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Disabled Terminology & Slang

May 21, 1997

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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HelloKit: Logging is on.
Mooooooo: phoenyxx, that makes you a fighter :o)
phoenyxx: I intentionally got a chair better than the chairs alot of other people use.
phoenyxx: Moooo: no it makes me a poser, or infiltrator. Christopher Reeve is a fighter.
Mooooooo: so what! I have a $2000 rain suit and im happy about it.
*** CincyKid has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: howdy John!! :o)
CincyKid: Good Evening everyone!
HelloKit: hehe
* Mooooooo is ready :o)
purina: let's hear about that rainsuit
phoenyxx: I am a guy with a 3rd rate cable show and a chair that should have been someone elses. I am a person that makes other people late because the lift-van service picks me up first.
Mooooooo: would anyone be offended if I went by GimpCow :o)
lotaca: not I
Mooooooo: cool :o)
lotaca: If it makes you feel good :-)
phoenyxx: I am a person who has recieved attention and assistance that someone else should have gotten.
phoenyxx: That is what I am.
lotaca: Maybe, maybe not, if you didn't need, you would't got it
*** phoenyxx is now known as Maraklov
Maraklov: lotaca: that is what I was told: I shouldn't have gotten it.
HelloKit: Whoever told you that is wrong.
Maraklov: HelloKit: the people who have told me these things are other disabled people, counselors, and health/rehab professionals.
lotaca: BUll loney, if you got in front of the line or the back of it what's the diff?
HelloKit: Just because your condition isn't well-known, doesn't mean you should be forced to walk in pain, and pretend that nothing is wrong.
lotaca: Tell em
Maraklov: all these people can't be lying.
lotaca: What people ?
*** Mimi__ has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: mimikins!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)
lotaca: hello Mimi
Mimi__: Hi everyone! :o)
HelloKit: They don't understand, or they don't want to understand. This world is full of very stubborn people, who, even with proof right in front of them, will not change their beliefs.
Maraklov: <----is a character from a Dale Brown novel. A Russian spy trained to act American, infiltrates, takes a high-tech fighter plane, and then finds he's so good at pretending to be American that he can't be Russian anymore- a man without a country.
lotaca: yep, that's called life, not fair but......
HelloKit: I know... my mother is one of them.
Maraklov: Able bodied people don't accept me, nor do disabled people.
HelloKit: I accept you.
Maraklov: lotaca: all the professionals who told me I was wrong.
Mimi__: Hi Maraklov, forgive me if I misses something....may I ask why?
lotaca: you're here now and nobody is asking you to leave, or prove yoourself
Maraklov: HelloKit: :-)
*** SilvrBlue has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: welcome back SilvrBlue
SilvrBlue: Thanx Mooooo :)
Maraklov: I can't stop apologizing- the guilt is so strong. 4 years of being called a liar.
lotaca: howdy silvrBlue
* HelloKit wills a scroll bar to appear on the nickname
Mimi__: Simon??
Maraklov: Mimi: yes?
SilvrBlue: Hi lotca :)
Mimi__: OK, just checking :o)
lotaca: hey hey
Mooooooo: so whats on the agenda Carly? :o)
lotaca: O.k, I'm disabled what are yopu :-)
HelloKit: Is everyone ready?
lotaca: is
CincyKid: Go for it!
Maraklov: I am close to getting my doctors to correct my medical documentation- from permanent disability to some sort of temporary status. at least that will delay further hassle.
Maraklov: then I will begin researching any remote chance of getting out of my chair- to prove that I never gave up.
* Mooooooo has been crippled, handicapped, disabled,
Mimi__: Welcome, Maraklov, I'm glad you found us
Mimi__: I just had a hunch
purina: hello everyone
Mimi__: ping me
SilvrBlue: erm.. ooops typo :)
SilvrBlue: so, how many people usually show up here?
lotaca: yeah, butI'm funny looking too
Mooooooo: the crowd has been getting bigger each week
Mooooooo: im funny looking too, it's in my resume' :o)
CincyKid: I think crippled is taboo anymore, I wince when I hear the word.
HelloKit: First order of business is 'The Bug Question'. If you didn't see it, Mooooooo placed a small math riddle on the web site and promised the answer to everyone who came to the meeting tonight. Mooooooo, will you do the honors?
Mimi__: So do I Cincy
Maraklov: Mimi: but what about what I have said? no one else accepts me or my condition? and what about my condition? it's not recognized. and everything else I have said?
Mooooooo: the answer is.......... (drumroll) ..............
Mooooooo: 46
Mimi__: My problem Marakov is, like I said in your e-mail, I haven't been following this on the NG
HelloKit: LOL, love the drum roll.
