Created by and for people with physical disabilities.

Gift Ideas for Disabled People

Dec 02, 1998

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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Mooooooo: hi :o)
LoneWolf: hello Moooo
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wacky: i am here u happ?
wacky: i am here u happy?
Mooooooo: yep :o)
LoneWolf: yes bri
LoneWolf: Daniel did you get bri's letter on the website?
wacky: oops caps
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LoneWolf: Tonight we will briefly discuss the healthcare issue and then go on to holiday gift buying for and by the disabled.
LoneWolf: Brian has sent out sample letters for each of you to send to your legislators concerning MICASA and SSI Definition
LoneWolf: od Disability. It is up to each of you to decide to send or not send these letters, just keep in mind they effect
LoneWolf: all of us in the us.
LoneWolf: Those that have not been present during the discussions can visit the website at http://members.tripod.com/~disabled/
LoneWolf: and read the minutes from the previous meetings.
LoneWolf: A very brief recap of each is:
LoneWolf: MiCASA, H.R. 2020, is a bill to create a national attendant program to offer people with disabilities the option of
LoneWolf: in home care instead of nursing homes.
LoneWolf: The House Ways and Means Committee's Human Resources Subcommittee has drafted amendments to the SSI disability p
wacky: letter and difintion on mailing list
LoneWolf: Are there any specific questions that have not been covered previously?
LoneWolf: give me an idea he you guys have caught up
Lacebay: I am assuming we send the letter of support to our own elected reps.?
wacky: yes lace
Lacebay: Thanks.
LoneWolf: when
LoneWolf: yes
LoneWolf: I think we decided last week that most of us were nt in support of the SSI def and were in support of MICASA
LoneWolf: I would ike to propose that each one of us bring a need or concern tothe meetings when the need arises and we will has it out then-sound ok?
LoneWolf: hash
wacky: actually judi i have new in fo
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LoneWolf: ok shoot wacky
wacky: Hr2020 or micasa is being rejected and rewritten
wacky: now known as S.879
LoneWolf: oh no
LoneWolf: ok
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LoneWolf: brian we need to post that to the list also
wacky: no S.879 better makes it federal
LoneWolf: would u mind?
wacky: not state and federal
LoneWolf: ok
wacky: I will
LoneWolf: so the national attendent program takes the place of MICASA
LoneWolf: definite need to write congressmen.
wacky: so that makes healthcare and annual pay raisies manditory,...... and allows more control to whom we hire
LoneWolf: Ready to move on?
wacky: Yes u got it judi
LoneWolf: that's great Brian
LoneWolf: latecomers the beginning of the meeting will be in the minuts
wacky: and it doesnt cut down pay of attendant who are family members
LoneWolf: Ok now
WonderW: great
Lily: good
LoneWolf: Holiday Gifts
LoneWolf: We're talking major stress time here.
LoneWolf: Is this the right gift? Will they like it? How am I going to get my credit card paid off? ETC.
LoneWolf: My two questions are: How do I buy gifts that I like from my bed?
LoneWolf: How can I get people to quit giving those blasted dust catchers!!
Kim^^: dust cathers?
LoneWolf: nic nacs
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wacky: How can I stop getting t-shirts???
Kim^^: k
LoneWolf: things you don't know where to put
Lily: lol
LoneWolf: t-shirts are male dustcatchers
WonderW: lol
Kim^^: start puttin them IN the cabinets judi
LoneWolf: women get nic nacks men get t shirts
LoneWolf: or hankies
Lily: or ties
LoneWolf: anyone have any shopping tips?
wacky: or worst... underwear
Lily: yup
*** haa is now known as haaBBL
Lily: make list, shop fast
LoneWolf: anyone shop by computer?
wacky: I have hate it
Lily: use catalogues
Kim^^: not i but bet it is big this year
LoneWolf: WW may I use you as an example?
Lily: not puter
Kark: I think massage certificates are a good Idea
*** haaBBL is now known as haa
LoneWolf: why
WonderW: sure Judi
Kim^^: example of?
LoneWolf: Karen, I've never heard of that
LoneWolf: WW has been sick and is unable to sit very much so shopping is pretty much out of the question
Kim^^: k
haa: I use catalogues :)
Lily: any gift cert. good, books, records, theatre tickets
Kark: In NY Massage centers are popping up all over and its great to get a massage
LoneWolf: gotta go get them though
wacky: but judi if u shop on-line for a dis friend u dont know if can work
LoneWolf: sounds great Karen
Lily: can get gift cert. anywhere, just ask
Kim^^: why wacky?
