Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

Disability Foul-Ups, Bleeps & Blunders

Sep 18, 1997

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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Mimi: how are you tonight?
Amazin1: I'm back
Mooooooo: wb :o)
Mooooooo: 6:00pb :o)
Amazin1: :) thanks
Mooooooo: hey al2!!
Mimi: sorry Daniel I got confused :o)
Mooooooo: hehe
Mimi: hello everyone who just joined us! :O)
Mooooooo: wb Denise :o)
al2: ahoy mooooo
DopeHat: hi al2
al2: ahoy dopehat
Mimi: Tonight's meeting is about Disability Foul-ups, Bleeps, and Blunders
Catz: my dad says hello to hop-along
Mooooooo: cool topic :o0
Mimi: Has your disability ever gotten you into a funny or embarrassing situation?
Mooooooo: :o) too
Hop-along: hello
Mooooooo: Mine has!!!
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phoenyxx: just in time
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Mimi: let's hear it, Daniel :o)
Mooooooo: I fell down on the highway in my body cast
Mimi: hello, Simon, Judy
Mimi: eek!
al2: hey phoenyxx... finally we meet!
Hop-along: Catz, Who is your Dad.
phoenyxx: hello al2
Mooooooo: with a semi coming down the road
Mimi: for those who just came in, the question is: Has your disability ever gotten you into a funny or embarrassing situation?
Mimi: oh, my god, what did you do?
phoenyxx: I've flipped my chair a few times trying to hop on or off curbs.
Amazin1: moooo-ve it
Mooooooo: the truck stopped
Mimi: I guess so or you wouldn't be here!
Mooooooo: but i was able to get up
Mooooooo: it sure was a site to see though
Mooooooo: people were watching
Mooooooo: was pretty funny
Mimi: did anyone run to help?
al2: anybody offer to help ya?
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Mooooooo: nope, they just kina looked
Mimi: sheesh!
al2: afraid, no doubt
Mimi: guess they didn't want to tangle with that semi, either :O)
Mooooooo: i looked like a turtle on his back
DopeHat: some people
DopeHat: hehe
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Mimi: full body cast?
*** Disabled- is now known as Disabled
Mooooooo: from my neck to my butt
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Mooooooo: i think i fell two more times after that
Mimi: lol
Mooooooo: the only 2 times Jenny didnt walk to school with me
Mimi: where was she when you needed her?! ;o)
Mooooooo: heh
Mooooooo: ok, who else has a story?
Amazin1: My crutchtips got suctioned to the wet pavement at SeaWorld last year....and slid down a walkway the very same day, doing the splits and not very gracefully, I might add
phoenyxx: yikes!
Mimi: *g*
Mooooooo: hehe, ive seen that happen :o)
Mimi: what were they doing in wet pavement? :o)
Mimi: oh, I was thinking like wet cement, I get it now :o)
Amazin1: about 5 Japanese ladies just stood in a circle around me...trying to figure out what to do
DopeHat: i had my sister turn my wheelchair at the airport
phoenyxx: One of the times my chair flipped my friends and I were videotaping and the first thing I yelled
Mimi: what did they finally do, Denise?
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phoenyxx: was 'Where's the camera' to make sure it was packed in the case!
phoenyxx: :-)
Amazin1: nothing
DopeHat: turn it over
Mooooooo: hi bee-jaah and gordon!
Mimi: hello beejaah, gordon
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bee-jaah: Hi all
Amazin1: my sister-in-law finally acknowledged that she knew me and let them know I could get up on my own
Mimi: the current question is:
Mimi: Has your disability ever gotten you into a funny or embarrassing situation?
Hop-along: Hello to you all. Nice to talk to you all.
gordon4: hello!hello
Mooooooo: It was VERY embarrassing when I got my cast on
al2: I think I've led a sheltered life
Mooooooo: was layed out naked in front of over a dozen men and women
Mimi: how come, al2?
Mooooooo: they were there to observe
bee-jaah: Oh yes my left side has a mind of its own and goes off on a tangent when it feels like it
al2: all my predicaments weren't funny
Mimi: eek! how old were you?
Mooooooo: 16
Mimi: yikes *wince*
Mooooooo: well all the women were nuns and the men were doctors
Mimi: you mean not all of them were, or none of them were, al2?
judi: Hi! All my predicaments haven't been funny either
al2: none were funny... either dangerous or painful
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Mimi: were the nuns nurses?
