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Fun Chat #6

Dec 16, 1998

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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woz: thanks bot
Adopmom3: wow the rules are a bit much for me... hahah
*** Court has joined #Disabled-RT
* wacky slaps Adopmom3 around a bit with a large trout
wacky: oops
Adopmom3: no rough play either
Court: thank you, wacky. I'm illiterate in these things.
Lily: wacky, jill emailing me update tmw, ill forward to all
wacky: welcome cort
*** wacky has left irc (Read error to wacky[ppp-207-104-158-32.wnck11.pacbell.net]: Connection reset by peer)
Court: thanks
Lily: hi court:)
Court: hi lily
Court: Lily....
*** wacky has joined #Disabled-RT
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Court: I don't know if I can stay awake through the whole meeting. I promise it's not you or anyone else, though
Sheraton: hi :)
Court: hi sheraton
Lily: mooo? could you start log??
Mooooooo: done
Adopmom3: ya all did not read rules
Lily: thx:)
Court: mooooooo!
Lily: i thought we'd have a fun chat tonight, open topic
*** wackedout has joined #Disabled-RT
wackedout: kick wacky
Lily: this meeting will be open topic
Lily: k
Court: hi wacked
Court: is he related to you, Wacky?
Court: FUN CHAT!!! Sounds good to me, Lily.
Lily: what was funniest gift you ever got??
wackedout: ummmmmmmmmmmm donno
Court: I'm thinking
Adopmom3: a positive pregnancy test in a box from my kids
woz: a perfumed love letter after we wer married
Lily: lol
Court: ahhhhh, mom
Lily: aww max
woz: well
Court: tha's sweet.
*** wackedout is now known as wacky
Lily: ais??
Mooooooo: santa claus underpants!
Lily: lol
Sheraton: thinking
Court: that's funny.
Lily: was he in em??
woz: lol
Court: or better yet....who was in them?
woz: hummmmmm
Mooooooo: just willie
Adopmom3: rudolphs red nose..
Sheraton: lol
*** wackedout has joined #Disabled-RT
Lily: lol
wackedout: kick wacky
Lily: k
Court: I don't think that I've ever gotten anything really funny.
Sheraton: me either
Adopmom3: what was best gift ever gotten?
Lily: sad then?
woz: noy eaven a empty box
wackedout: I always get shirts
Lily: pathetic??
wackedout: best? pot holders for lap
Lily: great idea
Lily: i got toad house for garden
Adopmom3: ok new craft idea to market there wackty
Lily: supposed to attract toads
wackedout: yup
Court: attract toads?
Adopmom3: I got to open one already..it was great.. footprints afghan
Court: do you kiss one?
Lily: toads eat garden pests
Lily: lol
Lily: yea, he becomesd frog
Court: and if you are really, really good....
wackedout: brb
*** wackedout has left #Disabled-RT
Court: he turns into a prince
Court: or...just a frog
Lily: what about diet over holidays??????????
Adopmom3: never!!!!
Court: no way.
Sheraton: yeah right
Court: diet is die with a t
Lily: lol
woz: what is a diet
*** wacky has joined #Disabled-RT
Court: during the holidays...you are funny, Lily
Adopmom3: I think the bodies of the greek goddesses look pretty good..esp now aday
Court: my best gift was my engagement ring
* wacky super glues my as* to floor
woz: lol
* wacky super glues his as* to floor
*** WonderW has joined #Disabled-RT
Court: wacky....WHAT are you dong?
Court: hi wonderw
Lily: how much weight put on? cant be metric
wacky: staying
Lily: lol
Court: No weight. I'm in DEEP denial.
Adopmom3: lily you are a dirty pool player
Lily: lol
Court: no diet. no weight. everything is perfect.
Lily: weight put on over holidays???????????
*** turbokev has joined #Disabled-RT
woz: duck for cover
WonderW: nah
Court: hi turbo
turbokev: Hello everyone
Lily: court, no hi's or bye'ss, distracts
wacky: hi
Adopmom3: well lily on that note gonna go get a brownie
Court: sorry
turbokev: What is the topic?
