Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

Employment Opportunities

Nov 12, 1997

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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  Mooooooo via Telnet ([email protected])
judi: I think I should go too, had a bad experience Sat
HelloKit: Logging is on.
phoenyxx: I just saw a sign of the coming Apocalypse.
beetlebug: yes i know where your comming from
phoenyxx: Party of Five is assaulting the central time zone.
Mooooooo: we can talk about party of five later
Mooooooo: /:o)
phoenyxx: Moooooo: how about never?
phoenyxx: :-)
* HelloKit says hello to everyone!
Mooooooo: deal
Gilbertt: Judi, like, what happnd?
Mooooooo: Hi Carly!!!!
HelloKit: :o)
beetlebug: hi
HelloKit: Are we all ready to start?
phoenyxx: hmmmm....tonight's topic doesn't lend itself to my usualy snide remarks and jokes :-)
phoenyxx: ready here!
DopeHat: ok
HelloKit: Wow, you mean you are speechless, Simon? ;o)
phoenyxx: hehehe
phoenyxx: :-)
HelloKit: Okay, here we go...
judi: Well, its not on the subject, but I got separated from my daughter in one of those super stores. She couldn't find me in my chair, after about 45 min of wandering, I started bawling like an idiot
HelloKit: How many people went to college or some other career training?
judi: I am an RN
* phoenyxx is finishing up an Associate's (2 year) Degree
Mooooooo: i tool a college class
* HelloKit has all self-taught skills.
* DopeHat is in college
judi: I was just starting to have problems when I got my associate's degree, but went on to get about 30 more hours toward my BSN
* Gilbertt had four years of liberal arts at a university
judi: I had to give up my career.
HelloKit: What do you now do for a job?
Mooooooo: I own a software publishing and consulting company.
judi: I am on disability
phoenyxx: I am looking into getting myself a new computer, hopefully I can start a business in web page designing, later I want to get my writing going professionally and perhaps
* Gilbertt will be working again as soon as he finds a
judi: I tried several different jobs before I gave up, or rather I was told to give up
phoenyxx: even get a loan to buy the digital video equipment I want to get. I'm trying to work for myself on all of this.
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HelloKit: I am currently on SSI, but have several different jobs I would like to do someday... which I have already bored you all with several times. :o)
beetlebug: hey jo
judi: hi jo
Gilbertt: Hi ho Jo Jo
Jo: Hello everybody!
phoenyxx: I too am on SSI, hopefully I can phase in outside income so the cutoff of SSI won't hurt too much :-)
DopeHat: howdy jo
Jo: Hi DopeHat! I don't get SSI I get Social Security Disability period.
judi: I was really good at my job, it was hard to quit
HelloKit: Was your job choice influenced by your disability? How?
beetlebug: has anyone ever thought telecomputing as a career?
Mooooooo: mine was
Mooooooo: because it was so hard getting a full time job
Mooooooo: people would look and blow me off
phoenyxx: My choices weren't affected directly, I was into video production about 2 years prior to the chair. My disability has gotten me to focus more on things though.
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judi: I changed from floor nursing to teaching patient ed then to teaching aide classes, then to a desk job
HelloKit: It's possible that my disability could be the reason I am so interested in computers... but I will never really know.
Gilbertt: My career choice was an office job anyway so, no trouble logistically
Jo: I was an insurance adjustor and private investigator. They wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole after my accident. So I got married again and do lots of volunteer work instead for the local historical society and military base.
beetlebug: i think the hardest part is to try to find that one person who is willing to give someone a chance to proove them selves.
Gilbertt: This is true even aside from the disability issue.
judi: Its hard to get a job when you can't drive, sit very long, use your hands very well, etc
Mooooooo: yep, it is
Jo: They are few and far between. My husband looks fine but had 3 back surgeries and two knee surgeries and had a heck of a time getting even an office job.
phoenyxx: I hope I am not making things sound too easy here, I was just saying that what I am interested in, computers, video, writing, lends themselves to working independently rather than a 'normal' 9 to 5 job.