Mooooooo: al2, ya gotta admit the nurse thing was VERY funny :o)
bee-jaah: In the middle of a department store here with a huge display of cystal you can guess the rest
Mimi: LOL
al2: well... ok
Mooooooo: yep Mimi
Mimi: yeah, I agree ;o)
* cinnandy slaps ChanServ around a bit with a large trout
al2: pleasurable, too
Mooooooo: hello cinnandy
Mimi: LOL
Mooooooo: lol
cinnandy: Hi judi!!!!
judi: Hi Cinnandy
cinnandy: Suprise
judi: Very
Mimi: the question was funny OR embarassing...so shoot, guys!
cinnandy: so hows the conversation going?
Mooooooo: going great :o)
cinnandy: Hi everyone by the way
phoenyxx: One time I got a voice mail about one of the TV shows my friends and I do and no joke, one caller seemed to think the chair was
Mimi: good cinnady, the current question is: Has your disability ever gotten you into a funny or embarrassing situation?
phoenyxx: a prop!
Mimi: a prop? for what?
Mooooooo: simon, you mean that chair is for real????????? :oP
phoenyxx: No, literally they thought the chair was part of the show and not for real.
Mimi: LOL
cinnandy: well MimiI don't have a physical disability, does a brain malfunction count for me?
phoenyxx: weird-
phoenyxx: !
Mooooooo: cinnandy, yep! You and the president are more than welcome :o)
al2: hehe
cinnandy: why thank you so much!
Mimi: well it does for me, cinnandy, so it should for you too! :o)
Mimi: ROFL!
cinnandy: thank mimi
phoenyxx: What made it funny was that it wasn't a gripe, just that someone really thought in skit after skit the chair was just for show.
Mimi: like they couldn't conceive of a disabled actor
Mooooooo: I used to have fun with my cast on
judi: what kind of show are you talking about
Mimi: what did you do?
phoenyxx: Mimi: yeah, but I wasn't offended, like I said, it was rather funny
Mooooooo: once I stuck an x-acto knife in my back, poured ketchup on it, and layed on the school room floor
Mimi: people are strange
Mimi: LOL
cinnandy: THeir ignorance, not yours! ha
Mimi: did anyone fall for it?
Mooooooo: the teacher almost had a stroke
phoenyxx: because nothing about my disability was ever discussed, I just started appearing on camera in my chair/
al2: brb... need H2O...
phoenyxx: and I think some people just didn't get it at first :-)
Mooooooo: it was the same teacher who caught me with a fake bandage on my hand...
Mimi: well Simon I don't get most of your jokes...I imagine I'm not alone in the world ;o)
judi: have any of you ever gotten your chair stuck trying to get in a 'handicapped accessible public restroom?
Mooooooo: I wanted out of a test so I bandaged up my hand....
phoenyxx: judi: yes!
Mooooooo: one of the other teachers was friends with my mom...
DopeHat: when i was in the 8th grade i was in the gym and i was kicking a basketball around kinda like soccer in my motor chair. i missed it and my chair went up on it and fell over sideways.
Mooooooo: she called the other teacher up in class...
judi: Why do they call them handicapped if you can't get in them?
cinnandy: thats a good question!
Mimi: eek!
Mooooooo: the teacher walked up to me, smiled, took my bandaged hand and slammed it into the desk a few times
phoenyxx: Mimi: yeah, but there wasn't a joke to get :-)
Mooooooo: the other kids thought she was nuts
Mooooooo: was pretty funny
Mimi: ROFL
cinnandy: No worse than the motel room that was suppose to be handicapp accessable you rented that one time judi!
judi: true
cinnandy: mooooo maybe she was nuts!
Mooooooo: that would make a cool ride Keith :o)
Mooooooo: nah, she was my fav teacher in school
Mimi: but I bet it improved his aim ;o)
cinnandy: LOL Mimi!!
DopeHat: i hit my head on the floor
cinnandy: ouch!
Mooooooo: ow!
Mimi: *wince*
phoenyxx: judi- ever had someone try to justify lack of accessability?
judi: yes
al2: I fell forward in the wchair once, couldn't get back up and spent the next 13 hours with my face in the silverware drawer (funny now, but not then)
cinnandy: ha ha ha ha ha you mean that actually happens?