Mimi__: and I arrived too late to hear the major part tonight.
lotaca: I only let it get to the windshield then hit my wipers
Mooooooo: Mimi, the log will be up soon :o)
Maraklov: Mimi: I issued an online apology for discrediting the disabled community.
Mimi__: I will tell you exactly what I think when I know what you're talking about *big grin*
Mimi__: I saw that, Maraklov, but I didn't know what it was about...
HelloKit: Okay, I have to stick in a short lecture here...
Mooooooo: okay :o)
Maraklov: ready to be flamed....
purina: Gotta go see you all again later
Mimi__: *wince*
*** Lao-tzu has joined #Disabled
dtb: bye
Mooooooo: bye purina :o(
lotaca: fire extinguisher in hand
Mimi__: bye purina - Hi Lao!
Mooooooo: purina, you can download the logs
Lao-tzu: hello everyone
dtb: hi lao
lotaca: hey Lao
HelloKit: From what I've seen on message boards, etc., the topic of terminology and slang can spark arguments... many people have very different opinions on this. So, let's not attack each other tonight, okay? Any flamers WILL be kicked...
purina: I did that today from the one last Wednesday.
* SilvrBlue sits in the corner watchin' all the words go
Mooooooo: great!
Mimi__: good idea Kit
Maraklov: HelloKit: I can take a hint- I will leave. Thank you all for at least listening.
purina: well bye again folks
HelloKit: No, don't leave, Simon!
*** purina has left irc (Leaving)
*** Maraklov has left #Disabled
lotaca: bye purina
Mooooooo: Maraklov, dont leave
* HelloKit sighs...
Mimi__: I'll e-mail him...
lotaca: It's my deoderant huh ?
HelloKit: LOL
Mooooooo: must be mine :o)
dtb: I came in the middle, what was that all about?
Lao-tzu: wow I just got in and people are leaving, I haven't even said anything yet
SilvrBlue: *smirk*
lotaca: Speak oh wise one :-)
* Mooooooo waits for the almighty carly to speak :o)
HelloKit: Everyone tells Simon his disability isn't valid... that he doesn't deserve the little help and services he does get. And they're making him believe it.
Mooooooo: he's coming back :o)
lotaca: silence befalls the land
lotaca: great :-)
dtb: what's his disability?
*** phoenyxx has joined #Disabled
HelloKit: Anyway... first question for all.
Mooooooo: wb phoenyxx :o)
* Mooooooo is ready :o)
lotaca: what ?
Lao-tzu: From waht he described he's got scoliosis, that's a twisted spine, and I've seen x-rays of that, not something confortable I must say.
lotaca: ouch !
Mimi__: No, I've known people with scoliosis...
dtb: I agree, I have it too
Mooooooo: i have it too
HelloKit: When I say your name, give me a 'politically correct' term for disabilities. It doesn't have to be one you prefer, we're just brainstorming.
lotaca: I feel left out
HelloKit: I'll start with the name of the channel, disabled.
HelloKit: Mooooooo?
* Mooooooo gives lotaca a bottle of Acme Presto Scoliosis
Mooooooo: 'Special'
HelloKit: CincyKid?
Mooooooo: i hate being called special
CincyKid: Mobilitly impaired?
HelloKit: dtb?
dtb: physically challenged
HelloKit: Lao-tzu?
Mooooooo: come back to him :o)
Lao-tzu: When I was in the spinal cord injury rehab center politically correct was dependent on who says it, ie. your friends can call you a 'gimp' and it's OK but if somebody on the street you don't know says it you do a 'hit and run' on him (well I've got a wheelchair with which to do it...:-)
HelloKit: lotaca?
Mooooooo: hah!
lotaca: not able to have full function
HelloKit: Mimi?
Mimi__: differently abled
HelloKit: Natty?
Natty: Differently abled
HelloKit: phoenyxx?
Lao-tzu: I agree with dtb -- physically challenged
phoenyxx: Alien from a low-gravity planet (I'm in a wheelchair
phoenyxx: :-)
HelloKit: SilvrBlue?
Mooooooo: hehe
HelloKit: Cute, phoenyxx...
*** Countrybo has joined #disabled
HelloKit: :)
lotaca: good1
SilvrBlue: well, all the terms used seem to fit...
Countrybo: wow
Mooooooo: Countrybo!
phoenyxx: HelloKit: not in bad taste?
Countrybo: hiyall
HelloKit: No, not at all...
SilvrBlue: non able bodied.
lotaca: hey
Mimi__: I don't think mobility impaired fits...
dtb: hi countrybo
Countrybo: hey challenged?
HelloKit: Can anyone think of anything else?
Mooooooo: not me
Countrybo: phsicaly challenged?
HelloKit: Countrybo: we're brainstorming 'politically correct' terms.
SilvrBlue: I don't see anything wrong w/ mobility impaired.