Lily: np:))
wacky: we on fun chat lily
woz: very dangerous if glued to floor
Court: open topic. FUN CHAT
Lily: o, ok wacky
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Lily: no rules then
Court: really lily? no his or byes?
*** wacky has joined #Disabled-RT
WonderW: wb
Adopmom3: wacky you fall over again
Court: wacky...I thought you were glued down
Lily: lol
Lily: sos
WonderW: connection probs?
wacky: wore off
wacky: yep
Court: ooohhh
* Lily gets duct tape
turbokev: Anyone want to discuss finding a mate?
*** Driveshaf has joined #disabled-RT
Court: yeah, connecting himself to the floor with the super glue
*** atrpilot has joined #disabled-RT
woz: tailspin
Lily: finding a mate of what, turbo??
turbokev: the opposite sex
Court: a mate? got one. DEFINATELY don't need another.
Court: just kidding
turbokev: someone to date
wacky: want one
wacky: I want one
turbokev: any tips
woz: lol
Court: where do you live?
woz: rofl
Adopmom3: bri was that a statement or ?
turbokev: of course
wacky: statement
turbokev: Kentucky
Court: I don't know anyone there unless you want to drive to Georgia
wacky: I got a tip : never can take too many showers
turbokev: I mean Louisville, Kentucky
Lily: lol
Court: thanks, wacky. I'll keep that in mind.
Adopmom3: turbo. that's good horse country
* WonderW breaks out in the most intriguing softshoe ever
*** wacky has left irc (Read error to wacky[ppp-207-104-158-32.wnck11.pacbell.net]: Connection reset by peer)
Court: there he goes again
*** wacky has joined #Disabled-RT
WonderW: wb
*** Kark has joined #disAbled-RT
Court: heeeeeees back
atrpilot: send yourself UPS
WonderW: hi kark
* wacky shoots self
Kark: :)
Adopmom3: wacky send that sound.. dont laff to me I think my sound is gone again
Kark: Wacky
Kark: stop that
turbokev: lol
wacky: later jill
* WonderW stops bullet with cape
Kark: LOL WW
Court: good job, wonderw
*** Kim^^ has joined #Disabled-rt
WonderW: hi kim
Lily: ah
Court: now, now, wacky. what have we told you?
Lily: good kim:)
wacky: bullet sears cape and plows in sid of mirc server
Lily: lol
Court: no shooting in the chat room
Lily: rofl
woz: BOOM
Court: we are violence free here
Lily: this meeting getting out of foot
Kim^^: don't know why i'm too dang dumb to type that but i can't:(
WonderW: out of foot?
Kark: What were you all talking about before I interrupted
WonderW: like out of step?
woz: dont know
Lily: hand is so mundane
WonderW: lol
wacky: well then I am really outa step
Court: no one remembers. i can't remember that far back
Court: lol, lily
*** Adopmom3 has left #Disabled-rt
WonderW: toe is more interesting
Lily: hm, yes
Lily: who can do nail clipping?
WonderW: more like a stalagmite
Lily: mine take hours
*** wacky has left irc (Read error to wacky[ppp-207-104-158-32.wnck11.pacbell.net]: Connection reset by peer)
Court: oh, boy. and I thought I had lost it! GEEZ!!! : )
Lily: lol
WonderW: :)
Lily: nail polish??
Lily: very festive
Kark: Can I tell you all my frustration, it might help me to release
Lily: sure, kark
WonderW: sure kark
WonderW: lol
Court: gotta go, guys. I'm soooo tired.
