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Disability of the Month: Spinal Chord Injury

Mar 31, 1999

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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wacky: guess not
Kark: Hi Mooooooo
Lily: hmmmmmmmmm
Lonewolf: I started the log Brian
wacky: ok then I guess we start
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wacky: hello all due to the fact I type slow.....
wacky: i have written this alll out
wacky: and will give an over view of SCI or spinal cord injury
wacky: then after.. cam and I will take ur Q's
wacky: is this format ok?
Lonewolf: !
wacky: yes LW
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Lonewolf: yes
wacky: thanks
wacky: if there are no Qs at this time Lets start
wacky: The world of disabilities grows every day. Of the roughly 42 million Disabled in the USA, alone the single largest contributor is traumatic Spinal Cord injury (SCI).
wacky: The most common causes of SCI are: sports injuries (diving, and football are highest), auto accidents, and with more and more gang activity; guns.
wacky: The most common results of a SCI are: Quadriplegia (meaning that all for limbs have been affected) and Paraplegia (meaning two).
wacky: any Q at this time?
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wacky: The spinal cord is housed in a body of vertebrae most commonly referred to as the backbone. The backbone is in fact hollow, which allows the spinal column to remain protected.
wacky: However if the cord is damaged anywhere along the 29 vertebrae that actually contain nerve fiber (coccygis not included) Injury can result
wacky: The terms paraplegia (para) and quadriplegia (quad) do not tell us how badly a person may be affected. To describe The severity of impairment terms such as transected (a complete break), or transversal (an incomplete break) are used.
wacky: any Q at this time?
Lily: ?
wacky: yes lily
Lily: but ppl say both, the nos and incomplete, etc.?
wacky: ok I am getting to that
Kark: ?
wacky: one at a time kark as soon as I ans lily
wacky: ok lets use a comparitive
wacky: I am an icomplete break
wacky: which means I have some voluntary func blow my injury
wacky: camille is complte
Lily: i see
wacky: she has no voluntary funct blow injury function
wacky: is that simply put?
Lily: yes, thx:)
wacky: ok kark
camille3: yes
wacky: ur q?
Kark: do you mean a complete break/severed or the cord damaged? and whats is concidered a blow
wacky: a complete break ( like cam ) the cord is completely cut
wacky: I am inc.
Lonewolf: ?
Kark: gotcha
wacky: the is a large part of my cord still in tact
wacky: hold on LW
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wacky: a blow or swelling can cause damage and bleeding in the cord as well but these ppl usually will regain funct IF the blood supply to the cord are not cut off
wacky: ok LW ur Q
Lonewolf: cam do you have phantom pain?
camille3: no in complete you have no pain or spasms
Lonewolf: I mean like when someone loses a limb
camille3: no
Lonewolf: and they feel pain in the missing limb
Lonewolf: k
wacky: no I on the other hand experience both spasms and nerve pain
Jo-: I get phantom pain in left side! And nerves are totally severed?
wacky: no the pain felt by an SCI is different
Lonewolf: !
wacky: Ie. I can feel the soles of my feet
wacky: but only when its pain
wacky: yes LW?
wacky: thats strange JO
Lonewolf: Jo I think he is referring to the spinal chord not the nerves leading off of it
camille3: yes
Jo-: never did do things like other people.
wacky: but then no 2 SCIs are ever the same
wacky: :)
wacky: thanks MOMS
Lonewolf: np
Jo-: Nerves in my spinal cord are severed.
camille3: !
Jo-: I still feel pain in left side and down leg.
wacky: yes cam
wacky: Then not all nerves are severed Jo
camille3: i have been this way for so long i think i shut my mind off to it
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wacky: u still have some funct or u wldnt feel the pain
camille3: ?
wacky: yes CAM?
Jo-: ?
camille3: did they tell u the cord was severed the doc severed
camille3: miine
camille3: jo
wacky: jo thats for u
Jo-: mine was severed in accident then they went in and did a rhysotomy too.