Countrybo: ya probably already got that lol
HelloKit: I can't believe no one said 'handicapped'
Natty: the typical one is handicappedd people thinks it is nicer than crippled
lotaca: especially with stairs :-)
Mimi__: If we're talking about disabilities in general, you can have a disability without being mobility impaired
Mooooooo: thats a great point Mimi
Countrybo: disabled
HelloKit: Mimi's right. There are four classes of disability:
phoenyxx: terms like 'handicapped' and 'disabled' are for me still uncomfortable to hear at times....but the really 'technical' politically correct terms are even more irritating.
Mimi__: didn't want to leave anyone out :o)
* Countrybo looks at it like SCREWED lol
Lao-tzu: If we say handicapped we might make thousands of dollars playing golf
Countrybo: lollao
HelloKit: Mobility impairment, health impairment, learning impairment, and sight/hearing impairment.
SilvrBlue: :)
Mooooooo: hahaha
Natty: LOL
phoenyxx: HelloKit: I usually just say 'disability' so it emcompasses everything.
Mimi__: I'm health impaired, then :o)
HelloKit: Okay, now everyone's preferred term...
*** wcg has joined #disabled
Mimi__: And I was beginning to feel left out! *L*
HelloKit: Mine's disabled.
Countrybo: i like to say oic you are mentally hadicapped to able folks parkin in hadicapped spaces lol does that count?
HelloKit: Mooooooo?
Lao-tzu: HelloKit: I think the terms you described are all sub-categories of a physical challenge
Mooooooo: I have no term
Mooooooo: I just tell them what i have
HelloKit: Okay... CincyKid?
Countrybo: i just say i am a disabled bum they accept that ok lol
CincyKid: I use disabled most of the time
HelloKit: Ooh, I just thought of one... 'condition'.
HelloKit: dtb?
Mimi__: KIT: disorder
dtb: disabled
phoenyxx: personally I worry that when people try to sub-divide everything, they might try to make one kind of condition more valid than another. Look at the hassle I described earlier....
Mimi__: the above was not my answer to your question BTW
Countrybo: md
HelloKit: Lao-tzu?
* Countrybo wonders why disabled doesnt fit your bill?
Countrybo: it says it all
phoenyxx: My disability is physical (obvious to people), but someone else's may not be, but to me it's still just as real and valid.
wcg: crip
phoenyxx: Our needs might be different, but disability is a disability.
* Countrybo hates that term crippled
Countrybo: i say i got bad legs sometimes
HelloKit: phoenyxx, the reason they include the four classes is so that someone with any of the four has ADA protection, among other things.
Countrybo: i guess the wheel chair gives me away lol
HelloKit: Mimi?
Mimi__: I don't have a favorite but I don't like 'disabled'...it puts to much emphasis on 'lack of ability' and that doesn't describe any of the 'disabled' people I know.
*** AmyWonder has joined #disabled
Lao-tzu: well, I have a friend with cerebral palsy, I must have a lot of patience to hear him out. When he is finished you can tell the exertion he's gone through and yet what was said was very interesting. Before my accident my attitudes were different and I would have thought of a mental impaired person.
HelloKit: Natty?
Natty: I tend to go by what i have which cerebral palsy
phoenyxx: HelloKit: I know....I'm just used to people trying to use the different terms to one-up and exclude people, like in the support group I tried to join. Not to sound negative...
Countrybo: ya cp is sad :(
Lao-tzu: In reality it is a physical challenge for him to express himself
HelloKit: SilvrBlue?
phoenyxx: Mimi: good point- disability says it, but puts too much into the lack of ability part.
Countrybo: and he's not mentally impared either
lotaca: I'm low, slow, and vicious, but use 'disabled' more than I should, mayhaps it's the frame of mind at the time
Mimi__: see?
*** eastcoast has joined #disabled
SilvrBlue: I tend to use the disablity i've got: ie: visually impaired.
Mooooooo: eastcoast!!
eastcoast: hi all
HelloKit: Yay, my nickname list has a scroll bar!!!
Lao-tzu: phoenixx: I agree with Mimi
lotaca: hey
eastcoast: whats up
Lao-tzu: hi eastcoast
Mooooooo: having a great eastcoast :o)
HelloKit: Mimi, I even came up with a question just for you...