WonderW: go ahead
woz: k court
WonderW: ok, court
WonderW: take care
*** Sheraton has left #disabled-rt
WonderW: good to see you again
Kark: Well I get stared out a lot with my disability and my company Christmas party is tomorrow
*** Court has left irc (Court)
Lily: go on, kark
Kark: I usually shy away from those things but I decided to go
Lily: k
atrpilot: go go
woz: go go girl?
atrpilot: go
Kark: well I bought this really crazy outfit I think subconscienciously
woz: now you have my attention
Kark: I was trying to take the attention off me
Lily: go on:))
atrpilot: me to
Kark: sorry for that spell error
Kark: and I had to have it altered, it has shear sleaves and mid section
woz: interesting
Kark: feathers aroung the neck like a boa
WonderW: yes?
atrpilot: never mind get down to low cut
WonderW: I kind of like that
*** turbokev has left irc (Leaving)
woz: more
atrpilot: yes
Kark: well now that it has been taken in I am getting self consious of myself more
Lily: sounds good kark, where's prob.??
Lily: ahhhhhhhhhh
WonderW: I can relate some
WonderW: I think we all can
Kark: and it to me is now excentuating my inpofections
atrpilot: i can't
Lily: yup, pll at that kind ifthing assume i'm drunk
Kark: I need to go back to typo/spell school
Lily: i avoid big holiday parties
Kark: Well it is macking me sad
Kark: making
Lily: yes
Kark: lol
Lily: mack truck
WonderW: lol
*** haa has joined #disabled-RT
Kark: LOL
Lily: or truck, mac??
Lily: hi haa
WonderW: yeah
*** In has joined #Disabled-RT
WonderW: !
haa: hi lily
Lily: hi in
WonderW: wb in
In: hi again all:)
atrpilot: }::O(((((((((((
Lily: topic:fun
Lily: nothing heavy
WonderW: I can understand why it would make you sad
Lily: we dressing kark
WonderW: lol
Lily: wwe will carry you to party, kark
Kark: I went last year and I was ok
Lily: in WW's invisible plane
WonderW: I think each of us has issues like that
*** Driveshaf has left #disabled-RT
Lily: yes
atrpilot: then we cary you home
WonderW: hence, we have tea parties that rival the ones in Boston
Lily: ill saddle croc, kark, u can ride emu
Kark: had fun but if I dont think and feel good and with that outfit I am sure I will be stared at
Lily: kark, go with it
Lily: then
Lily: describe outfit?
Lily: it rivalled russian male figure skaters
WonderW: if you are self-confident, there is little room for what they think
atrpilot: yes
Lily: go on the attack, kark
Kark: long shear sleeves, shear mid section, black feathers around the sleeves and neckline
Lily: lol
*** Jo- has joined #Disabled-rt
Lily: mae west lives
Kark: jumpsuit
Kark: lol
Lily: wow
Lily: u'll be knock-out kark
Kark: little drop in the back
Lily: hi jo
Jo-: hi!
Kark: makes me feel lumppy
Lily: comments please??????????
Jo-: Dont' know what you are talking about?
In: can I say something please
Lily: sure in
Kark: Well sorry to monopolize the conversation
In: if u enjoy doing it Kark go 4 it, that is what matters:)
WonderW: np, kark
Kark: I guess I am just feeling sorry formyself
Jo-: What are you doing Kark?
WonderW: we had no specific agenda
Lily: it ok, kark, i was going to twirll u round
Lily: good point, in
WonderW: yes
In: thx
Jo-: Kark are you male or female???
Kark: female, my name is Karen
Lily: rofl
Jo-: ok
Lily: in that outfit?????????
Jo-: I came in at end of your posting was confused.
WonderW: we've all been there, and there comes a moment when you realize you have youe own beauty
Lily: ahhhhhhh
Kark: well u got me to :)
Jo-: Lily! I know all different kinds of people.
Lily: lol
woz: sorry important tel
Jo-: Matter of fact most men I know would look better in a jump suit than I do.
Lily: me too, but reminded me of figure skater
Kark: I feel like I am gong to be laughted at
Kark: lol
Lily: then, laugh too, kark
WonderW: and if they stare, at least do something to make it worth their while
WonderW: lily and I become caped crusaders
Lily: like soft-shoe number
Lily: lol
Jo-: If you like an outfit and want to wear it, hold your head high, feel beautiful and lead the pack.
