Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

Fun Chat #2

May 28, 1997

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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HelloKit: logging is on
AmyWonder: aboutt 700 miles
Mooooooo: sounds like quite a trip
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Mooooooo: a freind asked me to drive to new mexico with him today
Mooooooo: hello hrh2
Mooooooo: but i declined
HRH2: Hi Mooooooo
Mooooooo: he's going to pick up his wife and baby and i cant take driving with toddlers
Mooooooo: how ya doing hrh?
HelloKit: hi hrh2
AmyWonder: yeah toddlers are quite a handful!
HRH2: Hi gang
HRH2: doing fine +
Mooooooo: cool :o)
Mooooooo: looks like a small crowd tonight
Mooooooo: so whats the agenda tonight carly? :o)
HelloKit: well, first thing is i wanna announce something...
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Mooooooo: howdy drbill :o)
Mooooooo: okie :o)
DrBill: Hello Everyone. :-)
HelloKit: ever since i started this channel, and started doing this, ive enjoyed it more than anything else ive ever done...
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DrBill: Like I said last night.. This is the best IRC channel I've ever been on.
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Mooooooo: /:o)
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Lao-tzu: hi everyone
Mooooooo: hey lao
HelloKit: and it finally occured to me, that disability-counseling is what i really enjoy doing... and thanks to everyone, especially mooooooo, i know now what i want to do w/ my life.
DrBill: :-) smiles from Dr. Bill Stilwater
Mooooooo: which is? :o)
DrBill: I think anyone that has gone threw a disability's process of acceptance is sure qualified to help others.
HelloKit: im not sure of the specifics, but i want to do some kind of social work or counseling with people with disabilities. something where i can run a real-life support group just like#Disabled
DrBill: Mooooooo when you have a runny nose it's ;-)
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Mooooooo: thats excellent Carly :o)
Mooooooo: hey Gil
Gil: Hi all
Lao-tzu: I still spend time volumteering time getting folks on a computer and sometimes I find it difficult to fight back the darkness that some of the people still carry around
DrBill: I volunteer with two rehab units and it sometimes is very difficult.
Mooooooo: i think thats great
Gil: I could see myself volunteering, specially with computer stuff
AmyWonder: Caryl are you thinking about going back to school?
NatyBumpo: quit
mon_ange: i hate to cut this short but i must go....another early class tomorrow (oh what fun) :)
HelloKit: working with this channel has been hard too, but it always makes me feel so good to chat with all of you. especially when we can help someone, the way we helped simon the other day.
DrBill: When the SYSTEM tells you are not to work at all volunteering is the only way to go.
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Mooooooo: see ya angel :o)
mon_ange: b'bye
Mooooooo: bye :o)
Lao-tzu: it's a good thing the SYSTEM changed last year, because if you weren't at work volunteering was a no-no
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AmyWonder: or write a book
Mooooooo: books are good too
Gil: <surfing>
Lao-tzu: AmyWonder: what kind of book would you like to write
DrBill: The problem is when you cann't work regular hours what's there to do?
AmyWonder: why Lao
DrBill: The system figured if you could volenteer you could work.
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Mimi__: Hi everyone! :o)
DrBill: Hi Mimi--- :o)
AmyWonder: hi mimi
Mimi__: How are you guys tonight?
* Mimi__ is fashionably late
Mooooooo: Mimi!!!!!
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DrBill: I have been told I need to write about my life.
HelloKit: hey mimi... you missed my surprise announcement
younguy: hello I'm back
Lao-tzu: hi Mimi
Gil: Hi Mimsy
Mimi__: Oh no! Can you tell me what it was, Kit?
AmyWonder: oh something willd
HelloKit: i'll repeat it in a few mins when it looks like everyone who is gonna be here is here
Mimi__: ok :o)
younguy: so what's going on
Mimi__: you wouldn't have that problem if everyone got here on time.
Mimi__: sorry :o(
Gil: <waiting with breath>
HelloKit: everyone is always late, it's not just you, mimi
Mimi__: Hi younguy :o)
younguy: hello mimi
Mooooooo: except me, I live here :oP
Lao-tzu: AmyWonder, oohh, I've been thinking about writing myself. I believe I would like to make a social/political statement in a science fiction genre
younguy: are you male or female
HelloKit: haha, true
DrBill: It take some of use a long time to get the attendent to put on head gear and start computer.
HelloKit: this is true, drbill... i speak from personal experience.
HelloKit: luckily now i use a standalone microphone instead of a headset
Mimi__: Ooops....didn't know that.
DrBill: Attendents run on their own time shcedule.
*** Gil is now known as Gil-Away
HelloKit: okay, i guess i'll repeat my announcement now...