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vaca: hello
judi: hi vaca
Jo: Hello vaca are you the vaca alias diablo or just vaca?
Mooooooo: howdy
beetlebug: yes i also am into computers
*** vaca is now known as Diablo_
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Lao-tzu: hi gang
DopeHat: hi
judi: hi
Diablo_: the aka diablo
phoenyxx: hello Lao tzu
beetlebug: hi every one
Jo: Hello Lao-tzu. And Diablo how's aerosmith doing tonight.
Mooooooo: well depending on the disability, disabled people are ideally suited for clerical and assembly jobs
HelloKit: That is true, Simon. That's what I hope to do someday.
Diablo_: hello all
phoenyxx: thanks Carly.
Diablo_: soory i'm more in the fields of math and science
Lao-tzu: hi Diablo, ...devil you! :o)
Diablo_: my self that is
Diablo_: hello all again to anyone i missed before
phoenyxx: Mooooooo- the problem with that is that there is this stereotype that all the jobs for us are clerical or some kind of grunt work.
judi: Gee, what high aspirations, to be classified because of your body
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beetlebug: i think if the person is up to it telecompting is an exellent oppurtunity
VACA: hola
Mooooooo: simon, im only speaking for some
Mooooooo: not all
HelloKit: I was always good with advanced math (on paper)... but to be honest I'm lousy at simple basic math. I have to do everything with a calculator.
Jo: My adopted sister went to college, became a teacher and still can't get hired. She has multiple disabilities doesn't look pretty enough for them.
phoenyxx: Mooooo: true. Many clerical jobs are good, like in the medical field.
*** VACA is now known as Diablo_
HelloKit: What are her disabilities, Jo?
phoenyxx: beetlebug: telecomputing? More info on that please.... :-)
beetlebug: boy you do play musical names?
Diablo_: so i take that we started the meeting
Jo: She is blind in one eye, fifty percent hearing loss has hearing aides, cleft palate, deformed hands and one leg shorter than other.; Dextrocardia and other internal problems.
Diablo_: beet you might say it's to fit the many sides of my personality
beetlebug: you know dictation with a voice dictation system
phoenyxx: Jo: sounds serious but teaching requires a good brain and it sounds like she has that.
judi: Discrimination abounds
beetlebug: you said it
Jo: Oh she is past chairman of handicap commission in town of 30,000. She will get hired or they will get sued.
phoenyxx: judi: no kidding. I met a woman in a wheelchair who thinks we should be grateful that low-level jobs exist. Like she approves the discrimination.
*** Diablo_ is now known as ASESINO
HelloKit: Simon... I wish someone would tell the people in my town that (that teaching requires a brain)...
ASESINO: hola cata`l
ASESINO: hola beetle
phoenyxx: bettlebug: yes, dictation....is that what you do?
Jo: I know Diablo means devil, what the heck is asesino?
ASESINO: asesino = slayer
Lao-tzu: Who are you going to kill?, disabled people aren't supposed to carry guns
phoenyxx: Carly- pardon that simplistic remark.
Mooooooo: lol
judi: Simon, I guess we all have to adjust but, what about our brains?
HelloKit: LOL
phoenyxx: Lao-tzu: a wise man once said that power comes from the barrel of a gun.
phoenyxx: and after 2009 guns for the disabled will be promoted.
Jo: I beg your pardon Lao-tzu, people that are disabled carry guns, go hunting and even shooting contest around here.
Lao-tzu: hey, ...I've been insisting I want to velcro my UZI underneath my chair
phoenyxx: Jo: and they run the secret police in the future.
Hghlndr: <--I carry a 9mm handgun
*** ASESINO is now known as CAZADOR
Lao-tzu: now were going hunting
* HelloKit chuckles and pats Simon on the back.
