Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

Educational Opportunities

Feb 11, 1997

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

Participants already present:
  Mimi ([email protected])
  DopeHat ([email protected])
  ChanServ ([email protected])
  HelloKit ([email protected])
HelloKit: logging is on
orange: hi james
James: hi
Deb: why do you say that phoenyxx?
Raven_: i have to upgrade (WHAAAA)
Deb: have you had trouble getting educated?
wood_girl: hi james
orange: hi jody!
wood_girl: hi jody
Jody: hi everyone
HelloKit: Is everyone ready to begin?
Jody: sure.....
phoenyxx: Deb: I've gotten flak from disability counselors because
I'm pursuing the RTVF degree and not taking vocation classes like
'other disabled people'.
orange: ready when you are
Mimi: Jody :o)
Jody: Hey Mimi....
Jody: guess what...
Mimi: Simon you get flak from everyone ;o)
Mimi: what?
Mimi: wb
phoenyxx: not here Mimi :-)
Mimi: lol, ok, you got me :o)
orange: phoenyxx..where do you go to school?
Jody: courtney crawled back into his shell.... the euphoria is over
HelloKit: First question...
HelloKit: Is anyone here going to or graduated from college?
* Mimi is a college graduate
Jody: I've graduated
orange: mimi...but then i don't get any messages from anyone else
Mimi: awwwwwww
wood_girl: i bearly got my ged
Mooooooo: I didnt go to college, but i did take a few classes
care what YOU claim to be.)
orange: raven...what do you mean?
Raven_: I'll never get out, it seems...
orange: raven...i know the feeling! what year are you?
Mimi: seemed that way to me too, Raven...you will though :o)
Jody: are you on the 4+ plan raven?
Raven_: soph., going into Jr.
Raven_: nope
orange: raven...you are going to be a jr this coming semester or the
one in the fall?
Mimi: it took me 6 and a half years to graduate
Raven_: I donn't guess, more like 4-infinity
Jody: it took me 5 and a half
phoenyxx: orange- I'm finishing up getting an associate's degree at
San Antonio College (community college).
HelloKit: What kind of help or services did/do you need in school
due to your disability?
Jody: private room in the dorms!!!
phoenyxx: don't get me started Carly :-)
Raven_: none, but ramps
Raven_: maybe yours...
kb9kyy: boom
kb9kyy: hehe
* HelloKit graciously makes a certain finger gesture in the general
direction of her local ISP...
Jody: lol
Mooooooo: lol
wood_girl: lol
phoenyxx: and instructors have been cool about it, like knowing that
I might be a little late for class sometimes.
* kb9kyy makes the same gesture toward his...
HelloKit: lol Brad
Diablo11: hello
kb9kyy: hi
wood_girl: wb diablo
HelloKit: How difficult is/was it to get these services?
HelloKit: ping me
Raven_: ramps aren't generally located next to classes here
Diablo11: can someone please tell me what NewNet server to use with
the IRC channel
HelloKit: irc.worldnetla.net
Jody: getting a private room took some doing but I got one for 3
kb9kyy: we ought to have a meeting on accessable ISP's
kb9kyy: gotta go...time for bed
kb9kyy: good night all
Raven_: i use Eskimo
wood_girl: really dif couldnt get them...
Jody: nnite
kb9kyy: http://members.tripod.com/gjkd/ <== Sign Guestbook (macro)
Mooooooo: Eskimo is always overburdened, use irc.worldnetla.net
phoenyxx: how hard is it too get services? If I went to the DSS
office at the college with a suitcase and said it was a nuclear
device they'd still say hell no to assistance.
Raven_: hmmmmmmmm............................yeah
HelloKit: Someone I know had some major problems with his school.
He's deaf and needed a strobe light hooked up to the fire alarm...
requested it well ahead of time and it still wasn't in place when
he got there.
Jody: time for a new college Simon
Raven_: anyone use DVR here?