Mimi__: :o)
eastcoast: hi lao-tzu
phoenyxx: In my experience, whenever someone is using specific, technical terminology, they're trying to restrict access to a service that all disabled people might need to a select 'cadre'. That's what's happened at my local college.
eastcoast: thats kewl mooooooooooooooo
* SilvrBlue has to go... I'll be back some other time!
dtb: bye
*** SilvrBlue has left irc (Jag gr till silver... Silver Bl fr dig...)
HelloKit: How do you prefer to classify epilepsy, if you classify it at all? i.e. a disease, a disability, a disorder?
lotaca: byex2
eastcoast: lao-tzu where r u
* Lao-tzu lives in Toronto
Mimi__: I have to say that it depends on the severity of the manifestations of the seizures
wcg: why classify it at all
Mooooooo: I refered to mine as a disorder
wcg: so does wcg, lives in toronto that is
Countrybo: well md is a disease that disables you so is epilepse
Mimi__: It isn't a disease, but it CAN be a disability (either the seizures themselves or the drug side-effects)
eastcoast: lao-tzu r u oriental
Mimi__: and it definitly is a disorder
phoenyxx: HelloKit: that is the problem I see...I want to be honest and avoid euphemisms, but there's got to be an honest way to discuss and describe something without sounding so harsh.
lotaca: people first, all with hearts, and souls, then to us, we are the normal ones
Mimi__: Personally I have a disorder
Lao-tzu: eastcoast: togh question, born in Indonesia, while dutch colony
eastcoast: where in indonesia?
Countrybo: I have an inconvienience
wcg: i have a dog
Mooooooo: inconvienience! thats a very good term
Mimi__: Phoenyxx: yeah, I recently got reamed for calling myself 'epileptic' in a discussion about epilepsy :o)
lotaca: different diagnosis for all, even close to the same is different, but we all are the same
Countrybo: now if i could only spell it lol
* Lao-tzu was born in Semarang
Mimi__: I saw a sig today: 'I'm not disabled, I'm just inconvenienced!' I loved it
HelloKit: Okay, now... for everyone, what are your opinions on political correctness? For instance, I hate it. I think it's a waste of time...
eastcoast: i was in indonesia about 4 yrs ago
Countrybo: i want one lol
*** Pollywog has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: i think i'll borrow that :o)
wcg: how about not disabled, just disconvenienced
Mimi__: Hi Pollywoog
phoenyxx: Mimi: I can relate: that support group also turned me off because everyone there had a disability, but were doing everything to avoid any discussion of that. I got chidded for saying the word 'disability'!
dtb: hi pollywog
Mooooooo: or specially convenienced :o)
Pollywog: hi
AmyWonder: yeah, C.p. is an inconvenince all right
wcg: try saying crip or gimp
Mimi__: See? What are we supposed to talk about then?
HelloKit: Of course, I don't think we should all call each other mean names, but the way people are always trying to come up with a new term...
CincyKid: In general, I hate politically correctness too, but some terms are definitely offensive
Lao-tzu: eastcoast: the Lao-tzu comes from my philosophical beliefs however
eastcoast: remember that dis ability means without ability
lotaca: There's a can of worms :-) but politically correct , PERSONALY is for those who are insecure with themselves
Pollywog: lasdkflakfldfk
phoenyxx: I detest political correctness...some people will say things I don't agree with...but I'd rather let them say those things than try to nit-pick about any 'bad words' someone might say.
Mimi__: Some terms are offensive, but I think you should hold off being angry at someone until you know in what frame of mind they said the offensive thing
*** Pollywog has left #disabled
AmyWonder: soceity and it's labels
Natty: I don't know that i personnally liked inconvienced cause to me that sounds like something yyour burdened with and i don't always feelburdened by my diability
Countrybo: its only words folks
Mooooooo: or 'my problem'
wcg: exactly natty, if you have to always think about it
HelloKit: I think the people who came up with 'differently abled' are non-disabled people who think we are in some way offended by our disabilities.
eastcoast: challenged is better that a disability
lotaca: I'm holding off on the burden thing until I can be one to my kids
Mooooooo: thats another good point mimi. you have to know the frame of mind of the person saying it
Countrybo: i hate my md but i dont hate me
Mimi__: that makes sense, Kit
wcg: does anyone here go a full day without thinking the thought 'i am disabled'? or 'i have ...'
Countrybo: i do
phoenyxx: My condition doesn't really interfere with the things I do during the day...it's the 'secondary problems' that interfere....
eastcoast: of course
phoenyxx: HelloKit: you hit it on the head!
lotaca: I must confess, not I
Mimi__: If they're being forthright and accepting and you're not offended by their attitude you shouldn't be offended by their words.
Countrybo: i go thinkin gee i remember when i could just walk over there
Countrybo: i never think i am disabled
HelloKit: I do, sometimes. But I think that my disability is part of my identity, and I do a lot of things related to it, like running this channel.
Mimi__: I do, wcg
Countrybo: do you see wheelchairs in your dreams?
Countrybo: i dont
lotaca: Only new ones
Lao-tzu: I think phoenyxx may have a point about the classification of terms. I believe we have a mixed audience here mostly US and Canada; US has ADA and I don't know what we have here. But if you have X then you are entitled to B1, if you have Y then you are entitled to B2 and if you have Z then you are entiltled to B3, and so on
wcg: when someone asks you to describe yourself and you are face to face, do you say 'i'm disabled etc'
Mimi__: YES! Lao!