Lonewolf: !
wacky: ok then ur not complete jo if thet did the rhyst
wacky: yes LW
Lonewolf: nevermind you said it
wacky: ok
Jo-: Pain nerves were still partially intact. They severed them and took out sections but I still feel phantom pain.
wacky: any other q's
wacky: then they goofed jo
Kim^^: ?
Jo-: ?
camille3: !
wacky: yes kimmy?
Kim^^: do scilike a lot of strokes regain movement?
gismo: !
Jo-: nerves can grow back together.
Lonewolf: !
Kim^^: ?
wacky: some do Kimmy I regained a lot but it depends on the treatment and how severe the injury wads
Kim^^: k
wacky: No jo spinal nerves cannot
wacky: Jo ur Q
Jo-: read up on latest wacky
wacky: i did
Jo-: my neurologist says you are wrong.
wacky: they are trying to regrow but the elect stimuli cant get past scar tissue
Kark: ?
wacky: well he can live my life
wacky: yes LW
Lonewolf: Jo I think you are confusing chord with spinal nerves
camille3: yes jo
wacky: the main nerves in the cord once damage cannot as of yet totally grow back
wacky: kark u had a q?
Kark: I am a little confused, when some of you say that you can feel pain is the old injury giving you pain or do you mean that when some thing new happens you feel it?
wacky: well its hard to explain
Jo-: Sorry I just got told I am not allowed to speak so I am leaving. bye'
Lonewolf: !
wacky: but I'll try
wacky: ok kark u know how a light works?
Lonewolf: Excuse me
Lonewolf: Jo you were just asked to follow the rules
Lonewolf: You do not have to leave
Lonewolf: sorry Bri go on
Kark: you mean on and off?
wacky: no u do not have to leave
Kark: its ok w/me LW
wacky: yes kark.... now imagine that light bulb is loose
camille3: bri let me try to explain
wacky: now if u flip the switch u may get a response on occasion
wacky: ok cam u do it
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wacky: CAMMI?
Kark: So the current of pain is stronger then the current of feeling causing the feeling pain?
Kark: soory?
camille3: kark when part of the cord is intact it will still send singels that it hurts as a complete it caan't send .
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gismo: !
Kark: I meant signals not currents
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Kark: thanks Cam and wacky
Kark: I got it I think
wacky: no its just what might be left kark
wacky: sure
wacky: any more Q's
gismo: the sesation is different than normal tho
camille3: it is hard to explain
wacky: yes it is giz
wacky: I wld like to make a comment if I may
wacky: ??
gismo: !
gismo: yes
wacky: I feel compassion for those of us that believe the media hype about treatments and cures
wacky: they arent always completely acurate
wacky: and placing too much hope in what may become just takes away from what a person is still able to do
camille3: !
wacky: I am as I am and while I wld love to have my body back I have what I have and its up to me with how i deal with it
wacky: yes gis then cami
gismo: ok u said it
wacky: ok cam?
camille3: i being in chair so long treatment would not help anyway
wacky: I know same here
camille3: !
wacky: I wouldnt know what to do first
wacky: Fall on my face or my a**
wacky: yes cam
Lily: :)
camille3: afriend asked me once if they had acure if I'd do it 'I said if they guarentee no pain
wacky: thats how i feel
camille3: can u imagine how it would hut for the feeling to come back
wacky: it be terrible
HelloKit: !
wacky: come on folks i have a rule: THERE IS NO DUMB Q
wacky: yes kit
HelloKit: Sort of like Nicholas Cage feeling pain and hunger for the first time in City of Angels... :o)
Lily: :)
wacky: yup thats how i imagine it
camille3: yes
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camille3: well our bones wouldn't hold our weight
wacky: but SCI was the best thing for me because I had to take control of my life
wacky: no theyd snsp like twigs
gismo: ?
wacky: yes Giz
gismo: has anyone else had para shoulder
wacky: well I donno I am a quad
wacky: lol
gismo: lol
wacky: but yea
Lily: ?
wacky: it is from the repetitive motion
wacky: yes lily
gismo: what do u do about it
lisalego: ?