DrBill: I'm using a head master and WiViK tonight because I'm on Vent.
HelloKit: ever since i started this channel, and started doing this, ive enjoyed it more than anything else ive ever done...
HelloKit: and it finally occured to me, that disability-counseling is what i really enjoy doing... and thanks to everyone, especially mooooooo, i know now what i want to do w/ my life.
younguy: +good for you
HelloKit: im not sure of the specifics, but i want to do some kind of social work or counseling with people with disabilities. something where i can run a real-life support group just like#Disabled
Mimi__: *great big grin*
HelloKit: working with this channel has been hard too, but it always makes me feel so good to chat with all of you. especially when we can help someone, the way we helped simon the other day.
Mimi__: that's great, Carly. :o)
Mooooooo: just for the official record, Mooooooo is beaming :oD
HelloKit: lol
Mimi__: yeah...:o)
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HelloKit: you know i couldnt have done any of this without you
Mimi__: so at I 8D
Mimi__: so am I i mean
Gilbert: Excellent, Carly!
HelloKit: next little bit of info to share...
HelloKit: i got my new zip drive today...
HelloKit: but something was wrong with the zip tools disk... and it wiped my hard drive.
Mimi__: oh, no! :o(
Gilbert: Doooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
DrBill: I hope you backed up.
HelloKit: i was able to save most of it, but its going to be a while before its working the same as it was before
Lao-tzu: I don't like the tone of that :-{
Gilbert: Ya, you got backups?
DrBill: 22 Jazz disks worth.
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Lao-tzu: what OS are you using HelloKit
younguy: what system do you have carly?
Mooooooo: hey dtb!
HelloKit: win 95
Mimi__: Hi dtb1! :o)
dtb: hello all!
AmyWonder: :) @ kit
Lao-tzu: hi dtb
Mimi__: that's disastrous Carly, that happened to me this winter. It always seems like things will never be the same..:o)
HelloKit: so right now i am using my dads laptop, which isn't very carly-accessible... and typing very slowly because of it
Lao-tzu: I'm WARPed up to my ears
Gilbert: Carly-accessible, I **LOVE** it!!
younguy: at least you have a backkup computer I didn't
HelloKit: my boyfriend calls anything i can't do 'carly-proof'
Gilbert: Carly-proof, duh :)
Mimi__: yeah, withdrawal is hard :oP
DrBill: I have to use 95. I was a beta tester and also spoke at unvieling an accessibility.
Mooooooo: hehehhe
HelloKit: i like 95... its just a pain to recover when it screws up
DrBill: You have that right.
younguy: yeah but doesn't it take up alot of room
Lao-tzu: I've been an OS/2 user for 9 years now, hard to break the habit
HelloKit: i have a 2.5 gig drive... i don't worry about space
Lao-tzu: HelloKit, that a two edged sword
younguy: I just got a 1.3 gig drive I used to have a 176mb drive
DrBill: Some of us use multiple environments. My base operating system is Unix and running X-windows with 95
Gilbert: Im' gonna hafta expand from 1.7 Gig total to 5.2 total
younguy: why gil
DrBill: The more hard drive space the more you use. I have 20+ meg on my lan and it's full.
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Mooooooo: heya simon
Mimi__: Simon!!!!!!!
Lao-tzu: I tried to do a backup business 2 years ago and have a Magneto Optical 1.3 gig fdrive
phoenyxx: hello everyone!
HelloKit: jey simon!
dtb: hi simon
HelloKit: hey even...
Lao-tzu: hi simon
Mimi__: How are ya Simon?
* HelloKit smacks herself!
Gilbert: Guy - running out of space, of course
Gilbert: Carly, Carly, Carly ...
Gilbert: Please-a, don'ta smacka the Charming
Mimi__: Carly we can figure it out *g*
Lao-tzu: DrBill: what kind of LAN do you have? I have a Token Ring hooking up 3 PCs and an Ethernet to hook up the Macintosh
DrBill: Lao-tzu--can you use 5 1/4 IBM optical disks?
phoenyxx: alright evervone: after careful consideration, and email chiding (you know you who are! :-) ) I have have come to the conclusion that my 'concerns' were in fact, paranoid... :-)
younguy: gil what do you have on your computer that you need a 5.2g drive?
DrBill: I have a eithernet with 12 hub.
Lao-tzu: DrBill, I could say the same for some 180KBs I still have lying around
phoenyxx: Lao-tzu: token ring was a book bt J.R.R. Tolkien, right? :-)
Mimi__: Good. You're right Simon. *g* You're paranoid.
Mooooooo: hahah
Gilbert: Guy, I got Win 95, Win 31, lotsa pics, lotsa software packages ...
Lao-tzu: phoenixx: yep
Gilbert: Har, Phoney!