Natty: I do wcg even though i might struggled everyday i don't nessary look at it as being diabled
HelloKit: I am almost always not disabled in my dreams.
phoenyxx: Lao: yes!
Mimi__: Anyone interested in this should go read the 'UK Citizens - Fits' thread at alt.support.epilepsy
lotaca: Politically correct terms are for the law makers, I use slang continuously for me,
Natty: i never am disabled in my dream
wcg: me too
Countrybo: i am not dis anything lol my body just doest always do what my mind wants it to?
Mimi__: I never have epilepsy in my dreams
wcg: i have a disability, i am a person
phoenyxx: HelloKit: that happens to me sometimes...it's not weird that I walk in some of my dreams? I thought that meant I have adjustment problems.
eastcoast: you r very right countrybo
wcg: the fact that someone has a disability, condition, inconvenience, etc does not define them as a person
Natty: very true wcg
*** anti-rev has joined #disabled
dtb: well said
Countrybo: hey just cause my legs dont work doent mean i'm brain dead
eastcoast: wcg that is such a negative term....try something more positive
lotaca: I'm dis a lot, especially at the zoo when all i can see are other peoples mufflers
wcg: exactly.
wcg: then you'd probably like the shirt my company sells
* Countrybo doesnt want pitty just acceptance
HelloKit: True, wcg, but I think I might have turned out to be a different person, had it not been for the experiences I've had because of my disability. And many of those experiences were not bad ones.
*** anti-rev is now known as E4W
wcg: i dont want anything, i earn respect
Countrybo: hey if i had good legs would i have been able to go to college?
wcg: all of my experiences add up to who i am, and all of them relate to my disability
eastcoast: but lotaca u can become a muffler expert
wcg: they just dont define me. at all
Mimi__: countrybo : and just because I have a brain disorder does not mean I'm mentally ill
lotaca: tighten em right up :-)
phoenyxx: .....I think alot of the trouble I've gotten into with people is because I seem to have done alot more with my life since the disability.
Natty: my biggest fight with steoro types and polictcally correctness is because my clp is involved and very visabe peopl automatically assume i'm mentally not all there
wcg: my shirt says : get your a.. out of my face, crip media, a different point of viewTM
Countrybo: well i was lucky i could walk and work in the healthy world till 5 years ago when my legs gave out
Mimi__: Why's that phoenix?
lotaca: For serios, how do we educate those that do not want to be educated. They live their lives in a vacuum, and it sucks
wcg: because some people who have disabilities resent anyone else who does not stay home and
eastcoast: bye all
wcg: collect money
*** eastcoast has left #disabled
Mimi__: wcg I saw a good one recently: 'SEIZE THE DAY'
wcg: we dont even bother
wcg: like it.
HelloKit: LOL Mimi
Mooooooo: hahah
Mimi__: :o)
wcg: we can start by refusing to say thank you for everything and not saying we're sorry a million times a day
Countrybo: well when i was workin i had $$ but no time to enjoy life now i have little $$ and lotsa time but i have learned ti live with myself
phoenyxx: Mimi: because I've made myself more 'visible', like pursuing creative ventures and appearing on local cable TV. I was told that I was denied help at school because my activities aren't in synch with my condition.....they figure out that I wasn't doing a whole lot 'pre-disability', and the real problem comes when I'm independent most of time until I need 'personal help'.
wcg: now you have to make use of what you do have and earn some $$
E4W: how do you deal with a cil that embrasses the medical-model instead il-model for attendants
AmyWonder: trrue. wcg
Lao-tzu: Maybe one could differentiate those people that don't give in (up?) as challenged and those that do give up as disabled?
wcg: then we would be guilty of calling crippled people names lol
Mimi__: OK, phoenix. :o)
Countrybo: i have publishe a couple articles as a non fiction writer but i need a job i can do from home now
lotaca: If I refered to myself as disabled would anyone here be offended ? I can't tell everybody that I have multiple diagnosis that prevent me from running the marathon
phoenyxx: ....bottom line...people see the chair....then they see what I do despite the limitations, and get p***ed off that my condition is not my sole identity.
wcg: what do you do phoenyxx
wcg: tough titties for them
Mimi__: really, pheonix?? I don't understand...
Countrybo: ya be you not what they want you to be
phoenyxx: wcg: I am student two classes away from getting my radio/TV/film degree at the local community college, and my friends and I do some video production. And I myself am gearing up to start writing. :-)
HelloKit: Yes, phoenyxx, I think you just got it. A lot of people, especially non-disabled, but not exclusively, want the disabled to remain a helpless minority.
