Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

Fun Chat #7: Homemade Disability Songs

Aug 11, 1999

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

Participants already present:
WonderW: I'm waiting to see if more people are coming
anny1: k
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ROCK-: we have 5
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WonderW: that's fine
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WonderW: ok, todays eeting is on songs (or rhymes) from a disability perspective
WonderW: there aren't any rules, just jump in
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WonderW: I did one to get us started
WonderW: I cannot think of a meeting song, the red tape for Hud has been too long, they say I do not qualify,
WonderW: are they blind? do they not have eyes? I beg to differ, so I try to get them to think critically, but all they say is wait and see
WonderW: Baclofen, Baclofen, anti-spasmodic med, you reduce my spasms, and fog up my head, I may not scale a wall with you, but when people say Zonk out I really do.
WonderW: Baclofen, baclofen, some say you do not work; sometimes you do, sometimes you are beserk, but the neurologists all have a heyday, they make signs (a la Burger King) which read Have baclofen your way
WonderW: I rather like baclofen, it loosens me up, next week, the doctor's say I'll be able to hold a cup, this will be momentous, and really cool....the week after, I'll work on my tendency to drool.
WonderW: Baclofen, Baclofen, anti-spasmodic med, you reduce my spasms and fog up my head, but the very best thing about you, by far, is that when my eyes are glazed, I look like a MOVIE STAR!
WonderW: The crowds gather round me, they beg me to sing, and so through the valleys my operatic voice rings.
Mooooooo: lol
WonderW: gosh, you never know how long they are till you paste
WonderW: but that's the basic idea
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WonderW: anyone have any?
ROCK-: if I typed that good I'd have a job.
woz: heh
woz: hehe
zlie-: froze
WonderW: lol, no, I typed and copied/pasted it
ROCK-: I'd still have a job
zlie-: hi beat
Mooooooo: if I typed that good I'd have a job.
Mooooooo: instead of on chat with this weird gimpy mob
zlie-: hey guys what are we talking about here
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WonderW: lol, go Daniel!
Mooooooo: we're making up songs
zlie-: ?????
woz: hehe a zantac a day keeps the ulcer away
zlie-: hahahaha............
Mooooooo: lol
anny1: ahhhh
zlie-: don't be afraid if u have to pay
WonderW: but since I don't, here I am with you all, that is, of course, until I have a grand mal
Mooooooo: lol
WonderW: lol, good, I like those
ROCK-: me too::)
woz: splatter bo datter my screen is a mess
zlie-: :)
zlie-: what' sup woz?
Mooooooo: unless you're a cow in a state of undress
WonderW: if it had any more water, it would be home of the Loch Ness
zlie-: euuuuuuuh1
WonderW: lol]
Kark: lol
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Mooooooo: which is quite often, i must confess
woz: a touch cush would be nice then my touch would be plush
WonderW: spasms, oh spasms, you twist me all up, the mention of such humor makes zlie leave in a huff
ROCK-: lets have a little control,woz that was great
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woz: you have to slurr the plush
WonderW: plushhhhhhhhhhhhh
Mooooooo: so if you're on chat and you choose to be naked
WonderW: like that?
Mooooooo: its safer than out in the sun where you butt would be baked
zlie-: yuck!
WonderW: lol
woz: aarg
zlie-: burnt
Mooooooo: burnt doesnt rhyle
woz: hehe baked buns
Mooooooo: rhyme either
ROCK-: I'll have a gran mal videoed then somebody can name dance to it
WonderW: well, no one said Daniel was politically correct
anny1: guess that would be a hind quarter on mooooooo
WonderW: lol
zlie-: grand mal?????
Mooooooo: better to be anatomically correct than politically correct
ROCK-: lol
woz: rofl
anny1: hehe
woz: polish peeping tom
zlie-: see u guys later
zlie-: have a nice day
Mooooooo: gimp gimp gimp olay olay olay
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Mooooooo: fall on floor all day all day all day
Mooooooo: ricky martin
WonderW: the epileptic dance, which originated is france, is a dance that's the rage during a seizure, we really, really are confounded by it's charm, but alas, we can't do it at leisure
WonderW: lol, Daniel
Mooooooo: lol
anny1: the anti-convulsants they stop me from shakin' cuz it's the srong ones i'm takin'
Mooooooo: lol
anny1: brb
WonderW: lol
woz: hehe taking or fakeing
Beat: As we walk thought life we pick flowers and stop , to see the Beatiful of them. as we move on dark clouds begin to roll in unpon us and agian we stop pounder why, and then we see within us a god that has made it all we pounder no longer, for we hisa hands has made it all!
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Mooooooo: hi just
Beat: got to
woz: just sing us a song
Mooooooo: sing... sing a song....