DrBill: I get transfere rate of 350mg per sec. with hardware I have.
Gilbert: Oh, phoenix, I get it
phoenyxx: :-)
* Mimi__ chuckles
HelloKit: simon... i have to admit that paracathy's little 'novel' held my interest... i love twisted
* Mimi__ loves people who are Tolkien-aware
Mooooooo: and Im still waiting for my scanner
younguy: wow why you need both 3.1 and 95
* dtb is a Tolkien fan too.
DrBill: I beta test sofware of access in OS2, Win95 and Win3.1
Lao-tzu: Mooooooo: I have some really old stuff = a videocapture card hooked up to my camcorder
Mooooooo: neat :o)
Mimi__: It did mine too, Kit. It takes all kinds.
Gilbert: Well, 31 is zipped right now - don't need it cept for faxing in or out
HelloKit: thankfully all my midi's were saved... :)
phoenyxx: HelloKit: yeah, just the more I was thinking about it, something tells me it's isolated and not some 'conspiracy' or threat to the world.
younguy: oh I see
phoenyxx: ...but whoever she is, it's still so intriguing in a morbid way.
younguy: Does anybody knows a basic telnet program that I can download?
HelloKit: try netterm, shawn... thats what i use
Lao-tzu: HelloKit: I have a Midi attached to my Roland GR-1 synth, hooked up to my Fender Stratocaster (vintage model)
Mooooooo: I use the built-in telnet program
Gilbert: Win 95 has a basic Telnet
younguy: where do you find it at
phoenyxx: I was so freaked out, like that one web site was going to totally trash the credibility of so many people...or that I'd be looking over my shoulder, so to speak, for a possible ParaCathy in the real world.
Gilbert: open DOS box, type Telnet
Mooooooo: lemme look
younguy: I have win 3.1
Gilbert: ok, Guy
Mooooooo: C:/WINDOWS/Telnet.exe
phoenyxx: ....but, really thinking about it, there's no way...you could spot someone like her a mile away...can't quite describe it, just something would give someone like that away.
Gilbert: Mine's in C:/Win/TelNet.EXE
Mimi__: Poor Simon. *pats Simon on the back' It won't happen
phoenyxx: Gilbert: I didn't know telnet was still in use on the net- I remember that from about 4 years ago.
Lao-tzu: gopher is also still alive and strong
Mooooooo: i still use telnet daily
DrBill: When you have multiple server locations you can transfere fast through telnet.
HelloKit: so do i
phoenyxx: mimi: I know...that's what I was saying...not something to always be looking for....and a ParaCathy person wouldn't be looking for me...thanks for that one :-)
Gilbert: TelNet is still how many net things operate
Mooooooo: actually, im telneting right now
*** melanie2 has joined #Disabled
phoenyxx: telnet...I remember using that to link up to servers by address numbers rather than the name.
Mimi__: my pleasure. :o) I'm right, sometimes, too. *g*
HelloKit: bulletin boards, muds, moos, etc.
Mooooooo: hiya melanie!
Mimi__: Hi Melanie :o)
phoenyxx: hello melanie
younguy: I don't have one in my windows
melanie2: Hi
HelloKit: hi melanie
dtb: hi melanie
Lao-tzu: DrBill, I'm hooked up with an ISDN link and when I go to U of T I get 3x the speed going through the ISP tghan dialing in
melanie2: hi
phoenyxx: mimi: it just took me some time to really stop and think about it. :-)
Gilbert: Hi Mel
Mimi__: I never knew what telnet was for.
AmyWonder: hope thee gopher folks have impoved
Mooooooo: I wonder if i can access disabiity online with windows telnet
Mooooooo: i havent checked in in a long time
Mimi__: Too much time on your hands, Simon?
phoenyxx: Lao-Tzu: U of T? Texas? Tennessee?
* Mimi__ loves to tease Simon.
HelloKit: you mean ability online?
DrBill: Lao-tzu-- is your floptical 3.5 or 5 1/4 I have a stack of 5 1/4 floptical disks just gathering dust.
HelloKit: the one in canada?
Mooooooo: ooops!
Mooooooo: thats it
HelloKit: bbs.ablelink.org
Lao-tzu: yes, you do TELNET ABLELINK.ORG and then follow the regular logon procedure
younguy: do they have it in 3.1 moooooooo?
Mooooooo: see, i told you it was a long time :o)
Mooooooo: i dont think so shawn
younguy: oh
Gilbert: No, TelNet is not part of 3.1
phoenyxx: mimi: no :-) I just over-analyze things...always making sure I looked at every possbile scenario.
*** melanie2 has left #Disabled
Lao-tzu: DrBill, my MOs are 5 1/4
younguy: carly where did you download your telnet from?