Natty: phoenyzz because i like being independent people call me crazy and stupid for wanting the same things they want i just laugh in their faces
phoenyxx: Mimi: don't understand what?
Countrybo: cool phoenix
wcg: very cool i am an agent that only represents exceptional individuals with disabilities
wcg: maybe you could email your bio
HelloKit: wcg: Agent as in talent agent?
wcg: yes
E4W: true but it's something that has many in our area steamed
Mimi__: Why people get pissed off by that, phoenix
Mooooooo: you should see the looks i get when climbing
HelloKit: wcg, could you give me your e-mail address?
lotaca: Wasn't Einstien 'disabled' ?, he had some physical control problems
Mooooooo: yep, i think he did
* Countrybo wonders if this channel will ever discuss home
wcg: [email protected]
phoenyxx: HelloKit: exactly: the disability is ok until you do things everyone else is doing. I can have a life, or the condition, but not both. I got busted at the Disabled Student Services office at the college because someone reported to them that they had seen me out with my friends at a movie!
Countrybo: in the futur i mean
wcg: your job opportunities are going to be the ones you make for yourself
Mooooooo: thats a good topic Countrybo :o)
phoenyxx: counrybo: thanks :-)
E4W: ah....
HelloKit: That's ridiculous...
*** E4W has left #disabled
phoenyxx: Mimi: not sure why they get mad...although part of it was the 'personal help' I got for a while.
Countrybo: well there are so many rip offs out there
wcg: we get asked by wheeltrans booking agents 'isnt that a little late to be going out?'
Countrybo: wow
dtb: wcg, I'm hoping to do a film about the disabled and I want qualified disabled actors. Can u help me?
phoenyxx: HelloKit: but it really happened!
* Countrybo takes it most of yall is from non winter
Mimi__: I can't believe these stories you're all telling...
wcg: if you are legitimately interested, i have all the people you need.
dtb: yes I am
lotaca: If Einstien discovered the theory of relativity, why then do people forget that HE had a handicap, but continued on anyway? There are many famous people out there such as Brady
Mooooooo: hahah, I took a bus once and the driver made me come back and asked me why i didnt pay the lower cost for crippled people :o)
wcg: where are you out of?
dtb: me?
Countrybo: oh no
wcg: yes
Natty: but i have many neighbors who don't understand why i do my own grocery shoping when i could have domeone do it for you
dtb: LA
phoenyxx: wcg: wheeltrans...we something similar here in San Antonio (Texas) that's run by the local transit company...except here there's this faction of disabled people campaigning to get other disabled people disqualified from using it!
Countrybo: thats sucks
Lao-tzu: lotaca: you're right, consider Hawkins as well
wcg: everywhere, different but the same
HelloKit: Okay, most of us despise the word 'crippled', am I right?
Countrybo: right
wcg: bob dole, mark wellman, todd huston,
dtb: yes!
Natty: yes
wcg: on and on and on
lotaca: Correcto mondo, and us
wcg: crippled, yes, crip, no
Mimi__: I may not be qualified to say this but I think Stephen Hawkins is doing a lot
phoenyxx: Countrybo: that's been my problem from the beginning: this cadre of disabled people trying exclude other people, like it's a secret club or something.
lotaca: why aren't you qualified ?
Mimi__: yes, Kit even me
Mooooooo: i dont despise 'crippled', i just despise the way some use it
phoenyxx: Mimi: I agree
AmyWonder: bob dole is a jerk
Mimi__: Because I'm not disabled...what do I know?
Countrybo: they make it sound belittling
Countrybo: or like a dirty word
wcg: yes. 'crippled' is a term used to describe economics as well
lotaca: You're here right, insight,
Lao-tzu: I insist terms are accepted depending where they come from
phoenyxx: HelloKit: I despise the word crippled.
HelloKit: A department at the Oregon Health Sciences University which is now called Child Development Rehabilitation Center... actually used to be called Crippled Children's Division. I always hated that, even when I was really little and went there all the time.
dtb: wcg, may I e-mail you about actors later?
wcg: yes
dtb: thanks
wcg: or stop by my site
Mooooooo: CCS in michigan was Crippled Childrens Services
Countrybo: my kid is on crippled childrens lol
lotaca: again correct, two people can say the same thing, one can be an insensitive jerk, the other not
AmyWonder: he wasn't disabled 'til th '96 campiam
dtb: where's your site at?
wcg: can i post my address?
Mooooooo: sure
HelloKit: Go ahead, wcg.
HelloKit: I will be right back...
* HelloKit will be right back, gotta find the sand...
*** HelloKit is now known as LitterBox
CincyKid: My state has changed it's name too, used to be crippled children, now it's medically handicapped
lotaca: transition from 1890's to these '90s is slow, same train of thought
*** AmyWonder has left irc (bye)
wcg: www.netmatrix.net/~imagemanagement
CincyKid: Is medically handicapped a ' better ' term?
wcg: it doesnt have to be slow
Countrybo: bed time here tata folks!