Just_me: make it simple to last the whole year long
Mooooooo: watch us gimp, just sing a long
Mooooooo: lol
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Mooooooo: hi huey
huey`ette: hi
Mooooooo: all our songs are good enough
Beat: Got to go guy may catch you later Not Sure Bye all!
WonderW: lol
Mooooooo: even though they seem so rough
WonderW: these are great
Mooooooo: we got beat, we got beat, we got beat
Mooooooo: until he leaves
WonderW: lol
Mooooooo: see the gimps, roll'n down the street
Mooooooo: because some of us cant stand on our feet
Mooooooo: we got beat, we got beat, we got beat
Mooooooo: until he leaves
Mooooooo: bangels :o)
Mooooooo: 1980's
WonderW: yep
woz: my back is all flack but just give it a wack and i will give you a weez
woz: please
WonderW: lol
Mooooooo: lol
huey`ette: :)
huey`ette: oh jeeze
woz: hehe hu
woz: re type
WonderW: Louise
Mooooooo: good golly gimp molly... you sure like to fall
anny1: come on everybody lets do the seizure boogie get down, get down, get down
Mooooooo: good golly gimp mooOOOOooooolly... you sure like to falllll
WonderW: lol
Mooooooo: you fall to east
Mooooooo: you fall to the west
Mooooooo: you fell on my clothes and wrinkled my vest
WonderW: you fall to the spasm that grabs you the best
WonderW: lol
Mooooooo: lol
Just_me: weebles woobles but they dont fall down
anny1: hehe
huey`ette: :) that was good
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anny1: shake rattle and roll
Mooooooo: i think we need to serve booze before song meetings :o)
huey`ette: yeah, booze would help
Kark: yes, lol
WonderW: ooh, I love that song anny
woz: is a flippy hippy and a bit tipey
Mooooooo: shake rattle and roll
Mooooooo: i said shake rattle and roll
Just_me: rock rock dont rock the boat
Mooooooo: epileptics rattle on the floor
WonderW: roll out the barrel, we'll have a barrel of fun, roll out the barrel, so we don't send beat on the run
Mooooooo: until they slide right out the door
Mooooooo: lol
ROCK-: ol
Just_me: lol
WonderW: lol
* WonderW passes booze and lipton tea
Mooooooo: i used to sing Def Leopards Pour some sugar on me to Sesame Street's C is for Cookie
WonderW: lol
anny1: bumper sticker epileptic are real movers and shakers
WonderW: C is for CP, I'm too good for it
ROCK-: we the king of the wtermlon crawl when we have a grn mal
WonderW: I like it, anny
woz: ok just give us some of your famous carrioke
Mooooooo: lol
Just_me: lol ROCK-
huey`ette: mysthenics do it droopy ???? :/
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anny1: haha huey
Mooooooo: gotta find my dictionary :o)
WonderW: hey Ray
Mooooooo: hi ray
WonderW: it's song lyric day
WonderW: we're making up songs
Ray-1: Hi, laura, daniel.
Mooooooo: so stay a play
Mooooooo: cuz nothings wrong
Ray-1: okay
huey`ette: and bupper stickers
ROCK-: are made for lickers
Mooooooo: lol
WonderW: you're where you belong, we chased all the ABs away
ROCK-: :)
Mooooooo: AB's will run
Mooooooo: run AB run
Mooooooo: to the theme of cows with guns
ROCK-: run forest run
WonderW: rofl
anny1: yea cuz they can mooooooo hehe
Mooooooo: lol
anny1: why does an AB run? cause he can
Just_me: i was dancing with my darling doing the curly shuffle of the floor
WonderW: lol
ROCK-: I'll have my hand held shocker when the cattle get ressless and moo
Just_me: lol anny1
WonderW: and then a feminist came and kicked me out the door
woz: my shrink is a think but i shrunk my shrink so my shrink thinks i is the one who got shrunk
Mooooooo: lol
Just_me: lol
woz: hehe anny the flip side to trazadone
anny1: anny needs no booze ., lol woz
Mooooooo: anny get your booze
WonderW: she said she hated men, she said she hated me, I said I was an equity feminist, now she CAN'T STAND ME
Mooooooo: anny get your pun?
Mooooooo: lol
anny1: lol
WonderW: lol, I like that
Ray-1: Good, laura.
