am successful on my own doing independet video production or writing?
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phoenyxx: rather than getting a 9-5 job that alot of people have to get.
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dr_bill: You have to do twice as much and be 2 times better than anyone else to get the job to begin with.
dr_bill: and to be independent is even harder
phoenyxx: so I'll have a harder time getting people to read a book a might write?
phoenyxx: or see a video I directed?
rowdie^: no, phoenyxx, lol
dr_bill: Disabled people never alienate their fellow disabled for being successful. It's when the disabled give up and become bum's.
AmyWonder: No simon
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phoenyxx: thanks. I want to do what I am good at, and I am better at shooting and editing video, or trying to write stories, than I am at sitting around answering phones :-)
phoenyxx: but I don't want people thinking I've 'abandoned' the disabled community when those things pan out.
Mooooooo: I dunno, ive seen some called 'Uncle Tom's'
rowdie^: dr. bill is right when he says disabled people never alienate their fellow disabled for being successful, phoenyxx
AmyWonder: guys I've gotta run
Mimi: bye Amy! :o)
rowdie^: bye amy
Mooooooo: Bye Amy *hugs* :o)
jody-: ping me
Mooooooo: and smoochies too :o)
jody-: ping me
AmyWonder: kisses moooo!
Mooooooo: /:o)
AmyWonder: mimi :0)
rowdie^: no way, phoenyxx
rowdie^: no one would think that
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phoenyxx: rowdie: thanks. :-) some of the negative remarks about the access show
Mooooooo: I think we have Lagus Interuptus
Mimi: lol
phoenyxx: have been from a couple of disabled students at the college.
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phoenyxx: weird they'd be offended by it.
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