Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

Disabilities & Romance #1

May 14, 1997

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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  HelloKit ([email protected])
  Mooooooo ([email protected])
  AmyWonder ([email protected])
HelloKit: Logging is on.
Mooooooo: you're from New Jersy gil?
Mooooooo: okie
Gil: NJ, that's right
Mooooooo: okie :o)
AmyWonder: like the boss
Mooooooo: my last boss was from Garberville
Gil: Oh, you mean Bruuuuuuuuuuce?
Mooooooo: tis 6:00pm :o)
* HelloKit dims the lights and turns on some romantic
AmyWonder: yes bruce
Gil: Yep, he's from around here
Gil: Oh, Kit, nice touch!
* Mooooooo cracks his nuckles and clears his throat
Mooooooo: knuckles too
Mooooooo: we can wait a few more mins
*** brent^ has joined #Disabled
Mooooooo: did you bring refreshments, carly?
Mooooooo: Howdy Brent!
HelloKit: You'll see...
HelloKit: Hello Brent...
brent^: hello
Mooooooo: brent is in North Carolina?
*** Countrybo has joined #disabled
brent^: yes I am
Mooooooo: howdy do Countrybo :o)
* brent^ chuckles
Gil: NC? Cool - I lived there
brent^: may one ask how you knew that?
AmyWonder: I'm in SC
Countrybo: hello
* Mooooooo is a psychic cow :o)
*** dtb has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: I have a friend on vnet.net :o)
brent^: ahhhh
dtb: hello all
Gil: All right, here come the troops!
Mooooooo: hey there dtb :o)
brent^: crappy ISP
HelloKit: Welcome, dtb. :)
* Mooooooo passes a plate of cookies to the late arrivals
HelloKit: Ooh, and Countrybo... sorry, I didn't see you.
Countrybo: hi
Countrybo: all these people no talkin?
dtb: how r u tonite?
Countrybo: i am great
Countrybo: u?
dtb: glad to hear it
dtb: I am fine
* Mooooooo is doing fantastico :o)
Countrybo: is everyone else asleep?
dtb: how has your week been?
HelloKit: We're just waiting to see if anyone else arrives.
Countrybo: hectic
* brent^ knows absolutely no one, is doing his 'pretend
dtb: mine has been pretty good
dtb: hi brent
Countrybo: hi
HelloKit: LOL
Mooooooo: welcome to the channel brent :o)
Mooooooo: Im Daniel
brent^: heya dtb
Countrybo: mich here
* Countrybo is a busy father
dtb: hello
brent^: thanks, just caught the announcement on alt.support.cp a couple days ago
Countrybo: lol
*** Christia has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: cool :o) nice to know advertising works :o)
HelloKit: Welcome back, Christia.
Mooooooo: Howdy again Christian
Mooooooo: Christina
dtb: hi christia
Christia: hi everybody
Christia: how many are we
dtb: hi brent
Mooooooo: 10 so far
AmyWonder: 10
Mooooooo: including 2 non-humans
HelloKit: :)
AmyWonder: lol
Gil: About the topic ... maybe we should start with the latest development in Kit's world of romance .... maybe not :-)
Christia: yes
HelloKit: What's that supposed to mean? :)
Christia: i saw the post on misc.handicap
Mooooooo: yeah, you first Carly :o)
Gil: Hee hee
Gil: Maybe Kit's love life is the most active here?
Countrybo: lol
Christia: it's not bad
* Countrybo feels a kick comin on lol
HelloKit: Could be, but I wouldn't know...
Mooooooo: Yup, Kit is *hot stuff* :oD
HelloKit: Oh, give me a break.
Mooooooo: /:o)
Gil: All I know is, Kit = Cool
Countrybo: YUP YUP YUP
Countrybo: after 2 kids ya kinda gotta schedule encounters lol
HelloKit: A couple more minutes, and we'll start... you have to get used to everyone being late around here.
*** Christia has left irc (Ping timeout for Christia])
Mooooooo: i guess the sub-topic is 'lets make carly blush'
HelloKit: LOL, that's what it looks like.