Mooooooo: whoa!
Mimi: oh, no!
cinnandy: a12, bet it wasn't funny at all!
Mimi: sounds boring and uncomfortable
Mooooooo: and I can never find clean silverware when i need it most
cinnandy: lol
phoenyxx: judi: ok, but have you ever had a disabled person try to justify lack of accessability? now that's a bad (but true) joke.
* Mimi chuckles
al2: yeah... i still have silverwareaphobia
Mooooooo: lol
cinnandy: a12, I bet you do!
Mooooooo: do people call you forkophobic?
al2: and i use a chest belt now
judi: yes, They always think that 2' higher sink is ALL they need
Mimi: *g*
al2: gee... the psychologists could have fun with forkophobia
phoenyxx: I can laugh now at someone thinking the chair was a prop- but at the time, I thought I was getting ripped for having it.
cinnandy: what gripes me the most is when a person is in a wheel chair or mobilty cart, which is provided in most stores now, can't even fit the cart through the check out aisle!
Mimi: . Are you self-conscious about being unable to perform certain tasks?
cinnandy: Barely fit a shopping cart through most of them
Mimi: oops!
judi: And with a cart its easy to get wedged
Mimi: next question is:
Mimi: Are you self-conscious about being unable to perform certain tasks?
al2: some tasks... like needing help to drain a leg bag
Mooooooo: Sometimes I am, but most times not
Mimi: like what?
phoenyxx: I'm shy about it a little. I'm pretty independent but it's a little embarassing to be able to push
judi: I still try to avoid those things
Mooooooo: no particular thing, just change of mood
Amazin1: I'm not self-concious....EVERYONE needs help at one time or another
phoenyxx: myself all the way into a store right up to what I want only to need someone to get it from a high shelf.
Mooooooo: most times im fine though
judi: how do you get over being so self conscious
Char2: the item that i want in the store is always on the top shelfe
al2: phoenyxx... me too, but that's never been a problem... i know short tabs that need the same help
judi: me too
Mooooooo: I think it just comes with accepting that you need help sometimes
phoenyxx: judi- for me it's just been something I've gotten used to, and store clerks seem cool about it.
cinnandy: phoenyxx, thats very understandable, I am not even in a wheel chair, and most things are to high for me to reach, how does anyone expect any different from a person in a wheel chair or cart?
phoenyxx: cinnandy: I'm 5'4' standing, so that's about 4'5' sitting. I was taller when I was a kid! :-)
Mimi: How do you handle it when other people are embarassed for you or around you?
phoenyxx: when I was 11 I was 4'10'!
Mimi: I'm short too and I need help in the supermarket :o)
Amazin1: I'm 3'11' :)
phoenyxx: Mimi: for me it depends on the situation. I can usually do something to put everyone at ease about it.
Mooooooo: Mimi, I just look them in the eye and tell them to kiss my pearly white butt
judi: I find store personnel keep coming up to me asking if I'm ok
Mimi: what do you do, Simon?
Mimi: lol, ok, Daniel
al2: not to worry... i can't get stuff off of shelves that are right next to me
phoenyxx: Mimi: to put people at ease, I can usually just act natural about it.
cinnandy: whats the deal that a sales clerk looks at the person thats with the handicap person instead of directly speaking to the handicap person?
al2: yup
Mooooooo: ohhh!
Mooooooo: the car dealer did that with me
judi: I sometimes feel like people want me to leave so they can be more comfortable
Mooooooo: started talking to my friend
cinnandy: Dothe sales people think because someone is disabled, they can't hear either?
phoenyxx: If I can see that people are a little nervous about the chair I can ask them to sit down so we can talk, that works fine.
DopeHat: i hate that
Mimi: I bet he didn't do it twice *G*
Mooooooo: walked right past me
phoenyxx: plus I make myself look relaxed, like taking my gloves off for example since I gesture alot when I talk.
Mimi: what did you do?
Mooooooo: I went to the dealer next door and paid cash for my new car.