Mooooooo: see ya Countrybo!
Countrybo: ()__()
Countrybo: (/( oo ) Byeeee to you !
Countrybo: /^'/%'^/
Countrybo: ( . )/)
Countrybo: Q /--/ Q
lotaca: handicap, disability, crippled, is what you want it to mean
Lao-tzu: There is also the intonation with which a term is used. You can call someone 'hey, you son of b*tch' and if it was said in a friendly way you just laugh at it and reply in kind. If it was said seriously you whack the other person.
lotaca: bye
*** Countrybo has left irc (DRAGONS TO SLAY OR ELSE I'D STAY)
wcg: position of strength
Mooooooo: its just the way its used
Natty: I don't like medically handicapped sounds like one is sick i don;t consider myself as being sick
wcg: always come from a position of strength
phoenyxx: ...sorry if my stories depressed anyone...I'd like to keep think it was isolated...not something that will keep happening.
lotaca: today I am all the above, sore, and hungry, tomorrow I'll be normal for me
phoenyxx: brb....
Mooooooo: actually phoenyxx, what you have been saying was just demonstrated live on the channel by someone else
lotaca: I am never crippled, for me that's something I do to the van
*** LitterBox is now known as HelloKit
* HelloKit paws at the sand to cover up her business...
HelloKit: What do you mean, Mooooooo?
lotaca: thank you
phoenyxx: Moooo: what was that?
Mooooooo: AmyWonder just made a comment that a certain politician was not 'disabled' until it was to his advantage... that is a judgement she cannot make
Mooooooo: you can make that judgement about anyone
Mooooooo: cant
* HelloKit didn't see that.
Mooooooo: i left the name out because this isnt a political discussion
dtb: thanks wcg for the info. I'll e-mail you soon
phoenyxx: Mooooo: ah yes....happens to me....I do anything that's not disability oriented, always someone getting mad because they swear that I'm using my chair for sympathy or for grandstanding.
Mooooooo: but the point was made clear
* dtb is hungry and has to go eat.
dtb: bye all!!!
lotaca: wanting to be disabled is not right, if you claim to be a writer, you should have a pen, if you're disabled, and in the closet, then come on out and join the rest of us
Mooooooo: bye dtb :o)
lotaca: bye
phoenyxx: ....they see me on TV and get mad it's not a disability show...other times when I have openly discussed disability, that's also seen as a pity party or showing off.
dtb: see ya next week!
Lao-tzu: I sent an email to CBS about a program where they said Rosevelt (sp?) didn't like appearing in a wheelchair because it was in bad taste.
wcg: so, what's your point. i make my living based on my disability
Mooooooo: see ya :o)
*** dtb has left #disabled
wcg: i use it to establish credibility
phoenyxx: lotaca: that's what HelloKit was telling eariler (something similar to that :-) )
CincyKid: Wish I could stay longer too, but I must be leaving myself....
Mooooooo: take care John!
Mooooooo: see ya soon i hope :o)
phoenyxx: wcg: nothing wrong with that... :-)
HelloKit: Thanks for coming, John... one of these days I'll remember your meeting!
CincyKid: Nite to all, and Mooooooo please put the whole log up tonite OK?
Mooooooo: the log is up in a bit :o)
Lao-tzu: bye cicy
*** CincyKid has left #disabled
Lao-tzu: Mooooooo: waht log?
lotaca: I mean come on folks, I used to build and race cars in NASCAR, now it hurts just to watch them, I don't want to be in the chair, but now that I am, like me, like my chair, if not it's YOUR problem, deal with it
Mooooooo: Lao-tzu, all #Disabled meetings are recorded and available on the web page
Mooooooo: http://members.tripod.com/~disabled
Mooooooo: yep, thats the way i feel :o)
phoenyxx: lotaca: I see videos my friends and I made before I was in the chair and it's hard for me to see sometimes but it's a part of my past and besides, my friends and I had a blast making them...I enjoy them still
lotaca: I wasn't refering to present company
phoenyxx: :-)
Lao-tzu: OK, got it
Mooooooo: hehe, we know :o)
*** AcEaDaY has joined #disabled
lotaca: I enjoy the pics etc of the past, but it's not my present and I really need to concentrate on that
*** AcEaDaY has left #disabled
Lao-tzu: lotaca: I have a new saying 'I used to climb mountains, now I stay in the valleys. They are also a lot of fun'
Mooooooo: well its always good to keep the good memories too
phoenyxx: ....there are video projects I've done with groups for classes, and I get bummed out sometimes because I really wanted to go on location for shooting the footage, but some of the locations weren't accessable, but I still really had fun editing the footage they brought back.
