Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

Disabilities & Romance 2: Awkward Moments

Jun 11, 1997

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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  AmyWonder ([email protected])
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HelloKit: logging is on
*** Rona has joined #disabled
duckgirl: I'm bakc my computer shut off on me
Gilbert: WB, Duckie
Mooooooo: Hi Rona! :o)
*** DopeHat has left irc (Ping timeout for DopeHat [email protected]])
lotaca: we aren't doing the age thing again are we :-) ?
HelloKit: Mimi: Micko was here earlier... said he's sorry he missed you.
duckgirl: hey gilber
Mimi_: awww, Man! He's not coming back?
Rona: hi there
Mooooooo: hahah
HelloKit: No, he spent the evening at the pub... :-/
lotaca: hello Rona
Rona: hope you don't mind my joining you
*** MrMojo has left #disabled
Mooooooo: no age checks except by private message :o)
Mimi_: :o(
Rona: I heard all about you from Dr. Bill
HelloKit: Not at all, Rona. Thanks for coming!
Mooooooo: Welcome Rona, come on in
lotaca: did you wash your hands ?
Mimi_: thanks for passing on the message Carly
*** DopeHat has joined #disabled
Rona: yea, as a matter of fact I did.....:-)
*** SweetHP has joined #Disabled
lotaca: Everybody is welcome, even me :-)
Mooooooo: hello SweetHP :o)
HelloKit: Hey SweetHP.
Rona: it's nice to meet you
SweetHP: Hi!
HelloKit: LOL
lotaca: and you
SweetHP: Nice to meet you too!
DopeHat: i'm back
HelloKit: Wow, look at the names list!
Rona: hello
lotaca: hello laidback
Gilbert: Full house!
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DopeHat: hey mimi
HelloKit: Give me 5 - 10 mins. and we'll start guys, okay?
DopeHat: ok
Gilbert: k K
Mooooooo: 5 whole mins? well, ok
lotaca: hey Mooooo, cool site, linked you to my page :-)
Mooooooo: thanks :o)
Mimi_: Hey Keith, what's up?
duckgirl: hi mimi
Mimi_: Hi duckgirl :o) welcome back
Rona: Yakima, Wa. for me
duckgirl: thanks...I've been looking forward to this
lotaca: Lacey, Wa here, wet, but here
Mimi_: this is one of my favorite nights of the week :o)
DopeHat: the Bulls are getting ready to play
SweetHP: This should be fun...I think. :-)
lotaca: np ?, some place
AmyWonder: sc
lotaca: ah, romance is everywhere, in the heart, and else where
Rona: hi there
lotaca: helloooooooo duckgirl
AmyWonder: why' s that haa
SweetHP: Hmmm...don't miss out...it can be fun & interesting haa!
lotaca: hello AmyWonder
*** ChanServ has left irc (Killed (irc2.inficad.com (hub.eskimo.com <- hub.eskimo.com (-)[email protected]])))
Mooooooo: I love romance :o)
Mooooooo: South Carolina
SweetHP: Hi Mooooooo! You are only 2 states away from me.
*** dtb has joined #disabled
lotaca: AmyWonder, where in SC ?
dtb: hi all
Mooooooo: dtb!!!!
duckgirl: hello lotaca
HelloKit: Hey dtb.
DopeHat: i haven't had much luck with romance :o(
Mimi_: hey dtb :o)
SweetHP: Oops...sorry Mooooooo. I thought you were in SC.
Mooooooo: are we ready yet? :o)
Mimi_: who has Keith? :o)
duckgirl: let's go
Mooooooo: Nope, Im in California
AmyWonder: no, haa: You can't you live without romance
lotaca: Where is hello kit ?
HelloKit: Couple more minutes... just have to finish a quick e-mail.
lotaca: or hellokit
Mooooooo: doh!
lotaca: Every Wednesday night
Rona: hi gordon
AmyWonder: I live in columbia. haa
* DopeHat says here kitty kitty kitty
lotaca: hello hellokit
lotaca: got your last mail, thanks
*** laidback has joined #Disabled
laidback: hi all back
Mooooooo: wb laidback :o)
laidback: thanks mooooo
duckgirl: sorry haa
*** mon_ange has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: Angel!!!!!! :o)
HelloKit: Hi non_ange.
mon_ange: hey moo
HelloKit: mon_ange even
lotaca: lotaca IS a romantic, you betcha
SweetHP: Well haa, have you tried various ways of getting him to be a romantic?
mon_ange: hi hellokit
*** al2 has joined #disabled
mon_ange: Hello al2
duckgirl: is there a meeting going on here?