Just_me: you ain't gimpy enough to take my man
WonderW: rofl, just
ROCK-: ouch
huey`ette: i got the mestinon blues, the run to the toilet blues
anny1: stand back i have a pun and not afraid to use it
WonderW: lol
Mooooooo: rofl
Just_me: lol
Mooooooo: i added that to my list
anny1: anny sings the tegretol blues
WonderW: lol
Just_me: go rest high on that gurney
WonderW: I know all about tegretol
Mooooooo: its better than regret ol
ROCK-: lol
ROCK-: good one
huey`ette: regret? whats that a new drug?
huey`ette: LOL
Mooooooo: regretol
Mooooooo: hansel and regretol
woz: elavill and mellaril will rock you but pepto bismall will fix you
anny1: hehe
woz: montazumas theim song
woz: theme
woz: whatever
huey`ette: LOL i know that song well
ROCK-: haha
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WonderW: tegretol : they said it tasted like cherry, it didn't you know, it tasted more like motor oil mixed with snow
Mooooooo: lol
Mooooooo: yellow snow?
WonderW: well, maybe not that bad
anny1: ewwwwww ewwwww it treeeeeeew
woz: dyslexia will flex you but licquor is guicker?
huey`ette: prednisone the most bitter pill to swallow will swell you all to hell!!!!
Mooooooo: lol
ROCK-: exlax should take care of that swelling
huey`ette: LOL not in my face!!
Ray-1: I don't take drugs. I'm waiting for them to develop that one simple pill that will knock out my CP.
woz: St vidas was a twitch until i got the itch
Mooooooo: valium?
woz: aint that a bixxx
Ray-1: Or tequila in pill form.
huey`ette: valium for mg is like crude oil to fish
WonderW: dyscalculia really makes you unable to tell 5 from 2, and adding , adding's even worser the answer is 18? no! the answer is CURSIVE!
ROCK-: thats byer sprin to me took 10 a day,and didn' feel sleepy
WonderW: WOW
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huey`ette: LOL
ROCK-: mama?
WonderW: wb ray
Just_me: wb
Just_me: what time is meeting and who is running it?
Ray-1: That was my CP acting up again. DARN!
Mooooooo: it starts 49 minutes ago
WonderW: if you want the wrong math quotient every time, call a dyscalculic, they'll do it just fine
Ray-1: The inmates are running it.
WonderW: this is the meeting, just
Just_me: ok
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WonderW: we decided that it was getting a little too serious, so we decided to make it delirious
Just_me: thats ok too
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anny1: ain't nobody her but us chickens, ain't nobody her at all
Mooooooo: because going so deep seemed very perilous
WonderW: lol
WonderW: is this being logged?
Mooooooo: yep
WonderW: ok
Kark: lol
huey`ette: LOL why re you afriad?
Kark: it will make a funny one
anny1: heart doner sings i left my heart in san francisco
Mooooooo: to log those to be flogged
Mooooooo: lol
WonderW: no, not at all, I have no fear of my true nature going down in history
WonderW: I'm a writer
Kark: nothing can be as bad as the list lately
ROCK-: name,rank.an serial number only
Kark: thats a good one anny
Mooooooo: I'm a writer, I'm a fighter, Im an over-biter
ROCK-: I'm a reader
WonderW: lol anny
ROCK-: go moooooooooooooooooo
WonderW: lol
Kark: stretch that over
WonderW: I sure do want to bite someone
Kark: lol
Mooooooo: lol
huey`ette: ouch..
ROCK-: where's frnkan louis when we need the
Kark: hope that aint me
Mooooooo: I'm a reader, but not a breeder, im a hemopliliac bleeder
Just_me: rofl
WonderW: nah, just remaining untrue to the stever miller song
WonderW: lol
WonderW: my blood comes out while on the run
ROCK-: hello mudda,hello fadda
woz: arthritus is a friend of mine he will floor you any time for a nickel or a dime fifteen cents for over time
Mooooooo: from the 70's...
WonderW: this is me, your spastic daughter
Mooooooo: i got a faulty pair of roller skates, and then got a brand new knee
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anny1: discalcula, dracula laura???
WonderW: lol, Daniel
WonderW: no, dyscalculia is my math learning disability, not well-known, but as common as dyslexia
ROCK-: we'll sing in the sunshine
ROCK-: 60's
WonderW: but I could just see a dyscalculic dracula
huey`ette: gotta go bye!
Just_me: got to go jeopardy is on
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Just_me: bye all
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ROCK-: during hurricane Adree
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ROCK-: poof
WonderW: sucking the life out of numbers on behalf of dyscalculics everywhere
woz: hugs all burger time
WonderW: ok
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ROCK-: woz is gone eat
WonderW: anyone have anymore or should we wrap up?
ROCK-: again
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ROCK-: your dime
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WonderW: it was fun, I'm glad we did it
ROCK-: yea:)))))))))
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WonderW: was a good change of pace
ROCK-: this is everyday talk for me:))
WonderW: yep...that was the plan
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ROCK-: WonderWfull
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WonderW: awww
ROCK-: you did great
WonderW: take care, guys, I'm glad you enjoyed it
Mooooooo: :o)
WonderW: thanks :)
anny: was fun
ROCK-: hey
WonderW: I thought so too