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Disability of the Month: Strokes or other brain injuries

Jul 28, 1999

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

Participants already present:
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Lonewolf: Good evening
Woz: hehe
MsAmazin: hi :)
Mooooooo: hi :o)
Angel_27: hi :)
Lonewolf: Tonight we are going to compare living in the cpountry to living in the city
Lonewolf: country even
Lonewolf: ok how many of you are city dwellers?
Woz: city now
Angel_27: I live in city but wish country
MsAmazin: small town
Mooooooo: i live in the big city
Lonewolf: gee I have to represent rural america
Mooooooo: from small town though
Lonewolf: IC
MsAmazin: I'm rural
Woz: ditto was raised on farm
Lonewolf: what got this started was an issue of available services
Lonewolf: versus peace and tranquility
MsAmazin: heh..what available services?
Lonewolf: none?
MsAmazin: next to nil
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Mooooooo: peace and tranquility are where you find it
Angel_27: i wish I lived in country but not so far out it takes me an hour to get to store
Lonewolf: ok what about handicapped travel vehichles
Lonewolf: forgot what they are called
MsAmazin: no bus service or taxi service
Lily: wheeltrans, here
Lonewolf: you might as well live in country denise
Lonewolf: yes
MsAmazin: lol..I know
Mooooooo: there are services here
MsAmazin: Reno has Citilift
Lonewolf: what was that other name for that type service lil
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Lily: same here, but are unreliable, and u have to book ahead
Lonewolf: TJ we are comparing country vs city living
Angel_27: same here
MsAmazin: Paratrans?
Lily: wheeltrans, in ont.
Lonewolf: yes that was it
Woz: mostof ca has something dont know abt the back country
Lonewolf: how can you book ahead if its like for a doc's appt for just getting sick?
T_J: Yes, I know. Heard it earlier tonight.
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Angel_27: if you dont bok the ones here , you dont ride
Lily: well, thats it, you cant
Lonewolf: do you pay?
MsAmazin: same as in Reno
Angel_27: yes $2 a trip
MsAmazin: Reno is $1 a trip
Lonewolf: wow
Lily: i think so, ive never used it
Angel_27: thats how my husband gets to work most of the time
Lonewolf: will they take you anywhere?
Mooooooo: Laura has to book a day in advance
Woz: dis have discount pannual bus passes
Angel_27: but not after 6 pm or on Sundays
Lonewolf: goodness
Lonewolf: no ride to church huh?
Angel_27: not that way
MsAmazin: almost anywhere in Reno/Sparks area
Lonewolf: daniel have u ever lived in country?
Lily: ca is very adanced in its transit system, woz
Lonewolf: must be
Woz: also some spcl book ahead mini buss
Lily: is totally accessible
T_J: What tickets do you have to pay in advance? Bus?
Lonewolf: there is no peace like country peace
Angel_27: i agree
ROCK-: amen
Lonewolf: like a transit service TJ
Angel_27: thats why I said I wish I lived in country
Angel_27: cause where I live u hear sirens every 10 minutes
MsAmazin: I like living in a small town..but moving to the city
Lily: hmmmmmmmmm, i like it here, is like a small town, but near city
Angel_27: 2 minutes away from hospital
Woz: ca back countr is not what it was
T_J: Ok Lonewolf
Lonewolf: where I live there are no taxis no delivery etc
Lily: yes, thats an advantage, bev
Angel_27: yeah it is when I get sick, but other times the sirens get on my nerves
Angel_27: i live right downtown
Lily: city noises:)
Lonewolf: I would never sleep
Lonewolf: be glued to windows too nosey
ROCK-: Out here we have rabbits,squirrel,and peace and quiet
Angel_27: i have gotten used to it i guess
Lonewolf: same here
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Lonewolf: I have never lived in a big city
ROCK-: lonewolf you live in the city
Lonewolf: no i live wayyyyyyyyy out
Angel_27: oh yeah Im right down street from police station too
ROCK-: good
Lonewolf: how do you stand it?
Lonewolf: the noise and all
Angel_27: i wouldnt want to take forever to get to nearest neighbor or store though
smiley66: my city is over 100,000
MsAmazin: I live 74 miles from the city
Angel_27: i dont like it but im used to it i guess
Lonewolf: ic
Angel_27: i have been here 5 yrs
smiley66: i would love to live live in the country]
Lily: i find it handy to be able to walk to bank, etc.
Lonewolf: well disadvatages are the lack of services
smiley66: i live close to everything i need
ROCK-: me too
Lonewolf: me too
Angel_27: u live in country right rock?