* Mooooooo starts pounding silverware on the table. on with
DopeHat: hey mon_ange
HelloKit: Okay... everyone ready?
mon_ange: hi dopehat
laidback: go mooooo
* HelloKit slaps Mooooooo around a bit with a bag of
laidback: es!
SweetHP: Yes.
AmyWonder: it is 9:15!
laidback: yes!
HelloKit: I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
laidback: np
lotaca: hellokit, did you have a chance to see Karri's site?
Gilbert: Okay, no prob
HelloKit: I always wait a few mins. cuz the majority of us show up late.
Gilbert: as long as you're ready to get with it now
HelloKit: Not yet, lotaca.
Gilbert: I think we have a quorum tonight
duckgirl: it's geeting real late for those of us on the East coast
al2: fashionably late?
HelloKit: Okie-dokie...
duckgirl: where are you from a12
Gilbert: Duck, I'm in New Jersey, where R U?
duckgirl: maryland
* al2 is from arizona
Gilbert: IC, cool
* Mimi_ seconds ducky's motion on lateness on the east
lotaca: it's too quiet, it's wierd
gordon4: where in MD duckgirl
laidback: true
duckgirl: maryland is just outside of Washington, D.C.
* duckgirl getting tired of waiting
HelloKit: Does anyone have an 'awkward moment' they can share? Funny, embarrassing, whatever, as long as it applies to dating or romance.
* duckgirl what's the hold up
Gilbert: We can always start without hr
Gilbert: her
gordon4: I was from Cumb. now live in RI
Gilbert: Awkward, ok
duckgirl: mmmmm
al2: hmmmm....
Mooooooo: my most embarassing is my first kiss. i kinda missed her lips and hit her left nostril
HelloKit: duckgirl, you have to be patient with those of us who aren't the fastest typists in the world.
Mooooooo: very embarrassing
laidback: lol
Rona: this is my first time also
HelloKit: Especially in a channel full of people with disabilities.
HelloKit: LOL Mooooooo.
Gilbert: Go, Moo, go!
Gilbert: Kisses like that are always memorable
duckgirl: oooo embarassing mooo
laidback: true
al2: well, like most guys, i went to put my arm around her for the first time and smacked her in the head with my elbow
SweetHP: HelloKit, does marriage count in this discussion?
Gilbert: Ouch, al
* HelloKit has a couple memorable moments.
HelloKit: Of course, SweetHP.
Mooooooo: then when I finally got brave enough to kiss her again, my mother walked in the room and killed the mood by asking 'oh, who's your little friend?'
SweetHP: Ok...
HelloKit: LOL
* HelloKit sighs... 'Parents...'
Rona: hi gilbert
DopeHat: i hate that moo
al2: how intimate can this be?
Mooooooo: guess that falls under horror story
Mooooooo: the was the last time i ever brought anyone home
HelloKit: I don't blame you...
Gilbert: (Hi Rona)
Mooooooo: as intimate as ya want, without 4 letter words :o)
al2: ok... hope it isn't offensive
HelloKit: My first one was on my first date ever... it was a blind date with my sis's boyfriend's bro, chaperoned by his bro and my sis, of course...
Chickadee: Hi
lotaca: good girl
lotaca: :-)
SweetHP: You poor thing...
HelloKit: We went out for dessert, and he was feeding me a piece of pie. Really sweet of him for our first date. Well, a bite kinda missed my mouth...
SweetHP: I hate those kind of dates.
lotaca: hellokit can call me anything, but late for dinner :-)
laidback: my girlfriend went to lay back on me 1 time hit the button on my chair we both went flying back and almost hit the floor messed the mood up i tell ya
HelloKit: LOL
al2: once when in the hospital a nurse was masturbating me, suddenly the curtain opens and there stood my parents
Mooooooo: hahah
AmyWonder: better than chewing up things, HelloKit
Mimi_: *L*
Mooooooo: wow!!
Mimi_: ROTF!!!