HelloKit: go to www.shareware.com and search for netterm
younguy: thanks
younguy: brb
*** younguy is now known as gone
Mimi__: That's good, Simon. I usually get bored with the problem before I get to every possible scenario.
Lao-tzu: DrBill, where are you located?
HelloKit: so guys, i need some topic ideas...
Gilbert: Ok, I gotta go see you friends
Mimi__: Bye Gil :o)
Mooooooo: bye Gilbert!
dtb: bye
Lao-tzu: bye Gilberto
Gilbert: Night
*** Gilbert has left #Disabled
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Mooooooo: simon, did you have a topic idea?
Mooooooo: you mentioned one the other day
*** lotaca has joined #Disabled
Mooooooo: lotaca!!!!
Lao-tzu: hi racer
phoenyxx: mimi: I know I worry about things...like the farfetched prospect that there are ParaCathy's everywhere...arousing suspicion...how to avoid them...before thinking about it and realizing that there is nothing to it, nothing to worr about...someone meeting me is not a Paracathy...
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lotaca: Sorry I'm late, I ate first
dtb: hello
Mooooooo: no prob :o)
phoenyxx: mooooo: well....how about disability in the media....for example, the Kalidescop Channel on cable...
Lao-tzu: ooohh, all I have is rabbit ears
dtb: how about disability in the movies?
lotaca: What's fun ? folks, hey, hey all
*** DrBill has joined #disabled
Lao-tzu: wb DrBill
phoenyxx: ...another topic I thought of before I was told that I might be paranoid was the whole ParaCathy thing....but too weird to figure....
Mooooooo: just friendly chat tonight lotaca :o)
Lao-tzu: where are you located
DrBill: Our POP in Yakima just dumped me.
lotaca: How about Streets of Philidelphia ?
HelloKit: what do you guys think of a topic on discrimination among the disabled?
AmyWonder: how about the mask
Lao-tzu: they've got some great sandwiches there, Philly
lotaca: Hi, Lao
dtb: very interesting
Mooooooo: yes, very good one
phoenyxx: ...Kalidescope is a cable network with nothing but disability programming....the problem with the programming is that it's not any everyday info..at least at haven't seen any.
Mimi__: cool, Carly
Mooooooo: i never heard of it simon
phoenyxx: HelloKit: yes! excelenet topic...relavent! :-)
lotaca: Sesame Street sometimes tries, so does Barney
dtb: neither have i, simon
DrBill: I just had a man come up to me in the store and say 'People like you shouln't be seen in public'.
Lao-tzu: doesn't CBC have a segment as well?
HelloKit: god!!!
Mooooooo: sheesh!
Lao-tzu: DrBill did you ask him if he had a vision problem?
AmyWonder: jerk!
lotaca: I watch very little TV, very few movies, but have noticed the 'token' wheel chair in commercials
HelloKit: i heard someone say it should be legal to park in the disabled spaces after 10 pm, cuz disabled people shouldn't be out that late
phoenyxx: Moooooo: well, I don't know what cities have it....but it's here in San Antonio...most of the programming seems to be focused on infomercials or PSA-type programs with captioning....but nothing with substance to it...'everyday info', so to speak.
DrBill: I tolk him my name is Dr. William Stilwater who are you. He just turned and walked away.
lotaca: and they let that guy run free ? what a world
phoenyxx: DrBill: I've gotten that reaction a couple of times....more of a dirty look from people.
Mimi__: WHAT!!!!!!!!! You're kidding me Dr. Bill.....
Mimi__: I don't get it. I really don't.
phoenyxx: HelloKit: I've heard people talking like that....
DrBill: I spoke at a discrimination seminar and a man of color got up and said it's been year for use to get on front of bus. Told him some of us still cann't get on the bus.
Mimi__: Lotaca, that
Mimi__: oops..that's it, there's always a 'token' somebody...
lotaca: (mooo) did you know that Breezy at SCI/information station was under the weather ?
Mooooooo: im semi-guilty of that too. there was the slob lady parked in the handicapped spot (no plates) at the post office and I told her that I dont think her fat ass qualifies as a disability.
Lao-tzu: I may have mentioned this before but it is an old stygma. Pres. Rooseveldt (sp?) wasn't seen in his w/c because they considered it to be in bad taste>gt;
HelloKit: lol
Mooooooo: i didnt know that lotaca
phoenyxx: Lao-tzu: I get ripped for being in my chair on local cable access TV (I'm on 3 shows, on I make myself).
lotaca: Bad sores, hard to get up at any length of time, I've been sending cyber flowers
Mooooooo: awwww
Mooooooo: that sucks
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DrBill: Dequbes
gone: I'm back
Mooooooo: for 90 seconds unless you change your nick
lotaca: Thought you might like to know, sorry for changing the subject, I'm not normally this rude
DrBill: Don't worry. I think we all need to vent once and a while.
gone: carly is it the neterm 28 or is it the neterm 22?
phoenyxx: ....a few people have have told that they were 'inspired' by seeing me on TV in my chair...the same people (both disabled and non) later on have totally bitched me out because the show isn't an all-disability show...and some idiot late figure my chair was some sort of prop because they couldn't believe that in some shots I had transferred to the couch.