Mimi: LOL
Mimi: the best revenge
Amazin1: lol Moo
cinnandy: Moooooo, good for you!!!
phoenyxx: cool Mooooo
Mooooooo: just like the time the lady in the restraunt was rude to me
Amazin1: Moo...I'll keep that in mind...I'm car shopping in November :)
Mooooooo: the other waitress was very nice
Mooooooo: I had milk and fries... $#
judi: you're very brave I would have crawled home, so to speak
Mooooooo: $3
Mooooooo: I left her a $40 tip
cinnandy: Good night everyone, nice chatting with you all! And good night to my adorable mother-in-law 'JUDI'
bee-jaah: Mooo you in a chair
Mooooooo: just to make the mean one mad
Mooooooo: nope, but i walk kinda funny
phoenyxx: for some reason most of the dirty looks have been from other disabled persons. don't know why though :-)
Mimi: lol
Mimi: bye cinnandy!
Mooooooo: bye cinnandy :o)
*** cinnandy has left irc (Leaving)
Mimi: next question:
Mimi: Are you self-conscious about aspects of your appearance which are affected by your disability?
Mooooooo: as we were pulling out of the restraunt parking lot, in the window we could see the wairess jumping up and down
Mooooooo: happy
phoenyxx: Mimi: I am a little.
Mimi: cool! :o)
Mooooooo: I am too
al2: yes, but only a little
Mooooooo: I dont wear shorts anymore
Mooooooo: except inside
Mooooooo: or when hiking
Mimi: Believe it or not, I am too
Mimi: why do you say 'anymore?' Daniel?
phoenyxx: I'm comfortable about people seeing the chair but I'm more nervous about people seeing my wrist braces for carpal tunnel.
judi: I have gained a lot of weight due to cortisone and I don't want anyone I know to see that or the changes in my hands etc
phoenyxx: sounds weird, right?
Mooooooo: i used to wear shorts in the summer
Mooooooo: i got tired of nasty comments
Mimi: who made nasty comments?
Mimi: doesn't sound weird, Simon
bee-jaah: Im never sure weather people are looking at me or my disability
Mooooooo: mostly dumb kids who didnt like their windows and headlights :o)
judi: I know what you mean beejah
Mimi: When I had my first seizure at 16, my doctor put me on Dilantin which can have a nasty side effect on young girls...
phoenyxx: what's interesting is that I'm ok in the chair in public but I've gotten into a bad habit of hiding it on camera nowadays.
Mooooooo: what kind of effect?
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judi: my son used to take Dilantin, its hard on teenage boys too
Mimi: so to this day my legs, if I don't shave them, are as hairy as my husbands (but I DO shave them!)
al2: i don't shave anything
Mooooooo: wow, i didnt know that
turbokev: so what is the topic
Mimi: not to mention a couple of whiskers on my chin *wince*
Mimi: I absolutely hate it
Mooooooo: look up, Kev
Mooooooo: /:o)
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Mimi: Are you self-conscious about aspects of your appearance which are affected by your disability?
turbokev: any words + users
Mooooooo: Disability Foul-Ups, Bleeps & Blunders
judi: I hate walking funny and moving arms strange etc
turbokev: well my respirator and trache
Mooooooo: I dont like the fact I have no muscle mass in my calves
judi: I'm sure that is hard
Mooooooo: thats all im really self-conscious about
Mooooooo: the walking funny part doesnt bother me
judi: I don't either mooo
Mooooooo: just being so skinny
bee-jaah: Its like having a split personaity wanting to go in 2 directions at once
turbokev: me too moooooooooooo
al2: try no muscle mass below the shoulders
Mooooooo: i think all my mass is in my tummy
DopeHat: i'm self-conscious about how i look
Mimi: so is mine! ;o)
DopeHat: lol
Amazin1: lol
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phoenyxx: good one Mimi!
Mimi: hello sis :o)
phoenyxx: :-)
al2: yeah... I call it th
al2: oops
judi: I think anyone who looks different is self conscious
SIS2U: hi
bee-jaah: I have all my muscle mass above my eye brows
Mimi: sis the question is Are you self-conscious about aspects of your appearance which are affected by your disability?
turbokev: mine is in the pants (mass)
bee-jaah: so i hear
al2: yeah, I call it the 'black widow syndrome'... skinny arms & legs, big belly
turbokev: that's a joke!
phoenyxx: Now, is it weird that I'm not that shy about the chair anymore- it's only been 4 years.