Countrybo: disabled = no excuse for tardyness
HelloKit: Try telling the others that... LOL
Gil: Hmm, blush, I imagine it's quite a pretty sight
Countrybo: or spellin lol
*** Christia has joined #disabled
AmyWonder: how many kids,
Countrybo: 2
brent^: oh god you have to be able to *spell* to be here? gt;
HelloKit: Okay, I guess we'll start...
Countrybo: rofl
HelloKit: Since a lot of people here are new, let's start by introducing ourselves to each other... that way Brent can stop acting like wallpaper.
Mooooooo: spelling is *not* my middle name
Christia: hi i'm back
Countrybo: darn wifey neds phone! excuse me i'll bbl if possible! bye!]
*** Countrybo has left #disabled
HelloKit: I guess I'll start since you guys always make me go first...
Mooooooo: My name is Daniel....
* Mooooooo is 33, single, male, christian, heterosexual,
AmyWonder: Im lizzy from sc
HelloKit: *in a really fake, cheery voice* Hi, I'm Carly!
* Gil is 29 / single male / in New Jersey / loves music
Mooooooo: Hi carly
Gil: Oops, make that 30
HelloKit: Hi there Mooooooo!
*** Upsilon has joined #Disabled
* Gil is 30 / single male / in New Jersey / loves music
Mooooooo: howdy ups :o)
Upsilon: Howdy all
Upsilon: I'm fashoinably late
HelloKit: dtb? Brent?
dtb: I'm Dave. I live in L.A.
Christia: My name is Christ, i am 27 years old, student in politic sciences, heterosexual, single
HelloKit: Hi Upsilon... we're just starting. We're introducing ourselves right now.
* brent^ is 36, separated, male, 5'10' 200 lbs, brown
*** ChanServ has left irc (lost in the netsplit)
Christia: live in Montral, Canada
Upsilon: my name is Damian, I'm 26, single, love blues, and have a degree in computer aided drafting
* Upsilon lives, embarrassingly enough, in Embarrass,
Upsilon: oh dah, I'm male, lol
HelloKit: I guess I should show you guys my little intro script...
AmyWonder: AmyWonder is 29. wants to write plays, loves music
Mooooooo: oh, how embarrassin :o)
* HelloKit introduces herself to all... 'I'm kinda shy; the
Upsilon: lol, moooooo
Gil: LOL, Mooooooooo, oink, etc.
Gil: Brent, what do you play?
Mooooooo: my ex g/f's mother never called me Daniel, she always called me Mooooooo
HelloKit: LOL, as everyone makes their favorite animal sound... does this have anything to do with romance?
Upsilon: lol
brent^: Gil: digital keyboards now....once upon a time I played most of the brass instruments
Christia: I hate animals !
Mooooooo: well, with the right music and wine, it could be, Carly :o)
Gil: Well, if you breathe or moan the right way, that can be romantic
* HelloKit plays the voice-trumpet...
HelloKit: LOL
Upsilon: lol
Gil: Brent, I have a Roland D-50. Also started with french horn, did mostly euphonium and a little trombone (tenor and bass)
brent^: wow, very similar, Gil....
Gil: Yah - I hook the synth up to the PC sometimes
Mooooooo: okie carly, whats your secret thing you were working on?
Upsilon: Amy, what kind of plays do you want to write?
brent^: have a Roland D-50, Yamaha CBX-K1XG, used to play french horn, trumpet and trombone
Gil: What was cool was hitting a trumpet's high C with a Bach 12-C baritone horn mouthpiece
HelloKit: I'm not gonna tell you... it's for another time.
Mooooooo: noooooooooo!!!!
brent^: gil: *ouch*
Gil: What's the Yamaha like?
Mooooooo: Whats your first topic of discussion?
* HelloKit is just watching the flow of conversation for
brent^: i use it for quick comp work...it's a mini-keyboard with an XG tone module built in...combine with a laptop and sequencer software and I can take it anywhere
Gil: IC
brent^: as a performance device, it's useless though
Gil: Do you know Chuck Mangione's Children of Sanchez?
brent^: vague title familiarity only....my tastes are decidedly weird gt;
*** Mimi____ has joined #Disabled
Mooooooo: Mimi!!!! :o)
Upsilon: hello mimi
HelloKit: Hello Mimi.