HelloKit: i dont know, shawn
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phoenyxx: ...I transfer to the passenger seat of cars all the time...a couch is easy!
Mooooooo: simon, you know my feeling on the matter :o)
Mooooooo: ..... pearly white .....
Mimi__: Screw 'em Simon.
lotaca: It's the shower that's hard for me, where do these people come from?
DrBill: The thing is they should realize we are people too!
phoenyxx: Moooo: hey, Im saying the same thing...they're idiots...pisses me off that someone wants the disability seen when it's fun and games...but even the 'support' people get nervous when they here people's real stories...
*** NatalieDu has joined #Disabled
Mooooooo: most of it is just ignorance
Mimi__: Hello Natalie :o)
Mooooooo: hi Natalie!
DrBill: Our wheel chair is to our legs and glasses are to another person.
dtb: hi
*** younnguy has joined #disabled
Lao-tzu: hi nataliedu
phoenyxx: DrBill: YES! Why is disability cool on television but not when one of us is out in public?
NatalieDu: Hello!
DrBill: Ignorance.
lotaca: Should invite them here, let 'em see the real us :-)
Mooooooo: once they get a little educated how to deal with the unknown, they tend to be ok
Lao-tzu: I find the kids don't have a problem at all with my w/c
Mimi__: Why are some people so ignorant and others not? I just don't understand them.
phoenyxx: ...most people are ok about it, but it's 1997 and I am amazed at the bigoted crap that people get away with.
phoenyxx: Lao-tzu: I've seen that myself...kids are nice about it. :-)
lotaca: No kids are cool, we are at their level, pose no threat
DrBill: WE have minds. Our bodies my not work quit right.
phoenyxx: ...indoctrinate them early....to rat on their parents for saying anti-disability things :-)
DrBill: Kids are not afraid to ask questions either.
Mooooooo: i have little kids ask me why i walk funny or if i am retarded so something and I just explain it to them
dtb: Mimi:people are different just as our disabilities are different
Mooooooo: hehhe
phoenyxx: DrBill: DEAD ON THE MARK! On my TV show, most people watching think it's great that the chair is there but they see ME, telling bad jokes and running music videos :-)
lotaca: People are always afraid of something, I think we may be their last frontier, that scares them, they'll have to find something else to be afraid of,
Mimi__: Yeah, I know, dtb. I just have never seen it and find it hard to believe, that's all.
dtb: locata: there is always Death
DrBill: I have had people tell me that they thaught all people in wheelchairs where retarded.
lotaca: They can't see that, only us
Mimi__: !
phoenyxx: lotaca: I've thought that myself. People won't tell jokes about race or someone's sexual orientation, but Seinfeld does disability jokes and he's a hero. (NOT!)
Mooooooo: yep, ive had a few kids ask
Lao-tzu: Talking about our differences, I've been pampering a pressure sore for about 5 weeks and don't want it open again. So my fellow friends I'll be taking my leave.
Mooooooo: they jsut dont know
Mooooooo: awww, see ya Lao!
lotaca: Bye bye, be good to yourself
Mimi__: Bye Han. :o) Have a nice night. *g*
dtb: bye!
Mooooooo: you can get the rest of the meeting from the web page
Lao-tzu: DrBill: write me a [email protected] re: those % 1/4 MOs you have. maybe we can swing something
HelloKit: the schools assumed i was retarded and threw a fit when my parents registered me and told them they wanted me in a regular class
lotaca: Reminds me a bit of last weeks discussion
*** Lao-tzu has left irc (sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs byte)
Mooooooo: they assumed my friend darlene was retarted too
phoenyxx: HelloKit: about discrimination among the disabled...what Pricot missed in what I was saying was that I (perhaps naively) figured that the disabled community would be supportive to a newcomer.
Mooooooo: she didnt talk until way past 5
Mooooooo: so they took her to a doctor....
phoenyxx: ...that is what pissed me off...not his flaming, but his self-righteous attack on someone trying to be postive about it.