Kark: Since my insurance has stopped my physical theraph its the next best thing and it costs less
LoneWolf: ho is she gonna get there Lily?
wacky: becuase you can have sales rep open so u can see
wacky: but not so on puter
Lily: phone them, judi, places will mail
LoneWolf: LIly why did yu say no to puter
LoneWolf: ok
Lily: puter not safe
Kim^^: why is that diff for dis friends wacky?
LoneWolf: but she has a special gift to buy and doesn't want to phone
Kark: I am afraid to give my account number over the puter
wacky: some gifts may not be adaptible
LoneWolf: good point
Lily: have friend buy, judi??
haa: puter is not safe, That's why i don't do it either
LoneWolf: what will u do W?
WonderW: not sure
WonderW: yet
LoneWolf: why is puter less safe than phone
wacky: easy phone calls recorded
Lily: on puter u give credit card no.
LoneWolf: Daniel????
Kim^^: n/a for me no credit cards
LoneWolf: you do on phone too
Kark: because hackers can intercept acct number
Mooooooo: sorry, was on phone. let me catch up quick
WonderW: may be able to go out and do it, may just do catalogs and have it late, may make them
haa: Cuz, the person on the other side verifies your previous data from past sales.
Mooooooo: Karen, as long as the web server is secure, you can safely give your account number
Lily: ask daniel, is less safe on puter
Mooooooo: it must be secure though
LoneWolf: I had heard what Daniel is saying
Mooooooo: when you type in your number, look up at the address....
LoneWolf: a secure site is ok
Mooooooo: it must have https:// not http://
Mooooooo: the 's' must be there
Mooooooo: or its not safe
Kim^^: i guess this fits the topic- am i gonna be the only one not in the ornament exchange?
Kark: I work for a Credit Card company and we dont get that many problems with online merchants but enough to scare me
anny: good tip daniel thanks
LoneWolf: it was Jill's idea-just for anyone wanting to do it
LoneWolf: thanks Daniel
LoneWolf: some of you may not know-but cordless phones are a big risk too
LoneWolf: as well as cell phones
Kim^^: ok i know but i don't have the money and not crazy bout giving out my home address
Mooooooo: cordless phones are bad for placing orders on
WonderW: even if you get a window stating it's secure, it has to say s?
LoneWolf: very
Mooooooo: correct
Kark: oh cool moooo I didn't know about the s
Mooooooo: must be https://
Mooooooo: s means secure
WonderW: me neither
wacky: I did heeee heeeeee
WonderW: you're superman
Mooooooo: it means that the company is legally in business
WonderW: :)
Mooooooo: :oD
wacky: no I am super sick
WonderW: cool, good to know
LoneWolf: Cindy has a neighbor ith a cordless phone and the conversations come sross Cindy's baby monitor
Kark: You guys kill me
Kark: yea I was told that
WonderW: clark bent, then
Kim^^: wacky sick?
Kim^^: now?
WonderW: but onward we go
Mooooooo: lol
wacky: new evesdrop device CIA must have!
LoneWolf: ok
wacky: yes laura
LoneWolf: what about gifts for yourselves
anny: scanners canbe purchaced that pick up cordless and cell phone calls
Lily: brb, ppl on main
wacky: saving for bedroom set HERE
LoneWolf: people think we are hard to buy for because we are disabled
Mooooooo: yeah, we need gimpy toys
Lily: hmmm, i dont find that
anny: why is that judi?
LoneWolf: I'd much rather get a handicapped aid than another ceramic cow
haa: I have a hard time finding hospital gowns
wacky: yea my familly thinks i thave no interest, sooo I have more gloves and hats than I have head and hands
Mooooooo: cowaphobe!
Lily: lol
LoneWolf: because most don't actually know hat we need
Lily: i get books
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LittleMan: i made it!!!
WonderW: me too
anny: moooooo ofended
LoneWolf: smooch moooo
haa: I am looking foe Calif keychains
LittleMan: brb
Lacebay: For about $50 my son bought a camera to send picture of himself.
wacky: i usually get clothes i cant wear ppl alway buy me white things cuz I dont have white clothes WONDER WHY
LittleMan: back
LoneWolf: gift ideas-what would you really like to get instaead of t-shirts'
WonderW: lol brian
*** wat has joined #disabled-RT
Lily: lol, white terrible, shows stains
WonderW: I just never learn
wacky: honestly?????
wat: howdy all i have good news
LoneWolf: yes
WonderW: always wear white
LoneWolf: go ahead wat
LittleMan: hi wat
LittleMan: trying to do 3 things at once here
wacky: ummmmm kitghen ware ummm paid trip to see family, new puter proggies
wat: had chemo radation today feel great no sickness at all
wacky: all actually under 50
wat: can feel it working
LoneWolf: good news wat
Lily: never wear white after labour day
WonderW: good wat
Kark: great wat
LoneWolf: lol
Lily: lol
WonderW: sharing, Alison?
anny: congrats wat!