Mimi_: lets hear more stories like al2's! *g*
lotaca: Moooooo, what's your definition of Romance ?
AmyWonder: hi
Gilbert: Geez, al
AmyWonder: oh no
laidback: good 1 a12
HelloKit: We both started giggling, and my sis couldn't figure out what we were laughing about. She started peeking under the table to see if we were holding hands or something.
Mooooooo: cuddling :o)
lotaca: hey hey hey
laidback: cool haa
lotaca: again, got one about <chris>or <karri>
laidback: dont have none myself but have 5 godkids
lotaca: hey moooooo
laidback: the keep me biz
duckgirl: I'd love to have a kid
Mooooooo: yep lotaca :o)
laidback: me 2 if time comes 4 it
Mimi_: I'm in the process of having a kid :o)
mon_ange: i would love to have a kid....when i get older of course
HelloKit: My other awkward moment happened my junior year in HS.
laidback: cooool
al2: i just want a dog
* duckgirl has a dog I'll share
laidback: lol a12
al2: can your dog cook?
HelloKit: I invited a friend to the Homecoming dance... just as good friends, no romance involved. We were sitting down taking a break from dancing, and he had gone to get me something to drink...
AmyWonder: hey mimi
HelloKit: He came back with it, and was helping me drink it... and I choked! You should have seen him, he thought he had killed me...
lotaca: is it me or am I getting tossed into the twilight zone
laidback: hehe
Rona: hi moo
Gilbert: No straws that night, I guess, Kit?
HelloKit: Nope. The schools never have straws at the dances. Makes me mad.
laidback: should have took our own
laidback: your
HelloKit: Didn't think about it...
*** MrMojo has joined #disabled
mon_ange: Hello MrMojo
Mooooooo: I see you lotaca
HelloKit: Hey MrMojo.
*** lotaca has left irc (Read error to lotaca 201-210-131.ipt.aol.com]: Connection reset by peer)
laidback: my y key is messed sorry
al2: everybody else probly uses the straws to shoot spitwads
MrMojo: damn isp
* HelloKit has the same problem with her 't' key...
Rona: hi dtb
laidback: true a12
MrMojo: its me keith
HelloKit: True, al2... didn't think about that either.
dtb: hi
*** DopeHat has left irc (Ping timeout for DopeHat [email protected]])
Gilbert: Okay, I got one
Mooooooo: I remember when this girl named Tina was giving me dancing lessons in the closet at the teen dance and my best friend walked in and ruined it for us
Mimi_: Hey Amy! Wassup? :o)
laidback: yea
al2: gadzooks... 'tie me kangaroo down' just came on the radio!
laidback: where u from?
Gilbert: my girlfriend was over at my place (she's an ex- now - moved away) and we were having fun with our clothes on on my bed
SweetHP: Ok...ready for an awkward one?
Gilbert: and her bladder let loose
Mooooooo: yep sweethp :o)
Mimi_: lay it on us SweetHP
Mooooooo: oh my!
Gilbert: she was embarassed - she went home to clean up
HelloKit: A few years ago at camp, one of the counselors took me to the camp dance. No romance this time either... he's married and way too old for me. It's a camp thing, you'd have to be there to understand...
*** mon_ange has left irc (Killed (hub.eskimo.com (irc2.inficad.com <- services.newnet.net] (older nick overruled))))
laidback: go 4 it
Gilbert: it was on my new down comforter too - got it cleaned no prob
Mimi_: oops :o)
*** bullie has joined #disabled
duckgirl: I've expereinced that one...embarassing
SweetHP: Well, before my hubby & I got married. I insisted we live together first.
Mooooooo: awwww
Mimi_: wb Angel :o)
Mooooooo: wb angel
bullie: thanks :)
*** MrMojo is now known as DopeHat
HelloKit: Anyway, he was walking me back to my cabin after the dance... I was wearing little canvas slip-on shoes, and he walked me right into a mud puddle.
laidback: aww
SweetHP: When it was time for bed, he had no idea how I got into bed.
Mimi_: hey haa! :o) How are ya?
duckgirl: sweetHP how di you?
SweetHP: So, he laid down...then when I came rolling into bed...he jumped up...like he thought I was falling.