Lonewolf: except for transportation etc
ROCK-: yep
Lonewolf: I can sit on porch in pjs
Angel_27: thats what I would like
ROCK-: oh,me too
Lily: i do that here:)
Lonewolf: lol
Lily: lots of trees
Lonewolf: my fav thing is to listen to birds first thing in am etc
Lonewolf: look out window at night and see deer
Angel_27: that sounds nice
Woz: hehe bird call piped in
Lonewolf: it is
Lily: lol
Lonewolf: lol
Woz: outside speekers
Lonewolf: lol
Angel_27: lol
Lonewolf: BUT
Lily: lol
Lonewolf: I have to rely on relatives all the time
ROCK-: i have humming birds,plenty and about 20 cardinals
Lonewolf: yup me too rock
Angel_27: so do I lonewolf thats why I said I wouldnt want to be too far out
Lonewolf: IC
Angel_27: but 1 minute from in laws is too close
Lily: actually, here too, plenty of foxes, too
Lonewolf: Have to admit it would be nice to call for my own ride somewhere
Lonewolf: you must live in very special place lil
Lonewolf: have trouble getting help out here
ROCK-: I vedeoed them during migration,and there must have been 200 humming birds 2ft. from me
Angel_27: wow rock
Lonewolf: sounds like best of both worlds
Lily: lots of ravines and parks
Lily: well, i think so
Lily: is an enclave within thec city
Lonewolf: daniel said earlier you can find peace and quiet anywhere I disagree
Angel_27: i dis agree
Woz: so do i
Lily: 20 min by car, and youre downtown
Lonewolf: what do you all think?
Woz: yes
Lily: o, i agree with daniel
Lily: inner peace
ROCK-: yes,I've lived in SanAntonio for 7 years and i was so happy to get in the country
Lonewolf: see I lived in a subdivision and stayed constantly on edge
Woz: we had to make our own
MsAmazin: I also agree with Daniel
Lonewolf: I disagree
Woz: the garden pond
Lonewolf: part of my peace is not having kids run through the yard
MsAmazin: some ppl can't be happy anywhere
Angel_27: its hard to find peace and quiet right downtown
Lonewolf: I'm happy here
Lily: true, ms
Woz: i also disagree
Lonewolf: hum
Lonewolf: what about noise and lights etc
MsAmazin: I wasn't questioning your happiness LW, I was just agreeing with Daniel :)
Woz: privacy is on the wain here
Lonewolf: oh I know
Lonewolf: privacy is wonderful here
Lily: im beginning to put less stock in surroundings, more in how i feel inside
Angel_27: no privacy here
Lonewolf: well yes
Lonewolf: BUT
Woz: noise is on increase
Lonewolf: lack of excessive noise etc helps
MsAmazin: If you've lived in the city all/most of your life..I don't think lights/noise would bother you as much as a 'country' person
Lily: true
Woz: very true
ROCK-: I agree
Lonewolf: cud be
Lily: you arec used to it
Lonewolf: I was raised in country
ROCK-: me too,picking cotton
Angel_27: i was raised in city but always loved to be at my grandparents in country
Lonewolf: do any of you get groceries and stuff delivered
MsAmazin: that's something I will need to adjust to
Lily: i was raised 3 blocks from here
Lonewolf: what denise
MsAmazin: just pizza delivered
Lonewolf: not even that here
MsAmazin: getting used to living in the city
Lily: havent moved around much
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Lonewolf: ok
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Lonewolf: Pat and I realize the time will come when this is impractical
Woz: hard to feel good on inside if outside is aggrivating
Lily: o, yes, from local IGA
Lonewolf: that's the way I feel max
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Lily: i can walk to it, they deliver
Lonewolf: any other goodies I don't know about?
Lonewolf: I had problems getting home health to come out here
Lily: well, my hairdresser isa block away, so is drugstore
Woz: am i in lag
Lonewolf: wow
Lonewolf: I could ride w/c that far
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Lonewolf: ok
Lily: and i can see the lake from my living room window
Lonewolf: suzze mentioned cultural activities
Lonewolf: such as theaters, museums etc
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Lonewolf: I have no access to those type things
MsAmazin: Reno, Carson City is an hour away for all that
Lonewolf: ok big question
Woz: true
Woz: the city grew up arround us
Woz: so we try and make a enviroment we feel good about
Lonewolf: how many of you prefer to be alone versus with people
Angel_27: it depends on my mood
MsAmazin: I'm half and half
Lily: a combination, i think
Lonewolf: I'm a loner
Lonewolf: that lives in a crowd
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Lonewolf: lol
Lily: im agaraphobic, a bit
Lily: lol
Lonewolf: BUT
Lonewolf: simply cannot tolerate crowds, noise etc
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Lonewolf: dony we are comparing city to country
MsAmazin: no wonder you live in the country
Driveshaf: ok
Lonewolf: exactly why denise
Lonewolf: need quiet and calm
Lonewolf: all of you city dwellers-picture living in the country
Lily: i like both worlds, love the far north, rugged
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Lonewolf: what would you miss the most
T_J: Hehe, I live in a town, close to the town centre but also close to the country. =)
Lonewolf: anyone?
Mooooooo: i can survive in both
Lonewolf: small town TJ?
Lonewolf: ok-how much would country living effect your Ability to do things you do now
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Lonewolf: anyone??
Lonewolf: there she is
suzze: city is best place to live
T_J: Kind of.
MsAmazin: is not!
MsAmazin: lol
Lonewolf: hey suzze tell them what all you were telling me the other day about city dwellers
Lily: lol
T_J: Depends on what city.