Christia: hi mimi
Mooooooo: play some romance music :o)
brent^: heya mimi
Mimi____: Hi Mooooo :o)
dtb: hi mimi
Mimi____: Hello everyone! :)
Mooooooo: nice tail :o)
Gil: romance music? Chuck Mangione's Feels So Good maybe?
Mimi____: Wow what a welcome *extends hand all around*
Gil: now, Moo, you just watch what you say
Mooooooo: hehehe
* Gil shakes
Mooooooo: freudian clip
Mooooooo: slip
brent^: now that even I've heard of...wore out a couple of copies in highschool
*** DavidW has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: howdy David :o)
Mimi____: Hi DavidW
dtb: hi david
HelloKit: Hello David.
AmyWonder: I write about what it is like being single
AmyWonder: why is it useless brent
Mooooooo: I think oldies makes good romace music
Gil: Any Marvin Gaye ...
brent^: as a performance keyboard, Amy? cuz it has those little tiny mini keys
Gil: Roy Orbison
Mooooooo: Marvin Gaye is good smooching music too :o)
Mimi____: Mooo I agree. Most modern music is anything but romantic!
HelloKit: LOL, tell me about it!
Gil: Scorpions' Winds of Change
Upsilon: hi david
* HelloKit is hungry...
Mooooooo: yeah, the most romantic lyrics today are 'All i wanna do is boom boom boom and a zoom zoom' bah!
DavidW: Hi, folks. We're on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Our daughter has CP. We're part of a group of folks with disabilities in Vancouver who are talking about 'getting to the heart of love, sex and friendship'.
Upsilon: LOL
Gil: Bryan Adams' Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman
Mooooooo: Im for all 3 of those
Upsilon: good song Gil
Mimi____: Although I'm kind of partial to Celine Dion..whe sang our wedding song.
Christia: I like supertramp, Rolling S tone, and a lot of french music
Mimi____: David. HOw old is your daughter?
brent^: i listen to music to be challenged...most romantic music is lost on me, I'm afraid
Christia: Celine Dion...
Mimi____: Christia, what French music
AmyWonder: I love the bee gees
Upsilon: I love Blues music
Mimi____: oh, I guess you just answered that...
* HelloKit taunts and teases everyone with the refreshments
Christia: Pich, Rivard, Blangger, Sguin, etc..
DavidW: Mimi, Amber's 16.
* Mooooooo waits for carly's first question :o)
HelloKit: Okay, I have a new plan tonight, guys...
* brent^ listens to about half indie alternative rock and
Mimi____: D'accord!
Mimi____: Is she here too?
Christia: You mimi ?
Mooooooo: new plan?
HelloKit: Each person who answers a question gets a treat...
DavidW: I like the oldies. I _am_ an oldie, come to think of it! Grew up at the end of the big band era.
Upsilon: oh goooooody
Mooooooo: guess im gonna be Pavlovs cow?
HelloKit: Everyone ready?
Upsilon: lol moooooooooo
Upsilon: yup
*** Christia has left irc (Ping timeout for Christia])
Mimi____: Dion, ...well, actually about the same as you! :o) Except I like Felix Leclerc too, and Jacques Bruel, Patrick Brues
Upsilon: shoot
* Mooooooo is ready :o)
Mimi____: I'm ready
DavidW: Ready on the firing line.
HelloKit: Since we're talking about music... what is your favorite romantic song?
HelloKit: Mine is Music Box by Mariah Carey.
Upsilon: oh boy
Upsilon: hmmmmmm
Gil: Lyle Mays' Highland Aire
Mooooooo: I like The Flame, by Cheap Trick
* HelloKit gives Gil a BIG . HERSHEY'S . Kiss:)
Gil: David Hykes' Harmonic Choir
*** Christia has joined #disabled
Mimi____: Mine is 'The Power of Love' by Celine Dion. Hands down.
* HelloKit hands Mooooooo a handful of .LIFESAVERS.
DavidW: Sometimes When We Touch, by Dan Hill.
brent^: Sarah McLauchlan's 'Good Enough'
Mooooooo: wooohoooo!!!!