AmyWonder: alright, mimi
Gilbert: She and I got more serious after that, but that stage of our friendship lasted about a month
*** bullie is now known as mon_ange
*** Rona has left irc (Ping timeout for Rona yak-ts2-p08.wolfenet.com])
al2: wish i could take it... but can't even take care of myself
Mooooooo: the pee on the bed stage?
SweetHP: & hit his head on the dresser next to the bed! gt;
Gilbert: Duh, Moo
HelloKit: LOL Owie!
Mooooooo: ouch!
Mooooooo: /:o)
Gilbert: Har, HP
Gilbert: After the P incident we (she) took precautions
SweetHP: He said, 'Geez! Next time warn me!'
HelloKit: LOL
Mimi_: *L*
HelloKit: Reminds me of the first time Chris saw me eat...
laidback: brb
al2: anybody here spinal cord injury/dysfunction?
Mooooooo: i had scoliosis
AmyWonder: i talked with George monday, mimi
mon_ange: i have spina bifida
duckgirl: I have Spina Bifida
Mimi_: Amy, you're going to have to fill me in...who's George? *sheepish grin*
HelloKit: I eat sandwiches by picking them up off the table w/ my mouth. Well, this was an egg sandwich, a bit more difficult. Chris sat there and watched me make a slob of myself, and then later told me he would have offered to help me but he thought I would be offended.
laidback: k back
al2: i'm not too familiar with spina bifida...
Gilbert: First time, eh, Kit ... I guess he got used to it and all ...
Mooooooo: i used to get smacked when i did that
al2: but know basically what it is
HelloKit: Yeah... he loves to feed me now... says it's romantic.
*** mon_ange has left irc (Killed (hub.eskimo.com (irc2.inficad.com <- services.newnet.net] (older nick overruled))))
AmyWonder: The guy who took me to VA in his plane
Gilbert: Well, it is
*** bullie has joined #disabled
bullie: geeez
AmyWonder: memorial day weekend
Mimi_: poor angel :o(
bullie: why does it hate me so? :(
Mimi_: I didn't remember his name! How is he?
Gilbert: Kool, Amy, what kind of plane? How big?
laidback: well i need 2 go nice meeting u all have fun and take care all!!!
Mimi_: bye laidback! :o)
Mooooooo: Does farting in a car when you're with a girl count as an awkward moment?
laidback: bye
HelloKit: LOL
Mooooooo: see ya laidback :o)
al2: moooo.... yes
bullie: oh geez moo lol
Mimi_: I would say so Daniel :o)
*** laidback has left irc (Leaving)
al2: i speak from experience
Mooooooo: ok, add that to my list :o)
HelloKit: LOL al2
duckgirl: embarassing
Mimi_: farting in a car when you're with a guy is just as bad :o)
al2: heck, i even did worse than that
Mimi_: what's that al?
HelloKit: How un-ladylike, Mimi...
Mimi_: well, you know...sometimes we can't help these things...
Mimi_: *g*
Mooooooo: you pooped on a date?
*** AmyWonder has left #Disabled (netsplit)
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al2: i had an involuntary bowel movement when making out
Mimi_: damn
Mooooooo: oops!
Gilbert: Ahhhhh - split Nooooooooo
HelloKit: Oh no!
Mimi_: oh, no, al2!
*** vipes has joined #Disabled
Mimi_: hey vipes :o)
Mooooooo: hey vipes :o)
DopeHat: oh man
al2: she was a nurse and understood, though
HelloKit: That's good...
Mimi_: that's good :o)
Mimi_: I hear an echo...
HelloKit: LOL
* HelloKit pats al2 on the back.
bullie: hi vipes
vipes: sorry dont think this channel is for me
duckgirl: bowel movements and bladder problems are always going to be there...need to find someone who will accept those problems and actally make them fun
al2: that's right
Mimi_: why not vipes?
Mooooooo: why vipes :o)
Gilbert: Yeah, good call, Duck
Mimi_: so true :o)
vipes: hmm duno just have nothing to say
Mooooooo: sit and listen :o)
Mimi_: just sit back and listen and learn
HelloKit: Have you ever had an embarrassing moment on a date, vipes?
Mooooooo: I remember the first time I held hands with Jenny
Mooooooo: was at her 16th birthday
al2: yeah... you might get a chuckle out of some of these
DopeHat: i don't have much to either
HelloKit: :o)
* HelloKit gets all starry-eyed...
Mimi_: and?