WonderW: lol
Lacebay: Shes right. Great news wat!!
wat: nurses loved the checkerboard dennin wayne hair do lol
LoneWolf: ok I have this dream of going through a home care catalogue and picking out little things that would help
wat: like dennis rodman lol
Lily: lol, wat
LoneWolf: ok back to meeting
Lacebay: giggle
wat: sorry
wacky: i hate Gimpy gifts the alway get something I cant use
Lily: serious here
LoneWolf: fo rinstance?
LittleMan: ill be back when im done something less
*** LittleMan has left #disabled-rt
anny: what about having it handy to show them when ppl ask what you want for christmas
Mooooooo: like the combination coffee maker / enema
Mooooooo: i hate that
wat: lol
LoneWolf: lol
LoneWolf: good idea anny
Lily: i dont like anything with an extension chord
WonderW: lol, you would combine them
wat: i thought i was demented l0ol
anny: rofl
Lily: lol
haa: rofl
Mooooooo: :o)
Kim^^: i get no dis gifts told my family i refused them
wacky: for Xmas I want some one to wire my cd player to play off chair battery NOW that would be nice!
wat: i still think perperation H is a mind expanding drug
Lily: lol, wacky
WonderW: cool
LoneWolf: then I get something to put on the shel
wacky: see laura liked it
LoneWolf: BRI
WonderW: I love it
haa: Last year i got a mother-of-a-TV-remote, that lights up and I can't even handle it...it's too heavy
anny: hmmmm
LoneWolf: oh no
Kark: Sorry, I must make a quick comment, WW its great to see you back, ok I am done
LoneWolf: lol
WonderW: thanks Karen
Mooooooo: my fav is the puff tube powered toothbrush
LoneWolf: I think we are all a bit slap happy tonight
LoneWolf: ??
LoneWolf: Mooo what is that
wat: tie a helum baloon on it
wacky: oh I seen it never works
Mooooooo: a joke.... just gotta be there
LoneWolf: oh
Lily: well, most gifts are pretty bizarre
wacky: actually have em dan
LoneWolf: exactly
Mooooooo: eeek
WonderW: I've been in bed all day, getting a little thrilled to be in this position
Lily: lol
Mooooooo: my twisted mind turned into reality
WonderW: lol
wacky: nooooooooo
wat: roflmao
LoneWolf: every year Pat and I get each other something we don't need and can't afford
Lacebay: SP is on at 10. New CD is good gift
LoneWolf: a joint present
wat: i asked bertha for trial seperation
anny: that's the american tradition is it not
LoneWolf: yes CD's are good
LoneWolf: haa what did you do with the remote?
Lacebay: Chef Aid, South Park cd.
Lily: lol, wat
wat: certifactes of deposit would work too
Lacebay: Yoweee
LoneWolf: I can see my kids affording a cod
haa: I make everybody else(ABS) :) use it....:)
Lily: yup, i want money, is tasteful
WonderW: lol
WonderW: quite
wacky: I give my friend steve a wk paid vacation and somethin he can use last year was bamboo walking stick
wat: lol
Lacebay: I agree
LoneWolf: why does the whole gift thing bther us so much
anny: money always fits
wacky: CUZ were poor!
Lily: doesnt bother me.............
WonderW: yrah
*** LittleMan has joined #disabled-rt
WonderW: yeah
LittleMan: there
LittleMan: i can finally stay
Lacebay: Wacky you are sooo rite
haa: We are doing money where we can get away with it.
LoneWolf: don't you guys go through the are they gonnsa like this thing?
WonderW: yes
wacky: no I ask ppl make wish list
Mooooooo: but the best gift is the life sized gimp/hamster walking ball
Lily: naaaaaa, i just buy everyone candlesticks
Kark: I always feel like they have got to love it
Lacebay: Yes and no. Some you cant satisfy. Give them something you like & get it back
LittleMan: whats the topic?
haa: Little kiddies don't understand money...we buy toys for kiddes
WonderW: quite British, Alison
wat: i like toys
anny: ok yes judi very much so, what areyou on tonight daniel?
Lily: u can never have enuff candlesticks
Lily: :))
wat: bbl
Lily: k
WonderW: brb
LoneWolf: it causes stress for me and I end up sick every year
Lacebay: I bought out my xmas stuff. Moore candleholders!!