Jo: Let them try to take my gun away from me. They won't succeed until it's empty.
beetlebug: no but i just thought while everyone has a modem maybe someone could this its possible
HelloKit: Next question...
HelloKit: If you have ever been turned down for a job, did you feel it had something to do with your disability?
phoenyxx: beetlebug- is this a home based job or office work? Sounds interesting that's what I've been looking for, home-job.
Lao-tzu: are you a priest as well ? ...:o)
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Jo: Hey Texans are crazy and inventive. We will find a way to get there.
Mooooooo: hey jeff
phoenyxx: Carly, a vocational counselor told me flat out that I won't get a job in my chosen field because of my disability! She's in a wheelchair too and she says this.
phoenyxx: she seems to think that's ok for some reason/
phoenyxx: .
Jo: Just because they passed a law to get more votes don't mean they are going to enforce it.
phoenyxx: My RTVF classmates say otherwise and to go for it. :-)
judi: Set your goals high Simon, nothing is impossible
beetlebug: you know the people doing the interveiw willnot say but.....
phoenyxx: judi: true! :-)
Mooooooo: simon, thats because she's sitting in that wheelchair the wrong way. The ass is the part that goes on the seat
Gilbertt: Har har Moo
phoenyxx: ha! LOL! Mooooo!
Jo: Cute
judi: amen
* HelloKit is proud to say she was hired for both jobs
beetlebug: a comedian
phoenyxx: that is what sucks the most- that some advocates will sanction discrimination.
Lao-tzu: OK, being seriuous for a moment, my personal contention is to be able to work from home. Why? I have a neurogenic bladder and bowel. I don't know when things happen and don't wan't them to happen at a workplace.
*** CAZADOR is now known as Diablo_
HelloKit: I can understand that.
Mooooooo: understandable
Diablo_: know what oyu mean 100% lao
phoenyxx: Lao-tzu: same problem here. I need to be able to get into a restroom, although I've found a way around that, I still need a little privacy.
Jo: Lao-tzu I have the same and don't for that reason. But keep busy anyway I can to help others.
Diablo_: it's the same here
beetlebug: yes i think we all understand that
Jo: God bless adult diapers.
phoenyxx: Jo: you said it :-)
phoenyxx: (uh, I know this friend that wears them, yeah that's it :-) )
Jo: But it sure does come in handy for getting out of jury duty around here.
Diablo_: i can't change the problem myself so i have to just sit in the problem or have someone change it for me
HelloKit: I don't have that problem but I do have a similar one. I get no warning: when I have to go, I have to go!
Lao-tzu: Now, the challenge is to derive an income somehow while you're at home.
Diablo_: but when i go it's in my diapers and there's nothing stopping that
phoenyxx: Carly: happens to me to.
Jo: I just wish it would make up its mind. Either there is too much or none and both are problems.
beetlebug: you know when able body people become elderly they also may have to wear diapers
phoenyxx: ....I can usually 'change' myself, but still there is the privacy issue. Very picky about that.
HelloKit: Yeah, so they shouldn't make fun of those who already do!
Jo: Yeah except my mom and dad are in their late 70's and still don't.
Diablo_: yeah but i have to rihgt now and will always have them
beetlebug: i'm sure they don't think about that now
Lao-tzu: So we have computer programming -- specs can be sent by e-mail, ftp, or courier. The employer however, want's to keep tabs on what you do. I need to take rest periods during the day and then they don't consider one to be working on a regular basis.
Jo: So I have worn them for 25 years. I think the inventor has bought a few cadillacs on my investment.
beetlebug: sooner later they will
phoenyxx: What irritates me is that I usually don't need alot of help, but that little bit of help is harder to get!
Diablo_: yes but you must understand i have to have someone else do it for me
HelloKit: What about experiences with getting accommodations, after you've already gotten the job?
Diablo_: and you want o talk about being an incoventience
phoenyxx: Diablo: I understand the inconvenience.