Mooooooo: he took her alone and asked 'why dont you talk' and she replied 'i have nothing to say'. he told her to get this brat outta my office
HelloKit: lol
Mooooooo: told her parents that
Mooooooo: those were her first words ever to an adult
phoenyxx: Moooooo: speaking of that, has anyone noticed in some instances people use disability and retarded almost interchangeably...I've seen disability support (like the support group I talked about) say general disability but most of the people were retared, except for the 4 guys in chairs trying to run everyone out.
phoenyxx: Moooooo: so she had no speech problems?
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*** Geri has joined #disabled
younnguy: I think most people are afraid of us until they get to know us
phoenyxx: hello geri :-)
Mooooooo: nope, no problems at all. she's 55 now and when she calls me is yackety yackety yackety yackety yak yak yak :o)
Geri: Hello there...I've never been here before....
Mooooooo: hi Geri :o)
younnguy: Hi geri
dtb: hi Geri
DrBill: There is a lady in Chicago that is non-oral CP. She was 16 when given a computer with morse code. She now has masters in communications and works for Chicago Tribune. Brilliant writer. They thought she was unteachable.
Mimi__: Welcome Geri :o)
phoenyxx: younnguy: yes...some people mean well but don't understand.
younnguy: male or female geri?
phoenyxx: Mooooo: nothing wrong with talking so much.... :-)
Mooooooo: Thats why i get so ticked off at people passing out those yellow smiley face cards with 'im deaf, gimme a handout'
Geri: Female... :) How's everyone doing tonight??
DrBill: When stuck inhouse all day you get chatty:
phoenyxx: moooo: if they're really deaf.... is that wrong?
Mimi__: So true, Mooo! That drives me nuts. Look at Heather White__whatever.
younnguy: but then I even have to admit I was afraid of dissabled kids too until I was arround them at doit
Mooooooo: yes simon. deaf is no excuse for laziness
Mimi__: Simon, the point is that they can lead productive lives like anyone else
phoenyxx: Mooooo: ah...not the condition....laziness :-)
HelloKit: yes shawn, i really changed at do-it
Mimi__: Youngguy - I grew up around disabled kids. Maybe that helped me a little.
HelloKit: btw shawn... drbill is a mentor! :)
DrBill: Do-It changes alot of lives.
younnguy: yeah
phoenyxx: mimi: oh yes, I agree....I've seen deaf people both sign and speak very well....and two factions upset about one or the other...just can't win!
Mimi__: What's Do0it?
younnguy: drbill are you from doit too?
Mooooooo: im gonna make up little yellow smiley face cards that say 'im crabby, gimme a kiss'
HelloKit: do-it is a science and math program for students with disabilities, run by the university of washington.
AmyWonder: ..lol
DrBill: I mentor and help students get jobs writing html for buisnesses.
younnguy: oh
phoenyxx: Moooooo: I was going to put a distorted smiley face, or a smiley with 3 triangles pointing towards it that says 'nuclear is cool!'
phoenyxx: :-)
Mooooooo: hah!
HelloKit: im gonna have to take off pretty soon guys... the laptop is getting hot and is burning my leg...
phoenyxx: I know, I'm not very politically correct....
Mooooooo: get a towel :o)
phoenyxx: HelloKit: it's that rtg power pack!
HelloKit: everyone fill simon in on my announcements for me, okay?
Mimi__: awww....
Mooooooo: okay :o)
younnguy: ok carly bye
DrBill: What's politically correct.... We are GIMP's aren't we?
Mimi__: We will, Carly.
Mimi__: :o)
Mimi__: I'm not.
HelloKit: bye everyone...
NatalieDu: How do partially disabled people find ways to get back into academic classes? Partially deaf, or ambulatory with back weakness, or combined.
* HelloKit waves.
Mimi__: Bye Carly! :o)
dtb: bye Carly
phoenyxx: bye hellokit!
Mooooooo: we need an acronym for GIMP
*** HelloKit has left irc (Leaving)
younnguy: mooooooo do I have to change my info on the dissabled list because I changed servers?
Mooooooo: yes
DrBill: got a call and need to disapear for a few. be back!
*** DrBill has left #disabled
Mooooooo: you need to change your mirc ident
Mooooooo: i cant add that to the list
younnguy: how do I?
NatalieDu: Do colleges really try to help handicapped people who want to return?
Mooooooo: go into mirc setup and change your email address and identd entries
Mooooooo: hmmm, I dunno Natalie
Mooooooo: i didnt go to college
younnguy: okay
AmyWonder: USC did for me
Mooooooo: but when DrBill comes back, he would be excellent to ask
Geri: Some colleges have programs where you can take classes at home, Natalie...that's what I'm thinking of doing.
NatalieDu: OK
phoenyxx: NatalieDu: it depends on where you go...my local community college had an official disabled student services but spends most its energy pushing 'social' agendas more that academic ones, if that makes sense.