Gil: Mmm, sloppy, excellent!
* HelloKit hands Mimi____ a handful of SKITTLES
* HelloKit hands brent^ a handful of .PEP-O-MINT .
Christia: I am back !
Mimi____: Yum!~!!! Tnx.
Gil: WB, Chris
Mimi____: Welcome back Cristia. Now it's my turn....BRB!
* Upsilon Welcomes Christia back !!!!!
* Mooooooo also likes 'Angel Baby' by Rosie um um um cant
AmyWonder: Mine is Jewel 'You Where Ment For Me'
HelloKit: Christia, what's your favorite romantic song?
Mooooooo: Rosie and the Originals
* HelloKit hands AmyWonder a handful of ...TootsieRoll...
brent^: Good choice, Amy <smile>
Upsilon: I'm with Amy, 'You were meant for me' by Jewel
brent^: but kinda sad, don't you think?
Christia: Maybe Hotel California
AmyWonder: thanks :)
* HelloKit hands Upsilon a handful of .HERSHEY'S.
Christia: and for whomwho know Pich it's Ses yeux
Upsilon: :)
Upsilon: thanks Carly
* HelloKit hands Christia a handful of l<~Juicy-Fruit~>.
AmyWonder: of course it is!
* Mooooooo gets his toothbrush ready
Mimi____: Good one Christia! ^5
brent^: i dunno Amy...about mixing 'sad' with 'romantic'
Upsilon: I think sad can be romantic in a way
Mimi____: I agree!
HelloKit: Romance can sometimes be sad... look at Romeo and Juliet.
brent^: well yeah...but that song was written about the end of a relationship
* brent^ concedes...who can argue with The Bard?
Upsilon: I also like that Bryan Adams song from robin hood 'I'd Die For You'
Mimi____: Romance is touching, moving. There is always something sad about that, don't you think?
Upsilon: or something like that
DavidW: Seems like a lot of the best romantic songs have a touch of sadness.
AmyWonder: just my point.
HelloKit: Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
brent^: well if it's *my* love life Mimi....'tragedy' might be more accurate gt;
Mooooooo: I must have been touching and moving the wrong way becasue I was quite happy :o)
Upsilon: exactly
Upsilon: look at patsie cline
DavidW: 'Catastrophe' for me.
brent^: LOL David
Christia: A singer tell at a show 'woman sing aboutz love and man sing about the woman who left them
HelloKit: I'd say the line between happy and sad isn't always well defined... for instance, we cry when we're sad, and what do we do when we're extremely happy?
Mooooooo: I smile a lot
Mimi____: 'For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so he is for your pruning'
DavidW: Old guy here finally found a happy relationship at 50! Worth the wait.
brent^: True kit...and some of my most poignant memories come from troubled times in my relationship history
HelloKit: You don't count, Daniel, you're messed up... j/k :)
Mooooooo: heheh
Christia: Yes maybe
DavidW: Marc Chagall, the painter, met his beautiful wife when he was 70.
Mimi____: MOre: 'Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun, So shall he descend to your roots and shake them on their clinging to the earth.'
Gil: Sometimes, when I'm doing some festivities with a woman, water comes out of my eyes
Gil: and It's not cause I'm sad
Mooooooo: sweat?
* brent^ grins
HelloKit: Gil!!!
brent^: understood, Gil
Gil: Kit, what did I say?
Mooooooo: I dunno, but it sure got my attention :o)
Gil: Usually, she says, what's wrong, and I say,
* HelloKit dies laughing.
Mooooooo: onion breath
Gil: I'm get very emotional during times like that
Mimi____: LOL
brent^: 'festivities'....hmmmm...gotta write that one down
Upsilon: lol
DavidW: Festivities + ?
Mooooooo: I like 'festivities' too
Gil: Yeah, I see being physical as a celebration
brent^: gil, I'm with you on your point, as I'm the same way
DavidW: =?
HelloKit: Okay, okay, let's be careful...
Mooooooo: much more polite than 'hokey pokey'
Mooooooo: next question, Carly?
Mimi____: Very apt description...most of the time, well, some of the time, anyway.