HelloKit: One night there was a fire down the hall, his roommate
wasn't there to wake him...
wood_girl: that sucks
HelloKit: He was very upset that he could have died that night.
wood_girl: that's right
phoenyxx: Jody- I'm almost done there anyway.
orange: that's awful
Diablo666: hello am i here
Jody: ping me
HelloKit: Hey Diablo
Diablo666: hello am in here
HelloKit: Yep, you're here :o)
wood_girl: hi diablo
Diablo666: wow i actually did it
phoenyxx: Carly- a black hole in space doesn't suck like that, and
the real p***er is that some disability 'advocate' will actually
try to excuse that!
wood_girl: ya
Mimi: simon I love your colorful language :o)
HelloKit: lol
HelloKit: Did anyone get help paying for school?
Diablo666: i got on throug on the irc channel
phoenyxx: Mimi: like the time I wanted to rent a Ryder truck and
call it an 'accessability assurance device' :-)
Raven_: DVR pays it all
Jody: yep.... tap, pell, loans.... I didn't get anything because of
my physical problems tho..
Diablo666: mimi did oyu want me to change me nick
Mimi: bad, Simon...bad bad bad :o)
Mimi: yeah, that would be nice, Diablo :o)
Diablo666: if you can tell me how i will do it
*** Raven_ is now known as deus
Mimi: you make it look like a Black Mass in here
HelloKit: I took a college writing class through my high school
after I graduated... VR had agreed to pay for it, and to my
knowledge, a year later, they have never paid it and I got no
Diablo666: is it under setup
Mimi: type "/nick Diablo_" without the quotation marks
phoenyxx: Mimi: but you laughed, admit it! :-)
Mimi: just type that where you normally type your text
Mimi: ok, ok, I admit it :o)
deus: do u want to continue?
*** deus is now known as Raven_
*** Diablo666 is now known as Diablo_
Mimi: :o)
Diablo_: ok is that better
Mimi: thanks :o)
HelloKit: Was a very discouraging experience.
Mimi: yup, that's better
Diablo_: np
wood_girl: i bet hello
Diablo_: anything to make oyu peolpe happy
Raven_: ic...............
Mimi: aw, that sux carly
HelloKit: I've considered filing a complaint, but sometimes I think
it's not really worth it. I didn't do very well in the class
Raven_: I have to be chalanged, maybe u 2
Raven_: 25 orange
Diablo_: so what are we talking about
Raven_: courses
HelloKit: The topic is education, Diablo.
HelloKit: Did anyone find college to be too stressful or too much to
handle on top of your disability?
Diablo_: ok
Diablo_: i can handle that
Diablo_: can't tell haven't gone yet
Diablo_: but high school is hard enough
Raven_: personally, no, college helped me be more independant
Deb: the semester i had several seizures and needed to go on
anti-convulsants, i ended up with a 1.923 (failing) GPA
Raven_: and tolerant
Mimi: Yeah, Carly....my neurologist told me I couldn't go out an
party with my peers :o/
Deb: it was a baaaaaaaaaad time (freshman year too)
HelloKit: I agree, Diablo... high school can be a pain. I have lots
of stories I could tell you about high school...
Mimi: not supposed to drink or stay up late
Raven_: barely diablo
Jody: no drinking??? too bad
Deb: not supposed to drink here either (or do other mind-altering
substances) - -in college!! it's nearly impossible
HelloKit: Mind-altering substances... lol
Diablo_: i just hate the way people treat me and look and act to
Diablo_: me
Mimi: well, I drink anyway :o)
phoenyxx: sometimes you can get yourself into more trouble by trying
to appeal a bad grade on disability grounds.
Deb: me too, Mimi
Raven_: the only good thing i can say about highschool is that it's
Deb: and try the other mind alterers from time to time ;-)
HelloKit: If so, what could you have done to make it easier to
Diablo_: i wisah icould say the same reeven
Mimi: I still get loaded way too fast because of the meds, but I
don't drink much anyway...not anymore
Mimi: Deb, I can't handle it, drives me buggers
Deb: it's irritating
Deb: i can drink pretty much and don't let it worry me
phoenyxx: I hardly drink- a beer every now and then, and a drink
during the holidays, that's about it.
Mimi: I mean I can't handle other mind alterers
Mimi: what are you on, Deb?
Deb: i've only tried one and don't do it much
Deb: Mysoline a/k/a Primidone
Deb: you?