Mooooooo: we were telling ghost stories in a dark room and our hands accidently met
DopeHat: but i'm listening
vipes: cant say i have i have only had 1 date and have been with her for 3 years now(is that good luck or bad)?
Mooooooo: greatest feeling of my life
Mimi_: awww....:o)
Mooooooo: but she got in big trouble
bullie: i'll brb
*** bullie has left #disabled
Mimi_: why did she get in trouble?
HelloKit: Why Mooooooo?
DopeHat: why?
al2: not to worry vipes.... been 13 years for me
Mooooooo: I don't know, but she told me she did
Mooooooo: i'll have to ask her tomorrow
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* Mimi_ can't wait to hear
Mooooooo: i hope she remembers
gordon4: thanks for the laughs. Time for bed. Goodnight
Mooooooo: its been 17 years
HelloKit: vipes: Perhaps next week's topic will be one you can relate to more.
Mooooooo: see ya gordon
Gilbert: I can't find the Spilled people
al2: g'night gordon4
Gilbert: Splitted people I mean
Mooooooo: dont forget you can download the meeting from the homepage
*** mon_ange has joined #disabled
*** vipes has left #Disabled
Mimi_: night gofdon!
*** gordon4 has left irc (Leaving)
HelloKit: Keep coming back and I'm sure you'll feel more comfortable eventually.
Mimi_: oops...Gordon
al2: heck... this my first time and i feel very comfortable here
Mooooooo: cool al :o)
Mooooooo: who else has a story?
DopeHat: great :o)
*** HelloKit has left irc (Write error to HelloKit [email protected]], closing link)
mon_ange: sorry i dont
Mimi_: awwww....
Mooooooo: awww
*** Chickadee has joined #disabled
*** HelloKit has joined #Disabled
HelloKit: grr
Mooooooo: well I would ask ya but me back Becky made wedding plans for 2004 :o)
Mooooooo: me and becky
Mooooooo: oops
mon_ange: awwww
HelloKit: ping me
Mooooooo: i dont know if i can wait 7 years though
Gilbert: Zero? WHat?
HelloKit: Thanks, auto-Mooooooo...
Gilbert: Ping reply] Kit 1 seconds
Mooooooo: June 22nd, 2004 at 6:15pm
Mimi_: I don't think you had better wait 7 years Daniel...
* Mimi_ is rather alarmed!
Mooooooo: ok, hey Angel, wanna get married? :o)
mon_ange: i think 7 years is too long.
mon_ange: yup
mon_ange: when i'm 25
DopeHat: about what mimi
Mooooooo: doh!
Mimi_: too long, again :o(
Mooooooo: I cant wait 6 years either
Mimi_: I'd take him in a second....
Mooooooo: Mimi is married
mon_ange: or maybe when i find 'Mr. Right' it may be sooner
Mimi_: If I wasn't already married. :o)
mon_ange: dont know yet
Mooooooo: maybe an affair?
* Mooooooo <---- Mr. Right
* Mimi_ considers that option...
Mooooooo: /:o)
mon_ange: hehe
Mimi_: Where were you 5 years ago?
mon_ange: I think I already found him though
Gilbert: Moo, Moo, Moo ... <shaking head>
Mooooooo: Home, waiting for your call :o)
Mimi_: :o(
mon_ange: but i think 19 is a little too young to be getting married.
*** Chickadee has left #disabled
Mooooooo: Really? cool!
Mooooooo: true
*** sparks- has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: Caroline was 21
DopeHat: i don't think i will ever get married
Mimi_: who's that angel?
Gilbert: 19 = too too young
Mooooooo: hey sparks!
*** Fuzzie1 has joined #disabled
Gilbert: Hey Sparky
HelloKit: My mom was 16... the first time.
sparks-: hey moooooooo!
mon_ange: my ex-sister in law was 19
Mimi_: :Hey sparks and fuzzie :o)
Fuzzie1: Hi all
Gilbert: Kit, how long did that one last?
al2: well... caregiver is due... gotta go
al2: bye all
Mimi_: take it easy Al2! :o)
Mooooooo: see ya al2!
*** WaYc0oL has joined #Disabled
mon_ange: bye al
*** al2 has left irc (Leaving)
HelloKit: Not long... a couple months I think.
Fuzzie1: just found the webpage and thought i would check things out