Lily: k, it been answered
wacky: well in short .... u reduce the stress
wacky: ur upper body not as dense as lower so it cant take the stress
wacky: yes lisa
camille3: !
lisalego: do we wait to talk until talked to
Kim^^: para shoulder=rsd?
wacky: no lisa u type ? or ! and I call
wacky: es cam
wacky: yes cam
wacky: rsd kimmy?
camille3: they have a good arcile in PN magazine for march
Woz: mad cow
wacky: i dont get that any more
Kim^^: repititive stresss disorder casrpal tunnel
camille3: on useing arm for legs
wacky: is simial kim
wacky: is simular kim
wacky: I have heard it called tennis shoulder
camille3: yes same wacky
Lily: ?
wacky: I call it Pushers curse
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wacky: yes lily
Lily: wacky, why you not get it anymore??
camille3: 1
lisalego: ?
Kim^^: !
wacky: I do get it but not as much cuz my primary chair is power now
wacky: yes cam
Lily: k
wacky: then lisa
camille3: they say you should be lined up with the wheels of chair to stop that problem
lisalego: can I ask a question about something different?
wacky: I am mom but it dont help if damage already done
camille3: :)
wacky: no only to topic
wacky: it is restricted to the topic of SCI
wacky: for tonight
lisalego: this is about sci
wacky: ok then ask lisa
lisalego: I have a question about catheters
wacky: ok
wacky: cam may be yur best bet
camille3: go ahead
lisalego: Do you all do intermittent self cathing? And if yes how do you clean your catheters?
wacky: ok I do use it Lisa I discard my caths usually
camille3: with atti. soap
wacky: but if I have to reuse
wacky: place cath in tupperware cover with water
camille3: antibac.soap lisa will do
Lonewolf: !
wacky: and nuke for 2 min
wacky: it will act like auto clave
wacky: yes LW
lisalego: what is atti soap? Do you let them soak for a few days? Then let them dry in a towel?
Lonewolf: we have a urologist in town that says to spit on them and reuse
wacky: oh god no LW
Lonewolf: says your body is used to your own bacteris
gismo: eewww
wacky: u can cuase infect that way
Kim^^: ?
lisalego: what is auto clave?
wacky: a sterilizer lisa
lisalego: I wash mine in soap/water then rinse in vinegar/water and dry in towel for a few days
wacky: SCI immune systems are a bit ummmmm WONKY
Lily: :)
camille3: antibacterial soap lisa and store in covered container
wacky: I nuke is quicker
wacky: yes kimmy
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Kim^^: do all paras/quads have to cathetar?
gismo: i dont
camille3: !
wacky: its better if we do
wacky: yes cam
lisalego: if I store in covered container won't bacteria grow since they are still moist inside
camille3: I get less infections with the indwell cat
wacky: not if cleaned properly lisa
lisalego: what is an indwell cat
camille3: then store where it will drain
wacky: I get more but agian each is diff
wacky: any final Q's
camille3: you leave it in and change it once a week
lisalego: I can't not get a UTI, do any of you take antibiotics daily
camille3: 1
wacky: I used to do macrodantin daily
wacky: is good for prevention
wacky: yes cam
lisalego: when will the next meeting be
camille3: i take noroxen daily
wacky: same time next week lisa
lisalego: thank you all
gismo: !
*** lisalego has left irc (Quit: Quit: lisalego)
wacky: well if there are no more Q's Thank you all for coming
wacky: oh yes Giz
Lily: !
gismo: good job wacky apreciate it
wacky: and Lily
Kark: thanks wacky
wacky: thanks
Lonewolf: good meting bri
Kark: yes
Lily: thx wacky and cam , was great meeting
wacky: and BTW I DID READ UP on all the new stuff
Kark: thanks Cami too
Kim^^: yep
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Lily: lol, we kno
Lonewolf: maybe we could have another on pressure sores and adaptive devices etc?
camille3: was good brian
wacky: thank you all for ur patience
Lily: you did great
Lily: both of you
Kark: yes you did
wacky: sure cam can I rope u into that one?
camille3: u might
Lily: :)