In: true ww & lily
atrpilot: no i will be there butt naked
Lily: lol, pilot
Kark: LOL atr
Jo-: Be an engine not a cabose and slave to fashion dictates. Now atrpilot that is going a little too far.
haa: LOL atr
Lily: but pilot great dancer
WonderW: good point, Jo, I like it, what you think you are, you are
woz: lojo i got lost
Jo-: Yup. I wear whatever I want whenever I want and they can all go hang. If I like it and feel good in it that is all that matters.
In: have 2 go all, night, take care:)))))
WonderW: exactly
Jo-: bye In
*** In has left #Disabled-RT
atrpilot: night ladies love yuall
Lily: bye in
WonderW: bye in
haa: night In
Kark: I don'tthink I am going to go
WonderW: how come?
Kark: bye In
Kim^^: you don't have to
*** atrpilot has left irc (atrpilot)
Jo-: My notion in life was said by the late Totie Fields: A barn is a barn no matter what color you paint it! People would rather look at a pretty painted barn.
WonderW: no, you don't have to
* Mooooooo is partial to barns
WonderW: yep, Jo
Jo-: Yeah you old barn burner you!
Lily: right jo, which raises the diet issue again
Kark: I feeling scared and if I dont go I will regret it too
Kim^^: wear sumpin different?
Kark: Mooooo you are toooo funny
Lily: go, kark, and thats an order!!'
Jo-: Hang the diets. Doc told me just eat a little bite of everything to get a taste not a whole plate full and don't worry about weight till after holidays.
woz: yup
Lily: great advice, jo
Lily: i have weakness for chocolate
Kim^^: dr b*tches every time i go to gain weight!
Jo-: You can't avoid all the good food over holidays but you don't have to go without, just don't fill a whole plate up or eat a whole box of chocolates.
Lily: my house fuller than willie wonka's of chocs.
Jo-: Mine is the opposite, complains I haven't lost. But I haven't gained either so I tell him drop dead. When he gives up smoking I will loose weight. Shuts him up quick.
Kark: Well I don't weigh a lot just not in shape, with my disability I have week muscles
WonderW: lol, lily
Lily: :)
Kim^^: what is your disability kark?
WonderW: nog creams?
Lily: haa, u like chocolate??
haa: yep
Lily: no, butter crisps
Kim^^: i do!!!!!
Kark: Arthrogryposis Multiplex congenitia (AMC)
woz: toast all the girls enjoy bye all
Kim^^: same as mooooooo?
Lily: friend has choc. factory
* haa sends Modem Man for See's choc's :)
*** woz has left irc (woz)
WonderW: I want a nog cream, I emote at cream, as does lily
Mooooooo: AMC RULES!!!!
Lily: lol, ww
Mooooooo: we bad, we bad
Jo-: allergic to all milk products, and chocolate.
WonderW: :)
Lily: it is?????????
Jo-: bad but sexy and have a cute butt Moooooooo!
Mooooooo: yep :o)
WonderW: yep, it is
* haa says MS RULES!!!!
Lily: then u like me, kark
haa: :)
Lily: :)
Lily: the war of the disabilities
WonderW: lol
Jo-: Couldn't let a night go by again without mentioning Moooooooo cute butt.
Lily: what ppl put in stuffing?
* WonderW seconds that
Lily: i put raisins and apple
WonderW: celery
Jo-: I guess I am out of it. Mine is from injury to spine but now I also have severe osteoporosis with bones of an 80 - 85 year old woman.
haa: Karen, what type of party/festive are you attending?
WonderW: spice
Jo-: raisins, pecans, walnuts, ground pork, gound beef, bread cubes, seasonings.
WonderW: oregano, cumin
Kark: Company Christmas party
Lily: lol
WonderW: lassos
Lily: what is oyster dressing??
Jo-: yucky stuff.
WonderW: huge words
Jo-: ferret faces mother makes cornbread oyster stuffing. YUCK!
WonderW: bbiab
Lily: a polly-syllabic lasso?
Lily: k
Jo-: She grinds up gooey duck oysters and put them in. You ever seen a whole gooey duck, makes you blush to look at it.
Kark: Sorry if I scared everyone away
Jo-: Especially when ferret face picks it up, waves it around and lears at you while holding it.