SIS2U: Mimi
Mimi: I have a friend who's drop dead gorgeous and she's afraid to go out of the house without makeup
SIS2U: is this yopur meeting
Mimi: well, yep, this one's 'mine'
turbokev: that is nuts
SIS2U: ok
Mimi: it drives me absolutely crazy
SIS2U: thanks
Mimi: np :o)
al2: i know a slightly bald guy that spray paints his head
Mimi: lol
Mimi: does that stuff work?
judi: pathetic
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al2: it looks like a spray painted head
Mimi: wb :o)
Mimi: eek@
turbokev: my hair is something i have to fix before i leave home
Mimi: next question:
Mimi: What are positive ways youve found to deal with your own embarassment?
turbokev: mime ur cute
al2: i just buzz all my hair off
Mimi: thanks, kev :o)
Mooooooo: I wear pants :o)
Mooooooo: seems to have cured the problem
turbokev: what happened to kit
Mimi: embarassment or self-consciousness
Mimi: LOL me too, Daniel!
judi: I wear as many clothes as possible
Mimi: she's on vacation, kev
Mooooooo: kit joined the french foreign legion
phoenyxx: Nowadays I try to ignore weird reactions from people, and I also keep in mind I'm not the only one :-)
turbokev: al2 i have a flat-top hair cut
Mimi: true, Simon
judi: good answer phoenyxx
al2: yup, i agree with phoenyxx
al2: the hell with 'em
judi: Some are hard to ignore
phoenyxx: thanks :-) for a while I went on camera in the chair then started hiding it because of all the nasty voicemail calls about it on the show,
Mimi: screw em simon, it's good for em anyway
phoenyxx: nowadays though I'm starting to let it be shown again and just ignoring the calls.
judi: I hide a lot but I am very shy
phoenyxx: Mimi: I know :-)
Mimi: you hide, judi? what do you mean?
judi: Don't go out
turbokev: we were at Cracker Barrel and some guy came up and said 'I hope you get better'
phoenyxx: I'm still shy but that's usually under certain conditions :-)
Mooooooo: there is also the 'take pictures butthead, they last longer' reply
judi: Like what
DopeHat: i don't go out much
turbokev: I'm to nice
phoenyxx: judi: talking to women. :-) no joke, I still get nervous about that, chair or no chair!
judi: I used to be an Rn, teaching patient info classes
Mooooooo: i had a guy stop me in the mall, start praying on me, and stated speaking in tongues
Mooooooo: scared the crap outta me
turbokev: i go out a lot
judi: I bet
Mimi: do you refrain from going out because you feel self-conscious, or for other reasons?
turbokev: thats nuts
Amazin1: lol...that's happened to me too Moo
judi: self-conscious
Mimi: did he live to do it again, Daniel?
turbokev: whois phoenyxx
Mooooooo: lol
Mooooooo: yep
phoenyxx: I don't go out as much as I'd like but that's just because I'm sometimes busy alot.
turbokev: is he a tv star
judi: Sometimes it just seems like too much trouble to take me along
Mimi: yes, Kev...but I'm the only one who knows who he really is
phoenyxx: I'm out during the day going to class, and I'm always out working on my show, so I got used to being around people in the chair after a while.
Mimi: so don't even ask, ok?
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Mimi: Judy, are these your feelings or do other people tell you that?
judi: my feelings
al2: mine too
*** Fran has left #Disabled
judi: thanks a12
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Mimi: you have just as much right to go out as anyone else
phoenyxx: I do at least try to go the movies- we have a couple of excellent accessable theatres here.
judi: nice to know someone else feels the same way
phoenyxx: I even saw an angelic vision in a movie theatre.
DopeHat: i think i look funny
* Mimi slaps phoenyxx around a bit with a large trout
phoenyxx: what?
Mooooooo: lol
Mooooooo: you mean.... HER?
DopeHat: i don't think i know
Mooooooo: the Sandra
Mimi: we are not discussing Sandra Bullock this evening.
Mooooooo: lol
Mimi: lol
phoenyxx: uh....what?
Mimi: jinx
DopeHat: sandra what
phoenyxx: I was just saying, we have two accessable theatres here, and I try to make it to a movie every now and then.
Mooooooo: Simon is twitterpated for Sandra Bullock
Mimi: next question:
judi: Are the theaters really accessible
phoenyxx: the only problem I have seeing a movie alone is carrying the popcorn.:-)
al2: I just watch gilligan's island on tv
Mimi: How has it helped to be able to laugh at yourself?
phoenyxx: judi: yes they are. they're great.