Jo: Hey they do have to make a certain amount of acommodation for you. They bought a new chair for my hubby.
Diablo_: can you imagine going up to someone on the job and asking them to assist you in the restroom and change your dirty diaper
phoenyxx: Diablo: I am sorry.
Lao-tzu: From what I know, even if I did get a job outside they wouldn't be equiped to handle my requirements. ie. lie down for 10 mins. every hour
Diablo_: np phoennxx
Jo: I want to bring my hospital bed with me.
judi: No place I ever worked made any accomodations for my handicap. It was like I was supposed to accomodate my handicap to their needs.
beetlebug: well thanks for letting me put my 2 cents in but i have to go
Lao-tzu: bye beetle
Mooooooo: see ya beetle
Diablo_: but i was just getting my point acroos and i didn't mean to offend you
judi: bye
Diablo_: later beet
phoenyxx: Accomodation is the whole reason I want to work independently- no special accomodation to worry about and my own schedule.
beetlebug: catch tommorrow
Diablo_: later
Jo: judi, wrong they have to around here or you turn them in. We are trying to educate the handicapped of the world. You know the mentally retared ones who don't understand discrimination.
beetlebug: bye
phoenyxx: I don't need rest periods but I do need down time sometimes to give my hands a break.
Diablo_: hope to see you again
*** beetlebug has left irc (beetlebug)
HelloKit: LOL, Jo
phoenyxx: Diablo: that's ok.
Jo: The squeeky wheel gets attention.
phoenyxx: I thought the roaring M-60 gets the attention :-)
judi: Easier said than done
Jo: Agravate them enough and they will fix it just to shut you up.
Diablo_: but it would be hard for people to accodimate to me especially the way i am now
Jo: So use your computer technology to do something from home.
Diablo_: i say forget them and fix it yourself
judi: Yes, Diablo, I can see where you would indeed have a problem
phoenyxx: the whole thing that vocational counselor was trying to pull was to discourage people from trying to get accomodation in a potential job.
Diablo_: i would like to do that but i'm not the smartest in computers
phoenyxx: like she didn't want her clients to get decent jobs.
Hghlndr: Like what, Jo?? I mean, I do research from my home, but I'm not self-supporting.
Diablo_: i hate when people think that we're useless and can't even do anything for ourselves
HelloKit: Has anyone ever been involved in a lawsuit involving job discrimination?
Jo: I do a ton of volunteer work. With all the past experience and that people know who I am and the work I do. I suppose it would be easier when they know you and are used to seeing you and aren't feeling insecure from seeing a handicaped person.
Lao-tzu: Consider a situation where your stomach is bloated because the days before you didn't get any veggies (mistake of course -- but it's done!). Now you need to perform a disimpaction and I have yet to find any public place or employers' location where you could perform such procedure.
Mooooooo: nope
*** Raven_ has joined #disabled
phoenyxx: Lao-tzu: again I am sorry.
phoenyxx: hello raven.
Raven_: hihi
judi: hi raven
Lao-tzu: hi raven
Jo: Hello raven
Raven_: :) !
Diablo_: because it's not true it's just that we can't do anything it's just that we need some special things
Diablo_: hi raven
judi: We still have brains
Raven_: computer programer
Raven_: hi
*** Diablo_ is now known as ASESINO
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ASESINO: hola raven hi
Jo: You can't please everybody all the time. And we can't expect the world to please all of us but we have to start and try or they never will.
*** Hghlndr has joined #Disabled
Raven_: hola, como estas ustedes?
phoenyxx: talking about computers- my dad told me to look into web page graphics design for hire. Sounds like it pays well, and the computer I want to get anyway would work fine for that.
Lao-tzu: no, don't worry Simon, I'm just proposing some of the problems for a very specific type of disability. They are all different even if you have two (2) T6 paraplegics
*** ASESINO is now known as CAZAOR
judi: That sounds interesting
Raven_: I write
*** CAZAOR is now known as Diablo666
Diablo666: hola cata`l
Raven_: hola tambien :)
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phoenyxx: Lao-tzu: what frustrates me is that I've seen people ready to accomodate alot for one person but not willing to do something simple for someone else.
