Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

Fun Chat 1

Apr 30, 1997

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

Participants already present:
  HandiBot ([email protected])
  ChanServ ([email protected])
  KitAway ([email protected])
  Mooooooo ([email protected])
*** Silvester has joined #Disabled
Mooooooo: Hi Sven!
Silvester: Hi Mooooooo!
Silvester: Do u program anything tonight?
Mooooooo: Nope, programming is done for the day :o)
*** Silvester has left #Disabled (netsplit)
*** Upsilon has joined #Disabled
Mooooooo: Hello :o)
Upsilon: hello
Mooooooo: How r you?
Upsilon: I'm great
Upsilon: you?
Mooooooo: still doing great :o)
*** Silvester has left irc (lost in the netsplit)
Mooooooo: i talked to you lastnight?
Upsilon: I see I'm a little early
Upsilon: yes
Mooooooo: everyone is late
Mooooooo: we start at 6:00 pm now
Mooooooo: nut, no worries
*** Silvester has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: welcome back sven
Upsilon: oh then I'm fashionably late
Upsilon: lol
Silvester: Now I'm fully available... :o)
Mooooooo: haha
Upsilon: hi silvester
Silvester: Hi upsilon...
Mooooooo: Carly is here but pre-occupied
Upsilon: brb
Silvester: How r u?
*** CincyKid has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: Howdy John!
CincyKid: Helloooo!
Silvester: I have a long night...I download Netscape3.01 Gold...
CincyKid: Ups is here too!
Silvester: Nearly 7MB data...
Upsilon: I'm back
Mooooooo: wow!
Upsilon: hello cincykid
CincyKid: hello Damian
Silvester: And the transfer-ratio is about 2.4kcps... roftl
Silvester: Hello Cincy
Mooooooo: thats slow
*** ter1 has joined #Disabled
Upsilon: do you know me cincykid?
Mooooooo: Howdy ter :o)
Silvester: TOO slow Mooooooo...
Upsilon: hi ter1
ter1: hi everybody
CincyKid: Hehe, I'm JohnS form the AMCgroup
Upsilon: oh, lol
Mooooooo: how r you ter?
Upsilon: hiya John
Silvester: But our Server have got new Modems, but in my opinion these modems are @ds#%$67% :o)
ter1: fine Mooooooo
CincyKid: What server are you on tonite Moooooo?
Silvester: I ter...it's getting full here... :-)
* Mooooooo is on irc.1stnet.com
Silvester: Hi ter...
ter1: hi
*** CincyKid has left irc (Leaving)
Mooooooo: where ya from ter?
ter1: Kansas City Kansas USA
*** CincyKid has joined #disabled
Mooooooo: ah, one place i havent been :o)
* Upsilon Welcomes CincyKid back !!!!!
CincyKid: Whoa, I got a lot to learn
Silvester: where do u come from upsi... :o)
* Upsilon lives, embarrassingly enough, in Embarrass,
Mooooooo: how did you hear about our fine channel? :o)
Silvester: haha... I come from germany.
Upsilon: from Carly Matthews
Mooooooo: how about you, ter?
ter1: surfing
Silvester: Where do u come from, ter?
CincyKid: I checked out your channel the other night Upsilon, but no one was home
Mooooooo: cool :o)
ter1: Kansas City Kansas USA
Upsilon: I collect German beer steins, silvester
* CincyKid was checking out the competition, hehe!
Silvester: Mooooooo please repeat the homepage of #disabled..!
Upsilon: still trying to get it going good yet, cincykid
Mooooooo: http://members.tripod.com/~disabled
Silvester: thnx
Mooooooo: no prob sven
Mooooooo: i have a friend who collects beer cans
CincyKid: has anyone ever heard of mik's problem before? steels syndrome
Mooooooo: not in the same style i guess :o)
Mooooooo: nope, i havent
Upsilon: really, I have over 70 steins
Mooooooo: where has mik been?
Mooooooo: he donesnt come any more
Mooooooo: er, doesn't
CincyKid: that was my next question
Upsilon: never heard of it cincy
CincyKid: Transient Vertrebral Blockage was another name for it
CincyKid: Real hard too find on the web
Mooooooo: what exactly is that, john?
CincyKid: Said he was having problems with passing out...
Mooooooo: wow, maybe he's pinching an artery?