Mimi: Tegretol aka carbamepazine
Raven_: brb
Jody: talking drugs, eh?
Mimi: ever tried taking one and then drinking on an empty stomach??
Mimi: heh, yeah
Diablo_: the one time i drank i threw up over myself and sat in my
functions for quite a long while
Deb: back in college when my friends were trying all sorts of mind
alterers left and right i was too afraid to try anything
* HelloKit clears her throat... is this part of our "education"
discussion? ;o)
wood_girl: lol
Jody: for some....
HelloKit: heh
Diablo_: no i don't think so but it's close enouhgt
phoenyxx: A question I have for all of you here......
Deb: i am violently allergic to Tegretol, Mimi - had a terrible
allergic reaction to it -- classic -- rash, fever and all -- my
doctor took a picture of me
Mimi: LOL
HelloKit: Use red, Simon... catches their attention.
phoenyxx: Have any of you felt or been pressured to pursue something
you weren't interested because of your disability?
Mimi: well, that was how epilepsy affected my college experiance
Carly, sorry :o)
Mooooooo: Yes
HelloKit: Yes! Simon, very much so...
wood_girl: ya
Diablo_: hey i have to get ready for bed so i'
Deb: for me it was the bad reaction to the seizure medications -
-ended up getting me bad grades
Diablo_: ll see yenze all later
Raven_: mimi, whadda ya rinkin'?
wood_girl: bye diablo
Diablo_: what the hay i'
Mooooooo: I was told by a psychologist that I lack the basic
intelligence to do computer programming
Mooooooo: and that i should get some menial job
Diablo_: ll stay for a little while longer
Mimi: whoa
HelloKit: I enjoy doing graphics and design on my own time, under my
own terms... but school people wanted me to make a career out of
it. College art classes were not my idea of an interesting 4
Mimi: I'm glad you didn't listen to him Daniel :o)
Deb: really Mooooo!!!??? you shoudl sue!
Mimi: rinkin'? Raven?
Jody: hey, Dan, hack into his system and crash his files.....
HelloKit: lol!
Mooooooo: I was thinking about that Jody
Diablo_: is anyone here under the age of 18
Diablo_: besides me
Raven_: lol....drinkin'
Mooooooo: But I may send him a copy of the very large contract I got
Mimi: nothing these days, Raven, I'm breastfeeding!
HelloKit: heh, do it Daniel
Jody: lol
Mimi: cool :o)
Diablo_: mooo
Jody: go for it Dan
Mooooooo: \:o)
Diablo_: hey do you have any 3d games
Raven_: oblivious to that stuff, never thought..
HelloKit: Has anyone taken any correspondence classes or classes
over the internet?
Mooooooo: yes, I have a car :o)
Raven_: TV
Diablo_: send him the graphic file out of it
Jody: no but I thought about it
* Mooooooo took a 6 month course in emotional abuse over the net
Mimi: No, but I'm seriously considering it, Carly
HelloKit: lol Mooooooo
Diablo_: make sure it's the biggest
HelloKit: Or was that serious?
Mooooooo: that was *cough*bullshit*caroline*cough*cough*
Diablo_: it'll take em' almost an hour to recieve them i've sent
afew of those
HelloKit: I was going to take a correspondence US History class the
summer before my junior year in HS, in order to lighten my class
load the following semester.
Mooooooo: I think Keith is taking some classes with ZD online
HelloKit: But I decided against it. Not sure why.
Raven_: TV courses r bogus
phoenyxx: so it's a common thread to be told to take something
menial despite interests or ability?
Mimi: I would love to find a master's program on the internet!!
* Mimi is an old hag
Mooooooo: not me
Jody: me too, Mimi
Diablo_: well that didn't help
* HelloKit isn't under 18, but she is 18.
Mimi: ok, I'm 27
Diablo_: i'm looking for someone around my age
Raven_: 18? HAHAHA...
phoenyxx: me too Mimi
Diablo_: what are you laughing about
Mimi: you too what Simon? masters?
HelloKit: Yeah, what are you laughing about?
Raven_: mimi, can i be one oo (as i rem., you're only 2 yrs my sr.)
phoenyxx: I had a vocational counselor get mad at me for not
listening to her about clerical jobs and continuing my interest in
video production.