Jo: CAZAOR if you don't translate for me I'll never know what your doing and be able to laugh at the right place.
phoenyxx: I need just a little help.
Lao-tzu: Raven: try changing 'como estas ustedes' for 'como estan ustedes'
Raven_: estn? gracias, pero, Por que?
Diablo_: jo i'm changing my name and speaknig in spanish
Diablo_: brb
phoenyxx: the thing that bothers me nowadays is that if I really want to get out during the day alone and still have my hands ready to type or work a VCR or camera, one of my doctors is
phoenyxx: suggesting a power chair.
Jo: Danke mein herr
judi: Simon, I can imagine how frustrated you must be, aren't you in your 20's
phoenyxx: I am 27 (turned 27 this past July 27th)
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HelloKit: Has anyone been successful in resolving a discrimination problem without a complaint or lawsuit?
Lao-tzu: Raven: you use 'estas' to address a singular and 'estan' for plurals
phoenyxx: hello jenn.
Jo: Hello jenn
Gilbertt: Hi Jenn
jenn: hey how's it going
phoenyxx: I haven't yet run into any legal problems.
Raven_: ic, guess I should have taken II
Mooooooo: if i had to sue a company to get the job, i would not want the job
Hghlndr: I agree, Moo
Jo: parles vous fracais
judi: me either
HelloKit: Very true.
Jo: sorry francais
phoenyxx: Jo: you want to talk to Mimi- she's our resident French speaker here :-)
Raven_: and Fen.
* HelloKit . o O ( But I would take the big
Raven_: and dope
Jo: Oh no I am in trouble. Grandpa was from Quebec and I haven't used it in over 25 yers.
phoenyxx: raven: thanks for the reminder! :-)
Raven_: :)
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Jo: Hello oranges.
oranges: hi jo! how are you?
Lao-tzu: hi oranges
phoenyxx: hey oranges!
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oranges: hi lao-tzu
Jo: Doing fine. But getting tired.
Raven_: c, I worked with some Mexicanos in a rest. and chopped my way through communicationn, Lao
oranges: so what are we talking about tonite?
Mooooooo: Employment Opportunities
Raven_: translaters!
phoenyxx: hey does voice recognition work with IRC?
Jo: discrimination
Mooooooo: yes
* HelloKit slaps her foot around a bit with a large
phoenyxx: my hands start cramping really bad after alot of typing here.
HelloKit: I hope so, Simon... I'm using it. :o)
judi: Simon, if you find out, tell me how to do it
phoenyxx: oh Carly- forgot about that :-)
judi: Carly, what kind
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* HelloKit is using the best one out there: DragonDictate.
Jo: I just spent 1700 on this thing and wish I had put in more cause this typing is killing me fingers.
Raven_: wars are fought with minds controling guns.
Gilbertt: Gotta go - expecting a call from my honey - Later!
*** Gilbertt has left irc (Talk to you next time.)
Lao-tzu: I find it great when people go an speak it as they can (...I was being picky, didn't mean to put you down...). Same with spelling, if you get the meaning, that's waht is important.
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Raven_: wasn't implying, informing :)
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Jo: Hi Joel! I type like I talk, disjointed sentences and paragraphs a mile long.
phoenyxx: I am looking into getting a new computer, but this time I want to get something fully loaded.
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Joel: Hi, Jo, everyone.
judi: Carly, how long did it take you to train your Dragon Dictate?
[lucifer]: Hey do you guys now of any whacking services?
HelloKit: Simon... www.custom-pc.com :o)
phoenyxx: cool Carly.