CincyKid: due to overdeveloped neck muscles because...
CincyKid: that is what he mostly uses due to the AMC
Mooooooo: thats really rough
ter1: bye all
CincyKid: yeah, something like that Mooooo
Mooooooo: bye ter :o)
Mooooooo: thanks for visiting
*** ter1 has left #Disabled
Upsilon: I use my neck muscles 90% of the time also
CincyKid: I found it on the web, but haven't checked it out yet
Mooooooo: my only neck problems is because of the spinal fusion
Mooooooo: i can't turn as far
CincyKid: mik said the doc's were baffled as for a cure
Mooooooo: so i have a full length mirror for my car
Upsilon: I just have muscle cramps sometimes
Silvester: Mooooooo, I've downloaded 2MB in 15 Minutes... oh god...
Mooooooo: haha
Mooooooo: i'll have to drop mik a personal note to invite him back
Silvester: But that's the channel #disabled, so let's talk about upsilon's probs...
Upsilon: ?
Mooooooo: do you have good use of your hands?
Upsilon: what problems?
Upsilon: no use
Mooooooo: how do you type?
Silvester: Or about which person(s) did you speak?
Upsilon: with a mouthstick
Mooooooo: ah, ok
Upsilon: :)
Mooooooo: I think Carly has some new voice thingy
Mooooooo: i dont know if she uses it or not
CincyKid: I seen an ad on Aol for voice software that type what you say
Upsilon: going through college made me a fast typer
Upsilon: lol
CincyKid: 99 bucks i believe
Mooooooo: i program for a living but still can't touch type
Silvester: With a mouthstick...yeah, and if u want to write big letters?
Silvester: :o)
Silvester: You must have two of them.
Upsilon: I've heard of many different voice actuated softwares on the market
CincyKid: Do they work and how well?
Mooooooo: i just read about some guy who wrote an entire book by blinking his eyes
Mooooooo: her had a stroke
Mooooooo: he
Upsilon: no silvester, I use win95's disability settings, called sticky keys
Mooooooo: and someone transcribed it for him
Upsilon: wow!
Mooooooo: what is sticky keys?
CincyKid: And how would you tell it to capitalize? Good point Silvester brought up
Upsilon: do you have win95, moooo?
Mooooooo: yup, sure do
Silvester: yeah, what are sticky keys?
Silvester: I have win95...
Upsilon: go to settings
CincyKid: Mooooooo, and I thought you knew it all!
Upsilon: there is a wheelchair icon
Upsilon: click it
*** KitAway is now known as HelloKit
* HelloKit scampers back into the room and sits down,
Mooooooo: Carly :o)
HelloKit: Hi.
Mooooooo: ok, i'll try it
HelloKit: Hello all.
Upsilon: sticky keys lets you hit shift, control, or alt just once, which locks it down until you strike another key
CincyKid: hello Kit
Mooooooo: wow, thats cool
Upsilon: Hi kit
Silvester: In my Win95 it is called Einrastfunktion !!! :o)
Upsilon: mooooooo, if you hit two keys at once it shuts it off
Mooooooo: i saw some other guy who wore a hat with a light beam pointer
Upsilon: and if you hit shift 5 times it turns it on again
Mooooooo: he could point at letters and stuff
Silvester: Mooooooo, 50% after an half hour
Mooooooo: wow, thats slow
Upsilon: what are you downloading, silvester?
HelloKit: How is everyone?
CincyKid: Kit, do you know anything about voice recognition software, it's a typing program?
Silvester: Netscape 3.01 Gold...
Silvester: FINE...OF COURSE! :o)
Upsilon: I'm great kit, how are you tonight?
Mooooooo: I'm fantastic :o)
HelloKit: John: I use one called DragonDictate... not using it right now tho'.
* HelloKit is tired and stressed out... :(
Upsilon: sorry to hear, Kit
Silvester: Cincy... I know about such software. There's a program by craetive labs which makes it possible to control the whole windows per voice.
* Upsilon {}{}{}{< HelloKit >}{}{}{}{}
Silvester: And then there are different programs which makes it easier to write. Dictation-programs.
Mooooooo: i still have to write the program that strips out colors from the meeting log file
CincyKid: Are they expensive?
Silvester: I think in a combination it's a very good help for people who can't or can hardly write.