Lily: why, suzze?
Lonewolf: that's true was TJ
suzze: well, living in the city, more opportunities for socialization, more programs offered through the city
Woz: dan has a point however you must surveive
suzze: more access
Lonewolf: true but at what level?
Lonewolf: I just thought of a pos example for the city
Woz: at a leval you can live with
Lonewolf: here they have a nice senior citizen center
MsAmazin: suzze, you've always lived in Chicago, right?
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suzze: for the most part
Lily: i think happiness more a people thing, then where you live
Lonewolf: I would have no way to get there
suzze: 10 months in ca
suzze: sometime in suburbs of chicago
T_J: Likes one, where you can choose, not too far from the countryside, but not too small either, so that you don´t have the chance of finding what you need in it.
Lily: sounds ideal, t-j
Lonewolf: I miss the library
suzze: living in the city, i am close to everything, my doctor is 10-15 minutes away, i can get downtown in less than a half hour,
suzze: grocery stores, shopping everything is 5 min away
MsAmazin: well with the Internet you don't even need to live in a city to get what you need
Lily: true, ms, internet changes a lot
Lonewolf: in thew town where I go to the doctor they have shuttle buses from senior living facilities to doc offices, shops, etc
Lonewolf: can't imagine suzze
Lonewolf: what about listening to the sounds of nature
suzze: living in the city, with everything so close by, encourages me to leave my apt
Woz: i do believe city is better for many dis dependin on finantual status
suzze: if things were further away...maybe would get out less often
suzze: i need socializing, need to hang out w/friends, go places, see things
Lonewolf: yes but I do so dread having to give up my surroundings
Lonewolf: I don't though
suzze: i live two blocks from a park
suzze: that's scenery
Lonewolf: not the same suzze
MsAmazin: heh
Lonewolf: what about crime etc
suzze: crime is everywhere
suzze: country, city
Lily: crime? in canada?????? :))))
Woz: city or country now
Lonewolf: we don't lock doors most of the time
Lily: true, suzze
Woz: hehe
T_J: Yes, don´t think I would like it, in a very large city, but on the other hand, if I had to, I think I could adept, to that too. The hardest I think is the exhause fumes, from cars and so on.
Lonewolf: no crime in canafda?
T_J: Quite adeptible =)
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Lily: lol, well not as much
Lonewolf: yes TJ would hate that too
Lonewolf: why sis
Lily: but, we're catching up
Lonewolf: oh
Lily: i dont know, less violent society
suzze: most of my friends live in the same 5 mile area as I, where i grew up, we have all stayed in this area and that provides a great social circle for me, which is so vital i think for disabled ppl
Lonewolf: either place you live you have to sacrifice something unless you live with lily
Lily: i notice a big difference when i go to ca
Lonewolf: for some it is suzze
Lily: lol
Lonewolf: in what lily?
Woz: lily explain
suzze: that's true, i am single, though very close to my family
Lonewolf: my family is too close
suzze: lol
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Lonewolf: i feel suffocated in the city
Lily: im always being told to be alert, hold my purse, dont talk to straangers, etc.
Lonewolf: lil explain difference
Lonewolf: oh ok IC
Lonewolf: anny do u live in city or country
Lily: here, e never think of those things
Woz: think lily understands my point of viev
Lonewolf: me either
anny1: i live in mid size city
Lily: yup, woz
Lonewolf: yes I see both sides have advantages
Lonewolf: still dread moving to civilization
Lonewolf: we will when we need more assistance than we do now
Lily: and yet, i still maintain that you can find inner peace anywhere
Lonewolf: well does anyone have anything else?
Woz: wwe just try to carve out something we feel more comfertable with
Lily: yes
ROCK-: go woz
Lonewolf: still think the peace out here is worth some inconvenience
Lily: tailor your surroundings
Woz: as best you can
Lonewolf: ok I give
Lonewolf: lol
Lily: lol
Woz: hehe
suzze: it really does depend on your needs, i really need to live in a big city
Lonewolf: well I'm pushing off for tonight
Woz: so some merit in what dan said
Lily: you stick to your guns, sis
suzze: would not survive otherwise
anny1: i know what you are talking about lw,i grew up in a small town
T_J: I agree suzze.
Lonewolf: I feel same way about country
Woz: dito judi
Lily: ok, thx judi
Lily: :))
Woz: if the shoe fits ware it
suzze: come visit me i'll show u what's so great about the city!!!
Lonewolf: interesting but I still feel like when I move to town I will be getting ready to die
Lonewolf: suzze would scare me silly
Lily: then, stay in country, sis
Lonewolf: thanks everyone for a good discussion
Lonewolf: enjoyed it
Woz: yep do what is best for you
Lily: its where your heart is
Lily: thank you:)
Lonewolf: if anyone has any meeting ideas please send them to me
Lonewolf: yes it is sis
T_J: Ok
Lily: night all:)
Lonewolf: night
suzze: one last thing....CITY CITY CITY
suzze: lol
Lonewolf: lol
Lily: lol
Angel_27: lol
^^shaz^^: :)
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Woz: be good