NatalieDu: I may do that, but I'd love to get out and 'be' there, too.
Geri: Yeah...I understand that...I couldn't do that at this point tho.
Mooooooo: i plan to go back to college after i move
phoenyxx: ....my problem was that most of the DSS services are focused on vocational programs, and I got excluded because I was a radio/tv/film major.
dtb: film major?
dtb: so was I
phoenyxx: dtb: actually for me it's more video right now :-)
*** jlubin has joined #Disabled
dtb: any plans?
phoenyxx: community college, nothing fancy.
Mooooooo: howdy jlubin!
dtb: hi jlubin
jlubin: finally got on
phoenyxx: my friends and I have a script we want to produce someday...right now it's weird stuff on public access :-)
dtb: interesting
younnguy: mooooo what do I put in when it asks me my user id in the ident box?
dtb: I'm hoping to write a script about the disabled myself
phoenyxx: ...the other big problem I ran into at the college DSS was a 'my condition is worse than yours' attitude from some of the students.
AmyWonder: I was in theater, but that didn't excludde me from dss
Mooooooo: put in the first part of your email address
phoenyxx: dtb: me too....about a President in a wheelchair who declares martial law and really kicks a** about ADA....:-)
dtb: direct and produce it in a few years
phoenyxx: AmyWonder: that's great! what happended to me...was probably isolated.
dtb: interesting story line
NatalieDu: He didn't declare martial law--just war on the Nazis! :)
younnguy: ok I put windows as my system is that right?
Mooooooo: No
Geri: Well...it was nice to meet you all...night!
*** Geri has left #disabled
Mooooooo: put UNIX
younnguy: ok
Mooooooo: port is 113
phoenyxx: dtb: or I'll just do it for real...you must be at least 35 to run for the office, and I'll be 38 when the November 2008 elections take place.... :-)
phoenyxx: nataliedu: good point!
Mimi__: Night Geri :o)
phoenyxx: :-)
younnguy: YEP PORT ON 113
dtb: I want mine to be about the real every day problems we face and how we overcome
NatalieDu: I'll go now, too. Nice to meet you!
*** NatalieDu has left #Disabled
Mimi__: Bye Natalie! come back soon :o)
phoenyxx: ....some parking lot at a mall, February 2009: oh come on guys, I was just parking here for a minute...hey that's a nasty looking gun...oh S***...BANG!
phoenyxx: ...geez I have no taste...:-)
Mooooooo: simon is viscious!
dtb: I also want to help undo the damage of last years Hunchback movie
dtb: make it a romance probably
Mooooooo: i didnt see that movie
younnguy: do I put anything in the firewall
jlubin: so am I the only new one here?
Mooooooo: no firewall
dtb: real disabled actors
Mooooooo: all the newer people have already left
phoenyxx: Mooooo: not really, just my sense of humor is totally unaffected by my physical limitations...and I think that's what pisses some people off...a guy on Tv (my access show) in chair and doing outrageous skits.
jlubin: what damage did Hunchback do?
Mimi__: that's GREAT dtb...I'd watch for sure :o)
* Mimi__ hated Hunchback
Mooooooo: but you were here before :o)
younnguy: ok than I have to go then
younnguy: thanks mooooooo
Mooooooo: see ya shawn!
phoenyxx: dtb: I like that idea.
AmyWonder: I want to act
younnguy: bye everyone
dtb: good
dtb: I'm pleased you all are so supportive
*** younnguy has left irc (Leaving)
Mimi__: Simon...I would love to see some of this. Any way you could send me a tape?
dtb: that's why I got involved with this chat room
dtb: I want the this to be something the disabled community will get behind me with and support me
Mooooooo: yep, this is a great channel :o)
* Mimi__ wonders if any of these script-writing people will
phoenyxx: Mimi: sure...I can make copies of some of the newer stuff, like spoofs of Apollo 13 for example.
dtb: sure
phoenyxx: dtb: this is the place for that.
Mimi__: I would love it :o)
dtb: so now that you know, any ideas would be greatly appreciated
Mooooooo: I saw a movie and one of the characters had epilepsy
Mimi__: At least you have the token wheelchair now in the media, I've never seen a token epileptic
Mimi__: what was that Moo?
Mooooooo: Neil Simon's 'The effects of gamma rays on man-on-the-moon marigolds'
Mimi__: I just submitted my idea, dtb :o)
Mooooooo: it was a cool movie
Mimi__: Ooops missed that one.
dtb: e-mail me with your ideas, suggestions etc.
Mooooooo: i think Marsha Mason was in it
Mimi__: So was the epiliptic a psychopatth
dtb: [email protected]
Mooooooo: No, the title had nothing to do with the movie
phoenyxx: Mimi: of course! one angle I always wanted to take with any disability was to shoot down the stereotype of someone with a disability either playing the totally unphased superhero or the other extreme, someone who hates everyone and hates the world.
phoenyxx: Mimi: that sucks!