Raven_: publishing
HelloKit: Judi, it trains as you go... but initially about 3 days to get it working well.
oranges: hi brian
brian: hello
judi: I've been fooling with Voicetype for over a month, ready to pitch it
Jo: Got to go call hubby and make him eat supper at work. Catch you all another time. So long.
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HelloKit: VoiceType sucks... but that's just my humble opinion.
Lao-tzu: bye Jo
Raven_: :( oranges
Mooooooo: see ya Jo
judi: I agree
*** Jo has left irc (Jo)
HelloKit: What advice would you give to someone with a disability who is looking for a job?
Mooooooo: get an education
Raven_: diction: overachieve
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Joel: Pick something that you enjoy, and then you'll be good at it, Carly.
judi: Be prepared to 'sell' your talents
Diablo666: hello all
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[lucifer]: Hey do you guys now of any whacking services?
Joel: Hello, Diablo, hello NQ.
Diablo666: hey LUCIFER i really like the name
Diablo666: i think it was a good choice
[lucifer]: thanks
Raven_: not important oranges :)
[lucifer]: hey Diablo666 I really hate the name
[lucifer]: It sucks
Diablo666: why's that
phoenyxx: ok, what is this?
Lao-tzu: Determine exactly what you like doing being as critical with yourself as you possibly can be regarding your limitations and finding the intersection thereof.
Raven_: oh....ok
phoenyxx: I see that the President of the United States is here.
phoenyxx: or is it Bill Gates?
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Diablo666: hello
judi: Gotta go guys, hands won't type anymore
Diablo666: later
phoenyxx: I am getting to that point myself....
Diablo666: hey hellokit my name won't change
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Lao-tzu: bye judy
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Diablo666: hello
Joel: Hmm, I don't think it's so important to be critical, others will do that for you if you let them. ;-) Just follow your heart in making choices, and then work like hell.
Diablo666: wh did it say i just quit when i'm still here
HelloKit: What other advice would you give to someone facing discrimination in the workplace?
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Diablo_: ok nevre mind that's better
Diablo_: hello mooo
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Lao-tzu: I don't agree Joel, I think it's important to be critical with yourself first because it will prepare you better for what others will do later. Also it this intersection of what you wnat to do and what you can do that is very important.
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Mooooooo: hello
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Diablo_: i've already expercinced what others can and will do to the disabled (mainly me)
Lao-tzu: hi Fen
Diablo_: hello fen
Fenicia: hello
Mooooooo: em :o)
Raven_: hi fen
Diablo_: people can be so mean at times for no apperent reason
Fenicia: :)
phoenyxx: ack. got to go. see you all later.....
Lao-tzu: bye Simon
Raven_: smokin' oranges
phoenyxx: hate to do this but my hands start hurting bad after about an hour of this.
Fenicia: bye bye Simon
Joel: Perhaps. I once had a music professor that said you have to listen with two ears--one that says 'how beautifully I am playing' and the other that says 'that could be better'. I think that many people have only one ear. (apologies to any one-eared ppl)
Mooooooo: bye simon
Diablo_: oranges you here or on the private
oranges: both
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Diablo_: ok just wondering
Diablo_: but i was saying
Mooooooo: we discuss it all
Lao-tzu: Diablo: Human nature is a mixture of attributes. Meanness is one of them and it's not necessarily focused on 'disabled' people.
Diablo_: some jerks one day thouhgt they would be funny and stick this blocks of wood around my wheels so that i couldn't move
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HelloKit: NQ: all are welcome, but most of us have more experience with physical disabilities. We try to cover all bases though.
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NQ: are you ppl here often?
HelloKit: A few of us live here. :o)
Mooooooo: we're here daily
Lao-tzu: and those guys that put the block of wood might be capable of raping a girl around the block as well.
Raven_: <--- Worked with TMH once
phoenyxx: bye! :-) fun chat tonight!
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Diablo_: and all that i could do is sit there and try to mave while they laughed their heads offf
Diablo_: i was just adding to the point that you have to be ready for stuff that comes your way