HelloKit: Um, uh, er, uh...
Upsilon: next question
DavidW: Inuit people call it 'laughing'.
Mooooooo: Intuit people call it 'Quicken'
Mooooooo: bah, bad computer joke
brent^: aaaarrrrrgggghhhh
AmyWonder: lol
*** turbokev has joined #Disabled
HelloKit: What's your idea of the perfect romantic vacation? (I feel like a talk show host!)
turbokev: hi
HelloKit: Hello turbokev. Welcome to #Disabled!
Mimi____: LOL
Upsilon: hello turbokev
DavidW: HAH!
Mooooooo: hi turbokev!
Christia: HAH
turbokev: hi everyone
DavidW: Cruising coastal waters in a sailboat.
* HelloKit gives DavidW a BIG . HERSHEY'S . Kiss:)
HelloKit: Disneyworld.
Mimi____: Kit...ummm, suddenly I'm not married and never have been (wouldn't want to cheat you know) and I'm in Paris with my sexual fantasy.
Mooooooo: My idea of perfect romantic vacation is camping in the woods
Gil: Yeah, if you laugh then you know you're doing it right :-))
turbokev: this is my first try on this group?
AmyWonder: at a beach
* HelloKit hands Mimi____ a handful of .LIFESAVERS.
DavidW: ...and eating Hershey's kisses in bed.
Mooooooo: welcome to the channel kev :o)
Mimi____: Kit...we went to DW on our honeymoon.
brent^: the northcarolina Outer Banks...desolate, beautiful, quiet
Mimi____: Hi turbo
* HelloKit hands Mooooooo a handful of SKITTLES
Gil: A week or two at the beach
Gil: Myrtle Beach, SC
* HelloKit hands AmyWonder a handful of .PEP-O-MINT .
* HelloKit hands brent^ a handful of ...TootsieRoll...
Mimi____: Gil...which beach?
AmyWonder: thanks
* HelloKit hands Gil a handful of .HERSHEY'S.
* Mooooooo gets a toothache
Upsilon: two weeks at a secluded beach
HelloKit: I can't keep up with you guys!
* HelloKit hands Upsilon a handful of l<~Juicy-Fruit~>.
brent^: awww Gil, MB is now just vegas without the casinos
turbokev: on a beach at sunset with my lover on my lap while we make passionate love
* HelloKit gives turbokev a BIG . HERSHEY'S . Kiss:)
Christia: Romantic vacation ? It's two or three days with tthe one who loves you it's not imporrtanmthe place but it's important to share with tthe otheer and repeat some time in the year
DavidW: MB?
Mooooooo: my ex g/f and I discused making love under the stars in Yosemite, and taking the kids for walks while all holding hands ... very romantic
AmyWonder: new york with all the shows!
* HelloKit hands Christia a handful of .LIFESAVERS.
DavidW: MB = Myrtle Beach, got it.
Mimi____: Very good Christia. True.
HelloKit: Did I get everyone?
turbokev: in hawaii
Christia: maybe a fine little auberge
Mooooooo: yep
Gil: Yeah, Myrtle is too touristified
Upsilon: being with your soulmate
Mimi____: Mooo....sounds too cold for me.
Mooooooo: warm sleeping bag :o)
DavidW: Sausalito on a houseboat... soft tenor sax...
Mimi____: A fine little auberge in the Loire Valley. At a winery, with a view of the vinyards.
turbokev: and candle lit with a sax playing
AmyWonder: if I knew who he was
Mimi____: Kit I don't think I got anything :o(
Christia: Yes maybe but in quebec there some good
* Gil shares some of his with Mimster
Upsilon: really, lol, if i knew who she was
HelloKit: Mimi, you got Lifesavers, way up just a couple lines after your answer.
Mimi____: I live in Quebec, Christia. I'm SICK to death of Quebec! Quebec City is romantic, though.
* Mooooooo wags his tail in anticipation of the next
Mimi____: Sorry, Kit! Thanks. I was so busy trying to keep up I didn't notice.
* HelloKit pats Mooooooo's head.
Christia: When do you go together ?