Jo-: no you didn't Kark.
Lily: anyone want to say anythin else? we seding kark to party
Kark: thanks all
Lily: np, kark
Jo-: Kark you better go to that party.
haa: np kark :)
Lily: thats why we are here
Kim^^: what iun the world is a gooey duck?
Lily: lol
Kark: I want to and I dont
Lily: a gooey duck?????????
Jo-: A huge oyster with a neck that looks like a penis that most men wish they had.
haa: dakky smothered in honey
Lily: lol, jo
haa: daffy
Lily: rofl, haa
Lily: anything else???????????
*** jrt has joined #disabled-rt
Lily: hi jrt
haa: Hi jrt
haa: :)
Jo-: hello jrt! Good to see our Aussie in here. thanks for card.
jrt: hello everybody:))
Kim^^: hi]
jrt: thats okay:))
Lily: yeh, got card, thx, deb:))
Jo-: ferret face is Richard but everyone calls him Rick cause I hate his mothers name for him.
jrt: lol
Lily: and ferret-face better??
Kim^^: i love ferret faCE:)
Jo-: Be surprised we get people from hospital in stores and they go hey Hi Ferret Face.
Lily: lol
jrt: well I have 4 and a half hours of freedom left,lol
Kim^^: freedom?
haa: LOL jrt
Jo-: Awwww kid away and hubby too?
Lily: is distinctive, i must admit
jrt: then I have a 10yo birthday party and sleep over to contend with,lol
Jo-: yup and he is such a sweetie pie. All the nurses tease him and call him ferret for short.
Lily: wow jrt, and you here on puter??
Jo-: Everyone go OH POOR JRT!
Lily: oh
Kark: Oh ferret face is your husband?
Jo-: I survived a few of those, barely!
Kim^^: OH POOR JRT!'
haa: oh poor jrt :)
Jo-: Yup for 18 years now.
jrt: yeah picked the cake up and have all the food so all i have to do is set up the games
Kark: cool
Jo-: 3rd hubby. Annulled first, second died.
Jo-: ferret face is the pick of the litter.
Kark: lol
Jo-: I hope you have ear plugs jrt!
Lily: k, all under control, and kark can wear outfit
Jo-: yup kark wear your outfit and go to party.
Lily: be guest of honour
jrt: lol
Jo-: jrt hope you have valium on hand.
Kark: seems funny to call your husbant ferret face
Lily: its the boa feathers i really love, kark
jrt: rofl
Lily: lol, jo
Kark: I will scan a picture if I go
Jo-: Nope! One day he took his top plate, pushed it out over his bottom lip and squinted his eyes up, came up behind me and went boo! He wasn't due home for 2 more hours and scared me to death.
jrt: well spivr girld the movie goes for almost 2 hours...
Lily: please, am dying to see
Jo-: I dubbed him ferret face then and it stuck.
Kark: I think I will at this point
Lily: good
Kark: but no garentees
Lily: u go girl!!!!!!
Jo-: great Kark.
haa: Okay Karen, send me one of your picture..pls :)
Lily: kark, u carry the tourch for us all
Jo-: Hope they sit still long enough to watch it jrt.
Kark: OK thanks again all, I think I am going to get some sleep
Lily: what movie, jrt?
jrt: yeah I will tie them to the chairs,lol
Lily: k, bye kark
jrt: spice girls
Lily: and GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haa: night Karen :)
Lily: :)))))
jrt: bye kark
Lily: party hearty
Jo-: 2 hours of spice girls would put me to sleep.
Kark: lol, good night
Jo-: nite kark
Lily: bye:)
haa: jrt, is your daughter gonna be singing :):)
*** Kark has left irc (Leaving)
Jo-: gotta go folks, sorry! bye bye
Lily: noe, this meeting officially over
jrt: well not that i know of,lol
Jo-: bye Mooooooo darling! xxxxxoooooo
jrt: but anything can happen
*** Jo- has left #Disabled-rt
*** Kim^^ has left #Disabled-rt
Lily: but.....u can stay if u want