Upsilon: I now it would help me
HelloKit: John: DragonDictate runs around $300.
Upsilon: oops now=know
Mooooooo: I remember they had them in 'Battlestar Gallactica' back in 1980
Upsilon: lol
Silvester: The program by creative is bundled with the soundcards by creative labs. The program only works with these soundcards.
Upsilon: soundblaster is made by creative labs right?
Mooooooo: yeah
Silvester: Yes...the originally ones...the best soundcards you can buy! My special favorite: Soundblaster AWE64 Gold...
Silvester: It costs about 450 DM...
* HelloKit has an AWE 64!
Silvester: The software to control windows is called VOICE-ASSIST !!!
Upsilon: and in US dollars?
Silvester: Wait...
Silvester: about 290
Upsilon: ok
Mooooooo: wow!
Upsilon: thats alot!
Mooooooo: i dont need that much of a card
Mooooooo: all i do is listen to CD's and have irc play sounds
Upsilon: I was wondering, how old is everyone?
Upsilon: just wondering
* Mooooooo is 33
HelloKit: The AWE 64 is awesome for MIDI...
Silvester: But you needn't to buy the expensiviest card from creative labs...
* HelloKit will be 18 in 65 days...
Mooooooo: i have a SoundBlaster 16
* Upsilon is 26
Silvester: I'm 17/m and my name's Sven...
Upsilon: my name is Damian
Mooooooo: im Daniel
HelloKit: Damian, I think I remember getting an e-mail from you about the channel...
CincyKid: 37 for the last two years and stopping there
HelloKit: LOL
Upsilon: oh you're Carly
HelloKit: Yes...
* HelloKit is Carly.
Mooooooo: hah
Upsilon: hi, nice to meet you Carly, thanks for getting back to me
HelloKit: No problem.
Upsilon: lol john
Silvester: Help...our Chanserv :o)
* HelloKit will be right back, gotta find the sand...
*** HelloKit is now known as LitterBox
Mooooooo: wow, thats the longest ChanServ has ever lasted
Silvester: I wanna thow my litter into the litterbox... :o)
CincyKid: how's the new site working out Mooooooo?
Upsilon: what's next weeks meeting about, mooooooo?
Mooooooo: thr web site is flawless
Silvester: HAVE A LOOK ONTO MY SITE http://www.erfurt.thur.de/~sven !!!!
Mooooooo: the HandiBot site is giving me a little trouble
Mooooooo: Ya have to ask carly that
CincyKid: Next weeks romance week I think
Mooooooo: she hasn't posted the list yet
Silvester: Mooooooo, wow 96%
Mooooooo: but i have two new sites coming up in 3 weeks, john
Upsilon: romance????
Silvester: Only 1 minute left...
Mooooooo: i dont think so
CincyKid: You'll have to ask Kit, Upsilon
Upsilon: ok
Silvester: Where have all the ChanServs gone...??
Upsilon: interesting topic though, romance
*** LitterBox is now known as HelloKit
* HelloKit paws at the sand to cover up her business...
Silvester: Help, my ChanServ doesn't want to come back...
CincyKid: any suggestions for it Upsilon?
Upsilon: what's next weeks meeting about, Kit?
Mooooooo: romance always has the biggest turnout
HelloKit: Next week is AMC, the week after is romance.
Upsilon: what goes on during the romance meeting?
HelloKit: We just talk about relationships and dating as it relates to our disabilities.
Mooooooo: last month is was love stories and horrow stories
Upsilon: lol, I won't have alot to say in that meeting
* CincyKid says this is getting mushy, but's it's also
Silvester: I wanna install the new Netscape..ok?
Mooooooo: Tracy told us all about her romance :o)
Mooooooo: ok sven
Silvester: cu in few minutes...
*** Silvester has left irc (Leaving)
Upsilon: bye John
Mooooooo: you have to go John?
Upsilon: see you sunday, john
CincyKid: I'll catch everyone In the future , Nite
Mooooooo: ill be there sunday too
Mooooooo: if the server is up
*** CincyKid has left #disabled
Mooooooo: last sunday is was down
Upsilon: everone is so quiet
Mooooooo: was waiting :o)
Upsilon: or I'm lagging
Upsilon: lol
* HelloKit hates her computer!
* Mooooooo loves his computer
* Upsilon has a love/hate relationship wth his puter