LittleMan: bye wat
LittleMan: k
Lily: brb
wacky: when my father was alive used to always get him something I KNEW hed use...... soap on a rope w/ card saying: now ur safe! lol
LittleMan: k
LoneWolf: lol
LittleMan: lol
Lacebay: LOL
LoneWolf: I like perfume myself
LoneWolf: no one ever gets me any though
LittleMan: i just take what i recieve and give what they need
LoneWolf: have to spray on clothes-irritates skin
*** wat has left irc (Leaving)
* wacky sends judi a vat of purfume
LoneWolf: thanks bri
WonderW: lol
LittleMan: lol
LoneWolf: ok
LoneWolf: how can e reduce this gift stress
Lacebay: See you later. Gotta go.
wacky: i find sibs are hard to buy for
LittleMan: bye bay
Lily: brb
*** Lacebay has left irc (Lacebay)
LittleMan: k lily
wacky: k lil
LoneWolf: someone said ask for wish kist
wacky: that was me
LoneWolf: I need typing lessons
haa: my 12 yr old wants perfume called polo from the GAP
LoneWolf: that's a good idea
wacky: but all my sibs...ar girls
LoneWolf: expensive haa?
haa: don't know yet, but I think yes.
LittleMan: thats stuff expensive
LoneWolf: ouch
anny: judi draw names fewer gifts=less stress
wacky: whuddya do cant get em what I d get my girlfriend
LoneWolf: great that's what I was fishing for anny thanks
Lily: back
haa: that's what we do with my family ..draw names
LittleMan: wb lil
LoneWolf: everyone has started putiing money and christmas together then it takes half the year to pay off each christmas
LittleMan: same with ours helen
LoneWolf: mine too helen
LoneWolf: it helps
Lily: 1 gift per person, judi
LoneWolf: ok last Christmas thing
WonderW: back
LoneWolf: good lil
LittleMan: but what do you do when you get a gift and you can see they dont like it?
LittleMan: wb
LoneWolf: e've al been there LM
LittleMan: get a gift for someone
anny: it's the retailer that take the christmas out of christmas by making us think we have to buy buy buy
LittleMan: that happened to me last year
LoneWolf: suggest they return it for something they like
Lily: returns are hassles
LittleMan: exactly
LittleMan: do you let them keep it and get the something new?
LittleMan: or do you just leave it?
haa: yes, i agree returns are a hassle...
LoneWolf: Anyone wanting to do an ornament exchange send me their names or Alison or Brian and we will forward to Jill
Kim^^: i can just nuy receipts now i know my kids are taking them back:)
LittleMan: ornament exchange?
LoneWolf: me too Kim
LoneWolf: tough one LM
LoneWolf: just let it go
LittleMan: :)
Kim^^: might go the certificates this year
LoneWolf: This was adopmom's idea
LittleMan: what was?
Kark: what is an ornament exchange?
Lily: easiest, then ppl get what they want
LoneWolf: we collect names and she will draw a name for each of us and we sent that person a christmas ornament
LoneWolf: send
LittleMan: if i new how to send one i would be in
Kim^^: out your name in the hat to be drawn for xmas present ornament exchange
LittleMan: but how do i get it to you?
haa: I got a Lands End gift certificate last year and It was great :) got new sheets and blank
LoneWolf: voluntary participation only
wacky: i dont even do atree
WonderW: neat, I have to go guys, worn out again
LoneWolf: sounds greet haa
wacky: more work for steve and I never here any way
LoneWolf: wanna do the ornament thing Laura?
WonderW: yes
WonderW: of course
LittleMan: im in, but how do i send you an ornement when my name is drawen?
LoneWolf: ok anyone else?
LoneWolf: hum
LoneWolf: your name will be drawn by someone and
*** Driveshaf has joined #disabled-RT
LittleMan: hi drive
LoneWolf: someone will draw your name etc
LittleMan: i got that part
LoneWolf: send addresses to us
LittleMan: but how do we send them an ornament?
LittleMan: ok :)
LittleMan: but, i dont know if im aloud to do that
LoneWolf: I was gonna say hand deliver
LoneWolf: u better check with parents LM
LittleMan: yah i think so
LittleMan: bbl
Lily: ask parent first, LM
Lily: k
WonderW: love you all
WonderW: bye
LoneWolf: luv u too hon
Kark: by ww
Lily: bye!!!!!!!!!!
haa: bye ww
Kark: bye
WonderW: :)
anny: bye bye
LoneWolf: well that's all I have tonight
wacky: bye ww
Driveshaf: meeting is over?