*** brent^ has left irc (Leaving)
Gil: Who ever heard of a cow wagging its tail? :-)
Upsilon: lol
Mooooooo: Im a bi-lingual cow
HelloKit: Okay, last question... this is a truth-or-dare type question... except you don't have a choice. :)
AmyWonder: lol
Mimi____: I just got lost. Was that to me, Christia?
Gil: Je suis un beuf, peut-etre?
Mimi____: hit me.
turbokev: is
Mooooooo: Desiree: Une seule virgin entre l'agees de 21 et 30 ans pour faire bebes et pour amour.
turbokev: hit me too
Upsilon: ?
Mimi____: Well, I don't count Mooo.
* turbokev is 24 and male
Christia: Yes When do we go together in Qubec City ? Mimi
HelloKit: When was your first kiss... tell us how old you were and what happened.
Gil: Moo, wha'ts bebes?
*** bee-jaah has joined #Disabled
Gil: first kiss, eh? Hmm.
Mooooooo: bee-jaah!!!!!!!!
dtb: well I've gotta go eat. talk to you next week. bye
Upsilon: hello bee-jaah
bee-jaah: hay hi all
Mooooooo: see ya dtb!
Mimi____: Ahhh! Well I'm pregnant, so it would have to be summer of 98! :o)
*** dtb has left #disabled
* turbokev is disabled with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
turbokev: mimi, pregnant?
Mooooooo: her name was Kathy and I melted on the spot
Mimi____: Yep, preggers all the way.
bee-jaah: hi moooo
HelloKit: How old, Mooooooo...
turbokev: how far along?
*** Wild_Dog has joined #Disabled
turbokev: christia
Mimi____: 15 weeks. I'm due on Halloween!
Mooooooo: hey there Wild_Dog!!
Wild_Dog: Hi! Heard of the meeting but got around late
turbokev: halloween?
Gil: I don't remember one first kiss - I remember the first which each woman, just about
Christia: I was late, very late... guess
Gil: first with even
Mooooooo: Wow! That would scare the kids if you delivered on the front porch!
Mimi____: My first kiss...it was pretty lame. I initiated it myself cuz the guy was too shy. Then I got embarassed and ran away!
turbokev: Moooooooo
AmyWonder: jesse, 6th grade
*** karenw has joined #disabled
Mimi____: I sincerely hope for the baby's sake that s/he is a little late! Thanx, Mooo.
Upsilon: I was 14, her name was Sherry and it happened after her choir concert at school, we were waiting for our ride and one thing led to another :)
Wild_Dog: Who's having a baby?
Mooooooo: actually, first puppy kiss was with a girl named Mimi (no relation to present company) when I was around 8
* HelloKit hands Upsilon a handful of SKITTLES
turbokev: mimi
* HelloKit hands Mooooooo a handful of .PEP-O-MINT .
Mimi____: 1st6 kiss, cont. I was 16.
Mimi____: I'm having a baby, WildDog. NIce to meet you. *extends hand*
turbokev: where's carly
* HelloKit is Carly.
Wild_Dog: Oh that's wonderful! Your first, Mimi?
Upsilon: howdy wild_dog
Mimi____: No my second. I have a 2 year old, too.
Mooooooo: Tell everyone about your first kiss, Carly!!!! :o)
turbokev: my first kiss was when I was 14
Upsilon: yes Carly tell us
Wild_Dog: My fiance says she's not ready for a baby... if guys could get pregnant I'd do it without her
turbokev: it was alright
Christia: Mimi can I ask you if you are disabled
HelloKit: Well, do you want my first kiss or my first real kiss?
Mooooooo: first real kiss!!!
Mimi____: Well, I wasn't ready either. After 9 months though, you just become ready.
Gil: Go, Dog, Go!
Gil: Heck , both, kit!
DavidW: Old guy here with big time baby hunger. My kids are all grown up. Love the way they look, smell, sound.
Mimi____: First FRENCH kiss Kit.
Wild_Dog: Then again she's not sure if she's ready for commitment-- too late though, since I moved in already
HelloKit: Summer of 95, my first day knowing Chris in person. We were sitting in my bedroom, I was really shy and staring straight down...