Mooooooo: except it was the girl's science project
phoenyxx: the psycho with epilepsy I mean.
Mimi__: that's the general perception...that and posession by the devil *g*
Mooooooo: she was a nice teenage girl
Mimi__: oh, good.
phoenyxx: .. what I was thinking, if there's a disabled character in the story, why not show them in a realistic and still important tole.
Mimi__: that's great, Simon..:o)
Mimi__: that's so true. They hardly ever do that.
dtb: my friend is trying to put disabled in his stories
dtb: just like that Simon
phoenyxx: For example, a film about a future flight to Mars: instead of a person in a wheelchair fighting to get on the flight, how about the person in the chair be one of the spacecraft designers or the head of Mission Control during the flight?
phoenyxx: that is still very visible and very important.
Mimi__: ...and it's no big deal. good.
dtb: good point
phoenyxx: ...like in my experience...I do wish I could go on location for some of the videos we've shot, but everyone still likes my editing job even though I couldn't get to the location they show the footage at.
phoenyxx: ....I'd rather see a completed funny video rather than not doing it because the location was not accessable.,
phoenyxx: .
AmyWonder: dtb: youu have to reach deep down and put all your ffear pain an;d humor on the page
Mimi__: :o)
phoenyxx: mimi: thanks....and from what you've told me...the person in the chair could be dating someone as a subplot :-)
dtb: I want to address our particular issues first though because society still has some problems it needs to get over- like we can only be loved by dogs and small children and can't have mature relationships
phoenyxx: and people would accept that. :-)
Mimi__: absolutely Simon...*g*
phoenyxx: dtb: of course....pardon my jumping the gun :-)
dtb: np
dtb: I figure I may only have one chance to make a movie, I want to make it count
phoenyxx: mimi: :-) the big thing I was wanting to show, was a disabled person just going through a day, realistic showing the difficulties, but showing that that person still can enjoy their life.
phoenyxx: or perhaps I am being too philosophical here.
Mimi__: I can't wait to see it, dtb *g*
phoenyxx: dtb: you've hit the problems on the head.
dtb: God willing if I succeed, than I go on to ideas like you're talking about
Mooooooo: how about a disabled version of MTV's 'Real LIfe'
Mimi__: Have either of you ever read 'Whip Hand' by Dick Francis?
Mooooooo: nope
phoenyxx: Mooooo: if I wanted to see things that suck I'd look at a singularity instead of MTV :-) but yeah, now that would be cool.
Mimi__: Simon and dtb I mean...our writers
dtb: no
phoenyxx: Mimi: tell us...
phoenyxx: no I haven't read it.
Mimi__: Anyone, for that matter.
Mimi__: You should read it...it does just what you're talking about.
Mimi__: It's FANTASTIC - one of the very best books I have read.
phoenyxx: great!
dtb: What's it about?
Mooooooo: wasnt there a gimp superhero on FOX last year?
Mimi__: It's about a private detective with one arm. He does his detective work, but he just happens to be an amputee.
Mooooooo: he shot darts or something
Mimi__: and he has his romance too.
phoenyxx: Mooooo: yes, but the people at FOX are going to burn in Hell for canceling that and Space Above and Beyond.
Mimi__: I don't get FOX :o(
phoenyxx: Mooooo: great show (mantis).
Mooooooo: thats it
jlubin: mantis is on scifi
phoenyxx: we just got scifi here! :-)
dtb: I'll get the book Mimi. Thanks.
Mooooooo: though i must admit, i didnt watch it.
phoenyxx: and one book I want to work on is 'You're not paranoid: these stories in this book are real!'
phoenyxx: :-) (JOKE!)
Mooooooo: ii want to see FOX make a HandiMan series
* Mimi__ doesn't want to encourage Simon on that one *g*
Mooooooo: that skit was so funny
jlubin: next season FOX has a new show The Visitor
Mooooooo: what's it about?
phoenyxx: Moooo: are you sure it was funny? :-)
jlubin: replacing Sliders
Mooooooo: very
dtb: Well I have to go. Please e-mail me with any ideas. Talk to you next week!
Mimi__: Bye dtb! :o)
phoenyxx: Sliders...yet another reason FOX execs. are damned to hell :-)
jlubin: about an abductee who gets returned to Earth
phoenyxx: canceling it I mean.
phoenyxx: cool..UFO stories!
jlubin: and has special abilities
phoenyxx: those are the conspiracy stories worth believing in! :-)
dtb: bye!
phoenyxx: dtb : bye!
*** dtb has left #disabled