LoneWolf: the forms for letters will be on the web site____?????
WonderW: byr, clark Bent
LoneWolf: Daniel?
LoneWolf: almost Dony
* Lily gets up un chair and waves
WonderW: qwhat forms?
LoneWolf: well sometime
Driveshaf: ya thats me almost
LoneWolf: to write to congressmen
WonderW: oh ok
LoneWolf: National Attendent Bill esp Laura
LoneWolf: anyone have anything else?
Lily: nope
haa: nope
LoneWolf: I have 1 more question
LoneWolf: gulp
Lily: ??????????????
LoneWolf: did my letter to the list upset anyone?
atrpilot: bye all good meeting
LoneWolf: bye charlie
*** atrpilot has left #Disabled-rt
haa: not me
Lily: no, what letter?
LoneWolf: undercurrents in channel
Lily: ahhhhhh, no not me
Driveshaf: why would u think that
wacky: no mamma
Lily: was good letter
LoneWolf: I have a suggestion
anny: what was your letter about
Lily: ????????????
LoneWolf: there are a lot of undercurrents on the channel
LoneWolf: gossip fears etc
Kim^^: huh?
LoneWolf: I know Kim-I had to be told too
Kark: I wasn't aware
LoneWolf: me either
haa: I never hear any of the good stuff :)
LoneWolf: My suggeation is to IGNORE
Lily: lol, haaaaaaaaaaaa
Lily: good idea, LW
wacky: as an op tho jude we cant
LoneWolf: xcuse me
Lily: rise above, etc.
wacky: but can laff at it
*** Driveshaf has left #disabled-RT
Lily: no, wacky, if open we must deal with it
LoneWolf: how though Lily
wacky: well yea but I mean laff at the stupidity of most of it
LoneWolf: I'm not good at this stuff
Lily: but not make it worse
Lily: yup, wackt, i agree
wacky: ppl cant take IRC so serious
Lily: wacky, sorry
LoneWolf: if anyone is hassled or harrassed olease report it to a channel op
Lily: no, is only IRC
wacky: that s what we here for
LoneWolf: ok?
Lily: yes
LoneWolf: we want all of yu to feel safe here
*** LittleMan has joined #disabled-rt
LoneWolf: any comments?
LittleMan: im aloud to do it!!!
Kim^^: to do whaT LIL?
LoneWolf: oh yea if anything is going on you may have to hit me over the head before I realize it
LittleMan: the ornament exchange
Lily: lol, judi
anny: i still clueless judi
*** Shann has joined #disabled-rt
LittleMan: hi Shann
LoneWolf: ok my e-mail is [email protected]
haa: hi Shann
LoneWolf: send me ur address
LittleMan: i dont believe my parens let me
LittleMan: ok
LoneWolf: anny
LoneWolf: its a bunch of silly games
anny: good lm
LoneWolf: just don't let anyone hassle ya
anny: yes judi
Lily: brb
Kim^^: hassle you how?
Shann: Hi :)
LittleMan: k Lily
LoneWolf: well thanks everyone for coming see ya next week and don't forget to write your congressmen
wacky: harrass u kim
LittleMan: brb
Kim^^: hji shann
Lily: hi shann
LoneWolf: ok
LittleMan: back
Kim^^: how wacky? and whoi?
anny: anybody hassles me i click the little X in corner
LittleMan: cant go anywhere yet
LittleMan: bro is printing
LoneWolf: mostly Kim and anny it has been people from other channels starting rumors
Lily: k, thanks judi
Kim^^: ok
wacky: if u feel uncomfortable acout something kim tell an op
Kim^^: rumors like?
LoneWolf: if you just leave anny we can't get rid of it
Kim^^: i don't now but i will:)
wacky: ok kimmy
LoneWolf: good night guys
LoneWolf: love you all
LittleMan: night judi
haa: night judi
LoneWolf: oh haa
Shann: NIght Judi
wacky: lm no sounds in RT
haa: yes judi
Lily: night judi
LittleMan: ok
LittleMan: if i could cancel it i would
wacky: just main ok bud??
LoneWolf: you were late and I know MICASA was important to you=do you know it has been replaced?
wacky: i know
wacky: by S>879 helen
wacky: by S.879 helen
haa: Oh, is that the bill you were talking about...the attendent care bill?
wacky: S.879 makes it fedral
LoneWolf: yes
wacky: yes thats the one
LittleMan: there
LittleMan: ill send you my adress now judi
LoneWolf: who knows maybe I'll even be able to have an attendent one day??
LittleMan: brb
LoneWolf: Meeting is over
haa: okay judi. i'll write my letters. :)