Mooooooo: french kissing is icky!
turbokev: but my first real and meaningful passionate kiss was when I was 18
Wild_Dog: Mooo, to each is different, I love french kissing, so romantic!
bee-jaah: icky is french kissing
Mimi____: Moooo........right.
turbokev: it also was french kissing
Upsilon: don't know what you're missing moooooooo
HelloKit: First he kissed my forehead, then my cheek... then he put his finger under my chin, lifted it up, and kissed my lips before I knew what was happening...
turbokev: it's great
Gil: Huuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh, Kit!
Mimi____: You anti-French kissers sound like my husband. I pity the girl....*just kidding* :o)
Gil: I got watery-eyed just now
turbokev: how old is everyone
Mooooooo: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, thats so romantic :o)
Wild_Dog: :) she still finds it amusing how her tongue affects me
* Upsilon is a single male, 26, living in Minnesota, with
Gil: ferget romantic, it's beautiful!
Christia: i am 27
* HelloKit will be 18 in 51 days....
AmyWonder: yup, but if you're really in love, french kisses are nice
Wild_Dog: I'm 29 for the first time
HelloKit: LOL
* Gil is 30
* Mooooooo wishes he could have been there to watch
Mooooooo: or video tape :o)
* bee-jaah 37 and live in the land down under
* HelloKit blushes.
turbokev: hellokit, r u still with chris
Christia: LOL
HelloKit: Yes I am.
Mimi____: I'm 27.
Wild_Dog: Guess my fiance is still downstairs, I'm Wild_Dog and she's Wild_Mona
Christia: Mimi, are you disabled
Mooooooo: ok, AmyWonder had the question... What do you find sexy in a mate or potential mate?
Gil: There's that pretty rosy glow again, where's that coming from? :-))
* turbokev is 24 and lives in Louisville, Kentucky and
Upsilon: good question
* Mooooooo was just in Louisville, Kentucky
*** GUTS has joined #Disabled
Wild_Dog: Well Moo, a smile turns me on, and so does a beautiful voice
Upsilon: hiya guts
Gil: I find that the things which first attract me to a woman are also the things which I find sexy later on, when we know each other much better.
Mimi____: Christia, I have epilepsy. Most of my friends at alt.support.epilepsy vehemently deny that its a disability, but I find it pretty disabling sometimes. :o)
AmyWonder: Moo, that's sneaky!
Christia: Yes maybe
Mooooooo: /:o)
*** GUTS has left #Disabled
Wild_Dog: You still have seizures, Mimi?
Christia: I had cerebral plasy
Mooooooo: a smile and a laugh go a long way
turbokev: a happy smile, intelligence, and a nice figure
Upsilon: hi karenw
Gil: Intelligent eyes do it for me
Mooooooo: and (dont laugh), slightly crossed eyes is really cute :o)
turbokev: and a sense of humor
HelloKit: I think the sexiest thing about Chris is his voice.
Upsilon: I look at her eyes and smile
Mooooooo: quite sexy, in fact
Mimi____: Actually, wild dog, I used to have tonic-clonic but now I only have the occasional absence seizure. My real problem is drug side-effects.
Christia: What do you mean by diosablind
Wild_Dog: Being ticklish is a plus B-)
Mimi____: I like a guy who can laugh at himself, and yet be completely sincere with others.
turbokev: and eyes are all what i find sexy
Wild_Dog: Mimi, I've been seizure free for 11 years so things are looking up
Upsilon: I like a woman who is very outgoing, and not very shy
Gil: Moo, I understand that - take Shelley Long f'rinstance
Mimi____: Christia....had?
Mimi____: Wild dog...good job! Are you still on meds?
*** Christia has left irc (Ping timeout for Christia])
AmyWonder: what you u mean, 'had' cp?
turbokev: hellokit, i saw u on ur web site
Wild_Dog: I'm not on meds for seizures, never was except in the hospital, but I do take antidepressants
Upsilon: a cuddler is a +
turbokev: ur cute and sexy
* Mooooooo is a big time cuddle fan
Wild_Dog: Someone who enjoys my poetry is also favoured
Mimi____: Wild dog...good job! Are you still on meds?
