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Goals Review.

Apr 14, 1999

This is an archival transcript of one of our past meetings. We don't have scheduled topical meetings anymore, but we're not opposed to the idea of bringing them back if someone is willing to commit to hosting them on a "long term" basis.

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Lonewolf: Hi welcome to the meting
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Lonewolf: Please remember our meeting rules
Lonewolf: no excess chat
Lonewolf: topic only
Lonewolf: type ! for a statement
turbokev: i havent been here a while
Lonewolf: and ? for a question
Lonewolf: and wait until you are called upon before speaking
Lonewolf: any questions before we start
Lonewolf: Back earlier in the year we discussed goals
Lonewolf: short term and long term
Lonewolf: we decided then to revisit our goals periodically
Lonewolf: So tonight is revisit goal night or make new goals night
Lonewolf: remember our goals must be reasonable and attainable
Lonewolf: and we must have a plan
Lonewolf: anyone recall their goals?
Lonewolf: ali
Lily: no, i shoudve made a list:)
Lonewolf: lol
Lonewolf: Karen
Kark: My goal was to become organized, my life is a struggle with the mess my life is
Lonewolf: ok how have you done
Kark: I started at home and cleaned out everything to find a better ways of storing to make thing easier to access
Lonewolf: that's good anything else
Lily: great
Lonewolf: turk?
Kark: I tire easy and have received some help but still not done
Lonewolf: that's ok
Lonewolf: turbokev
Lonewolf: go ahead turbokev
Lonewolf: charlie?
Lonewolf: beat?
Lonewolf: Kim
Lonewolf: ok well I failed every single goal
Lonewolf: lily
Lily: is this a rollcall?
beat|: sorry as i am new i am not sure
Lonewolf: lol
Lily: sorry, joke
Lonewolf: beat do you have any goals?
Lonewolf: Mine were to eat a better diet
Lonewolf: do some exercise daily esp rom
Kark: hows that coming
Lonewolf: lose weight and pray daily
Lonewolf: terrible Karen
beat|: I have a aim to travel around au in a small van
Lonewolf: that's a goal beat-do you havre an idea on how to make it happen
Lonewolf: I have a new goal
Lonewolf: turbokev
beat|: Yes well I been busy settin up my van and car
Lonewolf: ok-when are you going?
turbokev: My goal is to eventually get a Bachelor degree in Business
Lonewolf: that's a good one
Lonewolf: how far along are you
Lonewolf: Karen
Lonewolf: wait up a sec kark
turbokev: i've gotten half way
Lonewolf: that's great
Lonewolf: now Karen
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Kark: LW you said you had a new goal, what is that?
Lonewolf: Ms we arediscussing our goals
MsAmazin: ok
Lonewolf: well after my scare last week I realized my goals were all wrong
Lonewolf: I needed to start spending less computer time
Lonewolf: and more people time
beat|: Well my mother hasn't be al that well, and thgat been a bit of a hold up, i was hoping to get away at the end of this month.
Kark: scares do change things
Lonewolf: yes
Lonewolf: sorry to hear beat
Lonewolf: which brings up another point
Lonewolf: what IF life interferes with our goals
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judi: ok
Lily: med. probs do interfere, but i think it delays my goals, rather than changing them
judi: try again
Lily: med. probs do interfere, but i think it delays my goals, rather than changing them
Lily: lol
judi: good point lily
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judi: but don't you have to redefine your ways to accomplish the goal
judi: are we having a net split?
Lily: yes, definitly, is a bumpo in the road
judi: yes
Lily: no, bad connections
judi: ok
judi: Karen oddly enough I actually remembered your goals
judi: sounds like you are the only one that made progress
judi: go ahead Karen
KimNchair: nite
Kark: I have been getting depressed when my goals aren't going as pland
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judi: well that's not good either
judi: but I do that too
judi: maybe your goals were too hard?
beat|: i feel we must be a little bit fexbile with them, and also being disable our health problems and we must aloud for them
judi: true beat
judi: lily
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Lily: i agree beat, we mustnt get discouraged
judi: do any of you set ridiculously high goals for yourselves?
judi: lily
Lily: i think they are attainable, within reach
beat|: s
judi: kark
Kark: mine seem so simple yet too high to accomplish for me, thing are becoming a challange but I really dont tell anyone the struggle I feel about it
judi: Karen is this getting harmful to you?
Kark: Here I tell all, get it off my chest
MsAmazin: my goal is to keep breathing...one breath at a time...
judi: I'm glad Karen
judi: that's good too ms
judi: beat?
Kark: I think I can handle that one MsA
beat|: omtimes i feel that its good to set goals a littile higher than we can artain thats keeps us going
judi: lil