DopeHat: did i miss much
Raven_: too
phoenyxx: Mimi- the me too was that I am also 27
Diablo_: dope how old are you
DopeHat: 23
Diablo_: this bites
Mimi: ok Simon
phoenyxx: at the college I go to alot of the disability resources
are geared towards disabled students taking vocational courses for
clerical jobs.
Jody: 32
Mimi: we're nice people anyway, Diablo
Diablo_: noone in here is under 18 heck
Diablo_: i was lookin gfor someone to relate to age wise
HelloKit: Which did/do you prefer: college or correspondence
classes... and why?
Raven_: mimi, speak 4 yourself..hehe
Mimi: lol
Mimi: college!!
Jody: college!!!
phoenyxx: I like college classes. Even the early morning ones :-)
Jody: jinx
Mimi: I just adore the academic atmosphere and the access to all the
perks of campus life
Mimi: whoa, Jody
Jody: I loved all of it...
*** Diablo_ is now known as Diablo666
phoenyxx: Mimi: that helps too :-)
Raven_: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...cruelty of the fates
Diablo666: hello woood
Diablo666: what's up
Diablo666: hello loa
Mimi: Han! :o)
wood_girl: hey diablo
Diablo666: hold old are oyu
Diablo666: how old are you loa
Diablo666: and same for you wood
Diablo666: but i know you're not under 18
Diablo666: hello hiarman
Mimi: Harry! :o)
Lao-tzu: hey gang!
wood_girl: 20 diablo
Hairman: hi all
HelloKit: Personally, since I've done neither, I'm not really sure.
I can see the benefits of both.
wood_girl: hi hairman
Diablo666: how old are you hairman
Raven_: Ellen is soooooooooo funny...hehehe
Hairman: hi wg
*** Diablo666 is now known as Diablo_
Diablo_: well i want ages peole
HelloKit: What advice would you give to teens with disabilities
getting ready to graduate high school?
Lao-tzu: hey devil, 50
Diablo_: thanks
Mooooooo: to go and work harder than anyone
Raven_: hmmm....I wasn't disabled then....
phoenyxx: My advice- know what you want, and don't be deterred!
Jody: to investigate the college thoroughly... not just for
academics but for what they offer as services.
Jody: some, like the one I attended, do a lot for ALL of the student
Jody: s
Diablo_: hello Kat how old are you
Diablo_: never mind
wood_girl: ;)
Lao-tzu: doing statistics
HelloKit: Jody - and some schools only have DSS offices because they
have to...
wood_girl: ya
Diablo_: so hair how old are you
Hairman: 46
Diablo_: thanks
Hairman: ur welcome
Jody: I know Kit... but still. Talk to the students. Check and see
if there are visible students with disabilities...
Diablo_: hello al2
Hairman: :)
Mimi: la@
Mimi: oh, jees
wood_girl: hi al2
Mimi: al2 :o)
Diablo_: how old are you al2
Jody: If you see no disabled students.. that's a clear hint that the
school isn't helpful
al2: jello all (Spanish)
Hairman: kit ... do you know what you want to be when you grow up?
Raven_: hola
Hairman: :)
HelloKit: Anyone else have any questions/comments concerning
educational opportunities?
Diablo_: hola
Jody: Carly, I think it has turned into a free-for-all
Raven_: los canal de "disablity" es bien
Diablo_: tu tenes an~on
HelloKit: lol Hairman... when I grow up? ;o) Actually, I'd like to
do something in the field of web design.
al2: oh... diablo... sorry i just saw the age question... 47
Deb: ?que quieren saber, amigos? ;-)
Raven_: tengo.......viently y cinco an~os
Diablo_: thanks
Mimi: I thought you wanted to counsel people with disabilities,
al2: but feel like 80
Raven_: que?
HelloKit: That too Mimi... I have a lot of things I'd like to do -
maybe I'll open up a "variety" business... hehe
Hairman: ok .... figure out all the things you need to do to
accomplish that goal .... then start knocking them off one at at
Diablo_: no tu feel tus an~on
HelloKit: I want to be a famous singer too, remember? ;o)
Hairman: and never give up ...