HelloKit: Chris cries when I sing... I love that.
Upsilon: well, folks I'm calling it a night
Wild_Dog: Mimi___ as I said, I take antidepressants. I don't need anything for seizures
Upsilon: nice meeting you all
Mooooooo: my dog howls when i sing
Mooooooo: see ya later ups :o)
Mimi____: Whoops. sorry. I'm repeating myself. I meant to say good job!
* Wild_Dog howls at Moooooooo
*** Christia has joined #disabled
Mimi____: Bye Ups.
Upsilon: bye all
turbokev: mimi, i dated a girl with epilepsy
Mimi____: Hi again Christia.
Mimi____: Kev...did she have seizures or were they under control?
* Mooooooo says for those who dont know, you can download
Wild_Dog: Actually my fiance has diabetes II
*** Upsilon has left irc (Leaving)
Christia: I am back again
turbokev: carly, how serious r u and chris
* Mooooooo has epilepsy too
Mooooooo: but i havent had a seizure since i was 17
* Wild_Dog doesn't have epilepsy
HelloKit: We're engaged.
Mimi____: You on meds Moooo?
* Wild_Dog was 18 when he had his last seizure :)
Mooooooo: nope
turbokev: mimi, she only has seizures about twice a year
Mimi____: What do you have, then, WildDog?
Christia: Mimi, is your epilepsi affect the fact of being a mother
Wild_Dog: I have hydrocephalus
Mooooooo: i took medication for a year
Mooooooo: didtn help
Mimi____: Well, being on medication while pregnant is a worry. I'm on one of the best drugs for pregnancy, but it still doubles the chances of birth defects, though.
Mooooooo: there was another question
Mooooooo: i cant remember
turbokev: she was Amy Glasscock and she broke my heart :-(
Mimi____: Just a year? Did you try other things? Keto diet, etc.
AmyWonder: ccccry
Wild_Dog: Mimi... you don't say. That's why Mona doesn't want to get pregnant :(
Mooooooo: just learning how to control it mentally
Mimi____: What is Mona on?
turbokev: what is everyone's name?
Wild_Dog: I don't know what Mona is on... some little white pills
* Mooooooo is Daniel
* turbokev is Kevin Rudolph
* turbokev is at http://members.iglou.com/turbokev
*** HellKitty has joined #Disabled
Wild_Dog: Mimi, found her pill bottle: 'Glyburide'
Mimi____: Mooo. Is that possible? What kind of seizures did you have?
Mimi____: My name really is Mimi.
Christia: Christian
Mimi____: Do they have an orange stripe?
Christia: Michle ? Mlanie ?
Wild_Dog: No
Mimi____: OK, will someone please tell me how to do these comments? I have mIRC.
turbokev: is moooooooo a male or female?
Mimi____: OOf. Never heard of it. Has she spoken to her doctor about this? There's LOTS of things that you can do.
HellKitty: My ISP hung up on me... I guess I've been connected too long. They really don't like me.
* Mooooooo is 33, single, male, christian, heterosexual,
Mooooooo: I had what they now call 'night terrors'
Wild_Dog: Mimi, she sez there's little she can do unless she gets rid of her diabetes
Mimi____: Well, OK, my REAL name is Roberta, but no one ever calls me that.
Mooooooo: would wake up in absolute terror
turbokev: hellkitty, i visited ur web and u r sexy
Mooooooo: sometimes run out of the house
Mooooooo: not a safe thing to do in Detroit
Mimi____: That's too bad Wild Dog. I wish you luck.
karenw: everyone put up their url's again... hehee i missed them all!
Wild_Dog: Gee Mooo, a heterosexual Christian. How about that!
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Wild_Dog: Thanx Mimi
turbokev: anyone want my pic
*** HellKitty is now known as HelloKit
Mimi____: Is that epilepsy Mooo? My grandmother does that.
* turbokev is at http://members.iglou.com/turbokev
Mimi____: I'd love your pic Kev.
Christia: Hi Karen, who are you ?
Mooooooo: yes, it is a form of epilepsy
Mooooooo: i detail it on my homepage
Mooooooo: http://www.geocities.com/~mooooooo/