Lily: thats true, beat, maybe we need a mix of both kinds, to feel like weve achieved something........
Lily: yet
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Lily: still strive
judi: both good points
judi: Karen I am agfraid you have set your goals way too high
judi: beat
Kark: I think I keep focusing on how far I am from the end instead of keeping it in a day
Kark: sorry, out of turn
judi: ok so you need to change your way of looking at them
judi: go on beat
judi: lil
beat|: yes its too easy to lose site of the smal goals we make , but if we have a higher goal then ou smaller goals are a lead up
Lily: idea : at end of each day, review what youve accomplished kark, wud that help?
Kark: I think that sounds good
judi: beat actually you just explained the original point
judi: and for some of us the daily review is helpful
judi: small goals leading to bigger goals
judi: lil
Lily: its like taking baby steps, so the big picture not so frightening
judi: exactly
judi: beat
judi: charlie
atrpilot: does stauing off puter help ,,judi
judi: yes that's my biggest problem
judi: hard to reach goals when you are glued to screen
judi: beat-you ready?
atrpilot: yes
beat|: If we don't aloud our self the smaller goals i feel we may become lost , on our way
judi: ok could you explain
judi: kark
Kark: I find that I get less done when I spend so much time on the PC and then I have an excuss for not getting it done
judi: true
judi: lily
Lily: i find that scheduling puter times helps, i stay off it a lot now thoughout day
judi: ok I'd like to share a secret goal with you guys and what happened
judi: you first Karen
Kark: I feel better when I not on for what I accomplish but then again when I need the support of the group I haven't build the bonds and feel like an outsider
judi: yes I feel that way a lot
Kark: wow I am feeling sorry for myself tonight huh
judi: I had a goal to become good with paint shop pro
judi: So I joined the users group
judi: then I volunteered to help with the webring
judi: then the ringmaster quit
judi: so now I am ringmaster
beat|: Well if we have a over all veiw for our lives, then we need to work out the steps we need to take to obtain our goal, then these become smaller goal
judi: its a big mess because everryone has quit
judi: IC beat
judi: so I had to put in long hard hours
judi: became compulsive
judi: last week I hsad a mini srtroke
judi: partly from the pressure I ws feeling
judi: Now I am having to re evaluate
judi: beat
judi: this is an example of a harmful goal
Kark: well you have support here
judi: unrealistic expectations
judi: thanks kark
judi: lily
Lily: u were overloaded by pressure that was not of your making
atrpilot: sorry judi but people take advantage!!!!
Lily: yor original goal was ok
judi: true but I allowed it to happen-expecting more and more of myself everyday
judi: you are right charlie
judi: do any of you feel the need to be accepted in a non handicapped situation?
judi: lily
beat|: Somtimes where never going to reach our main because there so factors come into play beyound our control
Lily: agreed charlie
judi: so very true beat
judi: I think I was looking for acceptance
judi: make sense?
judi: lil
judi: then beat
Lily: are the other psp ppl disabled?
judi: haven't found one yet
Kark: psp?
judi: paint shop pro
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Lily: psp=paint shop pro
Kark: gotcha
judi: anny we are on goals
beat|: Do feel you need that accenpt
judi: ya know I didn't realize it but I do
judi: wonder why?
judi: go on beat
judi: lil
Lily: i think i need that, too, to be recognisedas a person among AB ppl too
judi: ahhh we are getting back to acceptance aren't we
beat|: Is it that where too busy trying tro be accept instead of doin our own thing?
Kark: AB?
Lily: AB=able bodied
judi: cud be beat
judi: lil
Kark: sorry I am slow
judi: no not at all
Lily: but there a little part of me that wants acceptance among AB's too
judi: saddly same here
judi: karen
Kark: iTS AMONG US ALL, i CAN'T SEE ANYONY that belives different
Kark: we all want that acceptance
judi: the need for acceptance?
judi: oh ok
judi: well we have covered a lot of ground tonight
Kark: yes
judi: due to current health status I am closing meeting a bit early
beat|: If we do our own thing we might find that acceeptance comes with it
judi: thank you all for coming and participating
judi: yes beat-is hard though
Lily: thx sis
Kark: Thank you Judi
atrpilot: good meeting judi!!!!
Lily: a great meeting
beat|: ok judi thank
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Kark: yes, And take good care of yourself
judi: thanks you all
judi: I'm trying karen
beat|: God bless
Kark: good
Lily: goodnight everyone
Woz: and thanks for all the hard work judi
judi: thanks beat
Lily: judi, GO TO BAD:)))))))
judi: ur welcome max
Lily: lol, BED
Woz: hehe
judi: bad sounds like more fun-lol
beat|: yes great job
Lily: lol, sorry
Woz: hehe
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Lily: night all:)
judi: night
Kark: night