phoenyxx: ..in other words, I was still an important part of the project.
lotaca: I used to laugh at the commercial 'Help I've fallen.....' until I couldn't get up
Lao-tzu: loyaca: by the way I used to rallie in a real Austin Cooper
wcg: i still laugh at that one
wcg: even when im on the floor
phoenyxx: lotaca: I've flipped my chair a few times...
wcg: laughing now just thinking about it
lotaca: Now I'm known as the short, fat guy that loves to run over feet :-)
Mooooooo: I have a hard time getting up but I still laugh :o)
* Mimi__ chuckles
lotaca: My wife tipped me over backwards once, we still are ROTFL
wcg: they call me 'wheelchair girl'
Mooooooo: that and 'where's the beef?'
Lao-tzu: It's my wife who gets her stomach all tight when I pull a wheelie of a bridge we have in a park around our place and a couple of times I've wanted to have a seat belt to keep from flying out.
lotaca: She thought I had the breaks on, fooled her :-)
lotaca: 5 point racing harness is high on my agenda, and a Bell helmet :-)
lotaca: Don't know where to purt the roof numbers
lotaca: I talk like I spell :-)
Lao-tzu: In the Cooper I found what the helmet was for when we rolled it and unhitched the 5 point harness
wcg: who knows any good crip jokes
wcg: come on, don't be shy,
lotaca: How many crips does it take to screw in a light bulb ?
wcg: umm,...3?
lotaca: None, we can't climb the damn ladder
wcg: lllllllooooooooooollllllllllll
Lao-tzu: Do you know why blind people don't skydive anymore?
wcg: scares their dogs
phoenyxx: You all here still have a sense of humor :-) the people I've met are so serious about everything....I got yelled at about a skit we did on TV showing a guy that illegally parked in a hadicapped parking slot getting shot by a vigilante.
phoenyxx: ...I can't walk but my weird sense of humor is totally intact :-)
phoenyxx: what's funny is that most able-bodied people I meet may not get the jokes but they're really impressed that I'm ok with things.
lotaca: Got me hangin
Lao-tzu: It scares the hell out of their dogs
* Mimi__ chuckles again...
Natty: i'd be lost withput my sence of humor
lotaca: STOP, I'm laughing 2 hard
lotaca: I'm lost all the time
wcg: iks ok, navigation services are provided by CRIP media
Lao-tzu: phoenyxx: when I get a guy illegally parked in a handicapped spot I park myself behind him and use my cell to get the cops over there
wcg: follow me
lotaca: I wear a rabies tag to let people know I bite
wcg: the best one i ever did was go up to someone who was staring at me and scream in my best 'crippled person voice' SMELL MY FINGER
Mooooooo: Lao-tzu, I know a girl who does 'wheelchair bungee jumping'
Mooooooo: you have to read last weeks log though to find out about it :o)
HelloKit: two weeks ago, Mooooooo
Mooooooo: or was it the week before?
Mooooooo: ah!
Mooooooo: ok
* Mooooooo will be back in 45 seconds :o)
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HelloKit: Why does the server keep dropping me?
* Mooooooo is back
Mooooooo: dunno
Mooooooo: took a minute and thirty secs
Mooooooo: but its okay, Im zipperly challanged :o)
lotaca: Well darn, dinner is ready and I need to feed my face, my lap, the floor....
Mimi__: Lao I have attacked people in parking lots myself
HelloKit: I switch out to Netscape for one second, and it says, 'Bye-bye!'
HelloKit: LOL lotaca
Mooooooo: wow
phoenyxx: (despite my rantings earlier about apologies, I am not usually depressed)
phoenyxx: other disabled people I've met get really upset about the bad jokes and skits they've seen me do...like a segment with Enya's 'Sail Away' set to a montage of nuclear submarine footage.
Mooooooo: see ya lotaca
Mimi__: bye lotaca
lotaca: It's been real and it's been fun, gotta wheel cause I can't run............Bye-bye all
Mooooooo: i love bad jokes
*** Angeleyes has joined #disabled
Lao-tzu: bye lotaca
phoenyxx: What do you say to an ADA violator after February 1, 2009?
HelloKit: LOL bye lotaca
Mooooooo: my favorite skit on 'In Living Color' was 'Handi-Man'
*** lotaca has left irc (Leaving)
* HelloKit gives up...
Mooooooo: the disabled super-hero
Lao-tzu: adulator?
wcg: i'm a disabled super-hero
phoenyxx: Would you like a blindfold or a last cigarette?
Mooooooo: it was sooo funny
phoenyxx: think about it.....
wcg: i am wheelchair girl
phoenyxx: brb....secondary problem.....
Mooooooo: im just a cow :o)
wcg: by then there will be so many of us, we'll be running things. no worries