Mooooooo: I laugh at myself every time I go backpacking
judi: that's nice
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phoenyxx: I've learned to laugh at minor glitches during the day.
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iwiW: eek!
bee-jaah: If you can laugh at yourself then the rest of the world will laugh with you and not at you
iwiW: ddid you get my next question?
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*** iwiW is now known as Mimi
phoenyxx: example- I always have my Discman with me, and a book or two to read along with my class notes. So, one afternoon my lift-van ride came and the driver said to me
phoenyxx: as I got on the lift 'it's going to be a long ride- I've got two other pickups'
phoenyxx: '...hope you're ready..'
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phoenyxx: to that I said 'what do you think?' while I held up my CD player and a thick novel :-)
judi: I have a lot of trouble dressing myself and tend to laugh when I see how I've ended up being dressed
* Mimi chuckles
phoenyxx: ...I've almost rolled out the door with one shoe on :-)
DopeHat: heh
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Mooooooo: I laugh at myself every time I go backpacking
Mimi: hello Jeff :o)
Mooooooo: i think i split
Amazin1: am I still here?
Mimi: I still see you all :o)
Amazin1: :)
Mooooooo: since there arent any restrooms in the forest and I cant bend my legs....
Mooooooo: Ive become a very good aim :o)
Mimi: LOL
Catz: bye
Mooooooo: bye Catz!!!
judi: Sometimes when things get too hard, all you can do is laugh
*** Catz has left #disabled
Mimi: bye Catz!
Mimi: oops too late
Mooooooo: i refer to it as a bombing run
Mimi: I agree, judi, and that goes for anything or anyone
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Mimi: lol
judi: don't understand
Mimi: next question:
DopeHat: yes
Mimi: What do you find helps when you have a hard time making light of your disability?
judi: talking to my family
Amazin1: taking a nap :)
Mooooooo: making fun of able-bodied people brightens my day :o)
Mimi: LOL
Amazin1: lol....Moo
bee-jaah: talking to my dog
judi: Me too bee jah
bee-jaah: they are so understanding and never?
phoenyxx: for me, when I'm upset or a little embarrassed, I remind myself I'm not the only one. :-)
turbokev: anyone have trouble attracting the opposite sex
phoenyxx: and of course a good rant-fest is in order at times :-)
Mimi: I just tell myself how funny I would have looked on video :o)
Mooooooo: not me, I just have touble attracting the opposite sex who are old enough
judi: that's a good one Mmi
Mooooooo: I hope people dont start taking video cameras in the woods
Mimi: I wish I had one :o)
turbokev: i listen to music
Mimi: LOL
Mooooooo: I can see it on Hard Copy now.... 'Do gimps sh*t in the woods?'
* Mimi hopes they do! :o)
phoenyxx: Mooooo: uh, the video camera is the one of the greatest invention of all time :-)
turbokev: they probably do (tourist)
Mimi: yeah, you're sure to be captured on film somewhere, Daniel
Mooooooo: that is a camera that would never see daylight
Mooooooo: lol
phoenyxx: I wouldn't want cameras in the woods, they'd get me and some friends on video loading the trucks for our 'accessability initiative' project :-)
Mimi: Would anyone else like to ask a question, bring up an issue?
phoenyxx: I was just wondering, has anyone been thought of as being in denial about their disability when someone seems you acting natural about it?
Disabled: <Mooooooo> I would just like bring up the fact that im lagged
*** turbokev has left irc (Read error to turbokev lou-ts5-16.iglou.net]: Connection reset by peer)
*** Amazin1 has left irc (Read error to Amazin1 rubicon-d171.phonewave.net]: Connection reset by peer)
Mimi: eek!
*** turbokev has joined #disabled
Mimi: not me, simon
turbokev: sorry about that
*** Amazin1 has joined #disabled
Amazin1: ouch
Mimi: wb everyone :o)
turbokev: i guess i went too far
phoenyxx: just something I've run into a few times.
turbokev: what is ping
Mooooooo: checking travel time betwwen users
Mooooooo: i dont have any questions :o)
Mimi: I've exhausted mine :o)
Mimi: ok...Fun Chat! :o)